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November 2012 - baby shopping time has really taken off

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StuntNun Sun 15-Jul-12 21:22:30

Previous thread:

Stats list:

Sophiathesnowfairy Sun 15-Jul-12 21:38:47

I am so keen to mark my place this new thread is nice and shiny and new and empty!

Chunkychicken Sun 15-Jul-12 21:42:31

Marking my spot!! smile

NervousAt20 Sun 15-Jul-12 22:23:12

Marking my place

blonderthanred Sun 15-Jul-12 23:00:45


DesperateHousewife21 Mon 16-Jul-12 07:26:00

Marking my place smile

TitsalinaBumSquash Mon 16-Jul-12 07:47:27

Checking in. smile

LittleLolly Mon 16-Jul-12 08:05:07

Just marking my spot smile

Bluetinkerbell Mon 16-Jul-12 08:58:42

Marking my spot as well... smile

Catbag Mon 16-Jul-12 10:11:32

And me smile

Elizadoesdolittle Mon 16-Jul-12 10:39:05

Marking my place. Yet to buy anything for this poor baby. So far it's just got DDs hand me downs, think its about time I put an end to that. Let the shopping commence smile

Lane81 Mon 16-Jul-12 10:59:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 11:08:41


Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 16-Jul-12 12:39:13

Not. Using anything as all of my bonus and my pay rise has been paid into my ex husbands account by mistake, and thinking I had the extra cash this month I treated the DDs to a meal out at the weekend and ordered some bits and bobs from the sales, now I don't have enough money to pay my visa bill on Friday angry and tearful.

To top it all off I have the ILs here and though I love them dearly they are quite noisy and so the baby has gone super quiet and isn't moving much which makes me worry and why the fuck are there 12 weeks between midwife appointments, that sucks and is useless.sad

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 12:51:20

There should be MW apps more frequently than that surely? I know trusts differ, but as I am on my 3rd I am not seen so much as a newbie, but was seen at 16, 21, and will be seen at 28, 31, 34 then fortnightly. Sorry to hear about the payment error. Can you ask for boss for an emergency loan? They should be able to do something before Friday as it seems it is their error.

SwissArmyWife Mon 16-Jul-12 13:28:49

Ooh new thread already! Marking my spot on my shiny new phone whilst being kicked repeatedly smile think the baby liked the fajitas I had for lunch...

horseylady Mon 16-Jul-12 13:32:43

Sophia can you get the money transferred across? Or phone your bank and tell them? Mine were 8,16, 24 then fornightly from 28. Scans obv at 12 and 20 weeks so everything has been 4 weekly.

TitsalinaBumSquash Mon 16-Jul-12 13:36:29

I had a mw apt at 8 and 16 weeks, I'm not seeing her again until 28 weeks.
I am meant to be being closely monitored by the hospital every 2 weeks though which they've neglected to do.
I had a real funny turn in Tesco though just now so I'm currently on the phone demanding an apt. hmm

MadamGazelleIsMyMum Mon 16-Jul-12 13:38:58

Marking place on shiny new thread! Talk of MW apts makes me think I might be supposed to book one...

Dixiebell Mon 16-Jul-12 14:16:39

SO I went to the docs about my coccyx this am after a weekend of agony, and he thinks I might have an infection around it in my buttocks blush, which is why it's so swollen and painful. So now on antibiotics, still chugging down the paracetamol but he did give me codeine which is stronger but I'm a bit scared to take as it can space you out. I hate taking all this stuff when pg, but really hope it works as the pain has been so bad. And in combination with my sore hips at night, not getting terribly good nights' sleep. Ironically I now feel that just the hip pain would be a relief!! Started crying in docs which was rather embarrassing!

Sophiathesnowfairy Mon 16-Jul-12 14:18:04

My midwife appointments are 16 then 28, seems ridiculous, you guys seem to have another one slotted in...... <goes off to check notes to see if it's baby brain and actually I have missed one along the way>

I have called ex and asked him to. I've then money ASAP. I will call Barclaycard I think and tell them my payment will be late. I think as long as you arrange it then they don't hold it against you.

Have had a lie down and a watch of Dallas and feel a little better. Though a bit headachy.


Brockle Mon 16-Jul-12 14:33:47

I gave up on the last thread as it moved too fast! Nothing wrong with crying at the Doctors dixie its horrible when you feel so crap. Hope you get it sorted sophia but more lying down and Dallas is needed I think smile

My birthday was saturday but unfortunately DS2 decided he wanted to start football training so I was stood about a football pitch all of sat morning and then yesterday was a mini footie tournament for DS2. Feel exhausted today. All I have done is surf the internet deciding what to buy with my birthday vouchers and buying up the last bits of uniform for the boys in September. It was worth it on saturday to see his little face tho. For some reason he had a complete inability to walk backwards (one of the skills they learn) It still give me the giggles thinking about him walking forwards but looking over his shoulder grin

To try and recap the last thread: I breastfed everywhere with DS2 but had the comfort of a feeding apron. They are brilliant once you get the hang of them. Total Next fan for baby clothes but usually resort to ASDA cos of the cost.

My midwives appointments were 10, 21(now 22 cos she cancelled) 28 32 and every two weeks after. Cannot wait to see her as I want to discuss early induction (I do not want a two week overdue wopper if I can help it) and hospital water births. Right I shall prob leave you to it for a couple of weeks before another mammoth post. sorry!

ValiumQueen Mon 16-Jul-12 14:35:41

Poor dixie how on earth did you get an infection there??? Do not worry about the pain killers. The doctor knew you were pregnant and clearly feels they are warranted, just be careful to not put yourself at risk if woozy by driving, tight rope walking etc. Hope you feel better soon.

WestWinger Mon 16-Jul-12 14:51:28

Marking my spot.

YellowWellies Mon 16-Jul-12 16:42:36

I've got a midwife appointment on Thursday at 22 weeks, my next one will be dependent on how this one goes, but I think barring any problems should be 28 weeks. Whoop. Hope the bellydweller boots the doppler again grin which would confirm my suspicions that it's an arsy little bugger like it's parents (proud face)

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