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May 2013 - roll on 12 weeks!

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DizziDoll Wed 26-Sep-12 14:57:01

Thread n2 for those due in May 2013

FrustratedSycamorePants Wed 26-Sep-12 17:18:22

Ooh shiny new Fred. Back to read later.

scooby26 Wed 26-Sep-12 17:48:53

beaut what a crappy insensitive letter! I'm sure all will be fine and it's just a sensible precautionary appointment but completely understand your worry til Monday. Hugs x

Pritchyx Wed 26-Sep-12 18:27:15

I'm due my first on my birthday in May, on the 18th, disappointed but excited all the same!

Beautician hope all goes well with you hun, might not be as bad as you think! X

Bunnychan Wed 26-Sep-12 18:38:43

I've got my first doctors appointment tomorrow; what should I expect? I'm worrying today as I haven't had symptons today or last night either :-s x

lollypopsicle Wed 26-Sep-12 19:17:17

Oh beaut, what a horrible letter to receive . Waiting until Monday must seem like an age sad

I have an odd cramping in my lower back on the left at the mo. Hope it's just growing pains!

Man, I'm tired today.


GoldPedanticPanda Wed 26-Sep-12 19:20:00

Hi all, wow this thread has a lot of lovely expecting ladies on it! I'll add my name to the list, already I share my due date with 3 others too smile

GoldPedanticPanda Wed 26-Sep-12 19:21:58

LittlePickleHead - DC2 - edd 1 May
10storeylovesong - DC1 - edd 1 May
WeatherWitch - DC1 - EDD 1 May
Berri - DC2 - edd 2 May
ThePhantomPlopper - DC4 (eek) - EDD 2 May
Pinkand stripy DC1 EDD 2nd May
Thingiebob - DC2 - edd May 3
twirliedobbit - DC4 (argh!) - edd 4 May
Whyismymindblank - DC4 (argh! & eek!) edd 4 may
Toffeesam - DC1- EDD 5th May
BadBuddha - DC2 edd 5 May
dowhat - DC3 - edd 6 May
DanyTargaryen- DC2- EDD 6 May
DizziDoll -DC3 - EDD 8 May
Mwncigirl - DC2 - EDD 9 May
Rhienne DC2 EDD 9th May
BeauticianNotMagician-DC3-EDD 10 May
Beaver33 - DC1 - edd 10 May
PickleP DC1 EDD 11th May.
Bionic77 - DC1 EDD 15th May
FiveandtheBonusBall - DC6 (triple arghh!!!) EDD 16 May
Booboomonster - DC3 EDD 16 May
Wilderumpus -DC2-EDD 17 May
MissMedusa - DC1 - EDD 18 May
Frankienoodles- DC1- EDD 18 May
maybeAMaybaby DC2 EDD 19 May
Vickles-DC4-EDD 20 May
OneDayBaby-DC1-EDD 20 May
MelCGox - DC1EDD 21 May
LittleBairn DC1 EDD 21 May
Ktfrd DC2 EDD 22nd May
Peardrop DC1 - 22nd May
Cuppateaandagingersnap DC1 EDD 22ndMay
PedanticPanda DC2 EDD 22 May
EllieBuffalo - EDD 23rd May
CheerfulYank DC2- EDD 23rd May
MooLL DC2 EDD 23rd May
Lollypopscical EDD 24th May
Shelly81 EDD 24th May
Bunnychan DC1 EDD 24th May
Thundercatsarego-DC1 - EDD 28 May
Ibelieveinpink EDD DC1 29th May
Kittykatskumkwat EDD DC1 29th May
Frustratedsycamorepants DC2 EDD 3rd June

fertilityFTW Wed 26-Sep-12 19:23:00

Thank you WeatherWitch! thanks
Knowing what to expect really helps. I just feel so jumpy lately!

