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BROOKING NO ARGUMENT for pain-free sneeze births and an abundance of empty birthing pools - pt 12!

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FluffyJawsOfDoom Mon 09-Jul-12 11:10:34

I think this is the first time I've ever started a brooking thread! shock <hopes she doesn't break MN>

whimsicalname Mon 09-Jul-12 16:33:43

stacks did no one tell you that house work (especially heavy duty mopping) is not allowed in pregnancy. It's the plus side of having to give up booze.

Obviously a little light handicraft is acceptable. It also means you are still productive and not a complete slattern, even if the house is starting to look like an exhibit from one of those time lapse decay programmes around you. (or is that just me?)

cakes82 Mon 09-Jul-12 16:41:51

In relation to hip/pelvis size. I was talking to one of my work colleagues today, her mw would ask her what her shoe size was. It wasn't until the fourth pg that she remembered to ask what her shoe size had to do with anything and she got told that there is a link between shoe size and pelvis size and how easily you are likely to give birth and also how long they can safely allow you to carry on naturally without feeling they need to bring assistance in. Her feet are a size 4 but it sounds like she had no probs at all!

JenFraggle Mon 09-Jul-12 16:49:14

My feet are size 8 and I was told that my pelvis size was very good for giving birth shame my contractions weren't

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 16:55:01

Hello! We're back in civilisation after a long weekend in the arse-end of nowhere. I'm sure the area we were in is absolutely stunning when you can see more than 3 metres in front of you due to torrential rain and apocalyptic darkness, but quite frankly I may as well have been in a dishwasher for all the scenery we saw!

How is everyone? I've obviously missed the end of the previous thread so apologies if I've missed anything important.

tock - ah, you're a braver woman than me! DD is still taking potty-training very slowly, and seems to have exactly the same problem as your DS re: naked/clothed situation. Although she also seems to struggle with how it feels to need or do a wee. We've got new carpets so I'm really loathe to take the plunge at the moment confused. Maybe I should just bite the bullet and do what whims did. She's 2.4 now but really interested in using the toilet (NOT the potty, that's for babies apparently grin ) so as soon as the tumble dryer* arrives I will go for it.

Fluff - tricky! I would say that having him over, but asking him to leave if you go into labour could be misconstrued as not wanting him to see his grandchild, so tread carefully! However, the last thing you need is to feel stressed and tense in the 3rd trimester as well. I don't think 3 hours away is too bad actually, as I was in labour (induced) for over 27 hours, but everyone's different and some people have very fast first births. Maybe sit down with your DH, tell him your worries (write them down if necessary) and your dilemma, and explain that you're feeling very vulnerable right now so please try and see this from your point of view? He might be able to come up with an alternative that you haven't thought of (like a local cheap hotel/b&b for your FIL in case of emergency?).

Stacks I do hope it isn't a UTI, although your symptoms do sound very similar to what I had. Fx for you. Early movement felt like flutterings/wind blush for me, so flicking sounds about right!

Oh, that was a long one. Sorry. And so many people I've missed out - sorry whims, Gen, Jen, scarlett, musical, Imps and Biscuits. Oh, Biscuits, I had to tell you - I always envisage you as Mr Biscuits from Buzz & Tell on CBeebies grin Sorry about that!

*Yes, bad Smegs, but we bought an A rated one for a steal, and hopefully that won't impact too badly on the environment. And I'm going to use washable nappies for DC2 to assuage my guilt a little. Just couldn't stand having huge amounts of laundry 'drying' for days in this damp pile any longer, especially as the dehumidifier did naff-all to help!

cakes82 Mon 09-Jul-12 16:58:35

I had an old boyfriend who kept telling me I had child bearing hips, i'm undecided whether that is meant to be a compliment or not?! hmm my hips pre pg were about 38/39 inches I think and that is actually slightly bigger than when I knew him.

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 16:59:57

I think I have a child-bearing arse...

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 17:00:58

NB I do know how childbirth works! Was just a comment on the size of my bum. Not sure about my hips - DD came out eventually anyway!

clickingtock Mon 09-Jul-12 17:11:52

Hi all

Fluff - understandably you are a bit anxious that the baby may come early; your DH does get this does he? I think if your DFIL is a lovely man then try to get him to come before you are b-fing etc because it will deffo be more relaxing to still be pg and hosting. Stipulate that they treat you like the preggo princess you are, and get them to go out one afternoon at the weekend and you stay at home and have a lovely rest. And yes, no cooking, slaving etc - DH must do that. Good luck. And thanks for the new Fred too.

