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Due in October part 8- still plodding along, this time with copious amounts of raspberry leaf tea

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Londonmrss Thu 27-Sep-12 16:14:01

Surely this'll be the last one before moving to the postnatal section?

Due Dates:

Sept. 24: Lisbethsopposite DS2 by planned induction
Sept. 25: Squidkid DC1
Sept. 26: Elpis DC2 by ELCS
Sept. 27: Planktonette DC1
Oct. 1: FjordMor DD1 by planned induction, Gigglewhizz DC1(?)
Oct. 2: Firstbubba DC1, Milk DC2
Oct. 5: Yomping DC1
Oct. 7: Crazypaving DC2
Oct. 10: WantAnOrange DC2, MrsConfusion DC1, MidgetM if induced
Oct. 11: Smileyhappymummy DC2 by ELCS
Oct. 14: Hufflepuffle DC1.
Oct. 17: Smorgs, DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Shellwedance DC1
Oct. 20: Beeblebear DC1, MidgetM if ELCS DC2
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss, DC1, Zara1984 DS1, Liege07 DS1
Oct. 28: Kyyria DC1, Loopyla, DC1
Oct. 30: Cherrychopsticks, DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: Mickey DC1

Actual babies:

Sept. 20: Velo - Max 2.35kg
Sept. 25: Angelico - Mini Angelico, CWest30 - Naomi Louise, 4lb 10oz

LoopyLa Fri 28-Sep-12 14:53:26

LondonMrss I've booked a docs spot for 2.5 wks for both whooping & flu jabs. Oddly they did have whooping but flu wasn't due in for a few weeks?!

Cherrychopsticks Fri 28-Sep-12 15:20:10

Congratulations to Elpis and family, he sounds absolutely perfect! And well done you for getting up and about, and posting, so quickly! thanks

grin at "it's like climbing a mountain", Mickey, cheeky bugger! Definitely sounds like you're working too hard though, if you keep doing everything and covering their arses they won't realise anything's wrong, or that they need more staff. Take care!

LondonMrs, sounds like yours is in the same position as mine - kind of upside down L shape? Legs stretched right out across to over my right hip (but higher up). Hardly ever feel anything up around my ribs, but s/he can push so hard into some organ or another over there, and the little bum pops up the other side. I swear I'm going to be left with the weirdest shape womb hmm

Thanks for the info MrsC, that doesn't sound pleasant. I hope everything goes well at your appointment.

Glad everything is ok after your scares Liege and Midget, must have been very worrying.
And Midget, 25??!! Are you mad! shock

I will be celebrating tomorrow as its my last Saturday working! Thursday was my last Thursday too, because my maternity leave from my part time job starts as of October. Next week will be my last week of private evening lessons, but as yet no end date in sight for my full time job. Like Huffle, it's my own business (nothing so grand though - very small school), so I thought I'd try and hang on as long as possible. Replacement teachers not starting til the beginning of November. But 3 days off a week will be lovely smile

Happy weekend all wine

hufflepuffle Fri 28-Sep-12 15:38:07

Think will be ok.... Arranged cover most of next wk (1 day done by me!) and today she is feeling better. If def not getting better next wk hav a possible short term option but she feels she is starting to mend.

Flip flip flip flip flip. I've not had a sick day in about 8 yrs!!! Poor girl, she is mortified, cannot be helped.

Do not need this but think will be ok.

Thank u all for words of comfort! Xx

squidkid Fri 28-Sep-12 16:30:23

You ladies are my heroes.

Thanks so much for your kindness and sense, as always.

I am sending all my love to the extraordinary hufflepuffle I cannot even imagine the stress of dealing with being self-employed in late pregnancy (even though my work were complete nobbers to me). I'm sorry I can't think of any advice... I really hope your solution works out! And the rest of my love to mrsconfusion, how stressful to have something like that turn up right at the last minute. Keep us posted...

planktonette happy due date for yesterday, september buddy. You seem a lot calmer than me grin What comics you reading, I've been into craig thompson recently (Blankets and Habibi are amazing!)

wantanorange massive sympathy on the SPD front, I had a bit of it for a while then it faded, it was AWFUL, I am so sorry you are having to deal with that.