BeauticianNotMagician Wed 26-Sep-12 19:29:11

Thank You everyone for your kind words.I really hope it is nothing.I presume that even on Monday we won't find out and will have to await further blood test results.

scooby26 Wed 26-Sep-12 19:29:15

Hi gold and pritchy. No chance baby will arrive in due date pritchy so don't worry. My DS1 arrived 6 days after my bday two weeks early. Two weeks early would be just dandy again ;-)

Handed in a sample to go today- they don't allow you to make a booking in appointment without one hmm. So booked in for next Thursday as only do them on a Thursday and they like you to go around week 8- I won't be that far on but I'll be in kos then (yay!! ) and don't want to wait til I come back at nearly ten weeks as it would be too late to book twelve week scan and still get it in the nuchal fold window ;-)

EllieBuffalo Wed 26-Sep-12 19:40:57

Welcome pedantic and Pritchy!!

Fingers crossed for you beaut hopefully they're just being cautious x

berri Wed 26-Sep-12 20:29:31

Going to read your thread now beautician try not to get worried (easy to say, I know). Will be thinking of you, stay positive x

kittykatskumkwat Wed 26-Sep-12 21:30:01

Waves hello to panda!!
Have you just presumed your edd? From my mc could be anywhere from the 20th but pretty sure I'm closer with the 29th ( how much would I give for that extra week or so though)
Beaut so sorry for your worrying letter, I hope it amounts to nothing x

MaybeAMayBaby Wed 26-Sep-12 21:40:22

Found you all!

I'm soooo ill sad. Came home from work after a couple of hours and won't be in tomorrow. I forgot how horrible it is being ill in pregnancy and not being able to take anything. What I would give for a cold and flu tablet now!

I read the other thread and most of this earlier and then fell asleep blush. Just wanted to mark my place.

Beaut-read your other thread. If it is a genetic concern they would have surely found it when you had bloods for your last pregnancy? Just because it says sickle cell nurse doesn't mean it's that. And like other said-recessive so chances are minute.

Gosh. Is it really that late? I better go and eat.


PedanticPanda Wed 26-Sep-12 21:42:16

Hey kitty smile

I done a clear blue date your pregnancy test last week which put me at 5+ weeks so I'm just working it out an EDD as date of mc being cd1 IYSWIM, until I get my actual due date from a scan. Will you be asking for an early scan? I'm not sure if I should ask for one or not as it didn't change things the last time and just made it harder to deal with I think so will try and wait until the 12wk scan.

LittleBairn Wed 26-Sep-12 21:51:50

beaut sorry no advice just a lot of sympathy and shock that they could imply something so serious by letter then have you wait 5 days to speak to them about it! I know the NHS is stretched right now but that just seems callous.

scooby many of the Drs around here won't even let you join if you don't give a urine sample. DH is refusing on principle, I was planning on refusing too but can't deal with the stress and hassle when I just want registered.

I'm a bit worried now about the community midwife contact, we haven't that long moved and I will not accept visitors. We don't even have a sofa because we need to arrange having the window removed.
Do they have offices you can visit?

I had a bit of a scary turn tonight but seem to be fine now. I became dehydrated (lost my water bottle) on my commute home, coupled with hunger and just generally feeling bad. By the time DH picked me up from train station I was spaced out felt close to fainting and very jittery and close to being sick. DH got me to eat a chocolate and have some water. I soon felt fine, think it was more to do with exhaustion.
So my new rules are if loose water bottle go to shops and get the later train amd always carry snacks in my bag.
I was thinking of taking a pack lunch for late afternoon, like a bento lunch, but that might give me away to bosses.

Pritchyx Wed 26-Sep-12 23:15:23

I'm an absolute pain in the arse lately, ever since I found out I've been miserable! And it don't help I get hiccups about 6 or 7 times a day (on a good day may I add!) but its even worse when it's teamed up with pains in my back and ribs! Is it just me who gets that?
I've found it difficult as well to go toilet for number 2s or pass wind! So uncomfortable! All will be worth it in the long run though smile

If anyone else suffers like me, let me know! X

scooby26 Thu 27-Sep-12 01:12:00

Been in bed two hours knackered and can't sleep. I don't remember insomnia last time! I do remember waking with the lark in the first three months but this is soo annoying! Especially knowing now I have a DC already I have to be up for the nursery run . Zzzzzzzz hope you're all doing better then me. Shall I just get up? Eat, read enjoy the peace?!

