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March 2013 Mk V: Lumpy bumpy witty knitters (patiently) await the bloom!

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Chefette Fri 07-Sep-12 10:09:52

New one marchers sorry on phone and can't link! Will post title in our old thread x

Lexiindisguise Fri 07-Sep-12 19:37:49

tiddley maybe we should do RL FB etc AFTER the babies arrive! ;-) We are pretty spread out, tis true...I shall ponder.

I have despair at ever going out again. No family nearby will mean no babysitters for quite a long time! Also some of my 'friends' (or social acquaintances I guess sad) have really dumped me since I got pg and stopped being so up for spending money and going to bars. Crochet and paralympics with the cats for me - though I am making a chicken pie as I really fancied one!

confuddledDOTcom Fri 07-Sep-12 19:55:48

My last two antenatal groups have a Facebook group so that we could talk more openly and share pictures.

Sheldonella Fri 07-Sep-12 19:57:49

After babies are born is a lovely idea smile

JoJoBella84 Fri 07-Sep-12 20:03:29

lexi I'm in the same position, all of my family and friends are in Yorkshire. The only people I know in the same location we're moving to are colleagues of my OH so technically not my 'friends' though they are very nice and welcoming... they have a HUGE German Shepherd pup who is just about fully grown but still has that mildly out of control streak!! Not really ideal for babysitting!!!

MrsRigby Fri 07-Sep-12 20:07:26

She's fucking doing it AGAIN.

Yes, I am talking about Mrs fucking Perfect. She's washing the door and porch AGAIN.

I'm suprised she hasn't taken her nets down and washed them - the dirty fucking cow.

Tomorrows party better be the most amazing party ever and I'm going round with a white glove and running a finger over everywhere I can reach a'la Anthea Turner. If I find even a speck of dirt I'm going to let her know about it.

And I'm definately going to flirt with her husband.

EthelredOnAGoodDay Fri 07-Sep-12 20:10:03

Marking my place...

ThreeForTea Fri 07-Sep-12 20:15:47

I can't believe its thread five! And I have to say a record Chef, have never seen MNHQ get involved in any Antenatal thread i've ever been on, bonus!

Just had egg and chips for tea, reminds me of childhood Friday night fare - except that we used to make the chips out of potatoes and fry them - what a slattern I must be! Celebrating another full day of activity, with only a couple of shakey moments in the afternoon, and lots more scrummy girl & mummy time with dd smile She is such a little star.

Haha Jojo with the fluffy legs. I have managed to get horribly behind with my epilating so had a go today and it bloody hurts again. I'm toying with the idea of hypnobirthing classes for my VBAC attempt, so figured that I might be able to practice managing the pain of hair removal first! I'm fed up of having to wear pj bottoms in bed in the summer!

Tramp Congrats with seeing Socrates! You make me envy with being able to pop to Oxford St etc. I miss living in London so much sometimes!

zoeymlucas Fri 07-Sep-12 21:24:34

I clean my door once a year if that twice in a few days is taking the piss Rigby I want full update of this party tomorrow!
Well DH has gone to bed like a sulking child as I didn't remind him to sort his fishing licence for tomorrow - was going to say he can do it online and will be sorted for first think but where would be the fun in that! If it was DS1 sulking for not doing something he would let him carry on so just following his rule!! Plus he forgot my medication and that I did remind him off!!!!!

Went to work today and some one asked if what I had yesterday was catching as he didn't feel well- boss jumped in and said u can't catch pregnancy!!!!!! I loudly produce my 3 lots of prescription from doctors and placed in front of him and explained I have an ear infection in both ears hence the medication NOTHING to do with being pregnant so that everyone saw!!! He said he was joking but I think I proved my point, and god it felt better and hopefully put end to anyone else thinking the same !!!!

backwardpossom Fri 07-Sep-12 21:31:53

Does the rain not clean front doors?!

sundaesundae Fri 07-Sep-12 21:40:59

think my window cleaner does mine, though i do wipe it down (or get cleaner to) if it looks minging.

lannyshrops Fri 07-Sep-12 21:48:50

mrsRigby I know how much neighbours can be annoying, believe me but you clearly really hate her! It can't be good for you or your baby to get so worked up about her can it?? Can you not just rise above it?

mandasand Fri 07-Sep-12 22:07:01

ah, found you at last! just marking my place...

theTramp Fri 07-Sep-12 22:51:13

Door washing is most def a scouse thing. My Nan used to washe the front door & step every Saturday & Mum must wash hers once a quarter. I've washed a front door in a house I've lived in when not instructed as a childhood chore at least, ohhh, 5 times.

