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April 2013... under starters orders

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herhonesty Fri 27-Jul-12 13:56:29

so tested positive on thursday am for a due date of ... 1st april.... anyone else? early days yet but after 2 years of trying for no. 2 i am very excited!!

FunkyMonkey1983 Fri 27-Jul-12 14:05:50

Congratulations! I'm due on 3rd April and I was just posting on another thread about feeling awful already! I already have a DD 19 months and I didn't feel this bad this early last time!

Frootloopz Fri 27-Jul-12 16:17:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

AussieMummyTo1 Fri 27-Jul-12 17:00:50

Congratulations to you all ! I got a light BFP last Sunday & a nice dark BFP this morning !! I'm sooo excited & love actually having someone to tell !

Honesty you must be very, very happy after 2 years of trying smile

funky no advise, I haven't got any symptoms at all, hope you feel better soon.

Froot I'm also due 4th Apr too !! Well according to my calculations.

This is No2 for me, DD is 15 months & is an April baby too. Doesn't it seem likes ages till we can have our 1st scans !!

Flosshilde Fri 27-Jul-12 17:04:20

Congratulations ladies. Can I join? Got BFP on Wednesday afternoon (faint line) and this morning (strong line). Due date apparently 3 April.

I have one DS already, 2.7yo.

Few bits of cramping and achy boobs but no other symptoms as such yet (thankfully).

I tested on Wed afternoon as I was planning to go out for a few drinks that evening with friends and wanted to rule out pregnancy as we were TTC. Didn't think we'd been successful this month due to DH being poorly mid-cycle so I was shock when I saw the line.

damnitdamnit Fri 27-Jul-12 17:48:34

Can I join also due 1st April smile. This will be number 3 for me grin I must be nuts, currently have DD1 - 4 and DD2 - 2. Was pregnant earlier in the year but miscarried at 9 weeks so will be keeping this very quiet to RL friends and family and will be keeping everything crossed till scan timegrin.

Pontouf Fri 27-Jul-12 20:35:13

Hello, can I join in too? I am hoping for No. 2 - I had a mmc before I conceived DS (20mo) and had an ectopic pregnancy in early March so am very very cautious. I'm due 02/04/13 - blimey that sounds a very long way away! Wishing everyone tons of luck and happiness smile

bunnygirl80 Fri 27-Jul-12 21:47:24

Yay, more April people here already. I got a bfp yesterday, think my edd is 8th April. I have 1 DS who has turned 20 mths and appears to be embracing the concept of the terrible twos. No idea how I'm going to cope with two!

Givememorecheese Sat 28-Jul-12 05:13:02

Just wanted to pop in to wish you all huge congratulations. I am sitting here feeding my beautiful DS, born in April this year. Part of me can't believe it's been a whole year since I got my BFP and at the same time it seems so long ago and I remember how painfully slow those early days felt when we were waiting for that first scan.

You'll be holding your babies in your arms before you know it. In the meantime I wish you healthy, happy, drama-free pregnancies grin

Pontouf Sat 28-Jul-12 07:28:43

Aaah, thanks cheese - that's so sweet! The first few months are incredibly slow aren't they?! Congratulations on your beautiful DS.

Bunnygirl I feel your pain! My 20mo DS has been getting very strongwilled lately! I found my first pregnancy completely exhausting and was very sick until around 20 weeks. Have no idea how I'm going to cope if I'm the same with this pregnancy.

herhonesty Sat 28-Jul-12 14:18:24

thanks cheese. there's more of us baking than i thought..

JambalayaCodfishPie Sat 28-Jul-12 14:23:43

I've been waiting for this thread to appear - having also been part of the April 2012 clan. Can't believe it's here already!

Our group has been a fantastic source of support throughout my pregnancy and now with my little one, so get as involved as you can - no question is to small, or to stupid. grin

Good Luck Ladies, all the best!! smile

Doingakatereddy Sat 28-Jul-12 14:42:12

Can I join to? Due on 5th April (fingers crossed).

