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April 2013... under starters orders

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herhonesty Fri 27-Jul-12 13:56:29

so tested positive on thursday am for a due date of ... 1st april.... anyone else? early days yet but after 2 years of trying for no. 2 i am very excited!!

timetomoveon Wed 01-Aug-12 09:36:22

Thanks smile congrats to you too aufaniae!

BonaDea Wed 01-Aug-12 09:41:38

Congratulations everyone! So far so good!

Novia - we got married on 7 July and my best guess is that I got knocked up within a week. Just didn't think it would happen to quickly and now I'm shuddering to think about what I ate / drank / did on honeymoon - lots of parma ham, unpasturised cheese, wine, wine, wine, traipsiing about sightseeing in 35 degree heat...

Wishful - if someone said to you tomorrow: your trip to Thailand is cancelled and you'll be touring the Amalfi Coast in Italy or going to Provence, how would you feel? Would you be relieved deep down in side or disappointed? That might be your answer...

BonaDea Wed 01-Aug-12 09:43:31

p.s. please someone tell me about all the apps I need to download!

Novia Wed 01-Aug-12 10:08:33

BonaDea - not sure if they are the best ones, but I have the free versions of My Pregnancy and What To Expect (pregnancy) and I paid for the full version of BabyBump. They all seem pretty good - My Pregnancy is probably the best/least American.

I've also got Tinybeans, which is a photo journal you can use when the baby is born to create an online album of its growth/life. It only has the positive pregnancy test photo so far - but thought I would use it for my bump pictures too! smile

BonaDea Wed 01-Aug-12 10:29:28

Thanks - will check them out!

herhonesty Wed 01-Aug-12 11:57:19

apps!! i never had apps last time round!! even more excited now.

Circusgirl1 Wed 01-Aug-12 12:20:07

Hi! Can I join? I'm 5 weeks 2 days but have pregnancy symptoms. Is this normal? This is my first pregnancy and I am so nervous as all I seem to hear are people talking about MCs. I had an early scan yesterday and all they can see is a sac and yolk sac. Some reassurance would be amazing!!

Frootloopz Wed 01-Aug-12 12:30:57

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Frootloopz Wed 01-Aug-12 12:34:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Circusgirl1 Wed 01-Aug-12 12:38:36

Hi froot I meant to say that I'm not having any symptoms. Except maybe going to the loo a bit more and some cramps. I'm so excited but can't seem to get the thought of MC out of my head :-( when are you due? Congrats btw!

timetomoveon Wed 01-Aug-12 13:18:45

I've got reeeeeeaaalllllyyyy sore boobs. Other than that, nothing really. Feel a touch nauseous but not much. This is my 3rd pg (1 mc in 2005 and a ds who is 4) and the other times I was hugely sick and nauseous so I'm waiting with eager anticipation for that to start.

damnitdamnit Wed 01-Aug-12 17:17:17

Timetomoveon I am the same, my boobs are so sore I am holding them just to walk up the stairs. It is also amazing me how many times the kids can elbow me in an hour.

Feeling really tired today can't decide if it's the swimming I did earlier or pregnancy symptom but sent DH out with the kids food shopping so I can have a sit down grin

Novia Wed 01-Aug-12 17:57:07

Feeling irrationally emotional after my trip to the doctor to get a midwife appointment this evening.

I live in East London which has some nice bits and lots of less-nice bits. Its a big doctors practice and caters for lots of people from a variety of backgrounds. The doctor was totally not bothered and cold (don't expect a fuss, but a bit of support/advice would be nice - she also gave me advice which was then contradicted by the reception staff who booked the midwife appointment.

I got told that I won't see a midwife until 12 weeks and they only had one appointment available then as she only works there on Fridays. And I will have to go to my scans at Whitechapel hospital (which is a huge, old, cr*ppy, dirty London hospital). Apparently someone from the hospital will contact me re: the scan.

Just feel really low and deflated - really hate the idea of going to Whitechapel and it seems a long time 'til I see a midwife (17th September) and then there is no flexibility (I have to go to the surgery to see her and there is limited availability).

Is this normal? Desperate to move but struggling to sell our flat at the moment.

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 19:07:46

I was born in the London! Quite a while ago though smile

Do you like the other Drs at the practice? Can you maybe avoid seeing her in the future?

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 19:08:33

Early scan?! How do you get one of those? I thought you had to wait till the dating scan at 12 weeks.

AmayaBuzzbee Wed 01-Aug-12 19:37:55

Here (in Surrey) you only get to see midwife at 10wks, they are not interested earlier as risk of miscarriage is high before then. They also do some kind of bloodtest where results only show after you are 10wks. It's going to be a long wait! I'm not sure if I should book now or wait a couple more weeks before I do? Am only 4+2 today.

