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shagged out viroids volume 5 - proving that JSing really does work!

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mandasand Thu 30-Aug-12 13:51:28

Hello and welcome to the shiny new thread for Just Shagging graduates! smile

[[ Our stats thread is here.] (Awaiting more members with bated breath!)

We've just moved over from Shagged Out Viroids Volume 4 (And there's a prize for anyone who can enlighten us as to what a Viroid is!)

(If you want to find out what Just Shagging is about or catch up with the undergrads go say hello to the Just Shaggers here)

ChildOfThe1980s Sun 25-Nov-12 18:14:52

Oh dear Wing :D

tiredteddy Sun 25-Nov-12 21:10:27

I just slipped down a couple of stairs and really bashed my bottom sad I cried too!

flyingsprocket Sun 25-Nov-12 21:13:47

Oh no tiredteddy Hugs x

oww teddy hope its not too bruised...

Well I'm checking in after my dating scan - I thought I was 10 weeks after my first scan but was confirmed back to 12 weeks 2 days - so an early June baby!
It was so amazing - my eyes are still welling up again at the image of the 5cm baby in my tummy wriggling around. Still can't quite believe its real. Boyfriend was mesmerised as he got to watch the screen the whole time - I think it might just be starting to hit him that this is really happening!
Baby was a real little livewire and kept moving and ducking away from the scan so they weren't able to do a nuchal test - instead I go back for just the blood test at 15 weeks.

If you have had your scans - how the hell do you concentrate afterwards? I'm supposed to be working but instead I am mumsnetting with a big smile on my face!! grin

Pineapple80 Mon 26-Nov-12 13:19:18

tired - oh no, I hope you're ok. Do take care...

stuck - that is so exciting! I bet you must be thrilled grin. I have a dating scan next Tuesday and am nervous/excited all at once.

Hope everyone else is well. waves - sound pretty certain you're pregnant to me!!! Unknown it can feel so surreal web you find out. Congrats and enjoy that happy feeling! smile

CuriosityCola Mon 26-Nov-12 13:53:56

tired hope you are ok.

Congrats on the good scan news stuck. Did you get some good pictures?

Got one pic and he just looks very little and delicate, and to quote boyfriend - looks like an alien with his big head!

tiredteddy Mon 26-Nov-12 16:22:03

Hi all. Thanks for the sympathy. I'm walking like an old woman that's for sure. I've definitely bruised my coccyx!

stuck glad all was well at the scan. Do you know it's a he then?

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Mon 26-Nov-12 19:58:46

Just catching up on all the news. We were away in Stockport this weekend visiting MIL and we generally stay overnight because we don't see her that often.

Congrats on the super duper scan Stuck - it is lovely to see everything and know it's all ok in there!

Sorry to hear of your fall Tired, it's awful banging your coccyx because it's so nerve-rich.

Bet you're excited for your scan Pineapple. I have my 20 week scan in 2 weeks and I can't wait! Started to feel some mini kicks now and I love it! Can't wait until they are more regular.

I was having a bit of a stress this morning because my bump is quite small and it's smaller in the morning when I wake up than it is in the evening. I keep panicking that it's disappearing confused and thinking something must be wrong. But I did have my muscles stitched together last year and so I think it's probably just a muscle tightness thing and then by the end of the day when I can't be bothered to hold my tummy in any more it always seems to have grown again. This pregnancy and MN has made me SUPER IRRATIONAL, I don't think I had any vague worries with DC1 and 2.

tiredteddy Tue 27-Nov-12 10:02:29

Hi guinea I know what you mean about bumps. Mine goes to half the size if I lay down so in the morning it looks very neat. Then gravity works it's magic and it's all out by dinner time blush very normal I think.

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Tue 27-Nov-12 10:18:13

Thanks Tired - good to know I'm not alone!

tired no we don't know that its a 'he' just keep randomly using he, she or baby as I don't like using 'it'!

enjoy your scan pineapple

a small bump sounds good guinea even if it doesn't last all day - kind of crazy all the strange things that keep happening to our bodies!

tiredteddy Tue 27-Nov-12 15:47:21

pineapple how did the scan go?

Pineapple80 Tue 27-Nov-12 19:04:17

Ooh sorry for confusion, my scan is next Tuesday!! Thanks for your thoughts though smile. I did have a lovely massage tonight though, feeling nice and relaxed after a day of packing!

CuriosityCola Tue 27-Nov-12 21:45:37

I keep getting confused about whether I have posted on here or the June thread. confused

Guinea why did you need your stomach stitched? Had the muscles parted really badly in a previous pregnancy <curious emoticon>

Glad to hear everyone else is doing well. My morning sickness seems to be in the late afternoon. Tiredness definitely makes it worse. So much better than my last pregnancy though. Finally have my booking in tomorrow. Hopefully will get to hear heartbeat grin

MrsBri Wed 28-Nov-12 07:04:30

I'm the same, Cola, get progressively worse during the day. The train ride home is awful! I'm just counting down the days til I'm sick / I faint on the train. :-/

I actually felt sick as I got into bed last night too.