Just watching DH & DS (2) asleep on sofa together, thinking about how there will be 4 of us next year smile

Boobs have got huge, puked almost in neighbours garden today at smell of petrol mower & miss booze. Gonna be a long 9 months!

josie81 Sat 28-Jul-12 18:35:15

Hi all, wanted to join if that's ok, got my bfp today! Think my due date will be 3rd April.
Had totally ruled myself out for this month after a couple of bfn's earlier in the week so am pleasantly surprised. All being well this will be No 2 for us, DS is 2 and a half.
Congratulations to you all on your lovely news smile

Frootloopz Sat 28-Jul-12 22:52:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bunnygirl80 Sun 29-Jul-12 03:03:52

pontouf glad I'm not the only one with a strong willed toddler. We're you on the November 2010 thread?

froot I'm feeling tired and sick most of the time. Almost threw up in the supermarket today when I walked past the fish counter. With DS I didn't start feeling sick until about the 6week mark. If you're lucky you might get away without too many yucky symptoms at all

wishfulthinking1 Sun 29-Jul-12 07:39:30

Hi all!
Count me in!
Had a bfp about 10 minutes ago. This will be or first- though we had a mc at 7 wks in the beginning of June. We got married a week and 1 day ago!- so we conceived this little treasure a week before the big day!

We're going to Thailand on honeymoon in just over 3 weeks time, so I'll be 7 weeks when we go. When I got pg last time we changed our plans as didn't think Thailand when 16 wks pg was too sensible. But then we had the mc, so we booked the trip anyway. So, we'll go and just be careful! smile

So, baby is due 17th April. Perfect!!

damnitdamnit Sun 29-Jul-12 08:05:17

Thought I would try start the stats, wasn't sure what to record so just started with the basics so we can add anything else later if needed.

herhonesty - Expecting DC2 on 1st April
DamnitDamnit - Expecting DC3 on 1st April
Pantouf - Expecting DC2 on 2nd April
funkymonkey1983 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
flosshilde - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Josie81 - Expecting DC2 on 3rd April
Frootloopz - Expecting DC1 on 4th April
AussiemummyTo1 - Expecting DC2 on 4th April
Doingakatereddy - Expecting DC2 on 5th April
Bunnygirl80 - Expecting DC2 on 8th April
Wishfulthinking1 - Expecting DC1 on 17th April

Pontouf Sun 29-Jul-12 15:51:34

Bunnygirl - no I wasn't in the Nov 10 thread, although DS was born 9/11/10. I didn't really get into MN till after he was born - found it a fantastic help when breast feeding at 4am and you feel like nobody els in the world is awake and you pop on MN an there's loads going on! Also loved it for asking stupid questions and getting a useful range of replies almost instantly whatever the time of day! (DS was a very colicy baby and I think I might have had a breakdown were it not for some lovely MNers.)

So, I'm going away for a spa weekend next weekend and am staying overnight with a group of workmates. Obviously none of them know I'm upduffed yet. How can I avoid drinking and using the sauna and jacuzzi without arousing suspicion? Three of them are good close friends and one is a nice girl who I don't know very well. One of the good friends is 28 weeks preg, do was thinking I might just latch onto her and "keep her company" what do you guys think?

Pontouf Sun 29-Jul-12 15:53:33

Sorry for all the typos! Must preview in future blush

AussieMummyTo1 Sun 29-Jul-12 16:22:49

Wow, so many of us already. Congratulations, to everyone thats joined.

bunny My DD is only 15months & has recently taken to whinging, crying, tantrums if you take something off her, she wants to go somewhere she shouldnt, I thought she was meant to wait till she is 2 !!

cheese thank you, i have an April 2011 baby, cant believe ill have another next April !

fruit Ive been feeling fine, i felt a little "off" a couple of days ago, but dont know if it was maybe something i ate that didnt agree with me or pregnancy related confused Ive also been feeling a bit tired, but again could be just laziness ! smile

wishful Congrats, cant believe you fell pregnant just before wedding, i remember you talking about it on the July BFP thread ! Thailand is amazing, its my favourite place & ive been there about 4 times, so im sure youll have a fantstic time. Whhere in Thailand are you going ?

damnit good job on stats !

pontouf id go for keeping the pregnant friend company option & just saying to hot for jacuzzi, spa. Are you going to get treatments while away, id loovvee a massage !

