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March 2013 VI: cooking, crocheting and chit-chat

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theTramp Tue 25-Sep-12 18:00:54

Old thread:

And on with the conversation

BestLaidPlans Wed 26-Sep-12 08:13:33

Re: feet growing, 'fraid so. Mine went from a 6 to an 8 with DD. They'd settled back to a 6.5 within a year or so though.
Manda, hope it feels better soon. You've made me miss the covered market now. Though there was no veggie butcher then, I don't think. I do desperately want a peanut cookie from Ben's though.

ChipButty We used disposables for the first week or so then switched. It worked quite well, and I could just throw the meconium in the bin. After checking it against the handy laminated chart attached to the hospital bed of course!

Zooey glad the funeral's all over now and how lovely for your mum to go to the scan.

JoJo Hope all goes well.

I rang hospital yesterday to make my anti-D appointment and since they offered to do my 28 week bloods at the same time she checked my GT results and all is good. Hooray!

Midwife this afternoon for 16 week appointment so had probably better go and towel down DDs bike seat at some point given the recent weather.

sundaesundae Wed 26-Sep-12 08:21:44

Morning, JoJo, good luck today, hope you didn't eat OH.

I am DEFINITELY feeling wriggles now, nearly 15 weeks, is that about right? Sometimes it feels like someone swimming in my belly! I had a mouthful of really cold diet coke and thirty seconds later I felt it doing a wirggly flip.

I am HUGE. I have been asked if it is twins and everything, though I wonder if that is just that maternity clothes highlight it. Not weighing myself and not really eating hugely, so think it is bump. Bet I get GD testing, but I like lucozade so that's ok ;o)

I too am sneezing lots, grr!

I am certainly NOT glowing, one of my engineers confirmed this loudly in the office, but I had been up half the night spewing. I have lost the nausea and gained wretching, gagging and spewing. I have the most sensitive gag reflex and can't bend down!

I also have a weird brown patch on my throat which is scaly, have no idea what that is!

We have booked to go to a hotel for New Year so I will need a dress for that, quite excited, though will be mammoth!

Have a good day all smile

Chefette Wed 26-Sep-12 08:49:29

joJo big squeeze hug for good luck I am maybe being stupido but is it Aberdeen or York for op? Think Aberdeen. Fingers and all appendages crossed, McGuez has been told to cross its bits too for you x

Can't keep up girls, you all post too much! I can barely read them these days, busy with work, house renovations and usually no signal in our temp accommodation at night. We are not getting to bed till after midnight these days with doing stuff, am I am up at 5.45am. I know to mums with small DCs that might seem like luxury but by end of week I am crazy tired at work, and now I am driving my 50 min commute in the morning in the dark!!! Grrrrrr.

Sorry moan over. Recipes all sound great, and clothes ideas good too, I got my winter mat coat already, bought it off eBay?! I've bought a couple dresses and jeans off there but still don't need them yet, 18 weeks tomorrow though?! Scan is 17th, can't remember if I posted that before. Have told work now so there are no secrets! Sorry to be a total pain but am on phone as udual, who do I pm to be able to get the FB secret group?

So sorry to all those still suffering with MS, and have other ouchy horrible things.

Off to do sneaky research on lateral penetrating damp, am a bit stressed after seeing a wet patch in the corner when DP ripped off skirting last night, I could cry!!

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 09:31:21

Go JoJo - rooting for you and your baby to get through today's op well and happy. Looking forward to hearing from you later…

Zoey ouch for sneezing and stitch!

Sundae way hey for wriggles! You're right, some maternity clothes emphasise the bump more than others! I wonder if that brown patch is to do with the 'mask of pregnancy' peeps were discussing in an earlier thread? Sounds like something I've had in the past on my arm tho. Think you can get a cream?

Chefette sounds like you need to take a moment, get a nice treat and sit and think about how fantastic it is going to be having renovated house and baby in your arms. Sounds really, really hard at the moment but it will be worth it. You can PM me for FB group. Tell me your name and describe profile pic and I'll friend you and if you friend back I can add you to the list of peeps in the group. Or you can do this with anyone else who is on the group - we all have adding rights. But you need to be someone's fb friend first, as it's such a secret group (though most of us are out now! I'm not on FB though…)

Thanks for foot sympathies and advice. I bum around the house all days with crocs (apart from today as I read that an arched shoe may help, so it's birkenstocks with socks - a great look, I find). I wear wellies, wide-soled boots, and converse the rest of the time. So I'm defo not squashing poor foot widthways anyway. Is there anything I can do??

