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March 2013 Mk V: Lumpy bumpy witty knitters (patiently) await the bloom!

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Chefette Fri 07-Sep-12 10:09:52

New one marchers sorry on phone and can't link! Will post title in our old thread x

zoeymlucas Sat 08-Sep-12 07:38:33

Totally agree with tramp with this one rigby go and treat yourself to something nice, even if just a pretty top and a hot chocolate to sit and have half hour me time works wonders I find!
DH has taken DS1 fishing for day so it's just me and DS 2 which is fab and I am planning to treat myself to feel a bit more like me, then maybe chips and ice cream along the beach- also going to drag mum along as DS2 is an angel plus with blonde curls and huge blue eyes looks like one but he is a lazy so and so and I am not really up to the lifting!

Sorry to see so many of you not sleeping so well at moment and I hope that passes!

In regards baby movement have been feeling slight 'bubbling' in there if that makes any sense at all, wasn't sure if wishful thinking, actual baby just wind, lol

I would happily join a facebook group, but would have to find it as when I had court case a few years ago and the bloody newspaper were trying to get my story really was as crazy as it sounds I got an IT friend to secure it or me and I don't know how to change it back so no one can fine me I can only ind them!

EthelredOnAGoodDay Sat 08-Sep-12 08:16:22

Morning all, been up since 630 with DD. We are stopping at DB's and I didn't know how to turn the sound on on his tv system, so been watching Cbeebies with the sound down! Rock and roll
I'm on fb so would be happy to be part of a group and later meet up. Obv, not having scan til Monday, but after that will start spreading the word. Probs won't do a big fb announcement with scan pic etc but will probs make some sort of 'enlightening' comment at some stage! So once that's done, will be able to join a group etc.

Sorry for all of you having big work stresses. My job is pretty busy and can be quite stressful at times, BUT, I only work 3 days and have taken a commensurate cut in wage, so I sort of think, well sod it, I don't get paid to worry about this sort of crap. Before I had DD I was very committed to work, but once she came along, I remained comitted, but my priorities changed. Helps that my boss is totally work-shy and never takes any work home or works over! So I certainly don't now. Would ideally like to move jobs to work closer to home as spend 1.5 hours commuting each day, plus with nursery drop off and running DH to and from station i end up spending almost 3 hours per day in car... But, work in local govt at officer level, so there just are not the jobs around... Something will come along at the right time I hope!

It's a glorious morning here and hoping it stays that way as taking DD to beach this morning with DF. need to get in bath and wash my hair, I too am lacking that je ne sais quoi at the mo.... grin

Hope you all have a lovely day today and can enjoy the weather.

Sheldonella Sat 08-Sep-12 08:23:49

Morning, I've been up a while too. How would a fb group work? I would like to join, I'm just a little paranoid about rl people finding my stuff on here. Also had a nasty fb experience in the past.

Lexi You work in the town I live in.

I feel the same about friends in rl too. I've never really made many friends here since I moved and the ones I did moved away! My closest friends are all in London and both our families are far away. I am hoping antenal groups are the way to go but I'm quite a shy person and quite worried about it. Still, if there is any time to face the fear, I guess this is it.

Sorry to hear about your crap nights. I couldn't sleep either but not no particular reason.

Ugh at all the spiders, DH keeps getting called to get rid of them, hideous things.

So what are we all up to today? I'm contemplating going into town for maternity clothes again but I know I won't find much. Might also paint the nursery.

Wow it is hot today!

JoJoBella84 Sat 08-Sep-12 08:48:04

I love the way my fiancé outed the pregnancy on fbook. Being a pilot, he made some announcement about an emergency checklist no 126 (which doesn't exist) relating to a pregnant fiancée and could anyone tell him which procedures to follow!! Oddly only his pilot friends understood it! More frighteningly all the tellies seemed to be about blaming the co-pilot!! Ha! If this baby doesn't come out ginger I'm in trouble ;)

JoJoBella84 Sat 08-Sep-12 08:48:33

Replies not tellies

Chefette Sat 08-Sep-12 08:49:16

Hi-de-hi!! Morning troops!! Gorgeous day, from what I can see through the blinds, am languishing in the pull out sofa bed in the living room, as DSS has the bedroom-we are staying in my DH flat while he is on his extended break in France and we get work done on cottage. Sorry to those struggling with poor sleep, I've been not great this week either, seeing more of 3:50am than I'd like quite frankly! hopefully will catch up this weekend!!

mrsR, Tramp and Zoey have got it spot on I think, I don't know you either from Adam, but you deserve to feel right and happy about you, and comparing yourself to another person or persons is self destructive.

there will always be others with more money, nicer house, better behaved children, prettier clothes, bigger norks, thinner waists, nicer gardens, faster cars, better housekeeping antics; and conversely there'll be others who are lesser off than you in all respects, we are all somewhere on the spectrum.

