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Due in October 2012 Part 7 - towards the finish line, going for Gold!

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Planktonette Thu 30-Aug-12 20:39:06

On your marks...
Get set...


FjordMor Sat 01-Sep-12 21:41:18

Just found this thread after a manic week! Am going to read it and back on the last one and try to get caught up with all your news. I do remember reading that Angelico is also in the GD camp. Thinking of you Angelico (as I take my, now 8 times daily finger pricks). Mine's being a bugger to manage at the moment but I'm just about coping. Perhaps we should compare notes by PM? I'm at the hospital what seems like nearly every day next week and, despite not feeling ready for my (now inevitable it seems) early delivery, I feel very well looked after and am calming down about the whole diagnosis! smile. Right, must go get caught up with you all and I'll post again either in an hour or so or tomorrow, depending on whether I'm driven to my bed by relentless DS2 singing (DP let her sugar binge again) and general hectic atmosphere in the batcave tonight. I'm craving the floorfan, a book and some piece and quiet (boy I feel too old for this kids caper some days! wink).

MickeyTheShortOne Sat 01-Sep-12 21:44:39

elpis ask your doc to prescribe you the spatone iron supplements. Two a day for preg women and dont make you constipated. A clear virtually tasteless liquid that you just mix in with some juice. Or not- i personally think it tastes a bit metallic so with juice is nicer, but if your hardcore you can take it on its own.

Move not going fantastically well. Previous tenants have left it a right mess and we have so much work to do. Who said it was a good idea to move house when i was 30weeks pregnant? oh yeah, me i want to paint, but i dont think im supposed to do that. I want to lay a new carpet, but i cant get down on the floor anymore. Back to work tomorrow. I spent two days cleaning the kitchen. And it still looks greasy. GRRRRR.

In other news, 4D scan went well this morning, albeit with a very uncooperative baby. It actually gave the sonographer the finger... confused glad to see its inherited my attitude when it gets woken up!!!! grin

FjordMor Sat 01-Sep-12 23:21:52

Very long catch up alert (I always do this, don’t I? blush)…

Firstly, I should have said in my last post, thank you all so much for your support, virtual hugs and kind words following my GD related meltdown. It is getting easier although it’s still somewhat all consuming as the diet I’m having to stick to is so expensive, unlike any way I’ve eaten in my life before (high protein and very very low carb), and requires a great deal of thought and planning before each meal (as well as nearly doubling the food budget, despite me eating much less volume of food!).
Still not sure about paying for the birth but it’s seeming more unlikely than likely at the moment. Hopefully I’ll know more by the end of the week and my numerous hospital appointments. Funnily enough, the day after I posted and all of you were so lovely, I absolutely bawled on reading your messages. I had to go and pick up DP and go to IKEA and I tried to tell him about how lovely you had all been while driving there and I started bawling again and funnily enough bella he said exactly what you wrote – that I am doing a marvellous job etc (cue more bawling). Midget I also found your words, in light of your experience of diabetes sufferers, valuable and comforting. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it these days! smile lisbeth - I was comforted by your description of induction. I hold that idea in my mind when I think of what will possibly be mine. Hopefully my hospital visit on Monday (and trying gas and air apparently) will make me feel more settled about whatever the inevitability is. The whole unit is supposed to be amazing.

After a week of so of feeling a bit ‘lost’ I’m starting to feel more back on track now. I had a lovely meet up with 3 other expat ladies (2 Brits and 2 Aussies) who are due around the same time. They were all really great and we’re going to meet weekly. 3 of us are in the same ante-natal class/hospital visit next week and 1 of them will probably be delivering at the same time on the same ward smile. londonlivvy - I’ve dropped the price on the flat and even put it lower than an identical flat in a neighbouring block to remain competitive. I’ve everything crossed that this might bring in a whole new wave of interest. Kind of need to achieve the asking price though which makes any potential offers a bit more stressful as we weigh up a disadvantaged financial position against selling the place at all.

