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Due in October 2012 Part 7 - towards the finish line, going for Gold!

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Planktonette Thu 30-Aug-12 20:39:06

On your marks...
Get set...


Londonmrss Fri 31-Aug-12 14:40:37

Hello chaps,
CWest hugs and hope you get your date soon. Can I ask why you have to be under general anaesthetic?
Mickey, I'm really frightened of the idea of a cs too- I've never had any kind of operation before and am assuming I won't need a CS. But obviously this birth thing can be unpredictable so I should think about the 'what ifs' because I think I'd find it emotionally and mentally quite difficult, having spent the last 6 months regularly visualising my 'perfect birth'.
I would like to share my news for the day. I've been having a lot of rib tenderness for a few weeks- all the way around. Assume it's still my ribs moving out of the way. I just bought a Bravado bra to try as a comfy bra for breast feeding, but thought I'd slip into the loo at work to try it as my Mothercare granny bra was feeling a little uncomfortable.
Rib pain gone! Honestly the most comfortable bra I've ever had the pleasure to lay against my skin. It's made my day. They're expensive and not that sexy. But I'm so comfortable now. I'm almost too comfortable.
How are all your fellas doing with preparing for labour and birth etc? Mine has started to think about it more, but only because I forced him to watch a couple of episodes of OBEM to remind him that this is, at best, going to be an incredibly intense experience for us both and at worst.... well I left the room when there women lying on their back screaming, but I insisted he watch it. I think he assumed that we'd pop into the birthing centre, have a cuppa, pop the baby out, celebrate with a glass of bubbly and be home in time for him to invite his entire extended family round for photos and cake.

hufflepuffle Fri 31-Aug-12 15:48:06

Londonmrss that's the 2nd mention of said bra, Squid mentioned them too I think. SO I have just ordered one too!! Was not sure where to start online as ???? size compared to now but they are v simple! My current Debenhams ones just about too small now and the M&S and Mothercare ones were crap.

Thank you for the prompt!!! x

londonlivvy Fri 31-Aug-12 16:31:06

That bra does look comfy, LondonMrss and Huffle but it doesn't look hugely supportive so do let me know when you get it. I'm not sure what size you are, squid but I'm currently an H, and not sure it's designed to support boobs of that size?

I am having an afternoon on tenterhooks - my flat is supposed to be exchanging contracts today but there's a long and laborious chain to work through. I really really want it to go through soon. It should (if exchanges today) complete next Friday which would mean we only have our Scary Mortgage for one month. Fingers firmly crossed.

Thinking of houses, Fjord any news on your flat sale? Hope so.

And (vanity moment here) I got my two new isabella oliver tops through today that I got in their sale. I love their stuff but normally it's so expensive I just can't justify it. Their clothes go in and out in all the right places for me - particularly for tops, where lots of vest tops (H&M, GAP, I'm looking at you) seem to just go directly from boob to belly which makes me look fat. Now have very cute top and will have to go out for dinner with DF to celebrate. grin

Londonmrss Fri 31-Aug-12 16:51:44

Livvy I wouldn't know about an H cup, but it's certainly supportive enough for my 38DDs. I got the medium.

Angelico Fri 31-Aug-12 17:55:25

Hello ladies! So sorry, always intend a huge catch up but busy, busy weekend ahead. First of all the big news - finished work today!!! Until end of June next year! How strange is that going to be?! Everyone in work has been so lovely and supportive, I will really miss the craic - but not the commute. Think it will hit for real on Monday.

Tonight we are going to see a comedian (in all honesty would rather stay home and light stove), tomorrow heading home for my sister's birthday (she will make me change nappies and stuff as training no doubt grin), then Sunday my SIL and family arrive to stay with 3 kidlets in tow. They are lovely but thankfully they are not staying here as house is not toddler-proofed yet - boxes and sharp edges everywhere confused She is going to advise on essential purchases ( I think she subscribes to the 'not enough muslins in the world' school of thought grin)

Fjord how is your blood sugar doing? Hope you are okay and sending some thanks. Mine has been pretty good but have discovered my nemesis is orange juice! Yes, even 2 inches of pure orange in a glass diluted with 3 inches of water sends my blood sugar nuclear. Read an online blog by girl with GD and she said white bread and orange juice sent her BS higher than Coke did! confused So backing away from the fruit juice!

