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Due in August Thread... Part 6!

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ishopthereforeiam Fri 06-Jul-12 14:29:15

Hello ladies, come on in grab a biscuit, wine and/or brew... rest those puffy cankles, sore bumps and aching backs wink and let's hope this thread sees the arrival of some babies!

tashaw28 Fri 06-Jul-12 22:30:21

Wow 6 years ago DD1 was 18 months old and am now on DC3!
Back aching tonight as have sat thru a slightly boring school concert for an hour, then took kids to the circus and sat for 2 hours on uncomfy chairs! They loved it though, tigers, horses, camels etc old fashioned fun! grin

MrsMigginslovespies Fri 06-Jul-12 22:54:41

Hello all <waves> nice to see you on thread six! How exciting! Babies will be born in this thread.

Ham, odd you were in Linlithgow today. That's where my parents live and where I was last night for my Lazy Daisy class! Hope you had fun at Blackness Castle.

Acid is still an issue with me too and I'm feeling a bit sick tonight. Had a good day in Edinburgh with Mum getting few more bits and bobs including some lovely things in White Company sale (most to put away) but am so pleased with them. Bought all the furniture etc yesterday at IKEA and it's being delivered on Tues. Can't wait!

Sooo, six years ago, I was working in a central Government department in London and having a ball. Lots of hard work but all worthwhile. I was a single girl and it wouldn't be for another few years before I met DH and then it was a whirlwind!

Sorry about the cake (not!) grin. Off to bed and a lie in with DH who is finally now on holiday! x

woopsidaisy Sat 07-Jul-12 07:22:32

Hi all. Six years ago I was still working as staff nurse. Was expecting DS2. We all had a horrible summer, as in august my DB was diagnosed with cancer. He is all clear at the minute, and I gave up nursing for the time being.
Just 32 days until due date! Just can't wait, and getting increasingly nervous about the birth....have had lovely births for previous Dc just hope this is the same.

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 09:03:21

Oh goodness blush I am so behind <hangs head in shame> blush Sorry chaps.

It's been a rough couple of days this end; been finding being pregnant really challenging (to say the least!). Everything hurts and I'm still sleeping badly, so often v emotional at the end of the day. Students are still ruuuude, but fortunately DH is being wonderful. We had that to-do last Sunday and I just told him that if I get like that again (sobbing and snotting uncontrollably), then he should just hold me! Cheesy but it works!! Anyway, we did the weekly shop after work yesterday, got it home and there was washing up AND dinner to cook AND the shopping had to be put away. I went into the garden and started sobbing and then he came and held me (!) washed up, helped with the shopping (he never does those things!) and magically, I was fine grin Good husband!!

I'm ashamed to say I've not been able to keep up with the threads...have I missed anything? Anymore swollen bits? Babies born? minipop home? X

fairtradelu Sat 07-Jul-12 09:16:16

Ooh, woopsiedaisy, would you mind sharing your positive birth stories? As a first-timer I think it would really help to hear about some positive experiences, rather than having only horror stories and hollywood-style births in my head!

Frilly, you haven't missed any new arrivals. Minipop is possibly coming home this weekend though. I'm eagerly awaiting the "Minipop at home photo on FB"!

We've got a nice chilled weekend planned with Sunday wholly devoted to watching Murray and eating. Go Andy go!!!

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 09:16:22

6 years ago I was living in Yorkshire (moved in 2003 then back to Kent in 2007) as my parents bought a Gorge! I knew DH (since we were 4) but always swore I'd never marry him! I would've been working full time and had the hots for a colleague!!

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 09:17:16

Thanks fairtrade!

Westcountrylovescheese Sat 07-Jul-12 09:48:33

Fairtrade, try the below website:

Nightfall1983 Sat 07-Jul-12 10:56:05

Well that sucks sad. Went for a 3D scan this morning, baby has decided to turn breech! Which meant she was trying for ages to get a good pic but couldn't and we are gong back next week. What really sucks though is after I'd been lying there for ten mins I suddenly started to feel a bit nauseous, then just a couple offs later really sick and dizzy and then almost immediately very dizzy as though I was going to feint. It passed very quickly once I stood up but still feel shaky. I'm home now sitting in the fresh air sipping water but still feeling really really sick sad. Not quite the Saturday morning I had envisaged!!

hamncheese Sat 07-Jul-12 11:22:20

Brilliant hearing what you were all up to 6 years ago grin

Sorry to hear you've got OC ontheedge and all the monitoring... nice to know you will have your LO soon though! Just out of interest re: your itchiness, can you describe it? Is it all the time? Where does it itch? Is it worse in certain locations? What are the other symptoms of OC? I recently was in for itching told my initial bloods said it wasn't but still really itchy a lot of the time plus been feeling sick. I'm sure they would have told me if the bile results came back untoward though confused

Haha susie I remember driving home at about 5months wrestling with my bra on the motorway (not advisable) due to such pain. Since I have discovered the miricle that is those sort of not for sports but like sport bra things, basically little tight vests that only cover your boobs... I don't think I could put a bra on even if paid a lot of money now ribs are just so tender.