Feeling everyone’s pain re heartburn; mine particularly flared up when I first changed my diet – so bad I had pain between my shoulder blades half the day and had to take Calcium Carbonate virtually every 2 hours (was also thinking desperately of a Lanzoprazole prescription but it seems to have abated a bit now). Still not leaking or producing any milk though. Trying not to worry about that one although it seems more normal to be by now than not. Not sure about BH. Sometimes the bump feels tight when I touch it, sometimes not. Have had a couple of episodes of quite painful contractions but they usually occurred when I blush needed a number two so I put them down to bowels making the whole area freak out a bit??

Kyyria - I had one bad episode of diarrhoea with cramps. Thought it was contraction at first. Still not sure if it was some kind of severe BH bringing on fast moving bowels or something I ate. However, I felt fine – no nausea, fever or symptoms that lasted after it had finished so I guess I’ll never know. Did find out Google that it can be a pregnancy symptom though, while I was worried at the time.

Angelico - out of interest, what blood sugar levels have you been told to aim for? I have been told 5.5 mmol/l or less fasting and 7 mmol/l or less 1.5 hours post food. It’s conservative compared to regular diabetes management but I guess the Norwegian endocrinologists have arrived at that based on what’s safest for baby. I can’t find anywhere from other countries online suggesting levels so low. I’m only really managing it with very low carbs – Zone diet almost meets Atkins. Doesn’t really suit me but I’m coping. Pulses are good. Pulses rock but stepkids don’t eat pulses (hence my slight spikes after dinner when they’re here sad). Also I have to check my bloods on waking, pre-food, 1.5 hours post food and pre-bed (8 times in all). I found they crept up eating the same food after the first 2 weeks so I had to tweak my diet even more firmly than I originally did (can only do low GI bread, 2 tiny slices, at the lunch meal now, if at all and only 2 dessertspons of pasta, noodles or bulgur wheat as a carb - can't do tomtoes without a slight spike for some reason and if I just eat too much - more than a child's portion, I also get a spike). Interested to hear your feedback but we can take it private if you like smile.

smiley - you’re so right about the perspective that this will all fade in significance in the end once I have a crawling, beautiful baby with a personality that I’ll be discovering new things about every day. I’m mostly worried about doing her right at the moment but I guess I’m doing everything I can and look forward to the day that I can just enjoy her, having got her here safely (I hope!). Know exactly how you feel about feeling ‘not ready’ though!

squid - some days I think mine’s engaged. On Friday I felt like she was almost ‘hanging’ between my legs but other days, I feel like the bump is less heavy and have less dragging pain than even in the 2nd trimester while walking, as well as having almost less breathlessness than at any time in my whole pregnancy! (still waddling, but waddling fast smile) So tbh I have no idea. Hoping midwife on Monday will be persuaded to have a feel re. a) position and b) engagement (will they do that as early as 34 weeks?). She seems to ‘sleep’ heavily on my bladder, have to ‘push’ to get the stream going sometimes, even when I feel bursting! Hope she’s not obstructing anything…

londonlivvy - super congrats on the big move! Sounds like you’ve coped exceptionally well and must feel relieved that you are at least in there now and able to nest. Fingers firmly crossed indeed for your flat. I know from the uncertainty of money worries when flat money doesn’t come through when needed…

Yomping - lol at forgetting what a squirrel was grin. I think that deserves some kind of baby brain award!! wink

bella - I’m not surprised you’re disappointed to miss your night away with DH but that’s an amazing selfless thing you’ve done there. And he’s a total muppet if he doesn’t appreciate that!

CWest - you have a lot to have a lot of feelings about. Don’t feel corralled into feeling ‘positive’ please (although it is a good thing to try to…). I think it’s important that you work through your feelings about your birth experience, whatever they are. Sending hugs smile.

Apologies to anyone I've not name-checked. I have read all your posts. Sending comfortable, heartburn-free vibes your way!

Don’t know what to do about adding myself to the due date list. My official ‘Norwegian’ due date (based on size at 20 week scan) is October 15th. My UK due date would be October 7th and the chances (predicted size wise) of me being induced before either of these is fairly high (I’d say 70% at least – will know more after Thursday’s growth scan I expect). Is ‘any time between 23rd September and 9th October’ too vague??

(I don’t have a birth ball. Now feel like I should have a birth ball…Should I have a birth ball??)

Elpis Sun 02-Sep-12 06:32:07

Zara and Mickey Thanks very much for the spatone recommendation. I know you can buy liquid iron supplements OTC so I'll go to a pharmacy. I did read somewhere that they aren't as strong as tablets but anything will help, won't it? DH made a lamb curry last night and today I'll break open the dried apricots.

