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March 2013 VI: cooking, crocheting and chit-chat

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theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 18:00:54

Old thread:

And on with the conversation

zoeymlucas Wed 26-Sep-12 17:14:42

Tiddley thats sound amazing about stats - many thanks

FloweryBoots Wed 26-Sep-12 17:34:37

Shel Windeez can be taken in pregnancy! Also mint tablets which you can buy over the counter and can really help. Trapped wind can be INCREADIBLY painful. I've been better this time round but last time suffered and one night DH was all for taking me to A&E becasue he said it couldn't be 'just' trapped wind. Honestly, until you experience it you wouldn't realise how painful it can become! So glamour again all round grin

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 17:56:40

Sarah, let us know how you got on at the MW today.

Dame - fab! Did you hear the heart beat?

Tramp, yikes! I think I would have them 'seen to' if they abided after pregnancy too. Is it a big op? More importantly can you get it on the NHS?!

Sheldon hope you can relax tonight and take comfort from everyone's diagnoses. 'Tis probably stretching. Try not to worry too much (says she…)

Tiddley really sorry to hear that your SIL is still waiting… Poor thing. Big yes from me to new stats list. I don't think that sounds OCD at all. What would be OCD is suggesting that we do it along the lines of the way I started a stats thread for another thread I'm on:
mandasand age 37, from Oxford. No DCs (yet!)
Pregnancy details: DC 1 & DC2 due 05.03.2013 (will prob arrive early in Feb).
1st consultant appt on 06.09.2012; 3rd scan (at 18+2) on 04.10.12.

de trop?! I have The Worst Memory in the World so I like seeing it all at a glance smile but aware not everyone wants to share the finer details wink

Flowery, how did 'working from home' go?!

Chefette I likes the sound of your Scando-ergo desk! Oooops, sorry about the feet! I know I'm a right one, going on about my aches and pains, and I'm very embarrassed to admit that my foot-pain isn't half as bad today blush

YES to posting recipes on FB!

Pink would love to see that potato and cheese recipe! I am mad for potatoes at the mo. We are quickly depleting our pathetic harvest from the allotment. 4 loads of washing a day!!! Bit jealous of your pregnancy-friendly Whistles coat - sounds wonderful! Don't tell me it's blue too? I have a thing for darkish sky-blue coats. Hard to describe the shade, but not at all pastel and not at all navy. I very nearly got off my bike to chase a woman into the History Faculty yesterday to ask where she got it from! Not that it would be preggo-friendly, but it's a long-held ambition to own one. (Hopes for sartorial advice from Tramp...)

<drums fingers, waiting to hear from JoJo>

OodHousekeeping Wed 26-Sep-12 18:40:02

Marking my place.

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 18:46:25

Mand - left leg was stripped on private, had work place Bupa at time. Consultant decided didn't need both legs done - arsehole, as soon as one leg sorted other went mergh. Then you've a 5 year wait before private insurance will cover again. Grr. Can be done on NHS but wait list is long. It's one night in hospital, 3 days on a sofa and two weeks shuffling about so home working is beat and then you're good to go. The scar took about a year to blend in and it's groin so pretty discrete. As ops go not so bad.

Coats - well I'm not a lover of blue but there's much of it around this year. I'll keep my eyes peeled for you.

I'm listening to album from Lianne Le Havas, it's gorgeous. Good new music buy I think.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 18:56:10

I have put my pyjamas on and stretched out and feel so much better. Thanks for the reassurance. Thanks for the recommendation too flowery.

Pizza is in the oven and now I'm going to look at these recipes.

Ooh, like the new stats idea.

BestLaidPlans Wed 26-Sep-12 19:19:32

Chefette - sounds horrendous, I was a wreck last pregnancy with just the 50 minute commute.

Manda I don't remember it hurting at all really. I had high arches to start with, so I think it was just the mammoth bulk flattening them out!

Tiddley Your poor SIL, that's heartbreaking.

Midwife appt all fine, heard the heartbeat (tick in the "Boy" column of the old wives tales checklist). Just had an unsettling moment though. DD woke up making car noises and screaming "Daddy!, Daddy!". This kind of thing would never usually bother me, but I'll be very glad when DH does finally get home. Stupid pregnancy hormones!

