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March 2013 Mk V: Lumpy bumpy witty knitters (patiently) await the bloom!

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Chefette Fri 07-Sep-12 10:09:52

New one marchers sorry on phone and can't link! Will post title in our old thread x

dameflamingo Fri 07-Sep-12 13:21:23

My office stinks of AGRIVERT - yep we are sitting here working with the overwhelming stench of poo in our nostrils. Not pleasant, not good for the old heaving tum either. Roll on le weekend.

Am awaiting a blooming too - it would be a nice weekend surprise as I'm 15 weeks today. Been looking at maternity garb on ebay but cannot be bothered with having to take everything up so may bid when I feel more 'perfect mum' - talking of which*Mrs R* having read your comment on Mrs perfect washing her front door I desisted from washing seagull plop off my own shiny red door yesterday... DH however was straight at it with a babywipe ( why does he have those?) as soon as he got in. " Cow!" I shouted at him in a proper geordie accent. He looked starled but I giggled like a mad woman. Hormones are defo tripping me over the edge.

We're having a holiday overseas before I am too many weeks too far gone to fly. Am beyond excitement - and trepidation that we'll end up in Somalia or somewhere less adventurous since DH the adrenalin junkie is planning. Do outlets sell maternity bikinis/costumes in winter in the UK or would I be wise to buy it now?

Em2010 Fri 07-Sep-12 14:24:47

Hi All, thanks for the new thread! Another fan of bbt here, although I'm currently watching the re-run of only fools and horses on bbc 1 whilst ds is fighting having a nap. We're off on holiday tonight, down to Dorset and I just can't wait! Thanks to dh tightness/workaholic tendencies this will actually be our first family holiday. I've done lots of research on family days out etc, shame the weather forecast isn't so good.

So much to do - ironing, packing, cleaning out the car so fingers crossed ds will drop off and i can get it all done!

Sorry to hear some of you are not feeling the bloom. Maybe I'm having another boy as whilst I wouldn't say I was blooming, my hair is definitely getting thicker and my nails are longer!

Right, off to do my chores! Hope everyone is having nice afternoons or, if you're stuck at work, then hope you have good evenings to make up for it!

Lexiindisguise Fri 07-Sep-12 14:27:59

Another one not blooming here - very spotty & red faced! Definitely lot a gorgeous pregnant lady!

RebeccaMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 07-Sep-12 14:44:48

We've edited the title so you are now all due in 2013 again wink grin

tiddleypompom Fri 07-Sep-12 14:54:34

Aha! A new thread, ta chef. I didn't notice being a year out either grin

The 'mask of pregnancy' is chloasma - sounds exactly what you have jojo as it is a pigment discolouration (it goes once you've given birth). Wiki link below for those interested - but am not sure if it's what the colleague was referring to as 'pregnant face', which could be a manic grin, green around the gills, stuffed full of greggs pasties, swearing in northern accents...

I am not blooming either - though I am feeling SO much better than I was. Definitely out of the first trimester woods now, and generally less sleepy/grumpy/anxious etc. Just not blooming. I have spots, but not proper ones (that you can pop) - just hard under-skin lumps on my forehead. Also chest has sort of rash (nice), hair is dry or greasy depending on the day, hands are mega dry, face is just rubbish. Sigh. Still, I don't give a monkeys really as I now live in welly country, and no sod wears clarins and posh clobber round 'ere grin

Who cleans their front door?? Really?? Isn't that what rain is for? rigby I feel a 'treat or treat' night a-coming...

Update re: hols. We are stuck in the UK after all. I never actually got round to getting DS a passport... <slaps forehead> D'OH!

Sun is out, shorts are on, legs reflect the rays due to unseasonal whiteness. DS is napping after busy day in the paddling pool (he actually got out to wee on his rug). Parents are back from Bradford and DH is trying to work in his office. Despite lack of bloom, milky legs and muffin top, I am happy to be me, right here, right now smile

By the way I thought I'd better warn you that I intend to print out our threads as my record of pregnancy (have done so with DS, tis MUY amusing). I apologise for this infringement of human rights, but that's the interweb for you. I promise not to publish grin

tiddleypompom Fri 07-Sep-12 14:55:53

oo, ta rebeccamumsnet, that's lovely.

theTramp Fri 07-Sep-12 14:57:37

Scan shows that Socrates is camera shy, likes dancing about the place, is perfectly healthy - all of everything great. So PHEW!

So pleased we paid for private scan, we had over an hour of sonographers time because Socs refused to stay still and lots of Qs answered.

Tried on some maternity wear in Oxford st. Chuff me but the selection is woeful.

tiddleypompom Fri 07-Sep-12 14:59:03

Nice one tramp! Hello socrates grin

Sheldonella Fri 07-Sep-12 15:05:21

Lovely news tramp smile
tiddley Welly country sounds great, am hoping to move there in a couple of years! The thread printing is a nice idea, they are such lovely threads aren't they.

Ugh, this afternoon is going so slowly! I'm sleepy and I want to go home. I've been looking around for rocking chairs but haven't found any I like yet. Has anyone seen any?

confuddledDOTcom Fri 07-Sep-12 15:12:41

Thank you RebeccaMumsnet I said you are all wonderful and you are grinthanks

sundaesundae Fri 07-Sep-12 15:42:46

under the thatch holiday booked! We have booked 4 nights in Wendy a railway carriage at Aberporth on the Welsh coast, sooo excited.

nearly fainted this afternoon, had only eaten a bowl of yoghurt this morning and apparently that isn't enough! never sat and shook before, it was horrendous.

Glad to hear socrates is thriving away in there, must have been lovely having so long!

