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April 2013... under starters orders

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herhonesty Fri 27-Jul-12 13:56:29

so tested positive on thursday am for a due date of ... 1st april.... anyone else? early days yet but after 2 years of trying for no. 2 i am very excited!!

AmayaBuzzbee Mon 30-Jul-12 13:57:40

Hello ladies!

Please can I join in? My due date is 8th April smile I have added updated stats below.

I have no symptoms so far apart from mild "tugging and pulling" feeling down there. Just wondering when they kick in. With DD (11mo) I was already really bloated and feeling out of breath at this stage. Since I don't have either of those symptoms yet, I am hoping I might be skipping the 24/7 nausea I had with her too (wishful thinking -I know!) grin

Pontouf I am hoping to be able to keep quiet till 12wk scan, it just depends how quickly I begin to show and if can I hide it at work. With DD it was obvious to everybody by wk 13, and don't second ones show sooner? I have no tummy muscles to hold anything in!

herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Pantouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Amayabuzzbee - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th Apri

Pontouf Mon 30-Jul-12 20:37:41

Welcome Amaya!

For everyone who's expecting DC2 or 3, are you having stretching pains at all? I remember getting quite strong period type pains with DS and beig told it was my uterus stretching and I'm getting the same sort of pains now. Is this normal with a 2nd pregnancy? I sort of assumed that i'd already be stretched so wouldn't get those pains so much this time?

damnitdamnit Mon 30-Jul-12 20:55:14

Pontouf I too get period type pains, did with both dd's, the pregnancy I miscarried and this time too.

Ratbagcatbag Mon 30-Jul-12 21:05:54

Hello everyone.

Can I join?? As I'm rubbish at writing period dates down, I'm pretty sure I'm due April 1st but may be a 31st March, doc agreed for now 1st April is on the form though.

Been trying for 18 months and this will be my first even though I have a DSS who's nearly 14.

I'm feeling sick all the time from dinner time through to bed, but helpfully not on the morning.

I went to the docs today who warned me that one in five can miscarry this early so now feeling a bit anxious.

Scouseandproud Mon 30-Jul-12 23:15:21

Hi, just discovered am due 6th April which is DH birthday! Will be DC2, DC1 born 12/11/10. A happy surprise, DH must have super sperm.
Am a little scared because I had quite severe pre-eclampsia, was in for early induction but DD arrived before they could fit me in. So prepared for a lot of monitoring this time.

Have name changed because I have a nosy DSis who is pg and I don't want her to know yet, she's going to have a hissy fit sad

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 31-Jul-12 07:54:40

No stretching pains here (yet anyway).

Scouse -what a lovely coincidence! Your DH must be pleased? smile

Why would your DSis have a hissy fit about your pregnancy, you'd think it would be really nice to be pg at the same time so you can compare symptoms etc together?

Ratbagcatbag Tue 31-Jul-12 08:36:43

Morning everyone.

How is everyone feeling today?? I'm not bad yet, but not got out of bed as on a weeks leave so it could all change.

Can I ask a daft question please? When people talk about 4+3, or 7+2 or whatever, what do they mean?? <thick emoticon required here>

AmayaBuzzbee Tue 31-Jul-12 09:04:33

Morning Rat! The numbers refer to weeks and days. So for example 4+3 is four weeks and three days pregnant.

Scouseandproud Tue 31-Jul-12 09:11:31

They mean 4 weeks plus 3 days pg.

Have had some random feelings, not quite cramps but not tummy gurgles either. My gums have been sooo sore since Thurs and bp lower than normal is what got me thinking before missed af. I had no symptoms with DD and didn't realise I was pg until 25 weeks (was on pill) so hopefully I'll get away with that again!

DH is very excited about being near his birthday! I suspect DSis will not be wanting to share what she sees as her limelight, DD was first GC and she was very upset it wasn't her.

BonaDea Tue 31-Jul-12 10:30:29

Hello everyone - I'm completely new here and also got a BFP last night. Due date looking to be 6 April....

This was our first month of trying for our first baby and I'm in complete shock that it happened so fast! No symptoms yet (although I was convinced I was about to get AF)... Am worried sick because of a drunken night out I had last week before knowing (I was convinced the bloating / slight crampy feeling was AF). Hoping the doctor / midwife will put me at ease on that front.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.

Flosshilde Tue 31-Jul-12 11:05:52

Morning all. I have continued to feel dreadful since Sunday so I phoned the docs this morning and they asked me to go in. I have antibs for a UTI and a referral to ante-natal at the hospital.

I'm dragging myself to work in a minute as I'll be seriously putting someone out if I don't go in but if I don't feel any better tomorrow I might have the day off.

Welcome to all our newbies!

Bonadea - I was convinced we'd not managed it this month so I carried on drinking. I hit the wine quite spectacularly on one night and have had the odd beer here and there as well. We also drank on holiday, where it turns out I conceived. I'm not going to worry about it as its done now and since I got my BFP I've not touched a drop.

BonaDea Tue 31-Jul-12 11:52:30

Flosshilde Phew! I'm so glad it's not just me with the accidential drinking blush! Hope you feel better soon...