FjordMor and Angelico Sympathies. I went on a low GI diet when I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and it is not easy, especially when you're hungry. Giving up juice and most bread is especially painful. Off the top of my head, though, I do remember - as well as things you've already mentioned:

- adding an acidic food to a relatively high GI one lowers it. Eg vinegar on chips, lemon squeezed over things

- two oranges are much better than orange juice, because the fibre content slows down digestion

- oatcakes, rye bread, whole wheat pasta, porridge, birchermuesli, peanuts, sweet potatoes, Ryvita, wild rice mixes (not sticky rice) are your friends

- watermelon has a really high GI

You probably already know all that, but just in case! A friend who had GD during her first pregnancy (but not this one) used to eat a lot of curry and dal, which was at least spicy and satisfying...

Woke up several times fretting about lack of movement (the baby, not my bowels). But he seems to have woken up now. Why must they have these idle days to worry us?

DH was hard at work in the spare room yesterday, assembling the single bed that's for me so I can semi-cosleep - it will later become the baby's - and reassembling DD's cot. He took a sweet pic of her wielding an Allen key. We have a satisfyingly big pile of stuff to take to the tip today. I just wish I could find a home for all the stuff my mother accumulated about the early life of my grandmother and her ancestors. The fact is I am not very interested in it as Mum was adopted and Granny was a bit of a pain (anti-Semitic, hard to love). Somewhere out there one of her real descendants might like her reminiscences of going into service after WW1, but how to find them? Am tempted just to throw it all out.

YompingJo Sun 02-Sep-12 06:49:34

Gah. Hideous night sad. Hips have started hurting out of the blue, lost blood supply to my arms so they were tingling, every single position uncomfortable, especially left side, baby felt like rugby ball wedged inside me squashing my internal organs when I lay down. Turning over uncomfortable, slow and painful. Then when I was nearly asleep, baby started wriggling and it felt like it was trying to get out. Kept DH awake, which was bad as he has an early start and could hear him sighing loudly (not crossly, just frustration at not sleeping), which was bad enough - but then he fell asleep and I wanted to poke his eyes out for being asleep and breathing loudly and snoring a bit, and I didn't want to roll over to fish out earplugs in case I woke him up again. Keeping someone awake is bad but being kept awake while they sleep is even worse!

Woke up (not - make that finally heard the alarm) at 5:40 (early alarm today, DH has triathlon and I'm off to watch him) and just burst into floods of tears and said that at some points during the night I had wanted to gouge the baby out of me. Then felt truly, truly dreadful for saying that and cried lots more. sadsadsad

Feel very sad today sad and want to get baby born and give it a big hug and say sorry.

WantAnOrange Sun 02-Sep-12 08:47:02

YompingJo Don't feel guilty, we know what you mean! I wanted to poke his eyes out for being asleep and breathing loudly and snoring a bit, I'm amazed you restrained yourself DH would've been kicked.

Can you catch up on some rest today?

Planktonette Sun 02-Sep-12 11:49:15

Welp, my holidays are now over, and the sitting-quietly-on-the-couch (oh HA HA HA) bit of maternity leave begins. I can highy recommend Bath and Bristol, they are both far more fun and interesting than I was expecting! And the thermal heated rooftop baths in Bath... Oh my. So very, very relaxing. Wonderful.

(36 weeks, due 27 Sept, fwiw!)


cwest like the ladies say, no need to hold back here smile Do you know, the very first pregnancy book I bought was recommended by someone on this thread and is only about caesareans - 'caesarean birth - a positive. Approach to preparation and recovery' by Leigh East. It's really great. I bought it because I knew 1 in 4 UK births end in a Caesar, and I wanted to be prepared. I really recommend it, very practical and with loads of reassurance.

squid thanks so much for bra tip! Awaiting delivery now smile

zara many moons ago, I said that (as an aussie in UK) I couldn't imagine facing a move home with a newborn due to DH getting a new job. Well guess what? He's only gone and applied for a job back in our hometown! And if he gets it, we'll be moving in January! EEK! Serves me right - I jinxed myself!