I have somehow joined the boots and mothercare baby club and have bought some bras and dresses, should keep me going for a while smile

theTramp Fri 07-Sep-12 15:44:44

BIG smile

DoodleBugBee Fri 07-Sep-12 15:57:15

Sheldonella - we bought our rocker from - it's an oldish chair but does the job.

Wondermous news tramp and what a smashing name smile

Returned from traumatising trip to town to timorously try maternity jeans/trousers and discovered that what I thought was bloat/wind/mega-sandwich was in fact an actual bump. I had to have a small sit-down. I know this is what is meant to happen but I didn't expect to see a bump in the changing room of Debenhams...!

Here's to milk-bottle white legs in the garden grin

Lexiindisguise Fri 07-Sep-12 16:40:53

Nice one Tramp! So pleased for you.
I kind of want us to have a big baby meet up so Socrates can meet the beans, bumps and other names on this thread! ;-)
Doodlebug I know what you mean. I was complaining to DH about being tubby and he keeps rolling his eyes and going 'err no...PREGNANT!'

theTramp Fri 07-Sep-12 17:47:53

Thanks all

I'm officially fat with extra tummy. I'm not happy. Hoping I am past the salad makes me sick phase so I can go back to eating fewer carbs. Energy seems to be increasing again, so I'm going to give treadmill running a go too. It's not quite a diet/keep fit plan but it should mean my arse stops spreading every which way. Well, that's the theory.

tedmundo Fri 07-Sep-12 18:08:33

Nooooooo .. just lost my whole post. Will start again:

Sheldonella .. I love TBBT. I am married to a geek and DS1 is showing major geek tendencies so I love to see the brainy being celebrated. A pleasant antidote to TOWIE.

Tramp .. yay on the scan. And I am also waiting for the sickness to stop to start eating healthily. Not to lose weight but to slow down the gain!

Doodle .. Jeremy Remmer will be enough to keep you awake I promise.

sundae .. did you use the canopy and stars website? I spend hours drooling over their stuff.

I am still feeling so sick, despite being 14 weeks today. When will it end?? I want to get acupuncture if this has not eased by next week. I keep delaying thinking "surely I will feel better soon" and to save myself the expense. but no, still feel rubbish and shaky and tired.

Chefette Fri 07-Sep-12 18:33:14

Cool! Glad rebMN fixed it, I did email them thus morn in my shamed state!! wink

Loved the idea of printing out!

Got DSS thus weekend so that's nice but we're not telling him for awhile he's only 3 nearly 4 it'll so long for him to wait! Off for homemade spaghetti bol or wiggy woggy pasta as its known chez nous!!

Got to 25c in Montrose today!!!!!!! I however was at work, on my day off!!!!!!!!!!! angry

tiddleypompom Fri 07-Sep-12 18:39:06

Oh poor you ted - was it this bad when preg with your boys? Hope things improve soon. Shakey is horrid sad

flamingo I reckon you'd get maternity swimming wear any time of year as antenatal swim classes are so popular. There are sales on now however, with a/w collections coming in so you may get a bargain.

sundae I am really glad 'under the thatch' came up trumps. It was recommended to us by friends who used it to book their honeymoon retreat - lots of lovely cosy, rural hideaways, yum. Yours sounds fantastic!

lexi I reckon a meet up would be great too. They must be hard to organise though as we're spread around the country - though there does appear to be a disproportionate amount in York area!! We could use the fearful Facebook but maybe it's best to wallow in anonymity so we can safely discuss all topics and tmi overload?!

We have booked our hols! Went for a week in Oct (though DH taking the preceding one too, to have working on the house and hanging out here). We found a super B&B in south snowdonia which is v baby friendly (all equipment, listening service, baby high tea etc) but small and cosy too. Coast nearby so fx for an Indian autumn lasting well into Oct!

Bathtime chez tiddley. Need to get cottage pie out of DS hair. Happy evenings all...

JoJoBella84 Fri 07-Sep-12 18:41:37

What glorious weather oooop north today smile I've been in a dress with my furry legs out!! Must buy some veet blush.
I've decided I'm going about things all wrong... Rather than wait for the pg bloom to come to me, I'm going to treat myself to some new beauty products. Cleanser, toner, moisturiser, a really nice scented shampoo and conditioner. Some lush body moisturiser and generally defuzz myself! Spend a bit of time straightening my hair properly rather than just leaving it when freshly washed. I think I'll feel much better if I'm less frazzled around the edges!! AND if the budget stretches (student overdraft has just been increased) I might get some nice tinted moisturiser or a nice powder foundation... Hmmm. I will look radiant again smile

JoJoBella84 Fri 07-Sep-12 18:43:39

Ps I'm all up for a meet!! Though fbook may well be the way forwards... Moreso for the baby pics etc!! I have no idea how to add my scan pics on here and I have so many lovely ones smile

ThreeForTea Fri 07-Sep-12 18:44:37

Just marking my place! Right, off to catch up, guessing it could take a while!

backwardpossom Fri 07-Sep-12 19:17:31

Hello, thread 5 already. You lot can't half talk wink

So... Friday night. Who's got a wild night out planned? (Hahahaha as if)

JoJoBella84 Fri 07-Sep-12 19:22:16

It's Friday? Sigh... I clearly need to get a life, all of the days are merging into one!! Does this mean you have a wild night to look forward to possom?

backwardpossom Fri 07-Sep-12 19:25:18

If by wild, you mean sitting on my increasingly fat arse watching rubbish TV while eating pizza, then yes. wink

backwardpossom Fri 07-Sep-12 19:28:42

Oh and I bought Pregnancy and Birth magazine last week and was flicking through it yesterday and there was a pic of a woman wearing a dress that I have. So I dug it out the wardrobe and put it on at work today and got loads of compliments - even from my pupils which is unheard of. Fantastic! It was a nice day up here, as jojo said, which was great as it's a summery dress.

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