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Jan 2013 part 4: the one where we are closer to the end than the beginning

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PricklyPickle Thu 20-Sep-12 21:45:40

Here we go!

Stats: 16 girls, 9 boys, 13 surprises

BuntyCollocks (29) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 She’s a girl!
Pmgkt (33) DC2 EDD 28/12/12 He’s a boy!
Birdies (33) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 She’s a girl!
Pascha (35) DC2 EDD 30/12/12 It’s a surprise!
PricklyPickle (31) DC1 EDD 31/12/12 It's a surprise!
LowLu (31) DC2 EDD 02/1/13
TootieMaroo (32) DC2 EDD 03/1/13
MarasmeAbsolu (31) DC2 EDD 03/01/13 She’s a girl!
Lora1982 (30) DC1 EDD 04/01/13 He’s a boy!
IsSpringSprangedYet (?) DC4 EDD 05/01/13
DollFisher (28) DC1 EDD 05/01/13 She’s a girl!
Allchik (30) DC1 EDD 06/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Pockemuchka DC3 EDD 06/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Happyhow (26) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 It’s a surprise!
EmilieFloge (38) DC? EDD 07/01/13
Complicated24 (44) DC1 EDD 07/01/13 It's a surprise!
Newbie6 (36) DC1 EDD 08/01/13 He’s a boy!
Norfolkinway (25) DC1 EDD 09/01/13
Octanegirl (34) DC1 EDD 09/01/13 He’s a boy!
BumgrapesofWrath (30) DC2 EDD 10/01/13
Kim222 (30) DC1 EDD 11/01/13
Lulabel27 (29) DC2&3 (twins) EDD 11/01/13
CraftyGirly (26) DC1 EDD 11/01/13 She’s a girl!
Cejay8 (32) DC2 EDD 12/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Tinyeyes123 (30) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She’s a girl!
CreepyCrawly (22) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 She’s a girl!
PixelCarrier (37) DC1 EDD 13/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Shakemyhead (37) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 She's a girl!
Godzookey (35) DC1 EDD 14/01/13 He’s a boy!
PeshwariNaan (33) DC1 EDD 14/01/13
Hormonalhell (40) DC2 EDD 15/01/13 He’s a boy!
DoIgetastickerforthat (36) DC4 EDD 16/01/13 She’s a girl!
Theboutiquemummy (35) DC1 EDD 17/01/13
ChutesTooNarrow (33) DC2 EDD 18/01/13 She’s a girl!
Glorious (28) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
Tugstonia (33) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 It's a surprise!
SpringFlowers (39) DC4 EDD 18/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Eagleray (40) DC1 EDD 18/01/13
13mma (29) DC1 EDD 18/01/13 scan 13/09/12
LetThereBeCupcakes (30) DC1 EDD 20/01/13
Silversixpence (29) DC2 EDD 20/01/13
mulan07 (27) DC1 EDD 20/01/13 He’s a boy!
BadgerFace (34) DC1 EDD 21/01/13 She’s a girl!
PreggoFabulous (30) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 He’s a boy!
Bunny222 (31) DC1 EDD 22/01/13 It’s a surprise!
Bealos (34) DC2 EDD 22/01/13 She’s a girl!
AppleCrumples (??) DC4 EDD 22/01/13 It's a surprise!
Woody2313 (33) DC1 EDD 23/01/13
SigningGirl (?) DC1 EDD 24/01/13
Mrsbugsywugsy (34) DC1 EDD 25/01/13 She's a girl!
SquealyB (29) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 It’s a surprise!
knuckingfackered (39) DC2 EDD 26/1/13
Thinkingpositivethoughts (28) DC1 EDD 26/01/13
MrsMallard (35) DC1 EDD 26/01/13 She’s a girl!
Salt1 (38) DC1 EDD 27/01/13 She’s a girl!
Lilblondepessimist (33) DC4 EDD 28/01/13
MamaMary (31) DC2 EDD 28/01/13 She’s a girl!
Sebsmama (32) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
BionicEmu (26) DC2 EDD 29/01/13
Missymoo (32) DC2 EDD 30/01/13
DiscoDomina (31) DC1 EDD 30/1/13 He's a boy!
Brugmansia (35) DC1 EDD 31/01/13
Mummypud (32) DC3 EDD 31/01/13
PipIsOutNow (27) DC2 EDD 31/01/13 scan 19/09/12

theboutiquemummy Sun 11-Nov-12 19:30:46

Pack your bag Birdies wink

How was the shopping ?

happyhow Sun 11-Nov-12 19:44:26

Are people going to take raspberry leaf tea? Just wondered when you should start taking it. I forgot to ask the midwife about it.

Had a great time at my bro's wedding. Somehow managed to last til the end and got to bed at 2am! Shattered today though and have a stinking cold plus problems with my right hip joint. I'm going with a bath and early night to see if I feel better but to be quite honest, after the week I had at school last week, I couldn't give a shit if I make it in tomorrow!!