Have a big dilemma - to get steroids or not. Basically at 38+4 consultant dude says there is about a 3.5% chance of breathing difficulties which steroids will reduce to 1.5% chance. Trouble is they may also send blood sugar bananas and mean early hospital admission (and also the injections apparently hurt like fuck!!!). If I don't take them and bean has breathing problems she has to be transferred to another hospital without me for at least 24 hours. Consultant says he wouldn't push me to take them with those % and there's not much actual research evidence of them being wildly beneficial after 34 weeks so just have to decide. What would you do???

Sending a hug and a hope for a restful weekend to all! thanks xo

crazypaving Fri 31-Aug-12 19:01:22

Went to the cupboard, where I knew there were 2 squares of dark chocolate left, to discover that DH had chomped them BOTH last night. shock the unspeakable cheek of the man!! angry angry angry

A tornado is going to hit when he gets home


And breathe, and apologies to those with GD blush

PS Angelico, my DB & DSIL had a prem baby. They were advised to go for the steroids, and did - he was born at 30 weeks, so on balance was probably the right decision. However, you need to ask about all side effects - one they weren't told about was possible brain haemorrhages - and Dnephew has cerebral palsy. Who knows if it's because of the steroids, but..... It's a bloody tough call.

bella2012 Fri 31-Aug-12 19:02:40

Hey there!

I want to thank everyone who responded to me SO MUCH for such kind words of support. You helped me so much. The rational part of me knows that I am being unfair by feeling as I do, so I am just about managing not to show him how disappointed I am. I have realised that it is impossible to expect him to understand this hormonal monster that I have become! I actually feel resentful that he could care this much about a rugby game, enoug to travel down by coach during the night, at a time when I am so consumed by our little family.. And I know that is totally unreasonable. And yes Yomping, a sneaky part of me wanted him to want our special night away more. I am v. Jealous of all the sex you are still having squid as we haven't managed it for ages and even though that is because I am often asleep early/toddler in the bed/I don't feel at all sexy or attractive, I still fancy the pants off him and want some adult alone time, and had thought Sat would be it. I worry that he isn't missing sex at all and is far more excited by rugby! Ha!

Anyway, that is quite enough heart-pouring-out from me. i promise to behave myself for the rest of this thread and not drone on any more!

Livvy I am so pleased you like your new clothes! It is so hard to feel good in most mat clothes so really glad you have found some flattering things and are getting to enjoy a night out in them!

yomping that sounds like a pretty epic trip! I am glad he was funny! It is a great idea to do all stuff like that while you can though. And it sounds like it was a damn sight more amusing than the pereneal massage!

mickey you are so so right to move. You need a safe, secure and happy environment for your LO and living with your brother-in-law would not provide that. You can still be a support to your FIL without living with him. Glad the funeral wasn't too traumatic-even when you don't know the person it is still hard to see people grieving.

Woohoo! For you Angelico for finishing work-FANTASTIC! Sorry you have GD stress and difficult decisions ahead. Although the odds of there being problems are low, I would take the injection. Anything that would reduce the chance of being separated from your baby for any length of time. What a tough call-I feel for you.

londonmrss well done for educating your fella on his job during the birth! They don't have a clue do they! Mine refuses to let me watch OBEM but as he has seen it for real, he is now well trained. i squeezed that poor guys hand on every contraction for days!

We had a tour around the new birthing centre at the RVI in Newcastle which was amazing! No beds in any of the rooms, just couches, balls, strange contraptions to help you stay upright, funky lighting, ensuite, flat screens, birthing pools in most rooms, all equipment behind doors...really swish! So going to start off there and if things go wrong, I will only have to move upstairs for intervention instead of an ambulance ride like last time. And they have bed settees so dads can stay over with you if you want! We are v. Lucky to have this facility. I hope I can birth in there.

Am loving the list (especially now it is so tidy!) will be so wonderful to start ticking us all off the list! Except my hubs will clash me over the head when I will undoubtedly want to update 'the thread' while in hospital! He doesn't get it at all! It is just such a help having you all going through it at the same time, as noone else understands!

