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March 2013 VI: cooking, crocheting and chit-chat

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theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 18:00:54

Old thread:

And on with the conversation

lannyshrops Mon 15-Oct-12 21:49:55

Oh cheff nearly forgot, wet suit on the way! [Grin] how bloody horrid for you ((hugs))

confuddledDOTcom Mon 15-Oct-12 22:16:35

I lit my candles at 7pm and have had a status message since yesterday that got shared around asking people to light theirs. Was nice to see all the photos pop up on Facebook from people who were lighting candles for others.

Em2010 Mon 15-Oct-12 23:10:35

Evening All,

Apologies, I'm on my phone so cant name check as much as I'd like! I'll have a go but apologies if I forget anyone!

Thanks for all the advice on potty training! I have a sneaky feeling that one of the main reasons that I'm putting it off is because I can't be faffed and that is not a good reason! I have a week off work coming up so I will see how things lie then!

confuddled congratulations on your dd! Wonderful news!

pink yes to braxton hicks! Have had the odd few for a couple of weeks now, thought it was too early but google said otherwise!

jojo glad to hear if successful meeting with tutor, shame you can't be sure where you stand with her though.

eig sorry to mr eig but that story was hilarious!

ethel sorry to hear that you've also been suffering from the dreaded hormones. I also have a defensive husband and could write a whole page of examples of how he's driving me potty at the moment!

manda yes to bruising! I am also putting it down to the aspirin. Guess it must be doing its job then!

rainbow lovely to hear from you. I lit a candle this evening. It's a lovely idea.

zoey glad to hear you are on the mend and baby is bopping! Enjoy your sub!

possom hope you've enjoyed your day- sounded good!

Ok my (poor) memory has gone now! Went to fill up my car with petrol earlier and stood at the pump for a good two minutes trying to remember how to put petrol in the car, filled up with petrol then remembered I had actually set out to go to Next and not petrol at all!

theTramp Mon 15-Oct-12 23:32:32

Crikey I completely missed the fab scan news and Chef's dripping house plight. apologies, phone scanning means I miss lots. Anyway, as ever - nice to hear from everyone and glad we're still all muddling merrily along.

I was asked what my birthing plan was today and I explained - drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. Queue laugh, no really what is your birth plan? I believe my raised eyebrow said it all. They gave me a pitying look. Personally I think my plan is about as succinct as I am going to get on this matter. Anyone else?

lannyshrops Tue 16-Oct-12 06:31:25

Morning all!
Your birth plan is even more detailed than mine tramp! I'm impresed! Out of everyone I know, not one has has the birth they "planned". All of them ended up getting upset because their birthing experience didn't live up to what they had planned in their head. For that reason I will not be planning anything other than, dh to be with me, best friend also on hand incase he can't cope and do whatever is best for me and baby at the time.

Chefette Tue 16-Oct-12 07:30:12

Morning campers. Candles lovely, I would have lit one, but they're wet..,,,

Flippancy aside (my defense mechanism when stressed and on the edge!!!) the lighting of candles to remember women, babies and their families affected by stillbirth is beautiful. My thoughts with you rainbow and my friend and her baby girl who died in April.

Jeez I can't remember who else I wanted to say stuff to, that's the worst of being on phone, Ethel I'm sure I want to dash off a line to, hmmmm.

Possum how was the big city (grin) and Kevin Bridges? At the music hall? Did you go somewhere yummy for your tea?? We are supposed to be going to ABZ early Nov to see Michael macintyre, as long as grandma can baby sit DSS that eve.

So the roofer came yesterday. We are worried given the first thing that he did when he got up on top was to be silent as he survey the lie of the land and then laughed. Quite a lot. Apparently he has only seen 3 roofs worse than this. Ever. One was a byre that had no roof.

%23sigh%23 not had numbers yet but all indications are that McGuez's uni fund is screwed. Royally.

So, good progress Jojo with study plans, that always makes you feel better knowing where you stand and what your targets are. Your literature review subject sounds really interesting. If it is of any use I am more than happy to proof read as second eyes (used to do this a lot for other PhD colleagues) mand I never offered for you at the time, as I kept thinking you were submitting book imminently! blush sorry.

No doubt I'll post again as I realise that I probably haven't written anything I wanted to ah yes!

Birth plans: not had to go there yet, but it's quite emphasised here, but so is the acknowledgement that you can't always have what you plan due to circumstance.

As it is a midwife led unit tho, there are keen on women driving the birth, and do there is not a lot of planned intervention, do for example if you or baby not at risk they won't induce you for ages, until there is risk to deterioration of placenta, after 42 weeks ish.

The birthing room is fabulous, pool, wee bed, lamps, Cody throws and night-lights!!! Apparently people come from London, Glasgow, Inverness to have their babies here, 80% of babies born at our unit are water babies!!!

So gonna try for that, knowing that if it all goes a but squiggly then I get wheeched off to Dundee (other half asked very pointed questions bout transfer time, location of ambulance station, and the monitoring and testing schedule of key equipment checks, very manly , aw!!).

Sorry such a long essay, makes the trip to work quicker-it's not my week to drive for the car share so am doing a Lady Penelope (nice name?!). Nearly at the door so will love ye and leave ye quinnies (!) (not rude that honest, just the Doric [ie northeast of Scotland] word for girls or lasses). grin

Chefette Tue 16-Oct-12 07:57:54

Oh yes, poo-mageddon hilarious, good luck with move flowery, whoop whoop for Christmas, nails are wrecked with working on house, no BHs, (wouldn't have a clue) oh and would someone else put up the new pumpkin thread seeing as I made such an ass of the one before this one?! blush

Sheldonella Tue 16-Oct-12 08:32:10

New thread:

Hope title is ok grin

TheAngelshavetheOod Tue 16-Oct-12 09:17:59

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