I would agree that it is harder to feel satisfied with your lot or situation if it somehow used to be different, or "better". But, maybe in order to get up and function everyday, and do what you are doing, bringing a new person into the world, it would great for both you and your family if you had the opportunity to get some you time to feel good about yourself, a little pamper, or time to take stock.

I wonder if mrsperfect posts on MN wishing she were you with her envy for you and your ways, great observational dry humour, being pregnant again, and having what to her seems a less restrictive and more fun lifestyle?

Maybe talking to someone may help you reconcile your feelings, as I can't help but think that your strength of feeling about mrs perfect is perhaps a symptom of something bigger or more wide ranging. Please, it's just my opinion (and unsolicited at that!) so feel free to ignore me, but please don't flame me-have come to care about my Allsorts assortment of virtual chums on here, and would say similar to a girl friend in RL.

Whatever and however today goes, try and take time to enjoy spending day with your family, and others who could be RL friends or friendly acquaintances round you x

PS been trying to get this posted for an hour but stupid phone rubbish reception here, am not still in bed!!!!!!

mandasand Sat 08-Sep-12 09:22:22

Oh poor Marchers up through the night. Best not gloat too much about long sleep and morning shag, noooo. DH snoring and am at desk, almost working. Got another joyous weekend of book-finishing ahead but a nice birthday party tomorrow for my friend's little girl. Stressing about what to buy her. Last far we got her some Darcy Bussell ballet story books to which she proclaimed she wasn't really into ballet any more (!)

Bloody lovely morning here.

I think there's a lot of sensible advice on here about comparisons with others and I can't add anything as eloquent to that, but such worries over Mrs Perfect remind me of that cartoon I see around occasionally where there's two women in a swimming pool changing room. Both are physically perfectly fine, just different. But in their 'thought bubbles' are images of how they see the other one, and how they think they look to the other one: the tinier one thinks she looks like a shrivelled twig vs buxom beauty and the bigger one thinks she's a gallumphing hulk vs petit and perky. I think that says a lot about our anxieties over self and others!

Lexi thanks for highlights advice. Will go for it! And you're right about the 'golden few', definitely.

Lanny I second your recommendation, for anyone that thinks they may need it, for some kind of talking therapy. I was always in a bit sometimes a lot of a muddle when I left home to go to uni, and had a few bits of counselling here and there, but what really sorted me out was a few years of transactional analysis last decade. I was a bit hmm about it at first, but it worked for me and now I'm much more at peace with the world, much more stable and … well, happier. Have read good things about CBT as well, but the woman I clicked with wasn't trained in that. Gawd, I love therapy. You still fall down the same holes now and again, just increasingly less often and less painfully. It gives you a toolbox for life you didn't know existed! (Shall I stop with the enthusiasm now?!)

Sheldonella Sat 08-Sep-12 09:25:51

I can vouch for online CBT. This was recommended by my doctor and worked well. It was called mood gym I think.

Lexiindisguise Sat 08-Sep-12 09:30:45

sheldon if you ever want to meet for an early evening cuppa let me know wink

JoJoBella84 Sat 08-Sep-12 09:32:17

Thought I've never had CBT myself, I have come very close due to my TTM hitting a high point, have also seem the benefits in action through one of my placements! Very interesting but could be worth a shot. My parents are both psychiatric nurses and both truly believe that EVERYONE in the world could benefit from CBT in their lives. It really is that good smile

JoJoBella84 Sat 08-Sep-12 09:34:19

Ps this morning I feel FAB! I have no idea what's going on, must be my freshly washed locks and fuzz free legs smile

tiddleypompom Sat 08-Sep-12 09:40:38


Sun. Shining. Need. Tea.

<pathetic wave>

peanutMD Sat 08-Sep-12 09:42:17

Morning everyone, how are we all today?

I'm MNing from the comfort of my bed as after staying out until 12.15 this morning I feel like I have been out on the razz hmm

Made the mistake of looking into pram minefield yesterday and I am so confused!

Don't want to go through loads like last tine as just didn't find one that suited after DS grew or if his Emmaljunga at 18m, although my final one was a city mini which was fab but doesn't rear face sad

MrsRigby Sat 08-Sep-12 10:44:53

They really are taking the piss.

