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April 2013- part 3 scan scan scan

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trying2bpos Fri 21-Sep-12 12:16:29

Started a new thread for all us April ladies.

Missmuffet28 Sun 23-Sep-12 07:59:38

Really glad all went well you need to tell them exactly how you feel tho if you don't feel ready to go home then tell them! And yes beg beg for another scan I think I would although wouldn't it really hurt??

Well here is a hug and a hope you are right as rain in no time smile

Teapig Sun 23-Sep-12 08:15:51

So pleased the op went well notshort. I agree with missmuffet, if you're not ready to go home tell them. I would insist on a scan just for peace of mind.

LikeCandy Sun 23-Sep-12 08:44:14

Hi notshort - my Mum had an operation under GA when I was in utero (she didn't find out she was pregnant until after) and I'm fine (some might disagree..!) but if I were you I would definitely be trying to get a reassurance scan out of them before they send you home! Feel better soon!

Today I am 12+1, I was in such a bad mood yesterday - I know I should be feeling positive because the risk of m/c is greatly reduced after 12w but as I haven't had my scan yet there's still that worry of an mmc!
I definitely have a small bump, I'm taking that as some reassurance that things are progressing, but I have a feeling I will be a horrible person until Friday afternoon!

Also, who ordered this rain?!

wishfulthinking1 Sun 23-Sep-12 09:35:38

Morning all
- likecandy - I'm exactly the same. Am 12 weeks exactly today and want to get all excited about being in the 2nd trimester, but can't feel that it's 'real' until after scan on Thursday.

notshort - so glad the op went well. I agree with the others, if you're not going to get any rest at home, see if you can stay for another day.

I've given my DH my cold- so he's in a shit mood. Grumpy arse.

Another thing that's pissing me off (pregnancy book did say I could have a short temper right now!) is my friend who rang me on Friday. She asked me outright if I was pregnant, and I didn't lie. She was happy for me and commented that she was sure it'd be ok this time, as I didn't have the stress of the wedding and end of term etc. I think I calmly explained that a) planning the wedding wasn't stressful, b) the end of term wasn't really and c) THE MISCARRIAGE WAS NOT MY FAULT! The baby didn't die because I was 'stressed' it died because of some chromosomal abnormality that was completely out of my control. Just fucked me off- as if the miscarriage could have somehow been prevented- which is bollocks- right?

And...AND... It pissed me off that she asked. I wanted to tell her after the scan- it's my news to tell- not hers to guess at.

we're quite good friends really, so I should get over it, but it did just hack me off!

And, as if that wasn't bad enough- DH and I talked names yesterday, inspired by the thread- and he doesn't like my boy name!! WAIL!! I think we've agreed on a girls name- my choice first name and his late mothers name as a middle name. I've always wanted to name a son after my dad or brother- he says great names for middle names, but not as a first name. Clearly, I just need to get over it- but I've always imagined myself having a boy called Peter, and now I won't sad thanks to my grumpy miserable husband!!

Sorry for the long, ranty me, me, me post. I'm sure when I get Thursdays scan out of the way I'll be sweetness and light again!!

Just thought of something else that pissed me off! We were supposed to be going to a 3rd birthday party today- a friend of dh's son has birthday today- and I was really looking forward to it. They're still very much dh's friends- so I don't know them massively well, but my DH isn't sociable at the best of times, so it's nice to get out and about and do things like this together. But now he's got a cold we're not going. If I knew them better I'd go by myself, but I won't know enough people there to feel confident about it.

And of course, even though it's the same cold I had- his is infinitely worse. Even though I had to go to work and couldn't take any lemsip- and he just has to sit at home and have as much medicine as he wants!

Oh, roll on Thursday!!!.....