Vivee74 Wed 26-Sep-12 20:05:27

Loving at the recipes. Sound very yummy... And will need to give them a try soon. Pumpkin and sweet potato would have to be my two favourite veggies...

Had what I thought was my 16 week appointment tonight. Went to see my normal GP only to find that reception had only booked me a 10 minute appointment and that only the senior GP's can do it. So I am back again next Wednesday. How annoying.

Had a meeting with my boss re my end date of my job. Ended up telling her about my bump. She has agreed to extend my role into the new year. Now need to see HR next week and discuss if they will pay me maternity leave vs make my role redundant. Fingers still crossed my boss keeps the secret until next week.... But more positive about this than I've been for a while.

I'm hopefully on team pink but need to wait until Halloween to find out. Girls names all sorted but getting no where on boys names. Still time to come up with one if needed.

I'm hoping my feet don't grow. Mine already look like hoffers....

Have a good night.

GummiberryJuice Wed 26-Sep-12 20:11:31

Well done tramp, away to finish reading other thread

Have been so sick today what's that all about, after a week of no sick

OodHousekeeping Wed 26-Sep-12 20:17:55

Am less achy today.going to GP tomorrow in case it's a water infection as well as usual aches cos at least that's resolvable!

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:12:44

Ok. Have posted on old stats thread (sorry no link) to start new list with gender team & next scan date. Was considering grouping into team colours but EDD still prob best. I did remove mothers age though as not sure if really necessary?
I may be tempted into a spreadsheet at some point in the future (unhappy about difficult-to-scan-read format on phone (!) but for now feel free to add your name (cut & paste always helpful if you can, if not am sure someone with a keyboard can re-hash), in order of EDD. Stay in queue please ladies and remember, no overtaking (unless absolutely necessary) grin

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:15:23

Did you read all that ^^ with the school-ma'am voice I intended? Apologies, I get over-excited these days if given any sort of organisation to do (frustrated project manager on mat leave). You should see my sick drawer...

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:16:32

SOCK drawer!!! Eeeewwwww!!! Sick drawer is not at all organised!!

<goes to bed>

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 21:22:07

Hmm, I did wonder!

Here is the link to the stats:

zoeymlucas Wed 26-Sep-12 21:29:58

Have put my details on but can't add as on iPad so could someone add me please grin feel like a kid an Christmas eve, so excited to find out if pink or blue in morning smile scan is 10.30 so not to much waiting around in morning but still long enough!!!

Hoping Jojo is ok have been checking posts to see if she posted today, so I expect she is just resting or being good and not using phone in hospital

God I love organising stuff, I can't help myself but get very anal about it - drives DH mad!

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 21:36:53

What's the guess zoey? I reckon pink! On the basis of nothing at all except a 50% chance of being right!

Ta manda smile

zoeymlucas Wed 26-Sep-12 21:45:17

Midwives heart beat based guessed pink and with 2 boys that would be nice but saying that I am so used to boys smile

DH has agreed to let me go to mothercare after and buy a cute outfit and mum is coming so will have to stop her buying EVERYTHING, lol! Am so pleased she is coming as she supports us through all the hard stuff and operations etc so it's nice to bring her for the nice things smile

Random question- is anyone else's boobs like blinking cannon balls? Mine are rock hard and quite hot to touch, they are not painful just look like I sneaked off for a boob job/ lift!

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 22:03:16

Crikey Zoey on the boobage! Haha, no - not me, am afraid. Mine are now maybe a bit bigger and only painful when I take off my bra. Otherwise fine.

Ooooooooooh One Born on More4 ... love it xx

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 22:05:31

done it zoey and added my location too

IWantAChipButty Wed 26-Sep-12 22:16:23

When did everyone find out their next scan dates? I still haven't heard anything I'm not sure if I was supposed to get a letter or be told at my last scan? I hope I don't have to wait even longer for one!

On another note I caved after feeling decidedly unpregnant this week and bought a Doppler thing and I can hear a heartbeat! Yey! Think I might get addicted to listening to it though.