Yomping aching fanjo since 35 weeks here. Only pelvic floor exercises seem to help at all, it's horrible. (And I don't do as many of them as I should.) Poor you, it's awful.

(Personally I think the engaged thing is overrated. I was engaged from 34 weeks and very excited about it. Still here and have had such pressure in my pelvis for months now!! (Though I guess I have escaped the awful heartburn some people have.))

crazypaving you can drive yourself nuts with the twinges, can't you... sad Hope you are doing ok chicken.

Smorgs shock at euthanasia talk from your anaesthetist, that's probably not an image you want at that point!! I'm glad the epidural situation is not as prescriptive as feared!!

midgetm you are a nutcase for having that party, you hear me? A nutcase. I've been thinking of you, trying to make the decision between induction and ELCS - a tricky one.

fjordmor Oh no! on the wrist, you poor thing...

elpis how wonderful to hear from you and in such good spirits! huge congratulations [flowers]

So exciting that we have babies. I want to see some pictures when people are home and settled! How long are people normally in hospital after c-sections, I forget. Really hope all is well with lisbethsopposite as well.

As for me, well I am just pootling along. Despairing and hormonal in the night and morning, then cheer up throughout the day. I think you are right planktonette and I am trying to do far too much - I find the balance between keeping busy and distracted and not wearing myself out very difficult. anyway I didn't go out last night and today I have mostly been cuddled up on the sofa watching old Nigella Lawson episodes because she cracks me up. Cleaned the house top to bottom just now so it's nice for the weekend. Boy is taking me out for dinner, very shortly. Bless him.

Really hope I go into labour naturally - really hope so - it's totally occupying my head. I have a sweep in 4 days time at 40+7 - am not going to consider induction till 40+14 at the earliest, even though I am going mental. I am only 40+3 so hopefully I am just being really pessimistic here.

Kyyria Fri 28-Sep-12 16:35:26

Well, last day at work done. Feels so weird to finally be off on maternity leave! It still doesn't all feel real.

Currently sitting on sofa with a cuppa, a bar of chocolate and a LO that has got major hiccups!

bella2012 Fri 28-Sep-12 17:05:37

glad you are feeling a bit more positive squid. Did you say you were reluctant to have a sweep? I had one when I was a few days late and things started off that night.

Dishing out massive dollops of sympathy to fjord on the poorly wrist front-all you need! Huffle for job related stress-you are amazing, I don't know how you are holding it all together. Self-employment is clearly not for the feint hearted! Mrs C who is coping so well with an unexpected complication at this late stage. I take my hat off to you for your pragmatism. Likewise Leige, hope you are feeling a bit better after some re-assurance. Mickey I can not believe what nobbers your work are- that shift sounds absolutely intolerable! I can't believe you have so long left-it must be rubbish for you hearing about all these babies when you have so many weeks left to wade through! At least you can benefit from everyone's experience and support hopefully. And to yomping and the achey fanjo crew-huge sympathy to you too. (great name for some kind of feminist rock band though?) oh and not forgetting crazy with the BH. I didn't get any last time or this time-should I be worried?!

Hurrah for you Elpis! Thrilled for you and can just imagine your little snuffly beauty!

I got to meet my really good friend's baby yesterday and it just knocked me out! Soo amazing and tiny. Was overwhelming, but generally pretty positive to feel a baby in my arms and to see her recovering so well and juggling her newborn and ds so well.

Today I had my health visitor home visit. Did everyone have one of these? I am not sure if many of you have mentioned it? Being the true nobber that I am, I spent the whole day (with DS in tow) cleaning my house ahead of her arrival even though I know the purpose of her visit was not to judge me on the state of my house! Anyway, she was so so nice. I ended up crying when she asked me about my last birthing experience which came as a surprise to me. Think I have buried some of the feelings I had last time. I wish I had taken advantage of the 'birth reflections' service they have here where someone goes through your notes with you and helps you to reflect on what went on during labour. If anyone has a tough time, or feels a bit hazy about what went on and why-I would urge you to look into post-birth services like this one.