Right, I have a grubby toddler to go and bath. We went to an adventure playground but spent the whole time in the wood next to it jumping in muddy puddles and pretending to put out forest fires! My boy is crackers! Xx

Kyyria Fri 31-Aug-12 19:36:35

I'm another one with a DH who has to go away. He's got to go on a week long course for work in Bradford at the beginning of October (we live on the edge of Gateshead and I'll be 36 going on 37 weeks). Not too worked up at the moment but it s niggling and know I'll feel on edge when I'm on my own - still, can't be helped.

We're got our first NCT class tomorrow (10am-4pm...think i'll be mentally knackered by the end of it) and not really sure what to expect. Feeling quite nervous about it all. However, came across this fantastic [ Dara O'Briain sketch that made me giggle smile

Hope everyone is ok. Am looking forward to the finishing line at work creeping ever closer...but it's taking its damn time!

32, 31+5, #1

Beeblebear Fri 31-Aug-12 20:38:42

Thank you for the add Yomping!

lisbethsopposite Fri 31-Aug-12 20:43:25

Yomping respect. Your date makes me feel I am 100 years old. I read it out loud to DH - your life is certainly going to change with baby but I think you will have no regrets. You are DOING so much.
Whenever I described some restriction of parenthood to friends, I always knew the good outweighed the bad. You are right to do the young and free stuff.

Squid Also impressed

Actually everyone who goes upstairs quickly impresses me at this stage - I am at a low baseline. blush

Between all the movers - I forget who was in danger of not getting back your deposit. Did that work out OK?

Got my hair done today - feel very glamorous for tv watching but such is life.

CWest30 Fri 31-Aug-12 21:09:52


Last time around, I had the steroid injections at 32 weeks. They DON'T hurt that much at all, and trust me, I am no good with pain at all! My DS was then born at 34 weeks, and needed 24 hrs on a CPAP (breathing machine) before he was able to breathe normally by himself. Yes he spent 10 days in the Special Care Baby Unit, but that was only because he couldn't regulate his own body temperature, nothing to do with difficulties breathing.

This time around, I've been told I've got to have the same injections in about 10 days (again at 32 weeks) so it seems like it may be standard procedure for all ELCS? They also said they can administer them up to 24 hrs before a baby is delivered.

I know of a number of people who have had a CS this year, and they've all mentioned injections they have recieved AFTER the section. Something to do with blood clots? Can anyone shed any light on these as I didnt have to have them last time?

Londonmrs the short version of why I am going under general anaesthetic is this. I was born with severe Scoliosis (curvature of the spine) and apparently my pelvis is too small to allow for a natural birth. They won't give me an epidural because my spine is twisted as well as curved, so they dont want to damage any nerves that might be in a different place to someone who has a straight spine. Hence the general anaesthetic rather than being awake. Does that make sense? I'm gutted I wasnt awake to see DS being born, and I'll miss this baby too. Also as its a general, its classed more as an operation, so they won't allow DH in the room either. sad Its hard to come to terms with the fact that I will never get back those first precious moments of my children's lives, but as long as I wake to good news, I suppose thats all that matters.....

hufflepuffle Fri 31-Aug-12 22:30:49

Cwest I think you are talking about Klexane which is given to everyone (big generalisation there huffle!!) post surgery to avoid clotting? As is wearing of the surgical stockings? I am by no means accurate on this as not had surgery in years but parents hav been thru various lately and hav had the above, so not specific to preggers ladies. But maybe there is something else.

See how I can only respond to one thing?? X

Think baby has a sweet tooth like me, every time we say the word 'biccy' it moves loads!!!!! This was an accidental discovery whilst discussing my nightly milk and biccies a few nights back!

Am I losing the plot?

Midgetm Fri 31-Aug-12 23:07:01

Flying visit to wave at Angelicio and just add my two penneths worth and say... I had DD at 37 weeks and was not advised to have steroids. Despite her very low birth weight. DD does have mild asthma which they say can be linked to coming even a bit early now but not sure steroids would have altered that. Like someone else wise said (sorry on phone so can't check) I would want to know all the side effects as the odds for breathing difficulties seem pretty low. All these bloody decisions we have to make, they suck eh?

Midgetm Fri 31-Aug-12 23:08:31

Sneaks back in, hangs head. Sorry yomping I've cleaned it up now.

squidkid Sat 01-Sep-12 09:11:44

Elpis Love your daughter bringing you biscuits. And I don't know which gender I'm having and have bought some blue, dark pink, purple stuff... all sorts. Naught wrong with men in pink!

