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Dating scans after previous baby loss

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KarenHL Mon 17-Sep-12 19:39:13

Our son died shortly after birth 2010, the PM found it was due to a genetic condition. There is a 1 in 4 chance of this baby having the condition - and it could have a similar outcome.

I am now 8½ wks (apx). I was told that I would have an early dating scan, with a view to an amnio at 15wks. Told today that the dating scan would be at almost 14wks. Not really comfortable with an amnio because of the misc risk, but feel I have to as otherwise cannot get the referral to the specialists who know about this cond. And I suppose in some ways it's better to know, than spend X weeks wondering (cond does not always present before birth).

Not happy. WIBU to have a chat small rant at PND and ask if they can bring it forward? Scared & stressed enough as it is.

toobreathless Mon 17-Sep-12 20:04:01

So sorry for the loss of your son.

The number of requests for dating scans is increasing all the time, and increasing pressure is being put on healthcare professionals not to offer routine early scans on the NHS.

They do recommend them for:
*previous ectopic pregnancy
* recurrent miscarriage
* certain medical conditions in the mother.

But anyone with an ounce if compassion would surely arrange one for you given your previous loss.

One option might be to bring your routine fourteen week scan forward, it could be done as early as 11 + 3 if you want nuchal testing done.

Or would a private scan be an option?

I would probably give either your consultants secretary a ring, I'm assuming you're under Consultant led care? Or try the head midwife (usually called super intendant of midwives) each hospital has one.

KarenHL Mon 17-Sep-12 22:18:41

I've been told to only contact PND midwives (who can then talk to cons). Might give them a call tomorrow.

We are anxious, I have no paperwork yet & I was told that I would have an early scan (I didn't ask, I was told) - so I suppose there is an element of it not being what I expected. Also don't want to have dating scan and possible amnio at the same time. Would rather have a gap, as I think it would be easier to cope with + if I have to wait until 14wks until I find out there is actually/definitely something in there (apart from the pg tests I've done), it'll be hard. Espec if it does turn out there is something wrong.

KarenHL Tue 18-Sep-12 16:36:57

Have had more info today. Apparently no early scans here, unless I will be having a CVS - 'cause obviously, you need to be certain of the dates before the tests & CVS is much earlier than amnio.

I can see the reasoning, but the waiting is hard given the history.

Hoophopes Sat 22-Sep-12 19:40:29

Hi - I was very anxious also, so found a private company that just does scans - with a proper sonogropher. Obviously couldn't have the 4d package, but had the reassurance early scan at 8 weeks which helped us lots. Best £75 we spent in pregnancy! Could you do something similar? NHS wouldn't scan me earlier, no matter what - despite the fact someone else I know "just" managed to have a scan at 6, 8,10,12 weeks - due to 3 miscarriages at early stages. Grrr - that made me angry, then I realised I could do something about it and went private. I was prepared to do that and it helped us. Not saying it is possible for everyone, but an option if you are stuck perhaps.

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