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Due in October part 8- still plodding along, this time with copious amounts of raspberry leaf tea

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Londonmrss Thu 27-Sep-12 16:14:01

Surely this'll be the last one before moving to the postnatal section?

Due Dates:

Sept. 24: Lisbethsopposite DS2 by planned induction
Sept. 25: Squidkid DC1
Sept. 26: Elpis DC2 by ELCS
Sept. 27: Planktonette DC1
Oct. 1: FjordMor DD1 by planned induction, Gigglewhizz DC1(?)
Oct. 2: Firstbubba DC1, Milk DC2
Oct. 5: Yomping DC1
Oct. 7: Crazypaving DC2
Oct. 10: WantAnOrange DC2, MrsConfusion DC1, MidgetM if induced
Oct. 11: Smileyhappymummy DC2 by ELCS
Oct. 14: Hufflepuffle DC1.
Oct. 17: Smorgs, DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Shellwedance DC1
Oct. 20: Beeblebear DC1, MidgetM if ELCS DC2
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss, DC1, Zara1984 DS1, Liege07 DS1
Oct. 28: Kyyria DC1, Loopyla, DC1
Oct. 30: Cherrychopsticks, DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: Mickey DC1

Actual babies:

Sept. 20: Velo - Max 2.35kg
Sept. 25: Angelico - Mini Angelico, CWest30 - Naomi Louise, 4lb 10oz

crazypaving Thu 27-Sep-12 16:26:07

Thanks LondonMrs!

Who knows....we are quite seriously prolific posters grin

hufflepuffle Thu 27-Sep-12 16:31:56

did i finish the other thread? Having major drama here. My locum cover is ill. Will i have to work until my waters break?? I am panicking................

violetlights Thu 27-Sep-12 16:55:44

Hello! Can you add me? grin DC1 7th oct. I haven't been around as much as I'd like as we've been moving house and generally feeling knackered and stressed! Trying to wind down a little now... Hope everyone is feeling good... Exciting times! xxx

Londonmrss Thu 27-Sep-12 17:05:11

Huffle I'm pretty sure you're entitled to stop when you planned to. It's their problem, not yours. My cover couldn't start until 2 weeks after my finish date, but I told them they would just have to deal with it. Or would you rather keep going to make sure someone does the job?

hufflepuffle Thu 27-Sep-12 17:10:07

Londonmrss I am self employed, i run a business and employ several people. Without an optician there are no appointments, no income, no money!!!!!!!!!! This is not good as I cannot just get anyone in!!!!!!!! I am trying not to melt!!! Only person to deal with it is me, no-one to pass the buck to!!!!!!

Zara1984 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:23:20

Ack huffle!!! Are there some kind of optician recruitment/locum agencies that you could use to find a replacement ASAP?? Does your regulatory/register body advertise jobs or make connections - can you get in touch with them and ask for help finding someone??

I wonder how many babies will be born on this thread grin... I wonder if mine will be one of them shock although probably not as I'm only 36 weeks tomorrow!

Went to GP clinic for my antenatal appointment this morning. Baby has NOT engaged at all so my suspicions that he was (very heavy feeling low down, bladder feels like cystitis if not emptied regularly) simply mean he is just heavy. He had hiccups while the midwife listened to his heartbeat on the doppler grin.

Baby Bjorn Balance bouncer turned up yesterday.... crikey it was expensive but it's very very cool and I think baby will like it. I luffs it. grin

Faffing about trying to get things sorted for my mat cover who starts on Monday (2 week crossover). Can't possibly hope to have everything sorted in time, but my idea is that it's not so much her "watching" me, it's her taking over all the work so that by this time in 2 weeks (my last day at work) she will be doing everything and I can eat cake grin.

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Thu 27-Sep-12 17:24:13

Can I join please? Due on 11th. Fed up sad

OneOfMyTurnsComingOn Thu 27-Sep-12 17:25:44

Oh, and it's DC3. Poss VBAC2.

Zara1984 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:26:06

Other thoughts huffle do you know any retired opticians (I presume they would still need practicing certificates etc) who would temporarily be able to step in while your locum recovers? Eg someone who used to run a practice in the town/city where you live.

Zara1984 Thu 27-Sep-12 17:26:57

welcome oneofmy smile

LoopyLa Thu 27-Sep-12 17:45:24

Thanks LondonMrss for the new thread - I bloody hope this our last one til we cross over to the dark side to the postnatal one!!

I'm exhausted & glad mat leave is starting soon, 6 working days to go...tick tock tick tock.

Kyyria Thu 27-Sep-12 17:58:45

Yomping I to have had the aching fanjo of doom...

Started last Tuesday evening (which is I presume when he decided to engage his head) as I feel like I have been kicked in the fanjo! Pelvis has been very achey since and is very uncomfortable when moving (walking/turning over in bed).

Welcome newcomers <waves> sorry not to name check - am on my phone!