elpis another spat one enthusiast here. It's not a bad price over-the-counts, either.

mickey DON'T PAINT! I painted a room in second trimester, and I injured my upper back - it hurt for MONTHS! Painting involves a lot more weird stretching of underused muscles than you'd think - and because it takes so long, you can really do some damage without realising.

fjord really sorry about the GD. Lucky you're so tough grin

livvy re. your move updates - every time I read one, I'm more impressed by how well you're managing that! Sounds epic!

yomping don't be sad! My Squidgy keeps lodging his feet in the exact same spot under my rig bottom rib - he's been doing it for over a month and it bloody hurts, but not even remotely as much as it sounds like you've been putting up with. I'm often on the couch groaning 'MOVE, you little so-and-so!' and poking my bump trying to shift him - which, for the record, totally doesn't work. So you're not the only ingrate out there...

Midgetm Sun 02-Sep-12 12:09:54

Hello everyone. I am on holiday. Pregnancy and holiday is lovely. Much nicer than pregnancy and decorating or pregnancy and working. So relaxed and only been here a day. Watching little birds outside my window and smelling the roast dinner my brother is rustling up upstairs. Maybe I can just stay in Cornwall and have the baby in a field? Moo it out with the cows and eat my own placenta. or maybe not crazy pregnant midget woman haven't got my laptop working so will try and post better later but just wanted to say hi and show off how relaxed I am big waves from Cornish Cornwall.

Velo Sun 02-Sep-12 17:58:44

Hi Ladies,

I'm with you YompingJo on the sore hips front - i feel as though i am tossing and turning all night and no amount of cushion positioning seems to help.

On the previous thread, someone asked why the Dr. had prescribed magnesium as the baby is low in weight. He didn't really say but according to The Google there are two probable reasons - one is because it should help to delay early onset of contractions and the second being that babies with low birth rate have a higher chance of being born with cerebral palsy and magnesium supplement is supposed to lessen the risk.

I've still got three weeks of work to go and I'm not sure how to combine this with 'resting more.' Got a hacking cough as well so feeling a little bit sorry for myself.

On a more positive note.....has everyone packed their hospital bag? I'm almost there with the addition of the super large underpants and extra thick sanitary towels (yup, sexy mama here I come).

Thanks Midgetm for sending out calming thoughts, keep em coming!


crazypaving Sun 02-Sep-12 19:03:06

Oh my God is anyone else just falling over with exhaustion? There just are not enough hours for me to sleep at the moment. I'm not sleeping too badly at night - up twice or three times to wee, then awake from about 5 (that's a big improvement on what it's been), and then getting about 1hr in the day too, but too tired to function all the time! What's going on??

squid back to the bras, I'm 34DD and wear a medium. Well, I think I'm 34DD - I was when I was measured whilst bfing DS...

(back to snoozing on sofa)

Zara1984 Sun 02-Sep-12 19:11:32

crazypaving yes totally shagged all the time. Why are weekends only 2 days long!

Plankonette EEK good luck with your DH's application, whatever happens. It adds a whole new dimension of WTAF to this whole pregnancy malarkey, eh?

Finishing up making my first batch of freezer meals. Good ol' spag bol and cottage pie with parsnip/potato mash top. Hurrah!

Kyyria Sun 02-Sep-12 19:34:56

Have had a busy weekend. All day NCT class yesterday shock hmm and then meet up with various friends today, one couple of which are expecting and are 10 days ahead of us so have had a good natter and whinge at each other! smile

Now absolutely knackered. Little one currently jamming his feet into my ribs at the same time as headbutting/punching me in the bladder/groin confused Feel like I have tripled in size since yesterday and feeling rather uncomfortable today.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, but it's a 3.5 day week (off Wed PM and all day Fri) so better than nothing smile

Hope everyone is well.

32, 32, #1

lisbethsopposite Sun 02-Sep-12 19:51:34

Elpis I did not have to take iron this time -13 at last test, but I did with DS. I think it is for the baby as well as yourself. Also I lost a lot of blood at birth and iron dropped a lot then. I totally understand re the constipation sad
Also I think the iron in animal source is better absorbed than veg. I have been eating red meat regularly, sometimes just a few bites of DH's steak.