Mickey Glad the funeral was ok.
There's a lot to be said for being confident and winging it. My midwife was saying she sees lots of straightforward births from young girls (hope it's not patronising to call you a young girl) who just turn up and get on with it. You'll be great. xx

Cherrychopsticks How very weird about measuring your pelvis. True cases of cephalic pelvic disproportion are really really rare I understand - far more commonly it's the position of the baby that leads to obstructed labours. I don't know if there's cultural variation though! There are countless reports of titchy girls delivering monster babies fine. Rather you than me with all the scans, I find them pretty stressful!

Londonmrs I think like the clothes on the high street, ball positions are decided assuming women don't even have tits.
ps. I LIKE your husband's birth plan grin

Wantan Orange Your day at the nature reserve sounds awesome! I spend most days doing things pregnant girls probably shouldn't be doing. Though sad about your SPD. Hope it's eased a bit today.

crazypaving thank god for the nhs, eh. So many of my mates have been horribly stung with maternity leave. Thanks for the bravado reassurance, do you mind me asking what size you are and what size you ordered? I rather pessimistically got a large (I am 34 or 36 DD at the moment) but I think after what londonmrs says I might exchange it for a medium... it just seems a bit big. londonlivvy I am dubious about the support too, and a few sizes smaller than you. But it is so comfortable I could sleep in it so that may be more important... I just don't know!! confused

angelico don't take this as a medical opinion (not my field) but I am quite surprised they are offering steroids as I thought a 38week baby (37 in some places) is considered term? certainly they have no issue with me having a 37 week baby at home, that was the cut off they gave me... so I assumed they were anticipating no more complications than a 40 week one? I personally wouldn't take the steroids unless the consultant was advising it, but not a medical opinion as I said.

CWest - you have absolutely every reason to be, but every time you post you seem to be more and more distressed and upset and scared about this upcoming section. I wonder if it might help to talk to someone (not the internet) about it? It must be really hard to come to terms with - presumably you knew this would be the case before you got pregnant, but in some ways that makes dealing with the situation even harder. And it makes sense that even though you logically want the baby as late as possible, you wish you could have the operation as soon as possible and get the bloody thing out the way.
Another possible option, and please just ignore me if these suggestions are unhelpful, is looking into relaxation work and positive thinking - I have been listening to my hypnobirthing CD for a while now and it has given me such a positive view on birth. Now I know I am having an uncomplicated pregnancy and you may feel I have no right to talk, but I did notice the hypnotherapy does a huge range of birthing CDs for different situations - do you think something like this could be helpful to you?
I know that you are not having a typical section as you will be under GA but I guess I am just a bit worried about you are sounding more distressed all the time. Tell me to mind my own business if you like. Please take care.

(Clexane (or its equivalents, it's a type of heparin) is given after most operations these days particularly ones where you are likely to be less mobile afterwards. Once or twice a day, injected into a fatty bit - the nurses teach you how to do it yourself so you can go home, usually. It's to prevent blood clots.)

Blah, bit of a rubbish day yesterday, culminating in me deciding baby wasn't moving and couldn't remember how long it had been since he last did (the frequent braxton hicks are confusing me) ... my mum said she could hear a heartbeat of 140 with my stethoscope (she was a midwife many decades ago) but I am not a fan of self-diagnosis and was just picking up the phone to midwife after several hours of lying on my side, cold drinks, etc, and then the little one had a good kick session, so that was ok. On the other side of my ribs to usual though, so maybe she's even shifted from right to left (which is good!) I was tired with the fretting and tired from the day going around town shopping etc and crashed. Feel better this morning though. I feel MORE frantic about stuff like this now I am so near to term... I guess it's the feeling of they could get the baby out without complications. Anyway all is fine. I'm tired.

Sorry for mammoth post.

Londonmrss Sat 01-Sep-12 11:08:08

Wow, CWest. Your situation puts my own tiny worries into perspective. I'm always fretting about having the 'perfect' birth- so much so that I think I'll be upset if it isn't the way I imagine it. But you're right. The most important thing is both me and baby being safe. That's all that matters. It must be difficult to come to terms with missing those first few moments, but personally I think the bonding process is so gradual- it has already started during pregnancy and it will continue for the rest of your life. Those few minutes are small in comparison to that.
Angelica- I thought the same as Squid- a 37 week baby is full term so would be dubious about needing anything after that time. But to be honest, if I was told something would make the baby safer, I would probably do it unquestioningly.