Just updating on the minor bleeding I had earlier in the.week - it subsided pretty quickly so am satisfied it was related to the massage smile

Over the last couple of days have noticed a pea-sized lump in my tummy that comes and goes - and convinced it's part of the bean but can't work out which bit! confused

Cherrychopsticks Thu 27-Sep-12 18:09:05

Bloody hell you lot! Will you all just sit quietly and safely for a bit please!grin

MrsC, that's a bit of a shocker so late in the game, I hope you're ok. Just out of curiosity, did you have any symptoms at all?

Poor Fjord, but yes, like everyone else I think you have to get checked. Can totally understand why you don't want to though. But for one thing, it wouldn't be much fun to go through labour with an untreated, unstrapped broken wrist. And like someone else said, you'll only worry if not.

Squid, I wonder if part of your problem is you beat yourself up for feeling this way? Just go with it - you're pregnant, you're overdue (only by a tiny bit and you're an emotional mess - embrace it, don't feel bad! It's not wrong or weak at all. You've been unfortunate that you were the first due naturally, there are a lot more of us to come, watch us all go overdue and melt down while you serenely cradle your PFB. Which WILL come in it's own sweet time

Oh no Huffle!! I hope you find someone soon, otherwise you'll have to pop baby out between appointments shock I've had pleurisy a couple of times and it's horrible. I won't say how long it took to recover...

Crazy are you ok? Is this it?!

Welcome to all the new people - you're more than welcome to join...IF your due date is after mine wink

Zara, yes those things are sooooo expensive but very purdy, are they magic?! They're even more expensive here as they're "imported".

Plankton, Happy Due Day! Love the name, we were thinking the exact same thing but now I'm worried it might be a bit too common...grin

My pregnancy news...found some oh-so-sexy button-up PJs today for the hospital today. Now there's nothing to stop me from packing my bag except, perhaps, denial.

Night all.

Elpis Thu 27-Sep-12 18:10:53

DS arrived yesterday just after noon, weighing 3.2kg or thereabouts. We were discharged this afternoon (27 hours from c-section birth to leaving hospital - is that a record?) and he's feeding well - I just wish DD wasn't so insanely jealous. Am literally sandwiched between adorable sleeping newborn and frustrated 3-year-old who wants to do everything for baby and has just tried to hitch up my dress to see the c-section wound. angry

The ELCS was a mixed experience but almost certainly easier than labour would have been, so I'm not going to complain (and the woman next to me in the postnatal ward had just given birth to twins at 24 weeks and cried every time one of the babies in the bay cried. Awful to hear). Something went a bit amiss with the first cannula the lovely anaesthetist put in my arm - it started swelling up and my blood pressure fell dramatically. Ghastly feeling. They had to pull it out and reinsert. Epidural/ spinal worked, but I had the shakes in a major way. The previous section overran so the epidural was topped up twice and we were waiting outside theatre for over an hour. But the op itself was just fine. I was able to hold him on my chest within a couple of minutes and stroke his head. Big tearful moment for DH and me. It feels amazing to be able to calm your newborn baby like that.

We were in the recovery bay for a couple of hours and DS had some milk and snuffled adorably. I was ravenous - I hadn't eaten for 18 hours - and DH provided a chicken sandwich, some Sprite and cheese and onion crisps. More of those later. Literally. It was exactly the same recovery bay as last time, and then we were wheeled down to the same postnatal ward bay, at which point I threw up, and again, and again, because no one had told me you shouldn't eat until six hours after an epidural, or I'd forgotten. Ladies - don't make this mistake. We settled in and DS nestled happily on my chest, but I'd forgotten how awkward it is to position a floppy-headed newborn for breastfeeding without the help of a proper cushion and with a catheter in. Evening and night were a blur of injections, BP checks, blood-taking, pills, temperature, catheter-checking, newborns coming in and yelling and cuddling. I didn't sleep much but it felt good when I did.

Objectively speaking he is not the most beautiful of babies, but he is so peaceful and grunty and warm and cuddly. I hope all yours are just as gorgeous. smile

Londonmrss Thu 27-Sep-12 18:19:45

Yey Elpis! Congratulations, fantastic news!
What do you mean, 'not the most beautiful'? They're all beautiful in an ugly squished kind of way!
Welcome also to the newcomers!
Huffle, crap- sorry I forgot you were self employed. Is there any sort of union / industry body you can contact? How long is replacement's illness likely to last?

Ugh, my baby's movements are getting SO uncomfortable. I think she might be quite leggy and she keeps stretching so I get a foot sticking right out on my right hand side for ages. Think it's a foot- she's still head down with her bum underneath my ribs on the front right so can't think what else it can be. Why she seems so against the fetal position with folded legs is beyond me- think she's just trying to be difficult. Anyway, I'll be glad in a few weeks when I'm no longer pregnant...

3mb Thu 27-Sep-12 18:23:11

cherrychopsticks - I'm definitely due after you( 31st ) but my consultant can't decide whether to section me 38 or 39 weeks or would you believe it induce me at 38 just to see what happens! (I've already had 2 sections plus 1 breech natural early prem).

Planktonette Thu 27-Sep-12 18:29:33


Congrats elpis - super amazed that you have the brain space and sweet nature to keep giving tips, even after an ELCS!!!!