EssexWelsh Sun 23-Sep-12 09:52:46

12 weeks today, yea!! Just need this blinking scan on Thursday then I fully intend to enjoy it!

birdbrain17 Sun 23-Sep-12 12:00:44

notshort so glad everything went well, I wouldn't worry so much if the doctors aren't but if you can persuade them to give you another scan why not! I find tears are very persuasive wink

wishful I'm so sorry you sound like your having such a rubbish time of it I was also such a moody git till I'd had my scan poor DH didn't know how to cope we've only been married 8 months and he'd never seen me so bad tempered before! I think your friend was a bit insensitive all that stuff she said to you but people always say stuff without thinking don't let it annoy you! It's sunday go make yourself something nice to eat and sit on the sofa with a good book or some telly things will get better <big hug>

Yay finally reached 12+0, I thought I was there on weds but then I went for my scan and they changed my due date so happy to finally be there grin
Happy Sunday!

Pontouf Sun 23-Sep-12 12:30:29

Hi wishful, yeah people can say incredibly insensitive things when they're just trying to be supportive. I remember being so upset after my first mc - a mmc at ten weeks. A few weeks after I had the d&c my Mum told me that my cousin was pregnant with her first. She said it was only fair that she had a baby before me because she got married before me. My mother is usually incredibly kind, supportive and sensitive but I just blurted out "Well thank God I lost our baby then eh? I'd hate to step out of bloody turn!". Think she was quite shocked at my response but did apologise for being insensitive afterwards.

I'd suggest having a nice warm bath and chilling today. Enjoy the peace and quiet and let your DH fend for himself wink

EmpressMatilda Sun 23-Sep-12 12:58:11

Ah, here you all are [waves]

Sorry some are still feeling rubbish. I am a bit sicky but not too bad. Hang on in there, I think in a few weeks time we should be clear of all this and blooming hmm Can tell I've never been pregnant before can't you?!

Just been packing for my holiday to Crete. No idea what to pack. Summer stuff? Autumn stuff? Maternity stuff? Non-maternity stuff?

Boy/girl -we will find out. No preference as it's our first child and will probably have a second one. Haven't discussed names. I daren't have those conversations until after the 12 week scan.

Scan is Tuesday. Very nervous.

11 + 4

Roxoroxy Sun 23-Sep-12 13:02:30

likecandy, wishful and essexwelsh - sounds like we're all in the same boat. 12 weeks is up but I can't wait for the reassurance of my first scan at the end of next week. Roll on Thursday and Friday and, fingers crossed, being able to tell everyone the good news.

wishful I know exactly what you mean about not wanting people to ask you before you're ready to tell them. I haven't been in touch with a friend of mine since I got pg because I know she would very quickly ask and I don't want her to know before my brother and sister (who I will tell after the scan). Part of me feels bad for not having called, but I also don't want the intrusiveness of a question I'm not ready to answer yet.

toobreathless Sun 23-Sep-12 13:35:11

We are driving back from a wedding & DH is indulging me in my favourite conversation of baby names.

We have some rules:
- nothing 'cutesy'
- nothing in top 100
- probably not beginning in H.
- easy to say & spell

DD is Hazel.
Current ideas are:
Girls- Beatrix, Joy, Verity, Constance (Connie), Helena.
Boys- Clement, Hector, Gray, Emmett, Ernest.

wishful I love Peter.

Nice to see lots of people passing the 12 week mark smile
Looking forward to more good scan news this week coming.

12 + 2

EmpressMatilda Sun 23-Sep-12 16:21:25

toobreathless Helena is one of my favourite names. DH and I are banned from talking names until after the scan but when we do that will be my first suggestion. Also, I know someone who called her daughter Verity and I think it's lovely.

LoobyLou33 Sun 23-Sep-12 17:08:33

OOoh we can't resist talking about names, in an ongoing sort of way. We usually end up with more joke ones than realistic ones!

For a boy, we quite like Byron - like you breathless I prefer slightly unusual over popular. But my sister already gave us a warning talk about boys being teased for funny names. Would Byron be too weird/sissy? be gentle with me if you don't like!

Girl-wise I love pretty names and last time we had Savannah, Sienna and Jasmine on the list. I also like Aurora but it elicited strong reactions from friends - love it or hate it kinda name.

pink sorry you've had norovirus, grim...hope you're recovering now.
tooshort hope you recover well from the op, and that bubs is fine.