Never made it to linlithgow miggins sad felt sick yesterday so will be visiting at another time. Kind of glad I didn't go though would have missed the tennis!

frilly I feel the exact same about pregnancy. After this I would never do it more than once more. And when I do I'm going to be really reluctant to go through it all again. Of course it will be worth it but I don't think anyone really cares to acknowledge or accept how debilitating it actually is. I can only imagine how much worse it is for those who have to work set hours etc.

Sorry to hear the scan didn't get a good pic and you felt sick nightfall. Seems lots of us are getting sick again... just what is needed when in all this discomfort ha! Hopefully your one next week will be good, just need baby to face the right way and it'll be brilliant smile

As for what I would like to be doing in 6 years time... I'd like to have sold the flat and have been in our proper family home for a good amount of years. I'd like to be Dr Hamncheese and preferably have a research/lecturing job in a university with a really good maternity deal allowing me to have had the second LO and be working rather flexibly... not asking too much I hope? wink

susiegrapevine Sat 07-Jul-12 13:44:00

Ham thanks for the bra tip but I am wearing maternity/nursing bras that have no underwire, however with 38ff boobs that are very saggy from breast feeding there is no way I could get away with wearing a supportive vest. Most of the time I just end up taking my bra off in the evening. Much to dh's delight as I can't be bothered to move so just sit there topless!

Wedding evening do for us tonight so am going for a nap in a month (when ds does) in order that I survive to a reasonable hour! And am of course default des! Still should be fun I may even try to dance!! That will be a sight!

Then toddler party tmw which is from 10.30 till 12.30! Glup why so early am soooooo not with it in the mornings! Unless I have to go to work lol!

Westcountrylovescheese Sat 07-Jul-12 13:53:23

Suzie, the idea of napping for a whole month sounds amazing, even if that's not what you meant. That would take me directly to my due date! grin

MrsMigginslovespies Sat 07-Jul-12 14:07:22

Just remembered the date today and realised EXACTLY what I was doing 7 years ago shock. Was working in a press office and the boss was away at a summit and had to come back very quickly in order to do a statement etc. Was all v scary and wierd at work as everyone was in shock (and we were a possible target) from the day before Olympic excitement and so to suddenly go from that to terrorists in less than 24 hours was horrendous. We only had a skeleton staff around as most were up north, so it was a real team effort. Sorry to rabbit on, just reminising on a very odd and stressful time.

BTW, some mums at school gave me a bizarre hospital bag tip...bring your own loo roll too!!! Hospital stuff is ok but nothing beats Andrex!

Whiteangel Sat 07-Jul-12 17:13:14

Six years ago I was just coming up to the end of my first year of teaching and was considering giving up! Had been with DH for a year and was thinking of buying my own flat until he gave in and told me to wait until he had sold his house (which he owned with his best friend) and he would move in with me. Only took another 18months! Six years on I am still thinking about giving up teaching and we have just moved into our second house together. In six years time I hope to have a job with less hours/stress, a lovely finished house and a happy, healthy (almost) six year old playing in our lovely garden.
Had a really tough day yesterday with a lot of driving from work to physio appointment and back again. Could hardly move. Used some of her tips, paracetamol before bed, extra bump pillows and a giant tubigrip around my bump and I am a new woman! Extra support is much comfier than I expected and is making moving around a lot easier. Can definitely recommend it! Sun off and on here today. Managed lunch in the garden. Starting to feel tired now, however, after being wide awake at 6:30 this morning. Cooking tea for my parents tonight to thank them for all of their help so better clear all of the tools out of the kitchen! Enjoy the rest of your day!

ontheedgeofwhatever Sat 07-Jul-12 17:32:41

hamncheese - Not sure what itching with OC is like for others but for me its like having awful chilblains on palms of hands and soles of feet which then spread up my legs and arms then appears in random other places. No rash just incredible burning itch. I don't have it all the time, it gets worst if I'm hot and improves under cold water.

We dp had a hideously expensive afternoon but we finally have a pram smile We got the oyster stroller with carry cot and car seat and at DD's insistence the purple colour pack. The sitting room floor covered in vast boxes waiting for me to have strength to put it all together. Also a baby bath and a changing mat. Except a breast pump for later on I think we now have everything we need for the baby except a changing bag - loads of clothes, bouncy chair rocking cradle, little baby gym and no money grin We don't have a cot but no rush for that.

Lots of the clothes are hand me downs and really need a wash as they've been stored for ages but given the rubbish summer we're having I've given up on idea of any idea of them fluttering in warm fresh air on the line and decided to send the whole lot to the launderette for a service wash a so will bag them all up tomorrow. At least they'll be clean and neatly folded.