Kyyria Thu 27-Sep-12 18:46:16

Yay for elpis grin

Midgetm Thu 27-Sep-12 18:53:19

Elpis I get more emotional with each announcement! Congratualtions - I love your description of him - peaceful and grunty is what I hope for. And the word snuffling makes me want to hold a newborn right NOW! Also good to hear the good and bad bits of you ELCS as I still do not know which door my beast boy is coming out of. So delighted for you all. I am expecting much what you describe with DD - they are so used to having us all to themselves.

Cherry Sleep tight, and pack that bag - even I have started well I have put a towel in does that count?

Kyria Good to hear no more bleeding. My fanjo has started playing up a little - again becasue I know he is engaged - if I move too quickly now I get the fanjo of doom too.

Huffle oh no! I know I was whinging about still working but I was not wishing it on anyone else honest guv. Whole different ball game when it is your business. Deep breaths - you will find a solution.

A thousand welcomes to those newbies joining the thread. You are more than welcome - no matter how late you may show up bit like these babies I suppose

MrsC so sorry OC has reared it's head. Although if there is a silver lining I suppose it is good though that has developed so late in the day. My consultant thought I had it at one stage - luckily I didn't but I did a lot of reading about it. As always Dr Google threw up lots of unhelpful stuff but what I took from it was that if they were monitoring you and it came late then not so much to worry about. Still I know it changes things and is a pain in the butt but you sound like you are taking it in your stride. I had similar with PET with DD1 - meant I had to revise my approach but all was well in the end. Big hugs for you though as I know it sucks a big un.

Fjord I would get the wrist checked out - they can't induce you early because you hurt your wrist and I am sure your little girl was well protected - remember you are in charge and they wouldn't try and do it for no good reason. But do get your wrist looked at as you will need it over the coming weeks grin. And of course it is not because you were too zen - you will still be zen once you sort all this... you are the zen fjordmumma.

I had a really stressful day. And no amount of breathing in golden light helped make it any better. Ended up in MDU getting a trace on the baby. Who of course went crazy and kicked and hiccuped his way through the trace. Midwife asked me if I was having twins when I got my bump out shock. How rude but it was funny. Afterwards I think she thought I may be offended and tried to say it just looked big because I was so small but she can't fool me. It is fecking huge. 2 weeks to go at work. Probably 2 weeks to go max before the baby comes so somethings got to give!

Right I can't go back any more - this thread moves to fast and I need to make up the time I spent being a paranoid loon at MDU. Much love to all and sending come out messages to babysquid

FjordMor Thu 27-Sep-12 18:56:54

Firstly, congratulations Elpis! thanks

Secondly, thanks to everyone for the advice! I called the maternity unit & they said if I can still feel her moving around, then I don't need to be monitored; she will be fine. Only to call again if I lose blood or amniotic fluid. I can't be bothered to get my wrist checked out tonight but may have to before Monday, if only to get some useful support for it for Monday. Despite a useless hand & 2 'scalped' knees, I'm still determined to birth actively!

ShellWeDance Thu 27-Sep-12 19:06:43

Thanks for the new thread LondonMrs.

Big congrats to Elpis, so jealous of your cuddles!

Huffle what a pain, hope you're OK and get it sorted.

Waves to the newbies.

Had my baby shower last night, was a bit dubious but it was lovely and I got some really cute presents. Kyyria the cake pic on FB is amazing!

No engagement here, bum still right under my ribs. MW confirmed it's back to back do will try swimming tomorrow.

Hope everyone gets some decent sleep tonight.

Otherwise no sign of eng

hufflepuffle Thu 27-Sep-12 19:12:29

Yay Elpis!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!! Love your chat, making me all emotional, snuffling baba!!! Awwww!

In awe at your long post to update us, u r a superstar....

Thanks for support ladies, sorry to whinge. I will sort something. Off to yoga to breathe away my worries. No babies coming out while I'm away now!!!

Oh and welcome newbies, hope u can put up with us!!


londonlivvy Thu 27-Sep-12 19:20:26

huffle slightly offbeat suggestion here, but could you try the university for local graduates of opticianry (or whatever it's called - sorry for ignorance). They might not all have jobs immediately and I feel sure they must actually be properly trained and qualified. You might have to keep a closer eye on them than you liked, but better than no-one?

welcome newbees.

zara very jealous of your cross over. My replacement starts on 26th October. Awesome planning given that I stop work on the 12th. Ah well. Must not take it to heart.

how lovely shellwedance re your babyshower and I will second the THAT'S AWESOME re kyrria's cake.

Second half of my Pre / Post Natal Yoga teacher training course starts tomorrow. Three full days of 9-6pm (and with a fairly decent commute too, means it's about a 12 hour day). I am not looking forward to it but hoping I'll battle on through and that I'll pass the exam on Sunday. EEK.

Right. Must stop faffing on t'internet and chatting, lovely though you all are, and get on with swotting!

londonlivvy Thu 27-Sep-12 19:26:56

oh and huge congrats elpis and thank you for top tip re not eating after epidural. Enjoy your little one.

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