MrsR - A little charity of the soul does wonders as they say. Plus - People who wash their doors twice in a couple of days are people with some form of OCD or serious concern about what others think of them. Either way, it's not the healthiest thing. I'm feeling rather sorry for her.

Meet up sounds grand. I'm not up for face booking stuff as work world can access FB & I'm a bit picky about what I choose to disclose under my real name. But in person or a closed group y'er on.

Just home. Went for dinner with baby bro & his GF to tell him he's gonna be an uncle. Was v funny. Handed him an envelope & he clearly thought I was giving him tickets to something - initial disappointment followed by realisation about what he was looking at & then gigantic hug. He's such a softy. He must be chuffed cause he paid for dinner - an unheard of event!

Tomorrow we tell Irish contingent.. Should be interesting.

Hope eveyones evenings are going swimmingly so far.

MrsRigby Fri 07-Sep-12 23:27:00


Can't believe Coleen lost to Julian. Bugger, I liked her and wanted her to win.

Oh well.

mandasand there you are my little scan buddy smile I'm being scanned at 3.30pm on Wednesday. I think DH is actually I little excited to see bunny again and make sure everything is okay. I'm still hoping the scan will show 2 little bunnies, I just can't accept it's 1 and everyday I'm Googling more stuff about a possible twin pregnancy. I just don't know if I've convinced myself I'm having twins because I really want twins (more than likely is the case) or if deep down I know theres 2 in there and I'm trying to find proof somehow. Alas, I fear you will be the only one on the thread to be having twins envy

And whilst we're on the subject of babies hmm who was it asking if anyone had felt movement yet? I have, I've been feeling it for about 2 weeks now, though it's just little tickles on the inside and not every day.

Now, regarding spiders, I haven't seen any the past 2 nights, but yes, I also have to leave the landing light on so that when I go the toilet at 2/3/4am I don't stand on one. I once woke up to find I'd slept on one - I've never been able to sleep with my mouth open since. Well, I start off that way, but once I'm asleep I can't vouch for the mouth remaining closed.

I'm kind of dreading tomorrow. I'm not a very social person, I can't conversationalise well and I don't like being around other people. Plus it's her house and her party and the fact she's so fucking perfect that doesn't help. Then on top of all this, I've realised I have nothing to wear (not joking). I only have 1 pair of jeans that I fit in and they are maternity. Other than that, all I own are t-shirts and not the fitted type, the mens type and neither are washed. So, I'll be going over in dirty, creased clothing, greasy hair and more than likely looking just terrible. After 13 years of perfectness, her husband is going to fancy me something stupid.

Well done to chefette and MNHQ for the new thread. Just a question though, what does the mk bit in the title mean???

tedmundo I don't iron, just hang things on hangers over radiators. So that one would be a no brainer for me. Except I have a mountain of washing up, the house is a mess and oh yes, I need to paint 4 rooms.

JoJoBella84 how dare you mention you are 17 weeks. Shameful. Don't you know some of us are only 11+4 and still haven't had our dating scan. When I get to 17 weeks, I'm going to rub it in your face - er, except you'll be 23 weeks. Cow. Freudiant slip regarding 3 mornings of comming? Some women have it all. I stand by my last statement. Cow.

I've mentioned to DH that we're going to have to put a TV in our room with a Sky multiroom subscribtion, you know for when bunny is cluster feeding in the early hours. I could have killed DH last time, there I was breastfeeding from about 2am to 5am (the joys of cluster feeding) and the bastard just lyed there snoring his head off. My back was in agony, I was tired and desperately wanted to sleep and I was bored/lonely. Men might think there is no support they can give at a time like this, but actually it would be very supportive to have someone to talk to or have rub your back. Bastard.

