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shagged out viroids volume 5 - proving that JSing really does work!

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mandasand Thu 30-Aug-12 13:51:28

Hello and welcome to the shiny new thread for Just Shagging graduates! smile

[[ Our stats thread is here.] (Awaiting more members with bated breath!)

We've just moved over from Shagged Out Viroids Volume 4 (And there's a prize for anyone who can enlighten us as to what a Viroid is!)

(If you want to find out what Just Shagging is about or catch up with the undergrads go say hello to the Just Shaggers here)

Pineapple80 Wed 21-Nov-12 21:00:13

Hello ladies! How are you all?

Had my last day at work today and was a really lovely day, hilarious farewell gift and very nice send off at the pub. Quite sad to be leaving actually!!

Glad most of you are feeling better this week. I have my first scan in less than 2 wks!

Well now I will be dedicated full time to packing, wish me luck!!

somethingwittynot Wed 21-Nov-12 21:36:47

sorry all been rather busy have some exciting news though! my sil was due yesterday dnt hack the pain went to the hospital and was 2cm early morning she went back today early labour though. she went back today at half one (pm) and is hopefully labouring niyet! imet! im guessing 8lb 2oz

somethingwittynot Wed 21-Nov-12 21:37:02

scuse typos mn hates my phone

somethingwittynot Wed 21-Nov-12 22:06:21

sil update she is 6cm they broke her waters around 7.40pm mec in waters. they are putting the drip in now and have given her a 4 hour time from now to see if things progress. her contractions arnt strong enough to get her more dilated if things havent happened in hours she will be going for a section. bit random but this had really made me think about zacs birth. makes me feel like i sort of failed and that maybe i should just go with a planned section. sorry hormones running away with me

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Wed 21-Nov-12 22:59:12

Something your body didn't fail. There are a while host of reasonswhy labours progress or not as the case sometimes is. It could be tiredness, position of mum, position of baby etc etc etc...I honestly believe that women's bodies were designed to give birth and that all are capable of it BUT that doesn't mean we should feel bad if we need some help (I had an assisted delivery with DS and an ELCS with DD) and both seemed right IN THE CIRCUMSTANCES which is really all that anyone can work with anyway.

I think that preparing physically and mentally forbirth can help and part of that is lettinggo and trusting our bodies. But otherwise don't feel bad about what happens. I don't feel happy with my labour with DS but am determined to put it to bed, learn something from it (i really don't want to be induced!) And make sure my negative thinking about it doesn't get in the way of DC3s birth. I did this when it came to BFing DD (after difficulty BFing DS - long story) and we ended up BFing for 2 years despite a very rocky start.

I really hope this comes across as a 'you can do it' style pep talk rather than a lecture! I've just finished a mountain of ironing and I think all the standing has made me a bit delirious! Wishing your SIL luck with her birth and am very envy of imminent newborn baby cuddles.

somethingwittynot Wed 21-Nov-12 23:20:28

i totally understand what your saying 75% off me is like smash this vbac% section.

o et the section.

on a happier note my niece should be here erly hours of the morning! and i might get squishy newborn cuddles tomorrow

somethingwittynot Wed 21-Nov-12 23:21:15

stupid phone! 75% is like smash the vbac other % is fuck it get the section

somethingwittynot Thu 22-Nov-12 08:17:24

sil update- they changed their minds about the section as by 2am she had dilated 1cm. they gave her another 4 hours and she had made it to 9. she is now 10cm, waiting for the baby to come lower and then there going to start pushing. she should be born by 10

tiredteddy Thu 22-Nov-12 09:12:00

Wow good luck to your sil something so exciting. smile

WingDefence Thu 22-Nov-12 09:55:08

Any news something?!

somethingwittynot Thu 22-Nov-12 10:30:19

shes here!! 7lb 15oz but so fat she looks like she should be 9lbs

Pineapple80 Thu 22-Nov-12 11:01:15

Congrats to your SIL something! Lovely news.

somethingwittynot Thu 22-Nov-12 11:16:36


WingDefence Thu 22-Nov-12 11:20:12

Congrats to your SIL! Has the baby got a name yet? <very nosy> grin

somethingwittynot Thu 22-Nov-12 12:20:45

shes called lola rianne not my cup of tea grin think she was a forceps delivary as has a mark by her nose/eyebrow

tiredteddy Thu 22-Nov-12 13:14:29

Glad the birth was ok for your SiL something must make it seem real for you about two babies in a way. Not so long now until your turn!

somethingwittynot Thu 22-Nov-12 13:27:00

she took her sweet time coming but i think things went well. yup 3 months till my turn

WingDefence Thu 22-Nov-12 13:59:10

Lola is quite pretty but it always reminds me of the famous 60s Kinks song about the transvestite (which I do love singing along to)!


aww how lovely - a squishy baby to be auntie to...

Which makes me realise just how much pregnancy is changing me! I was never so soppy and emotional before and certainly never about babies!

Hope you are all doing well ladies...
I've been very quiet because quite frankly the last two weeks have been rubbish with nausea and tiredness but I finally feel like a corner maybe turning as this is the second day of feeling perkier and even work colleagues have said that I'm starting to look like my old self (I had to tell work because I was constantly disappearing to the loo and returning sheet white, as well as regular snacking and changing my tea order to a decaf - so quite a few had worked it out!)

Anyway I hope that means I might do something this weekend - may even risk some christmas shopping/decorations or cooking. And get very excited because my first official scan is on Monday at 8.00am! Am also very scared - I hope all is still ok with the little one...

flyingsprocket Thu 22-Nov-12 18:04:27

Hello ladies, I was a JSer until about 7 months ago when I decided mumsnetting was making me think about conception too much.

After 8 or 9 months of seeing the ERTD I got a BFP yesterday. Am ready to mumsnet again!

Hello to everyone, I haven't read through all 35 pages yet......

ICompletelyKnowAboutGuineaPigs Thu 22-Nov-12 18:16:02

Congrats Flying! And welcome back to MN and to our thread - we're getting quite big now (bumps and numbers!)

Congrats to your SIL Something - glad things went well and baby arrived safely.

tiredteddy Thu 22-Nov-12 18:26:13

Hi stuck it's nice to hear from you! Glad you are ok and good luck for you scan on Monday. Very exciting times. I can't remember how far along everyone is I need to look up the stats thread!

Congrats and nice to meet you flying

somethingwittynot Thu 22-Nov-12 18:29:06

got the details she was a forceps delivary like i thought

tiredteddy Thu 22-Nov-12 18:32:44

Are they home now? Is it sils first?

somethingwittynot Thu 22-Nov-12 19:18:53

pher first she posted on facebook saying she might be in for a few days her epi still hasnt worn off and she had an episiotomy apparantly shes showing signs of infection to

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