Thanks to Scarlett, Generic and Whims - v helpful potty advice. You are so right - no need to put the pressure on as he's still only 2y4m and to do a poo in the potty without me prompting him is already excellent plus he was proud of himself rather than repulsed which I've heard can be happen and is a big step backwards. I think I'll keep on with the au naturelle style and progress to underpants while we are on our family holiday together so that DP can suffer the mess with me and see if DS responds well. If not we'll leave it until he's more ready. I'm sure he will be in the fullness of time.

Big waves to Imps and Biscuits - so nice to see you in here.

Whims - so much happening in your life, how exciting. I must try to see your lovely bag on FB boo, have to get my arse over to FB, not my fave of places.

Off to make greek salad and bruschetta for tea. At least we can pretend it's summer.

clickingtock Mon 09-Jul-12 17:18:38

Missed the last few posts. LOL at Smegs c-b arse. hahaha. Like I said, the hips don't come into it though men like to think they know all about it. If thunder thighs helped I would be on to a winner I think. They aren't quite thunder - that's a little unkind to myself - just 'rumble thighs' perhaps... could be more 'blue skies thighs' if I did enough exercise. Ah well - who wants to be perfect anyway? grin

Smegs - after two decades of vowing I would never buy a dryer (for same reasons as you) we succumbed this spring. I did washable nappies for 2years without one, so hopefully I have paid my dues. Like you, we live in a Vic house disposed to damp and couldn't take it any more with the increased amount of washing. I will share your guilt if you like. Whenever poss, I still hang out the washing. With this summer though I feel grateful we took the plunge. Enjoy it!

Good luck with the tests Stacks.

TheLittleFriend Mon 09-Jul-12 19:12:50

Hi everyone

Nice new thread fluff.

I've got my early scan tomorrow peeps, not til 5.30pm though, so don't panic if I don't update til this time. If all goes well, then I might move in here properly. Obviously feeling a bit nervous, but I feel so crap, I'm hopeful that's a good sign smile

Biscuitsandtea Mon 09-Jul-12 19:15:48


Brookety brook brook

musicalmrs Mon 09-Jul-12 20:16:26

Brooking lots for you Little!

Smegs and Tock - I've always thought I'd never have a tumble dryer for various reasons, but I must say that what with a deluge of Little Clothes and washable nappies, I'm now very tempted! I think an extreme lack of money (having the kitchen redone at the mo, which is sucking up expendable income!) will prevent me though..

Fluff, personally I think YANBU, but you have to tread carefully! Like everyone else has said, maybe have lots of plans in place, like the B&B? I had lots of people visit around my due date, and although I initially felt like you, I was glad when the time rolled round - it meant I stopped mentalling about when I'd go into labour/symptoms/my vastness for a bit!

scarletfingernail Mon 09-Jul-12 21:03:36

Brooking for you Little

ScrambledSmegs Mon 09-Jul-12 22:08:03

Good luck for tomorrow Little!

clickingtock Tue 10-Jul-12 08:28:06

Fingers crossed Little; hope the nerves aren't too bad. I was quietly nervous too, it's only natural. We're all brooking no argument. xxx

Musical - I did wait until I was 40 to buy the dryer! (For some reason that feels significant, perhaps because I lead a v exciting life, as you can tell. grin) We had to just pay someone to knock a hole in the wall and make sure there is a route out for the hot air - something to bear in mind Smegs, unless you bought one that condenses the hot air back to water in which case you are v posh.

Am seeing a friend today, who has a DS and DTs and gave the advice that I was trying too hard during my 18months of TTC2 and determined testing which led to the discovery of male fertility issues. I haven't told her I am pg. I am tempted to rub it in that trying hard was the only way I managed to get diffed and that a lot of friends gave me v crap advice, but I shall be more graceful. For some reason I feel really pissed off with her. Perhaps it was because she also told me that I was better off with one DC - ie, there was no way I was ever going to crack the egg, in as many words. When I told her I thought I could still get pg (on email as she is currently working abroad) she didn't ever write back. Oh well, I just have to be bigger and better than my petty bitter and twisted emotions. And at least I can say that I did crack the egg, I suppose. Time to NBU.

Imps7 Tue 10-Jul-12 08:39:49

Tock shock about your friend! What an outrageous way to discuss TTC with a friend. If I were you I still wouldn't tell her about the pregnancy - she doesn't deserve to know! Plus it will be quite funny to hear her bang on with more silly advice and opinions. But then, I'm a bit of child smile

FluffyJawsOfDoom Tue 10-Jul-12 13:33:24

Argh, my pelvis pain has ramped up a notch today sad I woke up in discomfort, thought a walk round Tesco might help and instead I've made it worse. It's now gone all stabby when I walk, sigh.