Angelico Sat 01-Sep-12 11:55:50

Morning ladies smile Going to try and have a bit of a catch up here but a special bunch of thanks to all with irritating OHs / SPD / heartburn / general worries.

Livvy hang in there with the moving stuff - it's awful at the time but so worth it when you get there!

Good info about the chewing gum for heartburn. Unfortunately it makes my jaw click grin I'm finding mine has greatly improved now that I am eating sensible food at sensible times, rather than grabbing food on the run / eating whatever I could get. Also helps that bean is well down in pelvis too.

Mickey well done on getting through funeral - they're awful enough at the best of times confused On the CS thing you will probably be grand but I still recommend that book if you want more info. Basically the advice seems to be - hope for the best but be prepared for the possibility of a section because psychologically the people who are most 'damaged' by having an EMCS are people who are most adamantly opposed to having one / will feel like a 'failure' having one. There is a good chapter in the book about avoiding a CS too but generally it seems to say: if you have to have a CS it is to give you and your baby the best possible outcome and that's the most important thing for you both.

CWest sending you a huge hug. I'm sorry it's so stressful for you thinking about the CS, especially with a GA. Thing is you know yourself that being a parent isn't about the birth experience - it's the day to day relentless grind of loving the beans after they arrive smile Any labour can end in a GA, even where it's a planned CS (friend's wife went for ELCS, epidural didn't take, baby in distress, wham - they knocked her out). Maybe it's the teacher in me but I get to see a lot of kids and parents and it really is how the kids have been raised that makes the difference, not how they come into the world - as long as they arrive safely and you are kept safe to look after them thanks

Bella you were v understanding about the rugby and your DH will adore you more than ever. Let him plan a lush weekend away for a few months post-bean... wink Your birthing unit place sounds amazing!

WantanOrange your day out sounds awesome and so sorry you are struggling with SPD. It sounds like the worst thing ever and sympathy to all of you with it sad

Crazypaving hurrah for finishing work and grin grin grin on the blind savaging cutting - I'm as blessed in the 'crafting' department as you are so feel your pain grin

Yomping - that was a hardcore journey to make to see Michael McIntyre - hope he was suitably hilarious! We saw Patrick Kielty last night and he was great but would NOT have driven 100 miles to see ANYONE! A grin at the 'two thumbs' progression confused lol!

Squid and fellow nesters - what is going on with us?! I keep cleaning the kitchen, have bought and frozen enough meat to see us through apocalypse (butcher had to carry it to car for me blush) and made a vast stockpot full of lentil soup to freeze. DH keeps pretending to feel my forehead and threatening to take me to A&E grin Know what you mean though about the movement thing / Braxton Hicks - think a few weeks ago I was mistaking BH for baby moving. I just keep trying to tell myself that if she slows down too much they can probably whip her out now.

Thanks for thoughts on steroids. Squid think the reasoning on steroids is that CS babies have very slightly increased risk of breathing diffs because they don't get a good squeeze coming through pelvis to help get the gunk out of lungs. Consultant said that anecdotally big babies seem more likely in his experience (maybe because sometimes linked to GD which raises risk slightly in itself). If hospital had SCBU wouldn't even think about it but wouldn't fancy being separated for 24 hours if I can help it confused. But hate the thought of steroids sending BS mad and being admitted early, hospitals are so hot and noisy and interrupty when you're trying to sleep. It's a tough one sad

Anyway, on a happier note at US on Thurs I could see the baby 'breathing' smile Her tummy was moving up and down, consultant was v pleased, said she's practising and getting her lungs strong so hopefully all will be well.

God this is an essay and forgot to do my finger prick there and have to pack to head home for sister's birthday so have a good weekend ladies and hello to everyone! xo

WantAnOrange Sat 01-Sep-12 12:13:20

Angelico That is amazing, seeing her breathe!

Thanks for all the SPD sympathy. I was good for nothing yesturday but much better today.

Friend is coming round with her 2 boys so we can sit and drink tea and the kids can entertain each other. There is no room in the house though so they will probably end up playing Skylanders (much to DS' delight!)

Zara1984 Sat 01-Sep-12 13:25:54

Hello everyone!