She also re-assured me about my fears about being admitted to hospital. My unit wont admit you until you are havimg 3 contractions in a ten min period. Last time it took me days to get that far established and I am scared to spend that long at home with no monitoring or pain relief. But she said that given my previous experience, they should admit me sooner for re-assurance sake and that she will make sure that gets passed on by my midwife.

I was also encouraged to go to the local birthing unit for some aftercare to give myself time to bond with the new baby before going home to ds. I had been thinking I just want to get back to him as quick as poss, but am now seriously considering having at least an extra night there to get breast-feeding established and to be able to have the inevitable baby blues crying period without having to try and keep it together in front of ds. What are other second timers doing?

The BEST thing ever has happened too, which is that DH has had an unexpected early finish from work so has been dispatched to buy something yummy and easy for dinner, so the two of us can snuggle up and enjoy a lovely cosy night. I have missed him so much this week so am v. Happy. (sure the crazy weepy hormones will be back tomorrow...)

love and hugs to all.

Bella 29, 37+1 edd 18th oct.

squidkid Fri 28-Sep-12 17:17:56

bella No, I'm quite happy to have a sweep - it's just that my midwife and my mate who's a midwife said they don't really do anything before 40+7 unless you were just about to go into labour anyway, so I'm trying to be patient! Maybe it's the wrong decision but I've made it now and am giving myself a week to see if things just happen.

Hope you have a lovely evening with your other half. Mine has just come home so we are going for a walk and then to a restaurant. He looks gorgeous, must go scrub up. xxx

Angelico Fri 28-Sep-12 17:59:07

Hello! I am home! smile Copying this into both the AN and PN threads, can't wait to get caught up with you all and see which new beans have arrived! smile x

bella2012 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:08:50

have a lush night squid! Have a glass of vino and enjoy! Didn't know that about sweeps-will bear that in mind when I inevitably play the waiting game in a couple of weeks time!

Hi angelico- we have missed you! Are you a teary, massive boobed, sleep deprived heap? Or just like my friend whose baby I met yesterday who was looking and feeling great and taking it all in her stride? I really hope you are ok and getting lots of support from lovely mr. Angelico who made us all cry with his lush birth announcement xxx

Angelico Fri 28-Sep-12 18:10:42

Right, getting caught up here - congrats to Velo, CWest and Elpis on your new beans! smile Has anyone heard from Lisbeth? Hopefully she is just busy with her new bean! smile

Just a short message as pretty tired... went in Tues, they took me early so by 12.20 was in theatre. Worst bit - 3 goes at Venflon thing for back of hand (ouch). Spinal - literally didn't even feel it go in after worrying, I got the giggles at the senasation. Started cutting 12.55 (and yes they used the skylight joke) and Bean emerged eyes open at 13.01, really alert smile Only unpleasantness - I started to feel very nauseous (me and anaesthetics / diamorphine have a bad track record) butI had warned them and after 3 anti-sickness medications was grand. Back up from recovery, Bean latched on straight away - glad one of us knew what we were doing! smile

Up and moving on Wed, think I totally overdid it as pain on Wed night was bad - much worse than expected. I was also completely shattered from no sleep which made it worse IYSWIM. They took Beanie to nursery so I could sleep and I woke up feeling grand early Thurs morning. She is a great feeder so far which really helps. This morning I had my post-op poo (hurrah! Where is that torch smilie?!) and took off dressing and 'incision' is brilliant - I literally couldn't see it confused Still a wee bit bloated and gassy and incision is tight rather than sore at the minute.

So now I'm home and recommending a) peppermint oil in warm water for trapped wind b) sit really well when you are feeding etc as back and shoulders are quite sore - the classic 'new mother' pains from holding bean, bending over to change etc c) if you have CS don't go mad when you are first allowed to move - first movements feel fine but you won't feel them till later that night!