That's pretty harsh tock I hope she's more thoughtful today. In her defense (ish) I think the one thing I've realised from ttc is that people who don't have to "try" Just Don't Get It hmm I can't believe she told you you'd be better off with one though what a hypocrite

FluffyJawsOfDoom Tue 10-Jul-12 13:34:07

*I did, however, buy some baby wipes, nappies and cot sheets that were on sale grin

ScrambledSmegs Tue 10-Jul-12 15:06:30

Oh no, fluff sad. What sort of shoes are you wearing? A friend of mine who had pelvic girdle pain in pg spent her final months in sports trainers (not fashion ones, ie converse). She said she didn't care how uncool she looked, it was the only thing that helped her get about. Maybe if you switch to comfy shoes early enough you can manage the pain?

tock your friend is clearly a numpty, and you should pity and mock her rather than be angry. The thing is, some of my friends went through a great deal while ttc their children, way before DH and I had even thought of having kids. I never said anything as dumb as 'you just need to relax' because it patently wouldn't help anyone who's that emotionally fraught -and it's obviously untrue since otherwise IVF wouldn't exist. I think some people genuinely don't have the empathy or emotional capacity to understand things from other people's perspective sad.

In other news, it looks like I may have manflu another summer cold. I'm shivery, achey, have a monster headache, sore throat and streaming nose. Just lovely smile. I'm getting tired of both the weather and my health being shit. I'm normally a very healthy person so a bit ticked off, to say the least!

Stacks Tue 10-Jul-12 17:25:24

Little brooking for you.

So, I went to the doctor today, who made me even more worried sad Started asking me questions about miscarriages and whether the symptoms were similar to how my cancer first presented itself. I wasn't at all worried last week, now I've had 2 health professionals get all concerned for me, and I don't like it. He took blood, and asked me to come back next week. Which is better than the midwife, who wouldn't let me leave without making sure I had the number for NHS direct, and assured me I could pop into the outpatient department at any time over the weekend if things got worse, or go to A&E. sad

As the UTI test came back negative, I've decided I'm going to act as though my back pain is just that - back pain. I'm going to be super nice to my back, take regular breaks from sitting at my desk all day, not go to the gym, sit 'properly' all evening, warm baths and perhaps massages from DH (and no more housework). If at the end of the week things are noticeably better, then I think I'll have proved this is a muscle pain.

Good news is I'm slightly more certain the flicking feelings I'm having are the baby smile Also heard the heartbeat again today silly worrying Dr worrying me more.

Stacks Tue 10-Jul-12 17:31:02

That post was me, me, me. Sorry!

Fluff I hope your pain gets better. I actually read somewhere the best footwear when pregnant was small, wide heels? Have you seen a physio at all?

Smegs I hope you feel better soon. It's awful feeling ill at the best of times, but almost worse when you're not used to it. I never used to get ill before, and I found I handled it poorly when I did get ill and also never gave people enough sympathy when they got ill.

Tock some people just don't get it. If she's not a close friend any more, then I'd maybe not bother telling her you're pregnant. I'd hate to think how she might behave... would she start with horror stories about your age and how hard you're going to find everything? There are quite a few people I've not mentioned my pregnancy to - I still feel a bit weird about telling people. Rather like telling everyone it's your birthday today. It's like asking for congratulations and attention for something they probably don't really care about? Am I weird for finding it all sort of socially embarrassing?

FluffyJawsOfDoom Tue 10-Jul-12 17:41:13

Brooking for little's scan which is happening right now <suppresses small squee>

Try not to worry stacks, I'm sure they're just being extra cautious given your history, which is a good thing smile Look after your back and hopefully it will improve, and leave the worrying to the experts who seem to be doing more than enough for everybody wink

I've been wearing flat shoes for a while, not sure they're helping/hindering tbh. Had a bath at lunch and it's feeling a bit better though, thanks smile

ScrambledSmegs Tue 10-Jul-12 17:48:56

I think completely flat shoes aren't the best thing, fluff. Do yours have a bit of a heel?

FluffyJawsOfDoom Tue 10-Jul-12 18:26:29

Oh, hmm. No they're pretty flat, I'll have a look through my shoe collection for something else tomorrow. Tbqh though, working from home I'm usually shoeless lol

TheLittleFriend Tue 10-Jul-12 19:09:37

Hi all

good news, I've seen my little flickering bean measuring exactly as it should be, which is 7wks 1day. Feeling ever so happy! It's great to be able to tell people on here too, as we're still not telling rl people yet.

fluff don't you be pushing trolleys when you decide to have a stroll round Tescos. It is a v bad thing to do if you're getting pelvic girdle pain.

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