Oh and talking of the bastard, he still hasn't finished stripping the paint in the playroom. Seriously, it's been 2 weeks now. It still has to have a light sanding before I can get in and paint. A decorator would have been cheaper and quicker.

OodHousekeeping get me large fries and a chocolate milkshake would you. Thanks.

confuddledDOTcom for the first time in my life, I have lost my appetite and find it very hard to eat anything. I'm having to force myself. Chalk???

dameflamingo I work in a hospital next to a geriatric ward so smelling poo is nothing new for me. Then I get to go home to a house of 3 boys and their bowel offerings. And what is it with men and fucking baby wipes? DH has 2 packs in his car, plus a pack in his work bag that he thinks I don't know about.

tiddleypompom I take fucking offense to that you cheeky cow. I'm a SAYERS girl thank you very much. Loving the idea of trick or treat night, might just egg her door in the early hours of this morning - ha that'll teach the cow to be so bloody perfect.

theTramp arr that's lovely, great news grin

tedmundo whats wrong with TOWIE exactly? Can't wait till that and Made In Chealsea come back on. I'm too ashamed to even mention Desperate Scousewifes.

chefette in our house cottage pie is known as doggy pie. I promise you all as a household of committed vegetarians, dogs have even been killed, cooked or eaten in this house - well, not whilst we've lived here, I can't vouch for the other inhabitants over the years.

sundaesundae the window cleaners came last weekend and do indeed wash the door aswell.

lannyshrops I don't hate her. I just feel so inferior compared to her. Shes been very nice to me and when we gave birth within a month of each other it was her to insigated us and the boys meeting up regulary and now we're all really good friends. Sundays we go to each others houses and chat whilst the boys play. I don't hate it, I just wish she'd have 1 defect.

MrsRigby Fri 07-Sep-12 23:34:10

chefette I meant NEVER, dogs have never been killed, cooked or eaten in this house shock

Ooh talking of dogs, one of the SIL has just had to have her dog put downsad sad sad

mandasand Sat 08-Sep-12 00:19:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

tiddleypompom Sat 08-Sep-12 04:00:43

Been up since 2am with upset DS. I am so so tired. We have both cried and now just sitting here. I tried to leave him a while but it was awful sad

Oh god how am I going to cope with two??

Middle of the night wildly out of proportion wailing over. Hope you're all faring better. Off to see if anyone else is awake on 'active'.

Emus Sat 08-Sep-12 04:57:03

I'm awake Tiddley although wish I wasn't as have a big day today (trips all over to tell our families about little bean). Don't need to be falling asleep and grouchy on them.

Currently laying on the sofa with a banana in one hand and the phone in the other. Won't go into the nice comfy spare room as that's where I saw the giant spider run into on Thursday night!

Hope you're asleep now.

sarahs999 Sat 08-Sep-12 05:10:33

I'm here too sad. The only upside is that it wasn't the steroids that woke me, it was snoring dh. Fell asleep on sofa at 7.30 only to be woken by ds who didn't like the fact I was asleep - grrrr! I suppose it shook his world order! Backfired on him though as I then sent him to bed (and followed myself straight after).

manda love the belly showing on the pics. V funny. Next you'll be bumping into doorways and wondering why!

Outed myself on FB last night. Lots of nice comments but it still feels kind of weird. Had to eat a big piece of cake to calm me down... grin

lannyshrops Sat 08-Sep-12 05:59:43

Morning all! I'm awake too, this is v normal for me, 5 am every morning! DH helpfully is sleeping in the spare room and has done on and off for last few weeks. I felt really bad as my constant nocturnal toilet trips and tossing and turning were making us both so tired. It's normally a fair devision of labour in our house but for the first 12 weeks I was so tired he did virtually everything so not having a good nights sleep felt so unfair! Mother nature is a cruel beast, I know I'm not going to sleep properly once bean is here for..oooh...I imagine at least 18 years, so not being able to have uninterrupted sleep now is just nasty!!! Everyone keeps saying its mother nature preparing me, frankly mother nature that's the kind of preparation I could do without! Grrrrrrr!!!