Will write more soon but wanted to send you all a hello and some thanks for being heroic and helpful and lovely - and hope that those of you who are tired and fed up see the beans arrive soon xo

Angelico Fri 28-Sep-12 18:13:36

X-posted Bella smile Feel tired from feeding etc but not too mental just yet, did have a 30 sec crying jag this morning for no obvious reason so assuming this is how the baby hormone thing / tiredness starts to hit... grin Did cry a lot on Wed night with the worse than expected pain but everything has been better since then! Think MrAngelico is in love with all ladies on thread having seen what we go through to bring beans into the world smile x

MrsConfusion Fri 28-Sep-12 18:29:57

Hello ladies, lovely to hear from everyone. Big new mummy wave to Angelico, fab to hear how it all went.

Back from another hospital visit, they've booked an induction for Monday, eeeeeeeek! Got to go in Sunday night for gel, then break waters on Mon am. They had decided this before doing any more blood tests which makes me a bit confused but apparently meds need at least a week to make a difference, and with this liver thing they usually induce once you're past 38 weeks. Just seems so soon! Busy weekend ahead methinks.

Right, off to cook then rewrite birth plan again based on definite induction (unless tonight's dinner of curry and pineapple, followed by foot massage and sex, does anything...). Apparently only 2 of the 13 delivery rooms have windows - not great for a claustrophobic!

Mostly a bit shocked here, so trying to focus really hard on excitement of meeting baby early next week.

bella2012 Fri 28-Sep-12 18:44:52

amazing update angelico thanks so much for all the tips. You have done such a wonderful job. Thrilled for you xxx

londonlivvy Fri 28-Sep-12 19:47:52

oh my, angelico thanks for all the tips and congratulations again. Lovely of you to come in and give us tips when time is, I'm sure, v.precious.

I'm absolutely battered after my day of yoga. oof. But DF has been a superstar and has gone to forage for curry, bless him. Just two more days to go...

huffle v.glad to hear that it sounds like you have a Cunning Plan and I shall send your bean stay-where-you-are vibes for the moment!

MrsC good luck with the induction. I guess if bean is fully cooked then safest to get her out - can empathise with the shock though!

Squid glad you're sounding happier and off for posh dinner. enjoy!

MickeyTheShortOne Fri 28-Sep-12 21:02:21

Ahh Hi Angelico- You sound as if you are doing well, good for you! Have you decided on a name yet? Congratulations again.
Yes, where is Lisbeth?

Right Ladies I need your help. DP is totally not interested and not very sentimental... well I suppose he is but in his own way.
So, we're breaking tradition and not having our LO christened, but we have selected godparents, because we have alot of important friends that aren't quite family and well.. I think its just important to us that LO has godparents.
Anyway. Godparents have been selected, and two godfathers, two god mothers, all are over the moon at being asked and are dead excited for the new arrival.
So. I want to buy them all a gift, as a kind of "thankyou for being godparent" and as a special thing for them so that they always know that our LO will love them, etc etc, if you catch my drift.
The two godmothers are my best girl friends. I bought them both a charm bracelet each for their birthdays, so their presents are easy. I simply buy them a charm to go on their bracelets saying "godmother" or something to that effect.
But what do I do for the godfathers? They're not jewellery wearing men, one is a paramedic and the other runs a pub.They're both quite butch really. I'm completely stuck for ideas. DP is happy to buy a mug for each and leave it at that.. but I can't help feeling thats a bit... not crappy, (I love personalised mugs as much as the next person) but not quite.. substantial? enough. I think this is the word I'm looking for. Help!!!!
Hope you are all well- Glad you are feeling better Squid and glad Huffle thaat you are sorted. Thanks for all your comments RE nobber boss. Midget you made me grin

hufflepuffle Fri 28-Sep-12 21:04:35

Hey Angelico!!! Lovely to hear from you!! Well done on your prolific post!! Sounds like u and Beanie getting on splendidly!! Lots of hugs to you both!

MrsC that is all a bit of a roller coaster for you..... Well at least u kno what is happening now, Monday is the big day!! shock

Understandably I'm a bit dazed and confused this eve. DH being super lovely, got us a tasty Chinese for dinner and if I can sit on this ball long enough to help me digest I'll hav a beer!!