Circusgirl1 Wed 01-Aug-12 19:45:26

I've also found the docs really can't be bothered with new pregnancies. Even first time mums. The doc I saw said I should get a pregnancy pack from reception at my surgery. When I went to collect they told me that I shouldn't bother collecting it until closer to 10 weeks in case of MC! What a way to celebrate eh?

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 07:47:31

Morning all,

I had a very tiring day at Alton Towers yesterday and managed to go on Duel twice and rapids once, I avoided everything else. Living it up me smile

Anyway can I ask a question please? I'm really worried about my boobs, they are a fair size anyway and people on here are commenting on them getting bigger, does that always happen? I'm currently a 34 HH, I have no idea where I can get bigger bras from that will eventually have no underwiring in them and will still support them. Bravissimo is normally ace but I'm very worried about their capabilities.

And they're bloody aching every time I take my bra off, fine until them but agony afterwards. sad

Doingakatereddy Thu 02-Aug-12 08:26:37

Morning ratbagcabag. Alton Towers, wow your brave - I went to cinema last night & I'm shattered!

On bra's, I've got big boobs & during last pregnancy regularly checked sizing. Bought bra's from Figleaves, but found if you want to save money good tip is to nor look for maternity bra's, just non under wired & go to cheapy shops (TJ Hughes, Market stalls etc). However, if you have a few bob I'd recommend Hotmilk (stuff is lush)

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 09:08:05

Oooh Hotmilk looks very nice, still not much in my size already though, Grrrr, I will have to hope I don't get much bigger.

I didn't realise there were so many things to consider - what to wear giving birth, what to wear afterwards, what pants to wear due to bleeding?!?! ARGH!!! grin

timetomoveon Thu 02-Aug-12 11:02:40

It's really glamorous being pg/having a baby ;)

Flosshilde Thu 02-Aug-12 11:05:56

I had Hotmilk maternity and nursing bras last time and they are ace. I have a small back size which was difficult to find elsewhere. I ended up getting a huge cyst on my back one of my bras rubbed so much.

I wore a couple of my DH's old shirts in labour which we binned afterwards. Big M&S knickers with maternity pads. You have to be more careful about clothing if you have a C-section, I didn't and went straight back into a non-maternity pair of jeans, albeit they were a comfy and loose fitting pair I'd worn up to about 26 weeks (and I gave birth at 33 weeks). Actually, having read that, I'm not the best to advise!

timetomoveon Thu 02-Aug-12 11:10:07

I bought giant cheap knickers from tesco a couple of sizes bigger with maternity pads - they were big enough that they would have come over a cs scar but I didn't have a cs anyway. I threw them away after a month or so and started wearing nice pants again smile

AussieMummyTo1 Thu 02-Aug-12 13:24:12

Welcome Amaya Remember seeing u on July BfP thread & to ratbag scouse BonaDea Novia Aufaniae Timetomove & Circus I think that's everyone new. congratulations All !!

I bought Primark & Sainsburys full briefs in bigger size & they were super comfy. I still wear the same brand in normal size (not sexy, but comfy !) also got 2nd hand button up nighty for labour on eBay, chucked after. Button up's make BF easier !

I'm also waiting till 12weeks to announce, just to be on the safe side. Got my Dr appoint tomorrow, I know it will be a let down as I remember them being really blaze with DD but kinda excited anyway !

Floss my DD also been clingy, maybe they really can smell it on us !! grin

Bunny where in Oz r u, I'm from Sydney but been in UK 13years now.

Pontouf I'm getting abdomen pain which I don't remember having last time. Maybe it is stretching or body remembering previous shape & changing already ?!?

wishful enjoy Thailand, just be cautious on food & water & try not to worry. I'd go if it was me !

circus I didn't have any symptoms with DD so not unusual, some people do, some don't. I didn't really have any whole last pregnancy, but this time its different & have mild symptoms, so even each pregnancy can be different.

ratbag I'm impressed, Alton Tower Rides !! I haven't been on a theme park ride in years ! Also my boobs didn't get bigger with DD at all !

Well besides feeling a bit light headed now & then, I seem to be taking deep breaths like I'm out of breath ? Anyone else got this ? It also gives me pulling feeling on my tummy when I carry DD, it's only 5 weeks so picking her up in 6 months should be interesting !!

If this is 2nd or 3rd baby for you, does your pregnancy feel different this time ? Could it feel different if you are having a different sex baby ? I'm hoping to have a little boy but gonna have a surprise as any healthy baby would be perfect !!

Sorry for mammoth post, I tend to do long catch up's !! smile

Ratbagcatbag Thu 02-Aug-12 14:55:42

Hi Aussiemummy

Idbooked Alton towers before finding out I was pregnant, so had to avoid all the big stuff yesterday, the teens just thought I was a wuss which is fine, but my very eagle eyed friend was suss, so I had to fess all to him lol. I figured I would anyway else he'd harass me into going on all the big stuff.

feeling sick as a dog today sad chocolate helps though. smile

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