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November 2012 - but that's the month after next

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StuntNun Sun 16-Sep-12 06:33:02

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Iheartpasties Mon 17-Sep-12 00:05:53

detective sounds awful. does he normally have a bad temper? I would be scared if my dh did anything like that - but he doesnt even shout normally as he is very laid back. he prefers to eye roll at me, which winds me up no end.

Iheartpasties Mon 17-Sep-12 00:10:19

I've just caught up on the end of the old thread, it's morning here now. The roast dinners all sounded lushers!

How do you pronounce darragh? I'm not sure I have heard that one before smile

Our LO will get a Cornish name for sure. Just gotta crack open the book and find one!! haha

Looks like rain today.

Well we have a brand new baby gate up - dh eventually went and got one 3 minutes before the shop shut yesterday!! I'm a happy bunny as it gives dd a little bit of outside space to run arond in and stops her hurtling straight down some concrete steps if our front door is open. Gives me extra space to hang out washing too! I reckon I will be trying to do a load every day when then new one arrives.

OK, i must go and shower now, then im off out in the car. Do you think the rain will wash off spome of the dirt on the car???!!

Lane81 Mon 17-Sep-12 00:14:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blonderthanred Mon 17-Sep-12 00:27:50

Blimey, a new one!

I don't think I posted on the last one more than once or twice. Last couple of weeks at work for me so I am going to be very busy - there will probably be a new one by then!

Baby is so wriggly and if I lean forward at all it goes crazy down by my pelvis so I feel like I'm squishing it, but I can't just not pick anything up for the next 5 weeks! It is still lovely to feel it though and I can still watch fascinated for hours as my tummy moves up and down.

DebussyHead Mon 17-Sep-12 06:45:48

Marking place

Passmethecrisps Mon 17-Sep-12 07:25:19

Another night of about 3 hours sleep. No idea why - I think my mind was racing. I feel horrendous now.

I suppose that is one less morning to get up for work which means 14 now.

horseylady Mon 17-Sep-12 07:31:59

4more mondays!!!!! Vq name sounds lovely smile

Detective he broke the glass?! He'd be looking for a new house!!

Lilliana Mon 17-Sep-12 07:38:16

Hi everyone, been reading but never seem to have time to post as it takes me so long to catch up!

Detective hope you and 'd'P have sorted things this morning and you are ok.

Thanks for asking about the nightdress GT I've been wondering about this too - tried one on which only just fit around my belly but didn't want to go up another size blush guess I should though even though belly will be saggy! Was going to ask if there were special maternity ones I should be getting.

Feels like I'm waking up every 20 mins atm and shattered this morning. Still got 6 weeks to go though until mat leave so hope I can get some decent sleep soon.

Titsalinabumsquash Mon 17-Sep-12 07:43:38

Marking place.

DesperateHousewife21 Mon 17-Sep-12 07:43:50

Morning everyone, have a growth scan this morning can't wait!

Bluetinkerbell Mon 17-Sep-12 07:59:55

Good morning all! I have a midwives appointment today, hoping for some more info about possible home birth smile

PetiteRaleuse Mon 17-Sep-12 08:00:04

Morning everyone - looks like a whole thread whizzed by again without me contributing blush

I had a scan last week - was able to see DD's eyes opening and closing. The specialist thinks she is going to be a bruiser, like her older sister. Was supposed to see my consultant just after to set a date for the ELCS but he was in surgery and told me to wait only if I had any major questions.

So will be seeing him in a couple of weeks now and will decide on a date then.

This pregnancy has gone so much faster than the last one, and I am really getting nervous about DD's arrival - even though everything will be as planned and stress free as possible. I'm dreading leaving DD1 and going to hospital for a few days - though my ILs will be here to help look after her and spoil her rotten and I'm remembering all the things I really didn't like last time round about the hospital and the whole post op weirdness. This time will be ELCS though so hopefully it will be easier?

applepieinthesky Mon 17-Sep-12 08:15:19

detective I just saw your post from last night. Are you alright and has he calmed down and apologised now? That is really not on sad

Clarella Mon 17-Sep-12 08:34:37

Morning and marking place - thanks for the (second) welcome ladies, been nicely busy this weekend. (though I'm cross you can't get maternity wetsuits <pout>)

Between the Nov and Dec threads it's neck and neck chatting rate! I'm thinking of going through the last Nov thread with a pen n paper picking up your buy/bought lists as due to riduculously long building work (most of pregnancy been living out of 2 rooms, a microwave and one tap in bathroom washing up with the sodding shower) and so barely thought of any baby related stuff except blind panic that it needs to be done soon! Had a for a week now, and need to focus on upstairs but at least we now have more than 2 rooms to live in!

Over on the Dec thread were a little perturbed at your last thread which mention early arrivals :/ so time to get my head out of sand!

I've been waking up bang on 4 am for the last week and really awake too - tried to tell DH that insomnia is normal in pregnancy, (he thinks I'm approaching it wrong) anyone else having the same?

Sorry you had a bad night detective hope its better today x

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 17-Sep-12 08:54:16

detective hope things are ok.

DH and I had a massive falling out over the weekend due to some fibbing on his part - he did something he know I wouldnt like, then fibbed about it, and stuck to his story despite it OBVIOUSLY being utter tosh for three days until he admitted it was a fib. So after a big discussion about trust etc, we seem to be back on track, but I was raging. He only does it to stop himself looking bad, but fails to see how it has a wider impact.

Sometimes, I feel like I am actually parenting my own DH and I am the only adult in the house/relationship. Grrrr.

