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May 2013 - roll on 12 weeks!

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DizziDoll Wed 26-Sep-12 14:57:01

Thread n2 for those due in May 2013

tweety89 Thu 27-Sep-12 20:07:42

back from the GP and it's official! I'm pregnant and quite excited and a bit scared as well actually! smile
EDD: 25th May 2013. Can you please add me as well?
When I went to the GP she asked me whether I was told I was pregnant (?) so there must have been a misunderstanding between her and the receptionist (yeahie!). Thanks for the responses girls, really helpful! smilesmile
littlepicklehead apart from fruit, try yoghurt with honey or agave nectar (even better as it has low GI) and also baby biscuits with no added sugar (some of them taste really nice!)

LittlePickleHead Thu 27-Sep-12 20:23:23

Wilde - apparently there is some scientific basis that severe morning sickness is more likely to happen with girls (to do with the different levels of hormones produced). I think it's only really been linked with hyperemisis but if you has no ms last time then is could be an indication? My ms is no where near as bad as last time (with dd) so I'm convinced this one is a boy now!

FrustratedSycamorePants Thu 27-Sep-12 20:23:27

Ooh yay for being official tweety expect your feeling relieved now?

BeauticianNotMagician Thu 27-Sep-12 20:28:32

Haha i wondered about a girl as i had ms with both my boys and none so far this time.I guess that blows my theory out of the water oops.

I am 8 weeks tomorrow.Just hope everything is ok now.I really want my scan date through so i can have my mind set at ease.

berri Thu 27-Sep-12 20:35:43

Hope you had a lovely hol wilde!

Had to laugh at one of my pregnancy apps - tip of the day said to set aside 2-5 minutes a day to think about your baby. Think we might all have that one covered!!

BeauticianNotMagician Thu 27-Sep-12 20:42:34

Wilde Oops sorry completely skipped over that part.Hope you had a great holiday.My sister is on at me to visit her in Milan.I would love to but not sure can fit it in right now.

Berri That is funny.All i can think 24/7 is baby and thats even before my horrid letter.

PedanticPanda Thu 27-Sep-12 20:43:17

Oh cheerfulyank hey there! <waves frantically> how are you?

mwncigirl Thu 27-Sep-12 21:14:18

can anyone recommend any good pregnancy apps? There seems to be quite a few......

kittykatskumkwat Thu 27-Sep-12 21:28:58

Waves at wilde
Think I've seen you in some of the mc threads though I've changed the end of my name since from forever!
Did you worry about flying etc or going away, I'm going to Egypt in 2 weeks and abit nervous although no reason why just panic I think?!
I don't think there is any link between ms and gender I was told I was having a boy as I had none and it was a dd, I have a friend with hyperemiss and she has just been told a boy at her 20 wk scan, I'm sure there will be plenty more old wives takes before the threads out grin the cravings is quite interesting

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 21:57:43

thanks peeps! holiday was awesome but knackering and kept having dizzy-need-to-eat-sicky moments throughout until I got some haribo for my bag! Hate sweets normally same as you boo! think I overdid it really looking back, was climbing and hiking up all sorts and just completely exhausted. Glad to be home and lazy again!

beaut wtf was that letter about. i hope it is all ok. they should have rung you before sending that appt.

<waves at kitty>. I think we might have been on a ttc thread together a while ago? Egypt woo! never fear with flying! wiggle your feet around a bit and have walks up and own the plane (to the loo!) Don't eat anything weird or drink tap water smile I find my cravings steer me in the right direction; in italy I couldn't eat any chicken when normally I like it, and when i was in India pg with DS1 (for work, not intentionally) I was very very very fussy (having got terrible food poisoning time and time again there on a prior trip) would only eat chips

jen is your ms easing up yet? are you keeping anything down at all or any fluids? my SIl had HG and it was a shocker but the earlier you catch it with the meds the quicker it will be sorted out... hope you ok.

does anyone else think 10 weeks is late for booking-in appt or is it normal? I thought it would be at 8 weeks. I WISH the MW would come to my house, instead i have to find a car to get to the clinic which is not on a bus route. harrumph.

BTW is anyone else rather pg looking at 7 weeks?! I am gagging to get into my maternity jeans! I think I will... but just in the house... and it really is my tum, is pretty hard and inflexible unlike my usual mumtum and the rest of me is still the same size. please tell me I can get into maternity trousers tomorrow grin

LittlePickleHead Thu 27-Sep-12 22:17:28

Wilde - my booking in appt is closer to 11 weeks, much later than last time. So fed up on waiting!

Kitty - there are actual studies that show women who suffer hyperemisis have a higher proportion of girls than those who don't suffer (obviously still not an accurate way of predicting the sex!) the study I read during my googling session was from Boston university, but I think there are others. Anyway, means nothing in practice but I thought it was interesting that in that case, perhaps the old wives tales actually came from somewhere? Unlike indigestion meaning a hairy baby grin

PedanticPanda Thu 27-Sep-12 22:18:41

wilderumpus I've been really bloated since falling pg, and can hardly fit into my clothes already because of it blush

Did someone mention cravings? I've been craving sesame seed prawn toast really badly. I hate sesame seeds, prawns and fried toast but I need this toast really badly all the time. Just before I poas I was up for about 2 hours in the middle of the night not being able to sleep because I wanted to eat some so badly... How strange!? I've never liked it before.

