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Anyone had a cervical stitch?

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LucyLucyLonglegs Mon 13-Mar-06 14:49:14

Just trying to find someone else who has had a cervical stitch due to previous m/c. Had one put in 4 weeks ago as it looked like this pg was going belly up, thankfully they caught it in time. Lost last baby at 17weeks pg due to early opening of cervix.

Just want to see, once they take the stitch out, how long before labour begins?
Been told stitch will come out 4 weeks before due date and to stay near hosp. Is this correct????

LucyLucyLonglegs Mon 13-Mar-06 14:58:09


Boopert Mon 13-Mar-06 15:47:52

No-One???? Hello????

JoPG Mon 13-Mar-06 16:10:03

No personal experience, but a good friend of mine had a cervical stitch and labour did not start for some time after the stitch was taken out. She did stay pretty near the hospital though, just in case.
I can ask her for more details if you want to know anything more.
Good luck with this pregnancy.

Boopert Mon 13-Mar-06 16:11:51

Thanks. If you could ask....
Just seems not many people out there that have had it done!

Just want a bit of info for my own piece of mind really.

poppiesinaline Mon 13-Mar-06 16:14:11

My sister did. She m/c at 20 weeks with first baby. The next 2 pregnancies she had a cervical stitch. On both occasions as soon as the stitch came out she had had the baby within 48 hours.

Boopert Mon 13-Mar-06 16:15:47

Okay. Thankyou.
Will pack my bags soon...have a feeling it will happen a few weeks before due date....

foundintranslation Mon 13-Mar-06 16:44:14

A friend of mine had a stitch in her third pg after 2 late mcs. It was taken out at 37 weeks, but labour didn't start until her due date. (Took 4 hours start to finish btw!). So it isn't necessarily so that it'll happen immediately, but as well to be prepared.
Good luck

Boopert Mon 13-Mar-06 16:47:59

Thanks for the replies. Will try asking Consultant to see if he can be a bit more informative.

Boopert Wed 15-Mar-06 14:32:08


majormoo Wed 15-Mar-06 15:31:24

Boopert I am sure there are other people on here who have had stitch pregnancies as I have read their threads! I am not sure how you link to threads, but you could try searching through old ones to find people who have. (I tend to read them when I see them as am a bit anxious myself about my dear old cervix after surgery for dodgy cells last year.)

Boopert Wed 15-Mar-06 15:33:19

Thankyou. Hadn't even thought of that. Prob explains why no one has come forward...!

Dodgy cells. Now theres another thread....

majormoo Thu 16-Mar-06 14:19:19

oh dear-was your incompetent cervix caused by treatment for CIN then? I had LLETZ treatment last year, plus later in the year had a termination because of a lethal chromosonal abnormality in our baby, so am worried these procedures might have affected my cervix. Am 10 weeks pregnant at the moment-people just tell me not to worry about it as there would be nothing they can do anyway (i.e. they couldn't tell if there is a problem til after you have had a late miscarriage) I am naturally a worrier though so have not been very good about forgetting about it!!

GDG Thu 16-Mar-06 14:21:29

My SIL wnet into labour with the stitch still in, 4 weeks early. They took the stitch out while she was in labour!

Boopert Fri 17-Mar-06 09:27:38

Mine was due to having a cone biopsy when i was 19 and then after one perfect pg they thought all was well but the cervix just couldn't hold on so lost him early.

And i'm a natural born worrier. It's normal to worry when pg after mc. So any ache or pain i'm harrassing my family and friends....

Boopert Fri 17-Mar-06 09:29:07

Oh and i had infection which weakened it more. But see your dr and tell them you are worried as they can maybe send you for more reg check ups. I go once a week to the hosp and see my Cons.