MamaMary Sun 11-Nov-12 19:53:11

Flu jab - the last time I got it was years ago because of my (very mild) asthma. I came down with the worst flu of my life. Seriously - bedridden for 2 weeks. And it was right over Christmas. I've been too scared to ever get it again.

Raspberry leaf tea - yes I took it last time and I definitely believe it made my contractions efficient also the fact that the syntocynin drip was ramped up every half hour so I would probably recommend taking it. Personally I may not take it this time because of my history of high blood pressure. According to Babycentre you can take it from 32 weeks.

happyhow Sun 11-Nov-12 20:12:13

Thanks Mama. I'm 32 weeks tomorrow so will try and get in to town and get some. Are you just supposed to start with one cup a day and work up as you get further along?

On the flu jab thing, I had no problems with mine - not even a sore arm. Have had a sore arm with the whooping cough one but it wasn't anything major. Just felt a bit like having a bruise.

MamaMary Sun 11-Nov-12 20:20:23

Can't remember - think I had one cup a day from 32 weeks on but I'm sure it'll give instructions on the packet. I really do think it can help in labour, and have been told the same by others who took it.

AppleCrumples Sun 11-Nov-12 20:49:11

happy re raspberry leaf tea I only took it with ds2. Definitely taking this time as ds2 was a textbook labour and birth - am hoping this was not a coincidence smile. It doesn't bring on labour but apparently tones uterous so contractions are more effective. Ds2 only time I didn't need to have waters broken for me.

Still haven't cleaned bag for packing (I'm not a clean freak but it's a bit dusty and the idea of putting clothes out of dirty bag on new baby worries me)

BuntyCollocks Sun 11-Nov-12 20:59:55

I'm not bothering this time round with raspberry leaf tea. I was fanatical about it last time, and had a bloody awful time. Did nothing for me.

happyhow Mon 12-Nov-12 04:52:09

Awake since 2.35am. Ggrrr. Feel like crap so don't think work will see me today....

theboutiquemummy Mon 12-Nov-12 05:26:47

Morning awake since 4 am sad

happyhow Mon 12-Nov-12 08:17:47

I still haven't managed to get to sleep. It's not even because I'm coughing or my nose is blocked. This is the first insomnia attack I've had coupled with illness... sad

Just emailed in work for my classes so I'm going to try very hard to sleep now....

Birdies Mon 12-Nov-12 09:06:20

Thanks theboutique, I'm gonna start it today! Shopping was fun, but was for me things not baby things. I discovered tk Maxx, how did I not know about this place before?!

I can't believe how many people are struggling with sleep. Are you finding it hard to get comfy or just wide awake?

I bought raspberry tea last time but never drank it. I can't even remember why. Didn't need it though so I won't bother this time. I remember eating a lot of pineapple though but can't say that worked either!

bealos Mon 12-Nov-12 09:06:40

Re raspberry leaf tea. Am in two minds. Drank it til it was coming out of my pores last time and ended up being induced at 42 wks and pumped full of synoticon. Don't think it's a magical cure all.

bealos Mon 12-Nov-12 09:07:29

synoticon = syntocin. Obv. Doing a lot of wrong-ways-round typing at the moment.

SquealyB Mon 12-Nov-12 11:36:29

Much sympathy for all of those struggling to sleep at the moment. DH got me a fab maternity pillow from John Lewis as part of my birthday present and it has revolutionised my sleeping patters, perhaps worth giving something like that a try (but I am sure many of you already have!).

Tugs I think you are right about your DP going away and sounds like he totally understands too which is great.

Birdies TK Maxx is great if you have time to rifle through the racks you can find some lovely stuff at a fraction of the RRP.

On the raspberry leaf tea front, what is the deal with tablets vs tea itself as I have heard the tea is rancid. Any thoughts from second/third/fourth timers?

bealos Mon 12-Nov-12 11:43:17

squealyb I quite liked the tea, got used to the taste. Bit fruity. But you can get sick of it. Like anything if you drink loads of it I guess!

AppleCrumples Mon 12-Nov-12 12:11:10

squealy I had the tea but someone gave me the pills so I did try them IIRC I seemed to get more braxton hicks after taking them (they are obviously stronger than the tea). However this was 7 years ago..

Am also having trouble sleeping. I have restless legs which is driving me nuts

MamaMary Mon 12-Nov-12 12:12:41

SquealyB, it's not rancid at all - I like it. At least this brand is nice

BuntyCollocks Mon 12-Nov-12 13:09:18

New thread here smile

DollFisher Thu 27-Dec-12 21:47:55

Hello all. I've only just been able to come back on here as my little princess Annie was born at 23 weeks 5 days in September and only lived two hours.
Please can I be taken off the list and good luck to you all smile

Here is my story:

Thanks for all your support while I was pregnant x

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