tweety89 Thu 27-Sep-12 22:25:16

wilderumpus haha! I think you should wear them tomorrow -or during the weekend!).
I cannot even remember where my maternity jeans are but I still have most of my big and loose clothes around (I did put on 3.8 st on DD after all... :$). The bummer is that last week I was a breath away from my pre-pregnancy weight biscuit so my 'fit'self will have to wait for another couple of years until she sees the desirable number on the scales! grin

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 22:26:20

i had terrible indigestion and had a hairy baby little! grin As in, on his body though grin because he was 17 days early bless him. My SIL had HG and had a girl... oooh. I am not actually pukey let alone with HG so guess I could have a boy smile would completely adore either, just a healthy bubs please!

ah pedantic yay be my bloaty friend hehe. I crave sesame prawn toast in normal life tho smile No, I want maccy dees. bastard food of the devil in normal life but manna from God when upsticked grin sounds like it has all your necessary food groups in it which is actually sensible, if you ignore the deep fried bit! I craved meat with Ds but am doing ok with this pg so far... pretty open minded... but hate hate hate dirt, so can't cook or peel carrots or potatoes or anything with a speck of muck on like fresh lettuce! I feel sick just looking at it even though i know washing it will clean it... my tummy says YUCK it is FILTHY. DON'T YOU DARE.

will eat ready done tho blush such a princess!

LittlePickleHead Thu 27-Sep-12 22:27:38

That's so random pedanticpanda! It's so funny how the body works isn't it?

I'm so bloated as well: I had a look on asos for some maternity wear to see me through as it's getting uncomfortable, but then had a little freak out that it is jumping the gun a bit. Don't know how I'll make it to my scan at 13 weeks though, I have a feeling I'll be huge by then. Far too scared to weigh myself.

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 22:29:48

hehe tweety. ps congrats on getting to be more than 'probably' pregnant grin

is ridiculous, my 'fat' jeans (also post pg tweety) are saggy on my bum and legs but won't do up over my tum! I live in trackys at home. was ok on hols as I was in lovely swishy swashy dresses all the time! can't stand anything digging into my tum as am convinced I will mc that way. <face palm>

wilderumpus Thu 27-Sep-12 22:31:13

exactly pickle. Like, I could waer my mat jeans at home but to wear them out is a bit much, jumping the gun indeedy. Like last time, I might not actually be pg!

DizziDoll Thu 27-Sep-12 22:52:53

So glad to hear I'm not the only bloaty one. I don't have any specific cravings. I just need to eat all. the. time. I feel sick when I am not eating, constantly sad.

Just booked a holiday to go to Marbella in half term though. Yipee!!!

berri Fri 28-Sep-12 02:44:17

I had terrible indigestion with DS (proper swigging the Gaviscon bottle throughout the night) and he was bald as a coot until after his 1st birthday!

I know what you all mean about the maternity clothes. I wasn't going to, but I got my bag of stuff out of the attic today, and then had a total panic that I'd:
a) jinxed the pregnancy
b) imagined the pregnancy despite 2 scans

How ridiculous am I. So I wish I'd never got it down now, and I'm not opening the bloody bag! I don't care how tight my jeans are going to get, I'm not going near it until after my 12 week scan grin. Luckily not too tight at the mo. Someone slap me!

CheerfulYank Fri 28-Sep-12 05:45:10

Hey Pedantic! I remember you! smile

Oh, I am so bloaty! It is ridiculous! I feel like I definitely look pregnant, and I'm only 6 weeks. My boobs are completely out of control as well, just huge. DH's face lights up like Christmas morning at the sight of them hmm

A friend of mine is at 39 weeks. The father is not involved so I'm going to be with her when she has the baby. Eeek! I'm thrilled, but nervous too. I really hope I can support her well.

kittykatskumkwat Fri 28-Sep-12 07:44:45

Little pickle my midwife app isn't till I'm 10 wks either sad feels along time away!!
I didn't have indigestion and dd had a full head of thick hair, so much do it stuck out in spikes like a little hedgehog ( ahhh reminisces how cute little dd was) it was the first thing EVERYONE asked though!!
Wilde thanks for the no fear talk of flying, I need people to slap some sence into me, I'm not worried about the food as went their when of with dd at 20wks -- I will just eat chips too-- wink
To me maccy d's is the food of gods all the time, I remember last time I was trying to be good with dd and thought no just fruit and salad etc I'm not going to put on weight and I was so hungry driving home that I had to stop and get a cheeky burger for fear of fainting blush
If anyone is finding trousers abit tight have you tried the hair elastic through the loop and round the button, gives you an extra inch, very handy!!

kittykatskumkwat Fri 28-Sep-12 07:45:44

envy of bigger boobs
Anyone on their second or more who breast fed that has found they just havnt gone bigger or is it just me and my poor little things??

FrustratedSycamorePants Fri 28-Sep-12 07:49:01

Not bigger her kitty sad so you're not alone. but they didn't go back to pre-pg size after 1st

PedanticPanda Fri 28-Sep-12 07:54:38

I breast fed my son, and I don't think mine have gotten that much bigger this time, but DP swears they are huge now.

kittykatskumkwat Fri 28-Sep-12 07:59:00

Frus mine didnt either!!!! sad
They are not saggy but feel empty if you get me, mine didn't go massive first time although dsis thinks they were at about 20wks where I still wasn't showing I was pg they probably did look big proportionately, I wore my same bra right up until bra with the back just on the loosest setting

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