Ratbagcatbag Tue 31-Jul-12 13:29:39

Four bottles of wine went at a BBQ the other week, obv didn't know I was pregnant then. Worst hangover since I've been about 18. Doc said not to worry, nothing I can do now. smile

Scouseandproud Tue 31-Jul-12 14:46:23

Congratulations BonaDea!

I did so much that I shouldn't have last time, even went to Alton towers at 12 weeks ha! This time round knowing so early feels strange and almost limbo like its not real.

BonaDea Tue 31-Jul-12 14:50:45

^quiet voice^: I was so hungover I was sick...

Thanks Scouse! Eeek! It's so exciting.

I am sitting here with a big salad at my desk and literally having to force it back. Not hungry AT ALL but determined the tyke is going to get some vitamins and protein!

Ratbagcatbag Tue 31-Jul-12 15:37:51

Did you go on everything scouse? I'm going to Alton towers tomorrow with a group of us, two weeks ago I was ribbing them all for being wusses, now I've got to try and think of a convincing excuse why I can't go on anything sad suggestions gratefully received on what to say.

Scouseandproud Tue 31-Jul-12 16:25:21

I did Ratbag shock went on air about half a dozen times, I felt so damn bad when I found out I was pg thinking of all the stuff I had done.

There's a cold that causes a dodgy tummy doing the rounds here, can you say you've got that?? Can't go on the rides in case the motion makes me poop my pants kind of thing? I can't imagine your friends would ask too many questions about that?!

Novia Tue 31-Jul-12 19:38:55

Hola - Novia signing in! Congratulations everyone! grin

Accidently started a rival thread in the pregnancy forum (sorry!) but was ushered here - didn't know this place existed!!! Hopefully some the girls I was talking to there will also come over!

I'm 5 weeks pregnant with my first (also due 1st April - that was popular!) and very glad to find some people in the same boat!

I'm 34 and live in London. I only got married in June, so the speed of BFP is unexpected - first month off the pill. Thought we'd have had a bit more time to recover from paying off the wedding before saving for baby stuff/maternity leave - but not complaining!

Haven't had any symptoms other than being shattered and starving. Actually did another test this evening just to reassure myself that it's true!

I look forward to hearing all your stories... wink

Novia Tue 31-Jul-12 20:02:42

I also have alcohol guilt - convinced there was no chance in the first month so drank many bottles of wine over the first 3 weeks. Stopped as soon as I found out though so hopefully should be okay. I do miss wine though...!

josie81 Tue 31-Jul-12 22:29:51

Alcohol guilt here too, after bfn I went for it on the wine only to get bfp next day, oops!

Am feeling a bit yuck and tired, annoying that I can't get sympathy from anyone but DH as nobody else knows he is getting an earful poor thing.

wishfulthinking1 Wed 01-Aug-12 07:37:58

Well, I got married a week before bfp and had a hen do the week before that and spent last week on a little bit boozy mini-moon! I didn't go too crazy, but a few units were definitely consumed- but obv stopped as soon as BFp, which I got on day period was due, so I'm not too worried about that.

To be honest though, I'm worried about everything else! I had a mc 2 months ago and I'm so scared it'll happen again- I'm getting a lot of twinges at the moment. Haven't even dared get my 'pregnancy bible' out from dh's wardrobe where I hid it when it all went wrong last time! I haven't even installed the billion apps for me phone that I did last time. I'm going to wait until past 7 weeks before i let myself do anything like that.

And I'm really worried about thailand honeymoon. When got pg in may we decided not to book it, and would go somewhere closer to home as id have been about 16 wks- but then I had mc so we decided to go for it. And now when we go I'll be 7 wks (I was 7 weeks when I mc last time). Obv I'll just be careful, plenty of women travel abroad when they're pg, plenty of Thai people are pg- ill just be careful about what I eat and won't do anything too energetic. It's a sight-seeing holiday rather than a beach one. Do you think I'm doing the wrong thing? Should I cancel? I could handle a simple mc abroad, but what If it's ectopic? I've got a drs app a few days before we go, but it'll be too late to do anything by then. Ahhhhh! I hate that I had a mc, if I hadn't I don't think I'd be so worried!


Novia Wed 01-Aug-12 08:28:57

wishfulthinking - first of all - congratulations! There is no reason to think this one will end in MC - maybe you've had your bad luck? If you get stressed it definitely won't make you feel any better so try and stay positive. In terms of honeymoon - you'll be fine. You're still really early and although you might have symptoms, there is nothing to prevent you having a great time. Just be a bit careful about what you are eating. Don't have drinks with ice (as sometimes the ice isn't purified) and avoid salad as this is also often washed in tap water. Most of all go and have a wonderful time and enjoy your last big holiday with just the two of you! smile

josie81 - maybe we should call our little beans 'pickle!' grin

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 08:39:54

Can I say a cautious hello! Faint line this morning.
Due date April 13th.

timetomoveon Wed 01-Aug-12 09:31:27

Another cautious hello from me - got a bfp this morning. Not sure of edd as my periods are erratic at best but the digi test said 3+ which I think really means 5weeks but I did a test a week ago and it was neg so I've no idea!

threeleftfeet Wed 01-Aug-12 09:33:11

Congratulations timetomoveon! grin

Sounds very positive to me smile

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