I was worried this week that baby's movements had gotten less - less frequent episodes of movement and shorter episodes. Anyway, I woke at 5AM Sat morning and could not get back to sleep with worry. Anyway, phone call to mat unit and they said to come in. Short story was that I was there from 6AM to 7.30 wasting their time as all was well blush blush
Even though they couldn't have been nicer I felt silly for being so much trouble. This is #2. Anyway I now have icecubes in the freezer and the next time I am worried I will have a cold drink - that is what they gave me and baby moves away from the cold. - I thought of not telling you girls but am relieved that Squid and Zara had similar experience.

smileyhappymummy Sun 02-Sep-12 20:08:09

Hello all!
lisbeth please please don't worry about feeling like you were wasting their time - you absolutely weren't. They would far rather see 100 women who are fine than risk missing the one who isn't, and even if the only thing thwt happened is that you got peace of mind that's well worth it - that's certainly how I always feel when people come in and see me and all I do is reassure them. I think having a really low threshold for going in with reduced movement is GOOD - for all of us.
midget v glad you're enjoying a well deserved holiday, sounds gorgeous!
Loads of sympathy to everyone suffering with poor sleep and exhaustion- this making a whole new person thing is hard work and I reckon we should all be proud of ourselves - totally normal to just want to get to the end sometimes too. Be kind to yourselves ladies!
zara very impressed by the freezer meals. Think I might see if I can follow your example as it would have helped us loads in the newborn phase last time.
Not looking forward to dd1 going back to school on Wednesday - I'm going to really really miss her and also just seems thwt much closer to time to have baby. Although I'm really looking forward to meeting baby I am also still quite terrified and getting more so as it gets closer. Midwife v sympathetic when I saw her the other day, said she could completely understand and thought it was normal. Which helps a bit. Also turns out I am anaemic, so hopefully getting thwt sorted might make me feel a bit better physically and emotionally. Iron tablets messing with my tummy though, back to feeling really sick and bloated with a bit of diarrhorea too. - sorry if tmi!
Good luck with this week everyone, every day is a day closer to meeting those beautiful babies.

smileyhappymummy Sun 02-Sep-12 20:08:38

Ps sorry not to name check more people, am reading and thinking of you just that my memory is utterly rubbish!

lisbethsopposite Sun 02-Sep-12 20:20:23

EDD - Estimated Due Dates shock confused torch

Sept. 25: Squidkid DC1, Angelico DC1 by ELCS,
Sept. 26: Elpis DC2 by ELCS, CWest30 DC2 (ELCS-exact date to be confirmed)
Sept. 27: Planktonette DC1
Oct. 1: FjordMor DD1.
Oct. 2: Firstbubba DC1, Velo DC1, Milk DC2
Oct. 5: Yomping DC1, Lisbethsopposite DS2
Oct. 7: Crazypaving DC2
Oct. 10: WantAnOrange DC2, MrsConfusion DC1
Oct. 14: Hufflepuffle DC1.
Oct. 17: Smorgs, DC1
Oct. 18: Bella2012 DC2, Beccus DC1
Oct. 19: Shellwedance DC1
Oct. 20: Beeblebear DC1
Oct. 21: Dosomethingmutley DC1
Oct. 26: Londonmrss, DC1, Zara1984 DS1.
Oct. 27: MidgetM, DC2 but more likely to be around 6/10
Oct. 28: Kyyria DC1, Loopyla, DC1
Oct. 30: Cherrychopsticks, DC1
Nov. 1: Londonlivvy DC1
Nov. 8: MickeyTheShortOne DC1

Fjordmor, CWest - I have given estimates in the middle of your suggested dates. Feel free to change/update as you like.
Planktonette - I think it is DC1?
Zara - I added you.
Huffle - I think you are DC1?

I can cut and paste - not a total luddite!!

lisbethsopposite Sun 02-Sep-12 20:24:46

Thanks Smileyhmummy
Do you want to add yourself to the EDD list?

FjordMor Sun 02-Sep-12 20:52:24

lisbeth - that's fine! Actually, I have a curious feeling that around the 1st is exactly when baby might come. Mind you, I had a similar 'feeling' she was a boy so what do I know? wink I can amend it if I get an induction date/more size news.