We're off to Cambridge today to visit lovely SIL, hubby and children before on to Norfolk tomorrow. I'm v excited as they moved house next month and I can't wait to see it! She is so happy as it's her dream home and I love to see people happy, it gladness my heart! I'm a bit worried about leaving our extension to carry on without out us here, they burried the spur for the electricity feed to the garage under the foundations on Tuesday and had to dig it out, but FIL will be coming by daily to keep an eye on things do fx!!

mrsrigby I have been thinking about you a bit recently, please don't think I'm a mental stalker but you just seem so unhappy sad I'm a northern lass by birthso I know you'll understand if I come across a little bluntly..I really feel for you. You seem very unhappy and insecure, I know nothing about you other than what you say on here but I wish there was something I could do to help. Have you ever spoken to anyone to see if you can feel a bit better about things? I had cognitive behavioural therapy a few yearsago after some rather unpleasant things happening in my life and it revolutionised the way I think. Please don't be angry with me, I'm just worried about you xxx

Have alovely sunny weekend everyone, whatever you are doing!

P.s apologises for any typos as on phone and not so good for mammoth posts! Xxx

lannyshrops Sat 08-Sep-12 06:05:12

Oh yeah, very up for the facebook group thing, tiddley you seem v good at these things.....grin I'm awful at computer based things other than the basics, often call IT in work for really basic stuff, bit I make them regular cakes to say thankyou so I hope they don't mind, really should do a computer course but dont want to! tiddley hope you managed to get some sleep, you seem a fabbo mum so I'm sure all will be fine! No sleep us evil, big hugs xxx

lannyshrops Sat 08-Sep-12 06:11:16

And another thing, can we petition mn to put a 'like' button on here, some things you girls say make me cry with laughter but the thread moves so quickly I can't always post my likes quick enough! LOVED the spider thread, I'll come and rescue those in need, the little critters don't bother me, can I get some sort of ghost buster type car with sirens and a jump suit? Hmmm...on second thoughts scrub the jump suit, will look like the marshmallow man due to podgy belly!

DoodleBugBee Sat 08-Sep-12 06:51:02

Morning All and what abeeeeeeauuutiful day grin

Awake for an hour, still traumatised from going for a wee and discovering that this really in a bump and not wind/bloat/massive sandwich.

Date night was lovely, Bourne film was entertaining and food before had was yumscrum, we went to one of our favourite restaurants (a knock off wagamama which is better imo) and ate noodles and had a lovely warm welcome and "oh my! Another {insert restaurant name here} baby!" which was nice smile

Today will be spent girding loins to tell friends who are staying this evening.

Spiders and neighbours and sleepless nights aside, hoping you're all surviving x

I deleted my FB account as I had a terrible time with my ex husband and he is still friends with a few of my friends and it didn't matter if I blocked him, I could still see content about him. I was also wary of my wedding photos turning up on FB and the Lentil has made me feel quite private. Deleting my account was incredibly liberating but I really do miss the general chatter with my core group of friends.

theTramp Sat 08-Sep-12 06:58:09

Morning! Blimey some of you ladies are v cognisant in the early hours. I'm struggling to speak.

Shouldve got up 20 mins ago as lots to do before we head.. & yet still in bed "waking up".

Hope everyone has a good day & MrsR - pop into town, get your hair washed & blow dried & buy a frock. No arguments. Your OH can cope with the kids for 3 hours. Give yourself an ego boost. Debenhams seem to have a few mat dresses & I'm sure town has somewhere else you can look in. Even if it's just a glam top to go with the jeans. No excuses I can find you & slap your wrists you know.

Lexiindisguise Sat 08-Sep-12 07:28:27

Morning all, sorry to hear some of you aren't sleeping - here's to peaceful DC's and DH's and calm bladders from here on in!
mandasand I've been having my highlights done; the due doesn't touch the scalp so much when you have stuff done at the hairdressers and most evidence suggests it's harmless unless you are exposed every day!
lanny the weather is gorgeous down here (I work in Cambridge) so you should have a lovely weekend! smile
We have DH's Nan here - she's his only family , she's 89 & so excited about the baby, so lots of Little Bean related talk.
manda am trying to be philosophical
about the friends - DH is much less gregarious and keeps reminding me that the 'real friends' are the golden few who are still in touch. Hoping to meet a few people at antenatal - and of course I have the new virtual friends on this thread! grin

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