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Due December 2012 - 3rd trimester here we come

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gilsbubbles Mon 10-Sep-12 15:33:07

running out of space as fast as ever... here's a new link

MyDaydream Mon 10-Sep-12 15:56:01

ellie it's your birthday money spend it how you want! I'm asking for a change bag, it's the only baby related item I'm asking for. Although there's every chance baby could come on my birthday, so could still get a baby present!
I got an interview for a job I applied for a month ago! I'm so confused by it now, since a month ago I could still hide the pregnancy I'm now not even sure I have anything interviewy to wear that fits. I'd kinda got into my head that I wasn't going to work between now and baby and I don't know if they'll consider me, or how much I care about it. It would be nice to have some spare cash coming in, my brain can't pinpoint one thing to focus on. I only applied for it to make me feel less guilty about quitting my last job, even though I did that to avoid a disciplinary.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Sep-12 15:57:21

pmgkt I can't believe you've finished! I haven't even started, but have been writing lists!

Pidj I have nowhere near enough for a table, I think I will have to just give them to the clothes bank, it doesn't seem as personal though!

Hope your pain goes soon Stacey I definitely reckon it was all that gardening.

I'm going to get DD a Baby Annabell Boy for Christmas I think, will be nice for her to have her own baby boy to play with! Might add a bit to her Happyand collection too. DP won't be getting anything for his birthday (18th Dec) or Christmas, apart from a son!

ellie we won't get a free place for DD until September next year, but once DC2 is here we will get tax credits again and that will cover her for two mornings a week.

emilyeggs Mon 10-Sep-12 16:19:21

Just marking my spot smile

Barbeasty Mon 10-Sep-12 16:33:01

Daydream why not just go and play it by ear. It's good practice if you decide to go back later, and even if you didn't get/ take it they might keep you in mind for future when you are looking for something.

But I am a serial new job applicant, so I would say that.

HoneyMum21 Mon 10-Sep-12 16:43:24

Checking in on the new thread. So so so tired, was up coughing most of the night but the woman in boots looked very dubious about giving me any kind of medicine. What is ok to have while pregnant?

utopian99 Mon 10-Sep-12 16:50:04

daydream may I ask if you ever thought your employer was deliberately trying to get you to resign because of your pregnancy? Tell me to naff off if that's being nosy, but I suspect it's at the root of what my employer is doing right now and I have genuinely no idea what I could have done apart from getting pregnant, which is creating a bit of stress which can't be great for me or Crumb right now.

PrunellaDeVille Mon 10-Sep-12 16:59:17

hello <waves all around> just checking in, i'm quietly keeping up with everyone's progress but head's too full of other things.
bidding on a wreck this week, fx we get it so we don't have to live on a busy main road for too much longer once LO is out and about

kate2boysandabump Mon 10-Sep-12 17:00:21

Wow! What a busy weekend! The bunks arrived in the week and we planned to make them at the weekend with the intention of ds2 moving in in his own time. However, as dh was putting ds2's washing away, the wardrobe fell apart on him shock So we had to move ds2 in with ds1 this weekend. It was such hard work, building new furniture and moving all his stuff in and we're still not done, ds2's room still has loads of stuff in it, but I did a load more today and it looks a lot better. We need to take out the old furniture and then we have the beginning of a nursery smile I went to bed at half eight last night and fell asleep about 10 minutes later blush

I had appointments at 6 weeks for booking in, 16 weeks, 18 weeks for a home visit, 21 weeks, then this week at 26 weeks, then 30, 34, 36, 38 40 and 41 weeks, although I'm hoping to miss the last 2 grin My midwife handed over my Mat B1 without me asking too.

Pidj Your DN sounds so sweet and there are moments like this as a mom too. I was talking with the ds's about what they thought the baby would be and they're sure it's a boy because they are (good guess boys!) when ds1 pipes up 'you should have married Henry VIII because you've had sons. You would have been a good queen mom' grin

ellie Happy Birthday to you and your dd, have fun spending your voucher.

pmgkt I can't believe you've finished your Christmas shopping shock I've started and I thought that made me super organised, I can see that I was wrong.

minipie Mon 10-Sep-12 17:03:15

Just marking my place before I lose track of this one as well! You ladies chat a lot grin

People keep telling me how huge I am and being surprised I'm not due sooner - I didn't think I'd mind but actually I do, I feel like it's a judgment on my stomach muscles or something! Got asked if I was having twins last week... hmm. I have a growth scan on Thursday, ironically it's to check for slow growth - doesn't seem to be an issue judging by the size of my bump!

Sorry to hear of those with aches and pains and coughs and crappy sleep. Hope this isn't a sign of worse to come... I have been getting a bit of stabby rib pain and have now got a back twinge too so may be joining you on the "old crone" sofa.

utopian sad about your job, what are they doing? They are on very very thin ice if it really is preg related.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Sep-12 17:06:34

Oh also I got more scan appointments though today so 28, 32, 34 & 36 eek! Makes it seems like it's going to go really quickly!