Boopert Sat 18-Mar-06 20:44:58


DimpledThighs Sun 26-Nov-06 12:45:47

was doing a search on late miscarrigae and this came up. Don't know if you are still around but I had late m/c and have since had two children - both with a cervical stitch.

katikins Sat 08-Dec-07 22:37:41

Hello anyone.Ive just had a stitch put in 4 days ago.I lost my last baby at 14 wks due to my cervix giving way.I have had other miscarriages too but this is the first time I have had the stitch put in.Whats your advice about bedrest as I work full time in retail,Im off until 18 wks at the moment but would like to hear other peoples experiences.I don't feel quite so alone now.......

cluelessnchaos Sat 08-Dec-07 22:41:27

I had a stitch with dd1, at about 17 weeks as I was dilating, the stitch was removed at 37 weeks and then I didnt go into labour until 39 weeks, I like you had miscarried shortly before getting pregnant and that was the reason for the incompetent cervix, I went on to have 2 pregnancies without stitches and who were very overdue.

deckthehallswithgeekymummy Mon 24-Dec-07 10:24:40

Hi katikins!

My sister had a stitch after previously miscarrying at 22 weeks. Her waters broke at 35 weeks, the stitch was removed, went into labour 2 days later and had my nephew, he weighed 6lb and is now a lovely almost 6 year old

She was working in a physically demanding job and had JUST started maternity leave! I work in retail too and sat on a stool as I got bigger... thankfully my manager was quite understanding smile

orangehead Mon 24-Dec-07 10:39:15

No exp, but wanted to say to all you who have lost babies that Im so sorry for your loss. I had 3 earlier mc and it is so scarey being pregant again. I since have had to boys but thier pregs was full of scares in and out of hospital. I hope all goes well

Lunarel Thu 07-Feb-08 14:39:07

Hi - am pregnant with my 3rd baby, and had a cervical stitch done in November (due date 23 May). I lived in Canada for my last pregnancy and had a stitch done there too - all went well, stitch was removed at 37 weeks and little boy was born 4 days later. In Canada I had vaginal scans every couple of weeks to check on cervical length etc, however my midwife here, in UK, has told me that I will have no check ups at all, and the stitch will be taken out at 36 weeks. Has anybody got any experience with cervical weakness/stitches at all? Am just worrying that I'm not getting enough check-ups.....

TillyNeedsHelp Wed 12-Mar-08 11:02:15

Hi am new and desperately need advice. In 2000 had a cone biopsy and was told by my gynae that as i now had an incompetent cervix I would need to have a stitch placed any time i got pregnant. Have had 2 kids and 2 stitches and all went well. Am now pregnant again and was due to have the stitch today but for some reason there has been a nagging feeling telling me 'don't do it' So a couple of days ago i went online and discovered that cone biopsy DOES NOT = incompetent cervix, it only increases the risk. (statistically by 2%).I went to the gynae yesterday and confronted her with this and she confirmed that this is indeed correct - ' but isn't it better to be safe than sorry' Having thrown a mini-fit i then demanded an ultra-sound, trans-vaginal ultrasound and digital stress - test. Only to find that i am showing NO signs of shortening or cervial weakness. (My cervical length is 3.94cm!) Should i this time round not do the stitch. My gynae has said its up to me and will support me and look after me whichever option I choose.

uly Wed 12-Mar-08 14:19:46

Mine is a different situation but have similar concerns - i'll explain, lost daughter at 22wks last april to ecoli- infection so this pregnancy i have been monitored more frequently hence internal scans for cervix incompetance, although they thought that was'nt the problem it turned out it was a problem and my cervix went from 25mm at 16 wks scan to 11mm at 21 wk scan, i know this is different circumstances to you but we felt that although the cervix could stop at 11mm and not decrease further we couldnt be sure.
We went ahead with the stitch with the knowledge of risks as they do love to tell you the RISKS!!! However we feel that we have done all we can to save this pregnancy if something happens. If we had decided not to go ahead with the op and something does happen i know we would had always been thinking what if!
I know your situation is different but i just wanted to share my experience, so glad your other two pregnancies were successful and praying my third will be too.
Maybe it would be a good idea to demand weekly internal scans to keep an eye on your cervix then any sign of reduction you can then think further? Keep me posted as i had mine done a week ago and very anxious!
Hope this helped. vicky

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