I reeeally don't want a bunion. And late last night I noticed that the veins in my right leg (upper outside calf) are a bit raised up from the skin, like beginners varicose veins. (Yes, I had another pathetic little cry!) This is exactly where my Mum has hers too. Aaargh I'm turning into my Mum!!! I thought I wouldn't because I am healthier (she smokes etc) and am not standing up during pregnancy as she did.

So tell me ladies, can varicose veins developed in pregnancy magically disappear afterwards???!

Best cor, that is some foot growth! Did you bunion area hurt when they were growing? I should have explained veggie butcher a bit - it's one of those traditional butchers with deer and pheasant hanging outside, but it has about twenty different kinds of veggie sausage. Some are weird and wonderful flavours, but some (like the cheese and leek Cumberland) are a-mazing! Fabulous to have so much choice … and in a butchers! I have to say, though, that the veggie pie was a bit meh. Still we had mash and green beans and onion+herb gravy (all homegrown!) which were awesome. Oh, and I managed to avoid Ben's Cookies! Was quite proud of that.

Emus Wed 26-Sep-12 09:39:33

Oh you are KIDDING me?! I've just written a massive post and it didn't post and I've lost it! Grrrr. Have to get on with work now do will try again later. Boo.

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 11:59:18

Bad luck emus, happens to us all!

Just a quickie to add my own voice to those rooting for jojo today - thinking of you kiddo - and hoping you are able to scoff to your heart's content very soon...

sarahs999 Wed 26-Sep-12 12:12:39

Yes, good luck Jojo.

I have a midwife appt later. Slightly bricking it as after days of feeling little movements I've now convinced myself I can't feel anything. Hoping she'll find the heartbeat to put my worries at rest.

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 12:34:25

Manda - varicose veins can indeed appear in pregnancy. During pregnancy they'll be more prominent so you may find post pregnancy that you can hardly see them. I've already had one leg stripped and post birth, thanks to pregnancy the other leg will need stripping too. They've been getting progressively worse but in last two moths - horror show. Thank you cold weather, tights & hold ups.

Chef - all that manda said and seriously I've no idea how you're coping. By 5pm I'm a puddle.

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 13:12:00

Just quickly marking my place and then will try & catch up!

StealthToddler Wed 26-Sep-12 13:22:57

Nappies - I started off with good intentions 3 babies ago and used the biodegradeable ones as I just couldn't face the terry/reusable ones, and also I work in environmental finance and there is some trade off between the land fill and the energy and water cost of washing all those foul objects.

Anyhow, after baby 1, and having baby 2 arrive when baby 1 was only 17 months, so two babies in nappies, I eventually just gave up. Particularly as the biodegradeable ones are more expensive, and the fit wasn't that good. I tend to use the biodegradeable ones whilst they are really little, but as they get older, my kids have all had to switch to pull ups (as they won't lie down so pull ups are great) and the biodegradeable makes only do pull ups in size 6.

I figure that having baby 4 is so environmentally unfriendly anyhow....

MS still rubbish - sounds awful whoever it was that needed an ambulance! I am no where near that bad but it is still miserable.

Feeling very stressed at the moment as we have finally got our building work about to start (taken 11 months for party wall agreements) and so am moving out of our home in 2 weeks time to rent for 11 months. Feel very sad I won't be bringing this baby home to MY house! And my DH has just informed me that he will be travelling on business the 2 days before the actual move!!!!

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 13:31:31

Manda I just looked in my Pieminister cookbook and the Heidi Pie recipe isn't in there sad. They do have a delicious sounding recipe for a pie with potatoes and tallegio cheese. I love any sort of cheese so that could be good with some spinach thrown in!

Tramp I don't think that the Temperley dress is very bump friendly, even though it is very pretty. I have some fab jumper dresses from Whistles which I think will be good with a bump. Beautiful & soft and there is a 25% off voucher in Grazia this week grin

Re: Maternity coats, for the past 3 pregnancies I have worn a swing style coat I bought in Whistles ages ago and it's perfect with a bump. I also have a duffel coat from there which is a swing shape and I hope that will get me through the winter this time. I have looked at maternity coats in the past but never seen one I love. Coatigans (I think Sundae recommended them) look like a good solution with some layers too.