We then spent the entirety of yesterday shopping for new furniture for DD's room. Including three visits to the same shop. Still not got anything. Room has odd dimensions and we havent worked out whether DSD and DD will continue to share, or DD will share with the baby in due course and DSD can go in the spare room when she is with us etc. Driving me mad because I just want it sorted, perhaps it is the nesting kicking in.

LittleLolly Mon 17-Sep-12 08:54:31

Morning everyone. Hope you are ok this morning detective.

I'm 34 weeks today which seems to have gone by too quickly!! Went for a tour of the maternity unit at my hospital yesterday, they have a birth centre there which is midwife led and I really want to have the baby on there. It's all so relaxed and non-medical. But you have to be completely low risk so fingers crossed the next 6-8 weeks go smoothly!

On the subject of nighties I bought a huge one from primark that unbuttons down to the boobs, it was only £4.50, will prob get another one.

We still don't have a name for the baby, and don't seem to be coming any closer to making a decision!!

daisychain76 Mon 17-Sep-12 09:05:46

Found it! Passme l am now humming the family ness theme tune! Hope you are ok madame and detective. Hope your scan goes well dh21.

Feeling a lot happierctoday ~ spoke to consultant and he told me to ignore what any other doctor tells me, l am fairly stable but def staying in til 34 weeks then he will deliver (will l be the first on this new thread l wonder?!) Dcs are visiting this morning and we shall be ‘dining out‘ out at the hospital restaurant. Chips here l come smile

YellowWellies Mon 17-Sep-12 09:16:35

Yey Daisy things sound much more positive. It must be nice to have a bit of certainty actually. Enjoy your 'dinner out'! I feel like I'm in total limbo - not knowing what we're having or how they are doing. Can't wait til MW and growth scan on Thurs and Fri this week.

I'm convinced that the little bugger did a very tight and uncomfortable somersault last night. At one point as they were wiggling into the new position they were lying across my bump (which looked like Stewie's head from Family Guy / a rugby ball if you can imagine the shape) and it was so painful as they really didn't fit that way and were scrabbling around to move themselves.

Am not sure what position they are in now - felt a couple of low kicks, so am hoping after being cephalic the whole way through they haven't turned breech at 31 weeks. Am doing some kick charts whilst at work and can't figure out what position they are in just now. Can't feel a firm spine so they could have gone back to back.... though there is something firm in my top left - either bum or head so hopefully they might have reverted back to LOA whilst I slept.

Lots of love to the ladies having ishoos with DHs. Anyone else think the stress of pregnancy might be getting to the XY chromosomes too?

ShellyBobbs Mon 17-Sep-12 09:16:44

Morning everyone.

And so it goes on (moan alert).

Yesterday I was just sat on the settee when I went all breathless and really couldn't catch my breath at all, was very scary and lasted a good 10 minutes, I was literally gasping for air. Eventually it settled down, but my pulse was racing again like I had just run a marathon.

So went to bed really early after doing zero all day. Was asleep, hubby came up to check on me, gave me a kiss on my head (bless) and as soon as he got downstairs it started again and this time I had the fleeting thought that I wouldn't make it! Was too breathless to shout hubby and this went on for ages, heart racing absolutely gasping for breath no matter what position I was in. No chest pains and I didn't even break out in a sweat, but I've now been left with a really tight chest and an absolute fear of it happening again.

Hubby woke in the night and said 'you will be alright won't you?', it wasn't a rhetorical question, he was really scared sad.

Anyway, I've just forced him to go to work saying I'll let him know if anything happens, before he went he got me the laptop saying 'you'll want to let the girls know', lol grin.

Detective Just what you need at the moment, as if you're not busy enough hmm

YellowWellies Mon 17-Sep-12 09:16:55

Woo I remember family ness!!!!

YellowWellies Mon 17-Sep-12 09:18:25

<Does a 'Shelly get yer ass to the doctors' dance> shock

ShellyBobbs Mon 17-Sep-12 09:19:44

Daisy That is excellent news, how long does that leave you then, aren't you 32+2, I'm sure you have the same date I got from my scan (10.11.12), if so then yay! And seeing the nippers will give you an enormous lift!

ShellyBobbs Mon 17-Sep-12 09:22:24

YW After all the shit in A&E, I really don't see what anyone will do? My doctor will send me straight up there, if it happens when I'm there they will stabalise me then send me home like Friday. I might as well just stay in bed.

ShellyBobbs Mon 17-Sep-12 09:26:26

I love Angus, that is a strong possibility for a middle name if ours is a laddie! That is what bump has been called from 12 weeks (was twinnies before that lol).

Anyone got suggestions for Irish boy names, unusual but not stupid?

SwissArmyWife Mon 17-Sep-12 09:27:16

Oh lord, these threads move so quickly!

Thanks for your opinions on hammocks, the reason I want one is that I'm a bit scared that I'll have another like DD, who wouldn't let me put her down. She has always been a terrible sleeper and even now at 18 months you can never be sure if she'll sleep through or not. (Although she is getting better bless her heart) I tried so many things with her and always wanted a hammock as they seem a lot more natural and womb like! Despite the fact I have a Moses basket, cot and a crib, (and a sling) I want to be prepared in case I have another bad sleeper! I'll have a look around anyway and see if I can find one to check out in the flesh smile

Still hearing the clicking, and am amazed its the baby's bones, I genuinely never knew that!

detective what on earth is your dp playing at? I hope he's apologised now and that you're ok.

This baby is having a good old wriggle at the moment, sometimes it hurts quite a bit when he really gets going! Couldn't sleep last night as he was beating me up, but I'm just glad he's so active smile

Anyway, will try and have a proper catch up later on!

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