Wow, there's been a lot of updates! Can't respond to everyone here but:

Angelico that's really really cool seeing your baby breathe! smile

CWest I hope you get your c-section date soon. I was talking to DMIL about her deliver of DSIL, and it was a c-section under general. I asked her if it was weird not being awake when DSIL was born, compared to DH and DBIL, and she said she never really thought about it. She was just glad not to be pregnant anymore, a dangerous labour done with, and to have a baby! I know that's just one person... but I guess I'm trying to echo the sentiments of others here, you're a parent forever, birth is just one tiny part of it (that we are all admittedly thinking about 24-7 at this stage of our pregnancies!!).

It's been sooo busy here for me. DH threw out his back a few weeks ago and is slowly recovering - so I've been doing a lot more around the house etc and am knackered. He's going to be away for work for pretty much the next 3 weeks. Am going to try tackle some of the bigger physical jobs while he's away - just 30 mins or an hour a day of eg cleaning out cupboards.

Chatted to DMIL this morning and feeling totally like a lazy mummy after seeing how much effort she has gone to for her PFB grandchild! She has MADE sheets and blankets (including fitted sheets! How the hell do you MAKE fitted sheets?!) for his Moses Basket in NZ, with beautiful coloured scalloped edging. She has made muslin cloths with matching scalloped detailing/embroidery. And she's made bum clothes/muslins (didn't have the heart to tell her I'm pretty lazy and plan on just using wipes!! blush ) She's also bought him jumpers galore. She found the sheepskin liner she used for her kids and has cleaned it up. In short she has created a beautiful nursery for him at her place, and has everything ready to go (play mat, bouncer... just insert baby!) .... LOL and we haven't even taken his crib out of the box (since it arrived a month ago)! Hahahaha!! Anyway I get the feeling this little boy is going to be very VERY spoilt by his grandparents while we are in NZ for 2 months.... hey at least I can provide boobs!! <lazy feckless mother emoticon> I was like "Wow that's amazing... I errrrr bough a thermometer on Amazon!"

Had a bit of a scare on Thursday with baby moving less - I posted about it on another thread. Went into the hospital and all was fine, but it was a bit emotionally draining.

Work has stepped up a notch and is now very busy. Sigh. Of course. Only 6 weeks to go. GP thinks I'm crazy for trying to get to 38 weeks at work, and may sign me off at 36/37.

No news on the Australia job for DH yet. He's had the interviews and good references, I'd say there's a really good chance he'll get it. However it looks like he also might be getting a job offer from his old company in NZ (which would be more tempting - a helluva lot easier to move back to the city we used to live in than to a totally new one in Australia). No idea what's going to happen yet, might have more news by the end of September. 2013 will be a busy year for us anyway. A lot of Keep Calm & Carry On etc. I'm pretty flexible about it all but I do wish actually he could get a job in the UK instead for 3 or 4 years (there was talk of an offer there too, from one of his references for the Australia job).... if for nothing else <shallow emoticon> than to continue to live in a nice, warm insulated British-style house (NZ and Australian houses have no central heating are uninsulated and FREEZING - in Aus not a big problem but in NZ it's colder and it's dreadful, mould everywhere). And have access to Boots and quick deliveries. I know that sounds really lame but British and Irish people don't know how lucky they are, their houses and community infrastructure are so good.... and everything is so cheap in the UK and Ireland compared to Aus/NZ.... I do love home but sunshine and scenery are at times bit overrated when everything is so expensive and your house is like an icebox in winter. Don't let the NZ immigration department catch me saying that... it's supposed to be paradise right? grin

Can someone add me to the list too? I'm due 26 October with DC1 (a boy)....

Elpis Sat 01-Sep-12 14:05:54

Had a bossy letter from hospital today saying my iron levels are low (10.4, normal range 11.5-15.5) and I must go to GP, who will of course prescribe iron tablets. I don't want iron tablets. They make me constipated, and I am already managing only two poos a week. I am just going to eat more red meat, leafy green veg etc and make DH take me out for a steak. I'm not being irresponsible, am I? I was pretty much vegetarian in the few days before the blood test so I think that explains the result.

Zara1984 Sat 01-Sep-12 14:43:40

Elpis I think there is a liquid form of iron you can take that doesn't make you constipated??? Ask your doc.

I am taking iron tabs daily now and it has really helped. Mainly because I would be so exhausted otherwise I couldn't be bothered making iron-rich foods (ie i'd survive on tea and nutella-slathered toast).