Doodlebugbee For Black tie/wedding dresses look at Tiffany Rose - beautiful! I have a wedding this Christmas so might treat myself. Hopefully I can wear it to Christmas parties too which will be my justification. They have a good resale value on ebay too.

JoJo thinking of you today. I hope your surgery goes very smoothly. thanks

Zoey Fab news about hearing the hb. Do you feel back to normal after your surgery?

Hermione Sorry to hear you are still feeling sick. I hope it goes very quickly! Happy Anniversary, you sound like you have a lovely DH.

TribbleTuckandDismount Welcome & Congratulations!!

Ood Sorry to hear about the SPD sad

My feet have never grown in pregnancy although I know lots of people whose have. Pregnancy is a weird thing!!

Sarah good luck with your apt.

I too am a disposable nappy user. I know it's not the best but I already do about 4 loads of washing a day so dread to think how much there would be with re-useables!

Stealth I hope your move goes well. Just keep thinking about how lovely your house will be when the work is finished! It's definitely the best idea to move out. We want to get our side return done but keep delaying it because we would also move out and the rents around here are extortionate, especially because I would want maximum bedrooms to avoid any more sleep issues with 4 Children!

All well here. I still have a ds3 who doesn't like sleeping at the moment which is very tedious. He stands in his cot & shouts "Mummy" over and over again in a very loud voice until I go in. Not fun at 2am... Feeling good apart from that though, no more sickness which I really appreciate. I also have energy so making the most of that to get organised! 18 weeks on Friday, this is whizzing by! My 20 week scan is at 21+6 on the 25th October.

I hope everyone else is Ok?

mandasand Wed 26-Sep-12 13:53:21

will pop back later for proper chat but just wanted to say that I've posted the Heidi Pie recipe and Nigella's ridiculoso but tastissimo lasagne recipe in the Happy Marchers FB group! xx

FloweryBoots Wed 26-Sep-12 14:44:14

Thinking of you JoJo

Given up tryng to battle through work today. Up half the night feeling horribly sick, and feeling rougher than usual all morning so have come home. Promised colleagues I would continue working at home, just in easier reach of a bucket! Err, so far have caught up on the thread...

Stelth hope the move all goes well. Know how you feel about not bringing baby back to your own home. We (well actually up stairs neighbour) had a house fire when I was just about 38 weeks pregnant last time and we had to move out for about 6 months. It was hard not bringing baby back to our home, but you will have all your own things and all the family around you which will make a big difference I'm sure.

Chefette Wed 26-Sep-12 14:57:48

OMG. All you ruddy lots talk of feet!!! Mine have done it in sympathy or something-thank Nora I keep a spare pair if pumps under my ergonomic Scandinavian pain in the ass desk! My feel have swelled up and could hardly get shoes off!!!!! Argggggghhhhh!!!!

Thank you for nice calmy post mand and FB info, I await group(ing?!)or group(age?!) with excitement!!

A recipe thread on FB page would be soopa, if not on there already, I find stuff like that tends to get lost or swamped on MN.


theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 16:17:32

Oh - off to find FB recipes this eve.

dameflamingo Wed 26-Sep-12 16:29:27

Hello all and welcome ttd

I'm really interested in the nappy info, went to look at the different brands and types of reusables on Saturday#wildafternoon and prefer to hear from those who have used 'em and aren't trying to sell them! Must admit thoseads looked to me like they would take a while to dry and using a tumble dryer/ having to put the heating on sort of defeats the whole 'saving the planet' vibe I'd like to take. I really would like to give them a proper try though so I bought one and am going to give it a trial run this week...since its wet, cold and we still have yet to put the heating on ( dh and I are sitting in an array of jumpers being pikey heating refusers and none of our pals will come round ha ha).

sundae hope you're having fun in Taunton, wave to me as you head north on the M5.

jojo good luck and speedy recovery

I had a midwife appt today and all is well. Phew! Congrats sarah on hearing your little one's heartbeat.

manda thanks for recipes.

tiddleypompom Wed 26-Sep-12 16:41:47

Cheese & potato pie pink? Yes please smile DH and I will have curry this eve, if he returns from Gravesend in time - bleugh drive, poor thing.

hermione sending much sympathy. How horrid for those still getting sickness (or experiencing a second wave). No fair...