10 + 3

Dandelion75 Sun 23-Sep-12 17:20:55

Wow - you've all been busy! Ive been away on holiday for a week and got back last night. It's taken me most of the afternoon to catch up on everyone's news in between catching up on strictly - lovely to hear so many of us have now had 12 week scans smile

I got back from hols really hoping to have a scan appointment waiting in the post, but still nothing has arrived angry Will be 12 weeks gone tomorrow!! Going to get on the phone to the hospital straight away in the morning. I was so hoping to get my scan this coming week so I could feel confident to come clean with friends and colleagues as is getting almost impossible to conceal any longer (still suffering the post-IVF bloat which shows no sign of shifting hmm)

notshort - what a flipping nightmare, poor you. Glad to hear that the op went well, but agree you need to wangle as much rest as you can before going home.

empress - I just got back from Portugal last night, where it was really hot. Managed to get away with loose sundresses and flipflops most days as we weren't doing much, but my god send was a pair of maternity white linen trousers from H&M sale (only maternity garment I have bought so far) which meant I could still wear some of my nice tops that still fit for meals in the evenings. My other best buy was an mosquito repellent called Incognito (you can get it online or in Holland and Barratt) which is one of the very few insect repellents you seem to be able to use when pg. Everyone else in our group of 9 on holiday got bitten to death except me. It's worth being armed with this stuff as apparently mossies particularly love the taste of a pg lady!!

toobreathless - love all the names on your list, esp Verity. We haven't really thought too much about girls names as we have just been convinced since day one that it's a boy. Front runner boys name at the mo is Arthur.....

Looking forward to hearing lots more lovely scan stories this week smile

wishfulthinking1 Sun 23-Sep-12 18:36:18

dandelion- glad you had a fab holiday. I would defo ring the hospital first thing in the morning- try and get an appointment this week.

toobreathless - I know! Peter is such a wonderful, solid name. Don't think it's something my DH will compromise on. He's very happy to have it as a middle name, but doesn't like the idea of grandad and grandchild having the same first name, thinks it'll be confusing - though obviously it wouldn't. But, sigh, it's his child too.... Grumble, grumble, grumble...

To stop myself being such a grump I went to mum and dads for lunch leaving the invalid here. I bought him back some roast beef and he seems a little cheerier!

Only 4 days till scan!

Ooooh- new symptom alert! I read that veins might become more prominent and I just noticed in the shower that I have a really dark vein to the side of my right boob- it's really prominent! Wicked!!


wishfulthinking1 Sun 23-Sep-12 18:41:59

Awwwww... Whilst I've been out DH had downloaded a baby name app for the iPad. I really love him- and having Peter as a middle name is just fine... I'm sure we'll come up with something we both love for a first name xxx (am so grown up now I'm a married lady!!)

birdbrain17 Sun 23-Sep-12 20:36:14

Random question but has everyone who is 12 weeks stopped taking folic acid? I know it won't do harm to have extra just wondering if it's necessary or not....(I only started taking at 6 weeks when I found out)

kellestar Sun 23-Sep-12 20:45:49

toobreathless DD is Beatrice and DH has Hazel on his list. smile

Back to Nausea after Friday's pukefest. DD has a cold so I've been up at odd hours and ate something everytime. So felt better, but literally have to eat constantly. Dreading the scales. sad

Glad to hear so many good scans. And those of you scanning this week, fx.

Family have started guessing as I've been a bit of a recluse lately and not out and about. Most of my family have pets and/or smoke and the strong smells make me retch so I've avoided visits by saying I've got a bad cough that I don't want to pass on to them (did that last year and got flak) and now I have an actual cough I still feel mean using it as an excuse.

MiL did feel awful and called us the next day, I didn't want to speak to her so she apologised to me via DH and also to DH for adding extra stress to his busy schedule. Ah well, it'll suffic until next time. Rural somerset, everyone knows everyone's business. MiL was my dinner lady at school, they also live next door to my gp's.