Whilst I'm sat here on my big fat bum, watching TV (I have to, there's no more recording space left) and stuffing my face with pan au chocolat, Mr. Perfect is doing more gardening.

I can't see Mrs Perfect, but I bet she's inside cleaning like a mad woman. I fail to see the point, in a matter of hours god knows how many children are going to be in that house messing it up. Plus me wink

What does one wear to a childrens party?

As per DH's nagging I threw some clothes in the wash this morning and they're now drying. It's going to have to be maternity jeans, but as for a top I'm a bit buggered. I don't think a womanly fitted top will cover enough tummy to hide the maternity jeans elasticated bit. So that just leaves a manly long t-shirt. Ah fuck it, like I said yesterday, her husband will want me so badly after 13 years of perfectness it doesn't really matter. Besides I have a cunning plan, I'm going to have a sneaky shower, including washing my hair and put on a face mask before I go over. Even if I look dirty and a mess, I'll smell lovely and one thing I can beat her on is my skin is much better than hers.

You know what's going to happen now I've said what lovely skin I have, I'm going find a spot on my face aren't I.

My DH is vacuuming, which is hysterical as the place is a mess. He's just vacuuming around stuff on the floor. What is the point?

MrsRigby Sat 08-Sep-12 10:54:10

Ooh by the way mandasand I Googled you grin and if I've got the right person, you appear to have not just brains but beauty as well. Damn you. Were you born in America or just go to Uni there?

You can blaim once working in a detective agency for my stalking!

Plus I'm really nosey.

Sheldonella Sat 08-Sep-12 10:56:35

Nothing productive done yet - stopped for cheese on toast. DH now making me a half decaf/half espresso coffee.

JoJo Ooh, have you got the glow now?
Lexi I'm sure we could arrange that at some point in the future smile I think you have convinced me on the hair colouring. I've been avoiding it but have some noticeable greys so need to do something. Wonder what sort of highlights on dark hair.
MrsR Very jealous of your lovely skin. Mine is hideous. I'm sure you will look fabulous at the party. Must say, I've never washed my door or windows.

MrsRigby Sat 08-Sep-12 11:08:39

chefette Mrs Perfect is definately not jealous of me, I don't know anyone who would be. By her own admission she is very houseproud so I'd be amazed if she was jealous of my house. It's not that I wouldn't like a nice house, I would, it's just that DH refuses to buy anything new or fix anything plus the boys just wreck it and make so much mess. Its near impossible to get it tidy, let alone clean. I've no idea how my gran did it as she had 8 children and lived in a mansion. It's stupid, but I always dreamt I'd buy her house and have just as many children. Has anyone seen the film Cheaper By The Dozen? I want that to be my family.

I know.

Mrs perfect I don't think gets my very dry, dark sense of humour so I don't think she'd be jealous of that. I think I'm funny though!

I can't imagine she's be jealous of my DH as hers is much sexier.

As for the children, she was thinking of aborting DS2 and had her DH get snipped straight after he was born. I think when I tell her I'm pregnant the look on her face will be one of horror. So definately not jealous.

The only thing I think I have in my favour is that I'm 10 years younger, have great skin (olive complextion, petite features and firm, soft skin that is free of wrinkles) and although we both a size 18, I don't look it as it is only my tummy that carries the weight.

Big headed much, moi?

kirsty80 Sat 08-Sep-12 11:16:21

Just marking my place!

I went back to school last week and have found it very difficult to keep up with you all!!! Feel really sicky and miserable today - think I'm going to try and spend the day in bed catching up with all your latest antics!!! x

mandasand Sat 08-Sep-12 11:26:54

Sheldon, despite being blonde I've sot some persistent wiry white hairs sticking vertically upwards from my crown, aagggh! I tried pulling them out but have decided to leave them now, especially as I've started to get the t-section highlights. I have hopes of being like that lovely silver haired lady off the Gold Girls in my retirement smile

As for messy houses, DH and I aren't able to keep the place that clean even without kids but I hate it when it's actually dirty (thinking of our kitchen floor at the mo!) so I think I will go against every political principle about paying someone to clean after me and get a cleaner, either towards the end of pregnancy or when the twins are here (all being well!) Anyone else got a cleaner? And how much do you pay? I'd rather pay over the odds for a reliable, thorough person.

MrsR you are now making everyone jealous with descriptions of your skin envy As for your detective skills nosiness, I salute you! Noooo, born in the north west! Only spent (a miserable) 10 months in America a few years back. Though it was in Chicago, home of lots of wealthy Wrigleys, and I got mightily pissed off with everyone thinking I was originally American. I had to reeducate them - the name is proper Lancashire.