Hope to catch u all properly soon


MickeyTheShortOne Fri 28-Sep-12 21:53:03


Beccus Fri 28-Sep-12 22:25:33

congrats Elpis and Angelico on your new arrivals!! Angelico, u crack me up - you're a couple days post c-section with a new bub to look after, but you still find the time to get on here, updating us on your bowel habits, in true Angelico2poos style smile

kyria, my mat leave starting buddy!!! Isn't it weird?! I have looked forward to this day for so long, and was so happy today and as i left, but i dont think it's hit. It's been such a battle just to survive and get everything done, i dont think i've really thought about the fact that i will not be at work for a year!!!

Squid, glad u r feeling better and taking planktonette's advice -your body probably does needs to chill out and rest some more so it can stickpile the energy it will need for labor. Maybe pampering sessions/the cinema woud be good but restful distractions?

yomping, love the fajno of doom smile our poor vag's - what with unstable pubic symphises, over-enthusiastic perineal massages and a great baby weight squishing down on them, it's no wonder they are a bit sore. The worse is when u stand up after sitting/lying and all the weight gets dumped down there - ouch!

mrsc, bad luck hon. My friend had that as well and she said the itching was mental. She got induced too, but in the end was very happy to have been able to meet her little boy that bit earlier.

fjord, take care of your wrist.

bella, we're due date buddies, so it made me smile to read your post where you said our due date feels far away. To me it feels soon smile I am hoping for a due date or later (but not too late) arrival, so i can enjoy some time before bubs comes

Lizzietow Fri 28-Sep-12 22:25:35

Wow angelico so pleased for you!
mickey yup a fella just doesn't have the imagination to go further than a mug!

ShellWeDance Fri 28-Sep-12 22:38:55

Ah, congrats Angelico, your DH's message was so sweet! Glad everything went relatively OK and you're getting on well with your little one.

Mickey could you get something engraved like a hip flask or a nice silver keyring? Not sure of cost but nice to have something personalised.

hufflepuffle Fri 28-Sep-12 23:13:45

My ankles are like baps.

That is all.

Goodnight! X

MrsConfusion Sat 29-Sep-12 08:25:43

Another phone call from hospital last night, they want me back in this morning for more bloods and monitoring - I'll ask them exactly why when I get there.

Plan for today was a cleaning-fest with my parents, so hope we're not up there too long!

Hugs to all

Planktonette Sat 29-Sep-12 09:26:03

Yay for angelico and mrangelico!!!!! Yay for babyAngelico!

Two days overdue. I think I am Officially Over It.

I have even - prepare your shock faces - done all the filing.

Come on, Squidgy! Time to get out of there! Mummy can't get out of bed safely any more...

Planktonette Sat 29-Sep-12 09:26:50

...*lisbeth*? Do check in when you get the chance, I think we're all starting to fret a little for you dear...

YompingJo Sat 29-Sep-12 11:07:36

Mickey, I was also going to suggest a hipflask or tankard or something, like Shellwedance.

Angelico, glad you are home and it's all going OK so far. Huffle, glad she is on the mend and you have next week sorted. MrsC, blimey! That's a lot to get your head around very quickly. You and Fjord will probably be next then how exciting!

Bella, I'm off right now to register "The Achey Fanjo Crew" as a name for a rock band! I'll do (very bad) vocals and maybe some drumming - who's with me and what instrument would you like to play?

Beccus, god, the standing up. I'm beginning to dread the mornings, first the manoeuvering myself to sitting from lying, then the standing up... ankles and fanjo both groan with horror! Never mind, won't be long now...

LondonLivvy, hope second day is going well - you're nearly half way through! Have a biscuit for energy.

Cherry, yay for 3 days off a week. No idea how you are keeping going!

Well, the BH that I've only just worked out are BH have ramped up today, feels very weird. Not getting excited, am sure it's nothing. And we just had a fox come into our garden from the copse that we back onto, and curl up on a sunny corner of the lawn! He stayed until DH got the big lens on his camera, then he disappeared pronto back into the copse.

Have a good Saturday, everyone xxx

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