DP is out, DD is napping & im watching Sky+ episodes of One Born Every Minute. 9 months seem so long !!! When will everyone make Dr's appointments ?

Pontouf Sun 29-Jul-12 19:26:23

Aussie - yes we get one free treatment with our package - either a half hour massage or a facial, but think I'm going to go for the facial cos my skin is just so bluergh at the moment. I love One Born Every Minute, it makes me cry even when i'm not pregnant and hormonal!

I'm going to try and get into the docs next week to see if I can persuade her to send me for an early scan due to my dodgy history (one mmc, one successful pregnancy and one ectopic).

When are people going to tell? I am desperate to shout about this pregnancy from the rooftops but DH wants to keep it quiet as long as possible. I work in an environment where my boss needs to know as soon as possible to keep me and the baby safe (operating theatres, often work with x-ray, rddioactive material, lifting with transferring patients etc) so it needs to be soon really. Also really want to tell my Mum.
Is everyone else waiting till 12 weeks?

Flosshilde Sun 29-Jul-12 22:24:15

Evening all. There are lots of us, aren't there.

Well I have felt awful all day. Bad taste in mouth, feeling slightly sick all the time and absolutely exhausted. Definitely pregnancy symptoms, I remember them from last time but I am only 4+4. They didn't kick in till 5/6 weeks when I was pregnant with DS1. Talking of whom, he's been clingy as anything over the past few days. DH reckons he can smell it! grin

Aussie - I was wondering about when to go to GP. I think I am just going to phone up and ask for a referral and only go in if they need me to. I work full time over 4 days so could do with avoiding any unnecessary appointments. Might do another test on Wednesday to confirm (a week after first BFP) and then phone.

Pontouf - I am going to tell my boss when I get my booking in appointment, as I was very open with him about wanting another when I got the job. I won't tell anyone else at work for as long as I can get away with. I am telling my family when I see them in the 3rd week of August, but again if I have a miscarriage I would tell my mum. We will tell DH's family not long after that.

bunnygirl80 Sun 29-Jul-12 23:09:33

pontouf my DS was 11/11/10. Was aiming for 12/11/10 but I don't think I'd have enjoyed the extra 3hours of labour that would have required grin

As for telling work, I'm going to wait until 12weeks. I'm an orthodontist, and it'll be total pita for them to find a locum to cover me while I'm on leave, so I'm not going to rock the boat unless I need to. The situation's a bit dodgy for me too, as I'm on a fixed term contract in one of my jobs (I have 2 for 2 days a week each) so they could choose not to renew my contract once I tell them (which is precisely what the practice I worked for when I had DS did angry)

I'll probably tell mil soon because we're in Oz and all our family is in the UK. Pils usually come over for Xmas and stay until the end of March, so I'll ask her if they can change the dates/extend their stay so they can look after DS while I'm in labour. Will tell my mum in a few weeks too, she's a worrier so I'd rather feel a bit more certain that this is going to stick around before I tell her. As for friends, a couple know we're trying, so if they ask I'll tell them, otherwise I'll wait until after my first scan.

Aussie I'm going to see my GP in about a week, we're going on holiday tomorrow for 6 days, otherwise I'd go in sooner. I want to use the same obstetrician I had last time, and if I don't book in with her by about 7wks she might be full. Especially as March/April are supposed to be the busiest months for having babies over here because of all the winter shagging that goes on grin

floss I'm with you on the exhaustion, was in bed by 8:30 last night.

I keep freaking myself out over lack of symptoms, even though I had none before about 6wks with DS. And I am tired and sicky feeling, so there are some there. I think it's because we're going to Fiji for a week tomorrow, and I really don't want anything to go wrong while we're away from home.

Frootloopz Mon 30-Jul-12 11:06:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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