How is everyone today? :-)

WingDefence Wed 28-Nov-12 10:59:24

Hi all! BT came and fixed the phone yesterday but our broadband is stupidly slow (0.1mb per second angry) so I'm currently sitting in starbucks using their wifi and doing some work email honest guv before I head back home.

Curiosity what time is your booking in appt? Hope it goes well. Dnt forget your yellow sample! grin

DS was sick yesterday and I kept him off preschool but it was just a bad cough and sore throat from that, no temperature, so he went back in this morning. I was Kent to be down in London presenting at two events but had to cancel because I couldn't tell if DS would be well enough to go back to preschool, DH is away with work and my DPs are on holiday envy so I couldn't take the chance.

Of course half hour after I cancelled my train tickets, DS got a new lease of life and was tons better...!

Right, better he'd home and do some proper work instead of 'working' with an eggnog latte and orange & cranberry muffin blush

WingDefence Wed 28-Nov-12 11:00:13

I was due to be in London. Not Kent. confused

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Wed 28-Nov-12 12:11:10

Ooo eggnog latte and orange and cranberry muffin sound delicious Wing - glad your partially back online. I think children just know when something really important is coming up and get ill, then as soon as you've rearranged/cancelled they get better!

Pineapple I'm very envy of your massage - when OH gives me a massage it lasts for a few minutes then he says his back is hurting and stops! I think I'm going to treat myself to a proper pregnancy massage at some point. A few months ago I went to a parenting fair and ended up winning a raffle prize which was a reflexology session, need to take it before December 31st so that should be a pre-Christmas treat at least smile

I had severe polyhydramnios when I was pregnant with DD Curiosity and my muscles were so separated and were never going to go back by themselves (apparently) so I had them repaired last year. You are of course meant to finish your family when you have the operation but I changed my mind about more babies!! I've run it past my surgeon and he says it's fine and if they separate again then they will re-repair them [very lucky emoticon]. I am hoping to avoid this but I was big with both my pregnancies so can't see this one being any different! Although I'm much smaller than I was at this stage with DD so fingers crossed.

Just had lunch and me and DD are heading over to school to ticket tombola prizes for the school fair on Friday - oh my life is so glamourous!

Pineapple80 Wed 28-Nov-12 19:24:57

guinea - highly recommend booking in for a pregnancy massage! So worth it. My massage lady I normally see is also qualified to do pg massage so when I found out I was pregnant, she adapted to my requirements and have found it so beneficial!

Pineapple80 Wed 28-Nov-12 19:26:06

Oh forgot to mention, let us know when u go for your reflexology session - would love to learn more about it as I have heard really good things about it.

CuriosityCola Wed 28-Nov-12 19:37:48

That's reassuring to know they will do it again if needed Guinea.

My booking in appointment went well today. The trainee was in the hot seat asking all the questions and doing the paperwork. I also let her take my blood and she did a really good job. Same midwife as last time. They are both lovely.

I am unsure what hospital to choose as Edinburgh has a midwifery led unit now and it looks amazing. However, I had a great experience at St Johns last time. Decisions, decisions. What type of birth is everyone on here hoping for/ planning?

CuriosityCola Wed 28-Nov-12 19:43:13

P.s. thank you wing. Seen your message just before I left and quickly drank a huge glass of water. Had completely forgot about the wee wee sample. grin

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Wed 28-Nov-12 20:31:57

I always forget a sample when I go for appts. The midwife usually sighs and asks me if I think I could do one now? I am not renowned for being the most hydrated of persons (in fact have just realised I have had one drink today confused ) so I end up doing a tiny wee and then get told off for it being too strong blush . You would've thought I'd have learnt by now but no!

I will let you know about the reflexology. I think I am starting with PGP (I don't think they call it SPD anymore do they?). I must book in with my chiropractor - she was a miracle worker when I was pg with DD...I went from crutches and agony to no pain in less than a month! I've referred 3 friends to her so think I definitely deserve free treatment and they all swear she is a miracle worker.

Glad your booking in appt went well and you had lovely midwives - will you stay with them throughout your pregnancy? Can you ask to look around the new midwifery led unit and decide from there?

I'm planning on a hospital vbac this time. I chose my hospital because it has good parking, even though it is slightly further away grin

MrsBri Wed 28-Nov-12 20:37:09

Wow, drink?

I'm on about my 4th litre of fluid and still feel dehydrated. Seemed to have struggled with hydration today, it has to be said. :-/

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