Oh heck, I feel a bit stupid for putting my name on here: do you think if someone googled me they would find the Mumsnet page with all my waffles about hairy belly, shagging and nonsense?! Shit. May ask MN HQ to delete that post. What an incompetent!

mandasand Sat 08-Sep-12 11:28:18

*Golden Girls, of course. Silly predictive text.

MrsRigby Sat 08-Sep-12 11:34:54

kirsty80 you must be a REALLY young mum if you're still at school shock Is it GCSEs or A-Levels that you're studying for?

grin grin grin

Has anyone seen the advert above for a pelvic toner? It just reminds me how much I need a vibrator, I keep meaning to get one, but then talk myself out of it. I need an extra, extra big and thick one though - penis's just seem to get lost inside me.

confuddledDOTcom Sat 08-Sep-12 11:46:56

ThreeForTea I reported the thread and told them how wonderful they are and because they were so wonderful would they mind very much editing the title. They don't often change titles, I seem to remember one was too many swear words (saying something for MN!) but I think they took pity on us this time and I did ask very nicely.

theTramp you can set groups so that only the people in the group even know it exists or it can be visible but no one can see what's posted in it, as mandasand said.

MrsRigby you need to perfect the art of feeding on your side so you can sleep. I can't do it anymore sad Chalk... Heparin leaches your bones so you're supposed to take calcium and Vit D with it (aka chalk) but my research found that it's not necessary in short term use (eg pregnancy) and as it is horrible and vile stuff I refuse to take it. They tried to give me dispersible lemon flavoured last time, it was like cheap chalky lemonade envy (not envy!) to make me take it.

lannyshrops I always read forums now wanting to "like" things, otherwise you either don't tell people or just reply to say you like. MN have discussed it before but it's always been vetoed.

DoodleBugBee I'm getting tempted to delete anyone I know IRL from my Facebook and moving them all to my spare account so I can have them there without having to see them all the time or have them see what I post. I've already got almost everyone I know on restricted (you can block people and still be friends).

zoeymlucas if we do a closed group then you could be sent the link, so it wouldn't matter about your settings.

My OH landed about an hour ago but hasn't turned his phone on yet! I'm very excited lol I've never been on my own this long and my pregnancy hormones are making it difficult!

MrsRigby Sat 08-Sep-12 11:53:56

mandasand we don't have a cleaner, but DH has mentioned about getting one. I can't do it though, I'd feel sorry for whoever had to clean up after us all. Besides, I actually do like cleaning, it's just very hard with kids - no idea how Mrs Perfect does it.

I'm glad if some of you are jealous of my skin, you should be! To be fair, I've never smoked, don't drink, get plenty of sleep, don't wear make-up and exfoliate and moisturise every day as has been my ritual since I was about 8. I think the day I get my fist wrinkle I'm going to be so devestated I'll have to get cosmetic surgery!

I do feel sorry for Mrs Perfect, when it comes to her skin it's heavily scared by acne, plus she has a few wrinkles. It really doesn't help when she puts on make up - I've never seen a woman wear so much. Then again, as I don't wear make-up, even someone with just a little blusher and mascara would seem excessive to me!

Anyway mandasand looking at your photo, your skin looks good too, you've very pretty and I have to say you have the look of a young JK Rowling - but better looking.

Christ almighty, you're another one verging on perfectness, pretty, intelligent, pregnant with twins AND you had a morning shag envy envy envy

Rigby is Lancashire in origin too. I have to say, I miss my maiden name sometimes. It was Cornish and very few people shared it in Liverpool so a bit of a unique name. Loads of my lot down in Cornwall though. Everyone always used to think my surname was Italian.

All I got when I Googled you, was a lovely pic, some stuff about what you're doing at Westminster and a list of books of yours I can buy through Amazon. I'm not sure anyone would find your Mumsnet stuff unless they Googled your Mumsnet username.

Sheldonella Sat 08-Sep-12 12:13:14

Ok, finished my booties. Picture on profile. They look too small, don't they.

mandasand Sat 08-Sep-12 12:37:30

Awwww Sheldon, I nearly wept - they are adorable! Sigh. So clever - I wish I could knit or crochet (I can knit in straight lines, but need my mum to cast on and cast off for me! All I end up with are very holey scarves, hmm.)

Just had an hour's break in the garden, eating donuts, watching DH put the locks on the new back gate (at last! it's five months 'new'!) and planting out the winter pansies. Back to the grindstone now...

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