Not sure if my feet got bigger last time as twas a summer preg and I live in flipflops come the sunshine. I did get 'policemans foot??' (can't remember the proper name but it is basically a painful tendon under feet) as a result of long walks with pram with poor arches. Pregnancy bunions is a new one for me, god does it never end?!

stealth you have the same gap between your first two that I'll have between mine, come next March. Any extremely positive stories welcome but keep the memories of a tough year with two in nappies to yourself please grin I've a friend preg with her first (30wks) who has just successfully bid on an old stable block, which they will be converting into a new home. It'll be fabulous once done - as will yours - and the hard work will pale into insignificance. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Update on SIL is that a second scan confirmed the sad news that she has lost her baby/ies at 6wks, but because she was taking progesterone, she hasn't miscarried. They said they'd call her to offer a D&C but a week has passed and they haven't yet. So cruel sad

<shakes head of sad thoughts> Have we started a new due date/scan date/team colour list yet? Should we do so? How about I find the previous stats thread and start a new list, then everyone can add their names & details & we can transfer for a shiny new one - sound good or horribly OCD?

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 16:47:07

Feet getting bigger? Does that mean all my shoes won't fit? <sniffle>
Can anyone reassure me here - I'm very uncomfortable today sad I have pains under my bump but not the usual random twinges, they are worse than this. They hurt lots if I sit in certain positions. I don't think they feel like cramps but are in the same place as period pains. Also a bit in my side and back. Could it be disgestion related? Or should I panic?
tiddley Sorry about your SIL. That is very cruel.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 16:48:00

Oh yes I also feel very bloated, like I've eaten a couple of horses (I haven't btw).

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 16:55:09

Tiddley so sorry to hear about your SIL sad I hope she hears from the hospital soon, it must be horrid being in limbo.

Would you like me to put the cheese & potato pie recipe on Facebook? Happy to do so later.

I had 2 in nappies for a year last time (22 mths gap & my older boys potty trained at 3). It was totally fine and in lots of ways easier than my slightly larger gap between ds1 & 2. Both younger boys napped at lunchtime which was v nice. Ds3 was dragged along to playgroups etc from
About 1 week old but it was nice to be out and about and seeing people. This time I will have a 2 year 2 month gap between my youngest do will be similar. 2 in nappies was easier to me than a toddler who wet himself all the time!

Dame that is one of my issues with reusable nappies. How do you dry them in winter without having to use a tumble dryer? Not that Eco if that's the only way to get them dry! You can get disposables called Moltex Moltex which are about the most Eco ones around or Nature which they sell in Waitrose I always found them to leak terribly though

pinkpeony4 Wed 26-Sep-12 16:56:58

Sheldon that sounds like ligament pain and very normal to me. It's everything stretching. I sometimes find it really painful like a stitch under my bump. Try to have a rest & it should make it feel better.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 16:59:40

Thanks pink, it is like having a stitch. Think I will get DH to cook tonight while I have a lie down.
Oh yes, nappy talk. I was going to get some of the terry towel ones to use around the house but I will probably use disposables when out and about. I figured the advantage in those is that they aren't a specific size so will last longer?

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 17:01:41

Shels - that sounds like trapped gas and a bit of muscle stretching. I get it a fair bit. Trick seems to be drinking water and lying down and awaiting the methane release. Ah yes we're back to the glamour again smile

Not everyone's feet grows, which I'm hoping for because frankly size 8s are hard enough to find nice shoes for.

Tiddles - my heart really goes out to your poor SIL. Life can be so horribly cruel sometimes.

That'd be flat foot - the collapsed arches/police thing. Flats can be really bad for your feet, your soles need a bit of support and flip flops aren't that foot friendly.

Anyone else tempted by Swraphines range of preggers lady special support inner soles flats? They look fab, albeit they're a tad pricey.

theTramp Wed 26-Sep-12 17:03:11

Oh yes nappies.. Apparently there's a pick up ditties and provide cleans reusable service. Anyone heard of/used this? Meant to be more environmentally friendly.

Sheldonella Wed 26-Sep-12 17:03:49

Mmethane release grin <childish> Yes, I think that is what must be happening. I'd better not unleash it in the office smile

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