Whatever you do make your DH take you out for a steak grin capital idea!!

CWest30 Sat 01-Sep-12 17:44:56

Wow, you are all so lovely, thanks for all the incredible support - hugs all around smile

I hope I haven't been banging on too much and bored you all to death with my "woe is me" stuff, just this is the only place I can vent. My parents and hubby both said to me yesterday I am basically being overly dramatic as usual (partly true) and over-analysing it. So I don't want to bother them with it any more, DH is stuck working nights in a job he LOATHES and is too tired to do more than grunt at me the majority of the time, and all my friends are mainly on facebook or busy with their own lives so not really got anyone else to confide in.

ANYWAY, happy, happy positive posts from now on I promise. I will update when I am finally given a date but no more negativity, I'd hate for any of you to suddenly end up having an emergency section under GA and worry about stuff I've said about not bornding etc, this is my own personal experience, I did not mean for it to sound like it is the same for everyone. Sincere apologies and thanks.

No appointments until midwife on Friday next week and DS has finished nursery so I am taking him out for a few treats before he starts big school, moves house and gets a new baby sister. Farm, Cinema and Soft Play area I think, that's 3 days covered!!

Enjoy your weekend lovely ladies, blessings to you all xxx

Beccus Sat 01-Sep-12 18:53:09

CWest, please continue to voice your fears as much as you need to on here. It's such a good source of support and because it's more anonymous, it means we can all be honest about how we r feeling without worrying about freaking out our nearest and dearest. I would be sh1tting myself if I had to have a GA for anything. It's ok to be mourning the fact you are missing out seeing your little ones coming into the world. Think u will feel better once you have a date.

Thanks planktoette and londonmrs for the new thread, yomping, u r too funny, but thank you for too for calculating the average thread length and tidying up the EDD list. Where would we be without our favorite OCD? smile

hurrah, angelico and crazy have joined squid on mat leave. I had a bit of a mat leave stress this week. I want to finish on 28/9, by which time i'll be 37.5 weeks. So, i thought i had 24 days left at work to sort everything out, and then my boss asks me to do something completely different for 5 days. That, i thought i could just manage. But, our mat leave policy says we have to get gp to give us a certificate of fitness to work if we want to go beyond 36 weeks, and my gp was being really unhelpful, banging on about how it wasn't appropriate or necessary because pregnancy isn't an illness... So i thought i was going to have to start mat lave 8 days earlier, losing a total of 13 days, and only having 11 left to sort everything out!!!! Cue giant freak out, tears, poor night's sleep....but think everything is now sorted. HR have agreed i can stay until 28th as long as i have a mat risk ax every 4 days in those last 8.

bella2012, u r amazing, i can totally understand how you would have wanted your hubby to chose your weekend together over the rugby. He is so lucky to have you, i hope u r doing something really nice for yourself this weekend.

Impressed by u active spd for me yet, but maybe that's because i get tired after 15 mins walking and need a little rest. Recommend regular rests to all.

Had a lovely massage this am and popped out for some more baby bits. Baby bed is ready, which feels reassuring. Had to get gorgeous cookie monster t shirt from mothercare for me that has a pic of him munching cookiens and says 'eating for 2!'. I love CM smile

Antenatal class for us, too tomorrow. Have been lent a dvd called 'orgasmic birth' - apparently one lady really has an orgasm...sounds much better than OBEM smile ...will report back!!

hufflepuffle Sat 01-Sep-12 20:35:01

Evening all! Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch.
Fruitful day. Ikea in morning followed by actually making a considerable dent in back room, yay!! Lots of stuff boxed and ready for move. Tmrw is clean the room and start looking at what hav for baba and what need.
Consequence? Sore sore sore pelvic area big time!!! Me and the ball close companions for rest of evening and hope I've not overdone it too much!!!

Hilarious scary dreams last night...... Vampires..... Woke DH by shouting at top of voice "don't invite him in!!!!" We were giggling like kids at 4 am!

Hope all as well as can be for everyone, 6 wks today for moi...,
Off to have a sneaky glass of rose....... Drink number 6 of pregnancy I think!! wine

Londonmrss Sat 01-Sep-12 21:14:31

Am liking the sound of an orgasmic birth, Beccus. Make sure you give us all the info!

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