peardrop2 Thu 27-Sep-12 06:26:33

Beaut just need to quickly say that the exactly same thing happened to my close friend! They got the letter, scared them silly, went back for more tests and results came back normal. Now they have a perfectly healthy and cute 1.5yr old girl! She's expecting her second now but hasn't needed any tests like with the first one. I know you will worry because so would I but just keep this story in mind xx

shelly81 Thu 27-Sep-12 07:29:05

pritchy I'm the same just not the hickups lol, awful int it I'm gettin bad trapped wind & shud know all this is normal as I'm om #3 but still a very scary time xx

rachywhite83 Thu 27-Sep-12 07:31:11

Went to my midwife for an early bird group session. Absolutely bombarded with information ! Trying to process it all and exhausted after the late night. 8:30pm is SO late for me ! Never mind off to work. Only 23 days till my holiday !

RTchoke Thu 27-Sep-12 09:20:30

Hi Ladies,

I haven't been on the thread for 10 days or so as I was trying not to obsess. Anyway, morning sickness arrived yesterday and there is mo way I can forget I'm pregnant anymore so I'm back. I hadn't previously added myself to the list and I can't copy and paste on my phone so cld somebody add me:

RTChoke, DC3 (eeeeek), EDD 21 May

I'd forgotten how miserable nausea is. It wakes me in the night, it hits me in waves during the day, it causes me to take massive offence at foods I normally love. All I can stomach is salty flavours. Yesterday I ate a beetroot and feta salad for lunch with nothing else then for dinner I ate (a whole packet of) Boursin on it's own! I couldn't even stand the idea of bread or crackers. Weird. I'm going to be huge at this rate. I've put on 2lbs already. Have others gained any weight yet?

Oh and I'm jealous of those of you with midwife appointments. Here in London you tell your GP who checks nothing and simply refers you to a hospital who then send you a 12 week scan date. Nothing before 12 weeks. From previous experience I also know I'll never see the same midwife twice, I'll wait hours for each appt, and nobody will ever
come to my house.

Gosh I sound a misery guts! I'm not usually I promise! I blame it on my inability to eat breakfast combined with the fact I'm writing this while jammed under someone's armpit while standing on a packed Tube.

BeauticianNotMagician Thu 27-Sep-12 10:06:13

Hi to the new posters and Congratualtions.

Pear Thank You that is very reassuring.I'm sure it will amount to nothing fx but as others have said it still gets you worried sad.

I have 3 weeks left at work then we are all off for half term week.I cant wait.We havent made any solid plans yet as were waiting for scan date to come through.

Poor DP he called me this morning and sounded very sad.He is really worried and didnt sleep not good when he works 14 hour days.I didnt sleep either.

Rtchoke Hope you feel better soon.I have put on 5 lbs since i found out im pregnant.I usually have no appetite and now i cant stop eating.Im excercising like mad but its making no difference.

MooLL Thu 27-Sep-12 10:07:29

Gosh I feel like S**T this morning - had work do last night at a cookery school and guess what we had to make for starters - sushi! Didnt want to draw attention to fact i could be preggers so ended up eating raw fish and drinking champagne and wine - hmmm not feeling very clever or happy with myself today!
Beaut I am so sorry about your letter - I hate how they send you it and think its acceptable to make you wait for days before seeing you - as others have said try and stay calm until you know the results - could well be all ok
RTChoke so know what you mean about London doctors - I remember with my first being v excited running off there once I got my BFP just to be told to basically go away and come back at 12W .. one reason I got a private 8W scan as it all seemed such an anticlimax. Now trying to decide on hospitals ... do I go for St Georges again where the emergency care I received in the High Dependency Unit was amazing but the aftercare post birth was shocking to put it mildly .. or do i try out Kingston this time - I hate choices!!!

lollypopsicle Thu 27-Sep-12 10:12:02

rtchoke your feta and beetroot salad and bousin dinner sounds just the ticket to me at the mo. just polished off left over feta and spinach pie my DP made last night. It has all the things I'm hankering after- cheese, spinach, nuts and pastry. Yum! Got a real need for green veg right now. Good job I like the stuff! Last time I craved milk but I HATE milk and craving it didn't make me like it anymore!

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