Jo1984uk Sun 23-Sep-12 21:45:20

Bird brain I am still taking my santogen tablets, I might keep taking them until they are finished.. And until my diet improves a bit. If my child likes KFC I know why! Can't get enough of hang over food still, am still eating fruit though which is good, completely gone off veg apart from cauliflower cheese! Dandelion mite invest in some of that mosquito repellent tomorrow, we go to Mexico on Tuesday and I was panicking a bit about using 50% deet spray everyday. Can't wait to hopefully see my baby tomorrow, will make it so much more real. Am loving all the talk on names, we are really liking zachary for a boy and Sofia or Ashlee for a girl. I also really like the name Kaia, its hawaiian for ocean.

Rivergirly Sun 23-Sep-12 21:45:49

just marking my place. I have my first scan on Wednesday and can't wait - to be reassured everything is ok and finally to reveal to everyone that I am not putting on weight but happily pg!!!

I am only slightly suffering with all day nausea but mostly just soooooo tired - the tiredest, tired person ever. I have 2 ds and dont remember being so tired with them at all. I actually just spent the whole of Saturday afternoon lounging on the sofa and snoozing - i really dont know how I am going to handle full days at work this week!!

And Bird i was also wondering if you just stop Folic Acid at 12 weeks - I can't remember what I did before?!?

And yes I defo want to find out what I am having this time - DP has a daughter and is convinced we're having a boy but I already have 2ds and would prefer a girl - just a little bit of pink around the house to even things up would be nice!


bunnygirl80 Sun 23-Sep-12 22:45:57

birdbrain I kept taking my pg multivitamins the whole way through last time, and continued until DS was about 3 months old. The tablets didn't disagree with me at all, and as I tend towards having low iron levels normally I kept them up in the hope I wouldn't get anaemic. I lost about 700ml of blood giving birth, so was advised to take something with iron in for a few weeks afterwards too. I think I'll just do the same this time. Now I'm 12wks it wouldn't bother me if I missed a few doses here and there.

I hit 12weeks on Saturday, and it's like someone flicked a switch on the nausea. On Friday I felt awful, and was sick 3 times before lunch. Saturday rolled around and I've had only the tiniest wave of mild nausea when I let myself get really hungry. I even had a healthy lunch of tuna salad yesterday, which is the first time I haven't just wanted to eat carbs for weeks.

I've got the morning off work today, and I'm going shopping for some new clothes. My current clothes don't fit, but my old maternity stuff just falls down. I also have no longish tops to conceal the fact my jeans are held together with a hair bobble.

BonaDea Mon 24-Sep-12 08:57:01

Morning all! Great to hear all the lovely scan news, and keeping fx'd for everyone going this week.

We had the formal downs screening results in over the weekend and my risk factor is 1:3600 which feels very reassuring.

It now just seems like an age to wait until the 20 week scan!! Hoping to feel movement at least in the next few weeks, although everything I've read suggests that with a 1st baby, it might be as late as 16-18 weeks. Here's hoping that LO is very advanced for his / her age.

Loving all the names chat, too, ladies!

Mama1980 Mon 24-Sep-12 08:57:55

Morning how is everyone? I've had the weekend from hell (don't ask) but I am feeling better, stitch Wednesday and scan later so smile

miarosemum Mon 24-Sep-12 09:20:50

mama hope you and baby are ok? I have had the worst sleep the last two nights due to an intensely itchy right foot! also cramp in my right leg, feel like I am falling apart lol! have smothered my foot in lanacane powder but not really helping. any advice to get rid of the itch, other foot fine! pharmacist said it might be athletes foot but skin would look cracked and sore but mine does'nt.

miarosemum Mon 24-Sep-12 09:22:08

regarding baby names we like Archie for a boy, and Isabella/Ruby for a girl. its a hard task naming a baby with a name they will have for life!

Mama1980 Mon 24-Sep-12 09:24:24

Hi miarosemum we're ok thanks at least I hope so I always get very nervous before a scan as I'm still bleeding.
Wow itchy foot doesn't sound fun must be driving you mad. Have you tired calamine lotion?

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