Chefette Wed 26-Sep-12 22:33:02

Oh my freaking God. You know we're doing work in house, and so staying at my dads flat for the mo, he is on extended hols in France. So, arrived back around 8.30pm looking forward to dinner and some crap telly, to discover property upstairs leaking water into the hall all down walls, light fitting and onto new carpet and wooden floor......investigation shows it is likely coming from the toilet(?!!!!!!!!!!!) leaking when flushing but upstairs is rented, can't get hold of landlord and remnant is off to work night shift. So we are stuck with stinking fechking manky water dripping into the flat. angryangryangryangryangryangryangryangry

After the nightmare last night and today over the likely lateral penetrating damp into our cottage wall we discovered on removing skirting I just want to cry. And in fact have. I've turned into a horrific foul mouthed horror.

Rant %232 over. Welcome delurkers! Are there any more?!

Poor feeties of everyone! My skandi desk is because I work for a skandi company, not unusual in this neck of the woods, but skandi management and the "way things are done" can be rather frustrating for some Brits and their different way of thinking and approach in my industry.

Still poorly folk with sickness and tiredness, am shuddering with gracefulness have not been put through that, I'd have had a nervous break down by now!!

The FB thing is ace! Well done. They only thing I notice on my profile is the first contact you have is logged as you "become friends" with mand. I'll put some photos on, but no scanner to put McGuez pic on.

Am hoping all ok with Jojo, and that we hear from her tomorrow. Off to take an imaginary Valium and large glass of vino!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Night all, sorry for not really alluding to individuals posts blush

backwardpossom Wed 26-Sep-12 22:35:23

Oh for goodness sakes - I was wondering why there were no new replies on the last thread! <thick>

Marking spot.

Anyone watching C4?!

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 22:45:55

I am confused, is stats on FB or on the Mumslink link? I don't recognise half the names on the Mumslink link. But I am v sleepy so may be being seriously dense.

sundaesundae Wed 26-Sep-12 22:50:55

Flip the stats thread, we have started a new one grin)

confuddledDOTcom Thu 27-Sep-12 00:19:01

Sorry I've not been around lately, just never seem to have time to sit down and read properly. Now we have a new thread I guess I should try to keep up!

I have a scan on Friday, which would be our first daughter's birthday so

lannyshrops - it's optional, if you don't want to do it, don't. There's a lot of discussion about GD anyway and how accurate it is. I'm expecting it this time as before it was just Grandma and Dad's brothers, now Dad is too. Planning to refuse because I don't want any more messing.

KFFOREVER - yes, they're handing back the bottle at the end of the appointment. Makes sense really, I always thought it would be sensible, it's OK as long as you empty them and wash out quickly. I'd do it at the hospital/ surgery if they gave it me full and rinse, there's no need to take it home when there's a perfectly good loo there.

HermioneBoo - tell her to put it in the sani-bin.

OodHousekeeping - they were the best thing I ever did. They make my day so much easier, even when I'm not using them and when I am using them they slow me down and remind others I have a problem.

I used cloth nappies first time around but for different reasons second and third I didn't. I use Cheeky Wipes though because I do hate how much waste they create. I seem to have gone very green since having children (which reminds me, Body Shop is Nestle). I used to dry them on a horse because I don't have a garden anyway, but tumbling them increases the absorbancy so I did occasionally.

I think I must be feeling my age because I'm getting constant headaches in my eyes and not handling the girls. I've asked Mum to take the baby for a couple of days because I need to go shopping tomorrow and ANC Friday, not asked her about over night but thinking I might.

At my 16 week appointment last week I had raised protein but BP was ok.

IWantAChipButty - try having a look at Nappy Lady website.

StealthToddler - that trade off doesn't take into account that they're not generally used on one baby. I tried biodegradables but found they biodegrade whilst still on the baby!

zoeymlucas - mine are! Having a 15 month old means I'm not even able to empty them as often as I would like either. My eldest used to be great at relieving me when her sister was a baby but she was old enough to ask, this time I just get bitten if I push the issue!

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