Beeblebear Sun 02-Sep-12 23:25:55

Well...washed all the 0,3 month clothes I have today, with thpughts of deciding what baby outfits to bring to the hospital.

Easier said than done. Yomping, on your list you say 3 vests and 3 babygros.... Would that be the equivilant to our canadian called onesies and sleepers? I have very few newborn sleepers, and only 3 month sleepers. Should I buy a preemie outfit just un case? Also, do I need mitts, or can I just pack some socks to put in hands??? Do your hospitals there prov.ide some cclothes? ours don.t and we have to bring our own diapers too.

I was really wanting our prenatal classes to start.soon so I could ask these kind of questions, but now no class until the 29th. Eek, and last class is on oct 13. Only a week before due date.

I keep having these mini inside my head freak outs. Sorry can.t name check, phone won't let me type and scroll up. Oh well. Hellllllo everyone! Time for nap #2 today. Absolutely exhausted too. Ttfn

Beeblebear Sun 02-Sep-12 23:29:48

Oh, and re: going home outfit.. Read not to pack anything with pants or a waist band as it would irritate the umbilical cord... Duh!!! I didn.t think of that so half of the cute outfits I wanted to pack are a no go. I sense more shopping in my future.

YompingJo Mon 03-Sep-12 08:31:40

Beeble, vests are things that do up under the nappy and don't have legs, like this. Babygros generally do up with poppers at the front or back (front apparently easier) and have arms and legs, like this. Some have "scratch mitts" which means that the end of the sleeves can be folded over to cover the hands, as apparently keeping mitts on baby is a nightmare. Doesn't help that all these things have at least 3 different names, reckon it's some kind of conspiracy to confuse first time parents! Here, babygros are also called sleepsuits, but you can also get actual sleepsuits which have an elasticated bottom rather than legs, to make night time nappy changes easier.

Zara, cottage pie with parsnip/potato mash sounds lush!

Thank you for sympathy re crap night. Got myself very worked up about going to bed last night in case I had another night like it but was OK. DH gave me his pillow to support bump and he used the "chunkier" spare pillow, which he hates, so it was lovely of him to let me have his. Pillow made a lot of difference and I actually slept well. Big sigh of relief.

Busy day today for me - first ever NCT class this morning (going by myself, in a place I don't know, 2 hour class and the parking is "permit or 2 hours only", how stupid is that as I will need to park for over 2 hours, and why haven't they suggested where to park, and why is the first one without DH, when I would find it much less stressful having him there? - I might have already whinged about this, sorry if this is the second time!). Then back to work for the start of my 2 or 3 weeks back, but have had great news, will hopefully not have to do any teaching as person I was covering is now not going to be away. Then aqua aerobics tonight - reckon it will be me, my pregnant friend, and a bunch of old ladies!

Have a good Monday, everyone!

Yomping, 37, 35+3, DC1

hufflepuffle Mon 03-Sep-12 09:12:59

Sorry, another random word of advice from MW at last antenatal class I just remembered!

She said is good idea not to wear vests at start, just babygrows and keep button open at tummy as the more air gets around the cord stump the faster it will heal! Obviously only when is safe, warm and clean to do so!!

Will read and catch up later, off to MW apt on my own!!
Happy Monday all,

londonlivvy Mon 03-Sep-12 10:43:16

yomping just to say what a shame I didn't read your advice on what the heck scratch mitts are BEFORE I went to the shops. I went to Tesco about 10 days ago and opened various packs, looking for mitts. ie mittens. like kids have with string dangling from their wrists. No joy. I then went to M&S yesterday and it said on the pack "scratch mitts". I opened it. no mitts. Very confused. then asked a member of staff and she showed me the foldy over bit. blush

I have a lot to learn...

londonlivvy Mon 03-Sep-12 10:56:02

Oh and am a bit concerned re weight gain (or rather lack of it). I am now 32 weeks and haven't gained any weight since week 26. This seems wrong. I am eating a lot (genuinely) and bump seems to be active and expanding but how can I have gained weight regularly every week from 6-26 and then nothing since?

bit concerned about pepe.

smileyhappymummy Mon 03-Sep-12 10:58:16

yomping really glad you slept a bit better last night, everything is harder to deal with when utterly knackered!
Edd for me is 11th October - getting quite close now!

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