FriendofDorothy Mon 10-Sep-12 17:23:53

Marking my place smile

MyDaydream Mon 10-Sep-12 17:25:49

barbeasty it's a company I used to work summer temp at when I was younger so know they're super flexible and it's quite casual when students are concerned. It'd really help us out though if I got it just in terms of giving us a little breathing space before baby comes.
utopian I do think that, I started with them when I was nearly 12 weeks but wasn't pregnant at interview. I was signed off with stress but offered no help when all I needed was a couple of extra weeks training that they had available to catch up from some pregnancy related absence I had. Id have gone back and stuck it out but they wanted to do me for gross misconduct for being off!
I hope you can stick it out with your employer, I felt a bit lost in my situation and had to go through the motions on spur of the moment when I wasn't in the best place. If id had longer to prepare I'd have faced them.
prunella good luck on getting your wreck. Id love to do that one day.
spotty I was thinking the same the other day, I have appointments at least every 3 weeks now. I'm getting a little bit scared if I think about it too much!
My bed arrived today I no longer have a dining room because it's so huge. I'm starting to doubt our super king decision!

ellliebelle Mon 10-Sep-12 17:28:34

Just wanted to mark my place.

Would love a new hobby like knitting/crochet however im in the process of doing a degree with the ou and not sure i could fit anything else in to my very limited spare time eapecially once baby arrives smile

EggsMichelle Mon 10-Sep-12 17:52:23

Honeymum the best thing for a sore throat is hot honey and lemon, plus you can drink as much as you like (unless you are diabetic!) with paracetamol. Ellie when I did my OU course I never did so much knitting!

PurplePidjin Mon 10-Sep-12 18:10:40

Signing in

I'm unsafe to be out of the house alone sad last week i forgot to buy a parking ticket and got fined, today i left a bag of shopping behind so will have to go back for it in a bit. Such a twat angry

CODwidow Mon 10-Sep-12 18:30:30

Just checking in smile

Barbeasty Mon 10-Sep-12 19:09:15

Daydream then go for it. You have nothing to loose, and could still turn it down if they offer it. And they could have maternity cover interviewed now too!

Honeymum I don't think there's any medicine you can have for a cough- you can't when breast feeding either. But honey is good, as is steam. Hope it gets better soon.

I'm shattered, and listening to DD bumble around her room after I put her to bed early. We went to DH's company summer barbecue on Saturday. It was fab- champagne and a whole sirloin done on the barbecue. But we got back late and then had a busy day yesterday.

I'm starting to really ache on the outside of one hip, normally if I sit badly or just for any length of time. And the bottom of the bump is aching, after throwing DD in the air quite a lot in her swimming lesson yesterday.

SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Sep-12 19:25:13

Feel really crappy tonight. Heartburn is ridiculous and I've got a headache. Also think I might have some kind of infection down there can't get to doctors until Monday though blush sad

ISpyPlumPie Mon 10-Sep-12 19:44:08

Spotty - can really sympathise with the heartburn. Had it badly with DS, but stupidly thought I'd escaped this time - it came back with a vengance last night though! Trying to avoid Gaviscon as the mw who runs antenatal mentioned overuse can contribute to anaemia. I was anaemic last time and also glugged Gaviscon by the bottle, but to be fair I've never heard this before and my iron level was only just normal at booking in so might have been conincidence. Not sure I'll get through without it anyway- might just have to up spinnach intake at the same time!

Everyone is making me feel very disorganised with all the Christmas shopping. It is something I planned to get sorted but not started yet. DS has decided he'd like a bike from Father Christmas. Tempted to get one, but just worried that there's a lot of time for him to change his mind!

SpottyTeacakes Mon 10-Sep-12 19:47:21

ISpy I'm going to get something stronger when I see the doctor. Gaviscon isn't even lasting two hours! Also I think now is the time to get a bike as it's end of season, I can't imagine it's something he wouldn't want, even if he starts asking for something else he will love it when he sees it smile

pmgkt Mon 10-Sep-12 20:12:38

Marking place

itsMYNutella Mon 10-Sep-12 20:20:49

Hello Ladies, you are all looking lovely. I'm just marking my place <grabs big squishy cushion & makes self comfortable>
Oh and we bought our buggy yesterday grin 2nd hand deal via eBay. Very pleased! Feels like we're getting there with the baby shopping.... Slowly slowly!

Secondsop Mon 10-Sep-12 20:34:52

Hello all. A painful day for me today - woke up feeling a bit of back pain and the day at work didn't help it one bit. Got a back support but it isn't supporting the lower back, which is what hurts. I think it's from sitting on a bench at a lunch yesterday, as I felt very uncomfy by the end of the lunch. Am taking a cushion to work tomorrow to push into my lumbar region.

We went to the shops after work (I thought it might help to walk around - I was wrong!) including our first trip into a baby shop (mamas and papas). Got a bit freaked out - it's a whole world of shopping we know nothing about whatsoever!

EggsMichelle Mon 10-Sep-12 20:35:30

Ispy every child should have a bike even if they dont ask for one, and he will think it's amazing! I've never had heart burn, which it's odd since I have reflux, so there is an obscenely massive bottle of gaviscon sat in my cupboard a friend bought me going free to a good home!

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