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March 2013 Mk IV: Knicker-checking; knicker-wetting; knicker-knackered

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tiddleypompom Sat 25-Aug-12 11:03:05

There you go chick-a-dees

Sheldonella Sat 25-Aug-12 11:10:29

Hello new thread <waves> grin

theTramp Sat 25-Aug-12 11:10:39


backwardpossom Sat 25-Aug-12 11:14:48


HermioneBoo Sat 25-Aug-12 11:16:05

Love the new thread name ;)

JoJoBella84 Sat 25-Aug-12 11:19:55

Wahey smile flabby, new thread smile

shieldbug Sat 25-Aug-12 11:20:05

Thanks for new thread tiddley.

Congrats to Sarah on scan.

Welcome lady. Sounds like you'll fit right in here.

I'm a SAHM whilst finishing my PhD, then I'll be full-time SAHM until dcs are in nursery or school. I'm thinking of home-schooling until 5 so I'm not sure if they'll go to nursery or not, but that's very much a decision for the future. I'm a biology teacher so that's pretty easy to fit around dcs compared to some jobs. Only thing is teaching jobs (even science) are so competitive over here, it's much harder to get a job than in England. We''l have to see what happens.

Better get back to the PhD..still trying to edit out a couple of thousand words...curse my long-windedness!

JoJoBella84 Sat 25-Aug-12 11:20:25

Fabby, not flabby sad

Emus Sat 25-Aug-12 11:20:30


Can I join please, I'm due with our first on 13.03.13 grin

Got my first scan next week and petrified!

HermioneBoo Sat 25-Aug-12 11:40:52

Hello Emus ! Welcome to the chattiest group out there!

tedmundo Sat 25-Aug-12 11:43:48

Back from my scan and everything is fine. I have a new EDD of 8th March.

Baby was moving lots, waving and kicking. Cried a lot.

HermioneBoo Sat 25-Aug-12 11:50:17

Congrats ted so glad you had a great scan, only 8 days til mine and I'm not counting down the days at all, no no no grin I've a feeling there'll be a lot of (hopefully happy) tears at my scan but they will be from DH, he wells up at the mention of the scan!

HarrietJonesPrimeMinister Sat 25-Aug-12 11:54:25

Yay ted smile

shield where are you atm?

Am in my new eBay mat jeans today. Feel so much better. They are mamas and papas with buttons at the size to make them bigger so should get a few months our of them

Sheldonella Sat 25-Aug-12 11:58:44

That is great news ted. Your post yesterday about leaving work was interesting too - did I also read you used to work in IT? I work in IT and if I want to go back to work will have to stay in my current job and hope for part time I think. I really don't want to go back to it full time. I am half expecting to feel the way you did. I feel that I won't be able to get back into the IT industry if I leave though. Do you intend to change careers when you go back?

backwardpossom Sat 25-Aug-12 11:59:16

Congrats ted! grin

shieldbug Sat 25-Aug-12 12:07:10

Hooray ted so pleased to hear you had a great scan.

HJ I'm in Northern Ireland (migrated over here when I got married nearly 6 years ago). All my teaching was in England though: trained in Durham, then taught near Bath (who was from Bath?) and SW London area.

Whoever mentioned peach iced tea- not fair- I now want some. (In fact, I end up wanting whatever the latest craving is posted on here). Ooohh just thought- we have some icecream in the freezer and some strawberry and chocolate sauce....can I resist?

Ooee4444 Sat 25-Aug-12 12:29:30

Hi all! waves
Please can I join too? Loving all your stories! Making me feel so much better that there are ladies feeling 'as rough as toast' just like me! Bit about me...

Age: 35
EDD for #1: 24.3.13 (10 weeks)
From: South Yorkshire

pinkpeony4 Sat 25-Aug-12 12:31:47

Ted congratulations on a great scan! grin

lady & Emus welcome & congratulations on your pregnancies! smile

Well I have been away for a few days and there is a new thread already! So much to catch up on! It's v strange here today because he boys are staying with my mother for the weekend and so we are home and child free! First time ever and it's v strange. I rather pathetically cried when I went to bed las night and saw their empty bedrooms! Definitely blame the hormones. Going to try and have a massive sort out to keep busy. We are collecting them on Monday.

We had our Nuchal scan at the Fetal Medicine Centre last night and was slightly disapponted. It felt very rushed & not as thorough as our NHS one. Bit of a waste of £180. She did say that it is "probably a boy" which is no surprise but she was very vague. She said a boys nub is usually vertical & a girls parallel. Our babies was slightly above parallel! So not sure at all but given that we already have 3 boys I am sure number 4 will follow suit!

I hope everyone has a lovely bank holiday weekend. Who else has a scan today? It's very civilised to have a Saturday scan!

Has anyone else found that they are not as hungry anymore? I have gone from being ravenous for the first 12 weeks to barely hungry. Not complaining at all because it might stop me ballooning! Especially because I am not allowed to go to the gym because of my low lying placenta!

pinkpeony4 Sat 25-Aug-12 12:32:50

Sorry cross posted. Hello & welcome Ooee4444 smile

tedmundo Sat 25-Aug-12 13:18:46

Thank you do much for all the lovely posts guys. Today I feel like perhaps this is all real after all.

sheldonella .. Yup, I was a Project Manager in IT. I just could not see a way to do that job and stay sane. Weekends and nights are typical for IT projects and I was tying myself in knots thinking of how I could do it.

So actually, I took the easy way out which I do sometimes feel bad about. Perhaps I should have challenged myself more on finding a way to make it work? I do have regrets, because you are right that IT is a tough one to crack back into after a career break.

I imagine I will retrain, and do something different. My degree was in social sciences rather than computer science so I may go back to studies for a while anyway. I always fancied doing a masters!

tedmundo Sat 25-Aug-12 13:20:27

I should add the regrets are not about being a SAHM, more that I will miss IT as a career!

HermioneBoo Sat 25-Aug-12 13:29:34

ted I'm training to be a project manager in IT at the moment, absolutely loving it but has been difficult to hide first trimester symptoms when people need answers and me to rush about! I work for a uni though so thankfully they're supportive of flexible working. Were you a pm in the private sector?

sundaesundae Sat 25-Aug-12 13:44:44

ted great news about the scan! 4 more sleeps till mine, we looked at prams today and then ran away scared and with me shouting 'it's too soon!!'

welcome newbies!!

Sooo tired today and supposed to be going to an all dayish party where no-one but us and the hosts know I am pregnant. Thinking of excuses not to go in hot tub or drink!!

HarrietJonesPrimeMinister Sat 25-Aug-12 14:01:30

I've bought my buggy board blush
Someone on here said they had stop making the one I wanted so I got one from eBay for £10 grin

tiddleypompom Sat 25-Aug-12 14:05:14

Welcome on board emus and oooee! Congratulations in your updiffedability grin

Hooray for babytedmundo!! Completely thrilled for you ted smile its real, it's real!

Am upstairs pputting DS down for his nap whilst friends are downstairs chatting - making me impatient to rejoin them!

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