Thanks to person who linked to that great bra site - going to order a couple of their biggest - a vest isn't going to do it for me I went up to a J cup when i was feeding DD shock

NeedlesCuties Sat 07-Jul-12 18:21:08

Ohhh, just noticed that some of you have said what you hope to be doing in 6 years time. Upthread I'd said where I was 6 years ago, but now for the future planning:- In 6 years time I will be 33 years old, hope to be getting back into work after staying home full-time until DS and (as yet unborn) DC2 start primary school. Currently I am a volunteer for Women's Aid, and would love a paid job with them 6 years into the future, pretty please!

quickchat Sat 07-Jul-12 20:50:55

miggins I was in George St, Edinburgh today too! >wave<.

I was in Laura Ashley getting wallpaper for DD's room. Had been in John Lewis getting loads for DS too. I seen a few PG woman, I wonder if we seen each other then did that thing, you know, when you stare at the other PG woman and wonder how far on she is and try to decide if you look fatter than her grin! or is that just me blush.

Had a nice day. DH watched DS & DD and I got the train into Edinburgh, had lunch and bought things for the kids rooms. Such a treat to have a WHOLE day to yourself when you have 2 very small children. Especially during summer hols! I was also happy it was cooler and raining today!

6 years ago was my last child free year. BC (before children) was soooo easy. I vaguely remember being all relaxed, free, size 8 and stress was something old silly people got!

Would I change it - not on your nelly. If I could get my hands on a time machine though I might visit it now and then for a holiday!

I fell PG with DS in the September, same month my mum remarried. Turned 30 and was married, had been 4/5 years and living in my 4th house with mad house renovating junkie DH and the cat, now deceased. We are set to move into our 9th - AND LAST - proper family house in 3 weeks time expecting our 3rd child.

In 6 years time my DS will be 11 shock, DD with be 8.5 and bump will obviously be 6. WE WILL BE IN THE SAME FECKING HOUSE and started doing some holidays abroad and having loads of fun with my gang. I will be 41 and getting regular botox and back to a size 8......oh better go, DH just arrived with my kebab!

ImissMiniPop Sat 07-Jul-12 21:04:38

Oh Blimey, part 6! SO much to catch up on. I am going solo at the hospital today and tonight in prep for Minipop coming home next week,

it is hard work, got to feed on demand and as he's still on bottles and not yet breast, I have got to feed and then express!

Gonna be a long night, plenty of time to catch up on all the posts grin

ishopthereforeiam Sat 07-Jul-12 21:52:52

needles women's aid do such good work! Well done for your efforts, hope you get a paid post there when you're ready... and I'm going to be 33 next week blush!!!

nightfall hopefully baby will turn as there's still some time to go, I remember someone-else saying upthread their baby had turned breech too but can't remember who hmm

frilly where in kent are you? I grew up there and loved it, moved to London when I started working tho... also did your sis have her baby?

The3Bears Sat 07-Jul-12 22:48:00

ham forgot to say on other thread, yes my itching went when I wasnt pregnant blush

How annoying nightfall hopefully you'll be able to get a better view next week. Yes i've been feeling sick again was hoping I had got away with it but past couple of days have been horrible sad

ishop It was me whose baby is now breech, got a helpful email from pampers this morning saying "35 weeks your baby should be in the right position for birth now only 3-4% are breech" very reassuring he's been moving about alot today aswell but the right hand side of my ribs are still sore so I think he's still breech sad

Going to go to sleep now as swimming with ds in the morning and soooo tired but cant fall asleep confused Hope everyone has a nice night

frillylemons Sat 07-Jul-12 22:58:16

Ishop, I live in Folkestone. DSis still pregnant! Poor thing! She's due to be induced on Weds if still no show. She is 41+2 now! Think she's had enough sad

hamncheese Sun 08-Jul-12 09:13:45

I feel like I've had enough at 35+1, never mind 41+2 poor frilly Dsis !

Feeling also a bit better that others feel sick too. I feel sick everytime I eat now sad

Has anyone else around 35 weeks suddenly found sleeping horrible? My bump aches all night long now, if I'm on my back it's so heavy and on my side it pulls my skin and makes me feel like I'm weighted to the ground. Plus now getting these weird leg aches feels like right in my bones on my right side so I'm basically restricted to my left side and it gets so uncomfy. I feel like I'm flopping about every 10 minutes and waking up more sore than I went to bed sad really hope it is just another growing stage and not like this til the end now.

Plus standing up is too sore now as the bump is so heavy and it feels as though the baby is bursting through my skin.

moan moan. oh well going to try and pick up our pram today.

ishopthereforeiam Sun 08-Jul-12 09:24:52

Picking up the pram is exciting hamgrin. Sorry about the sleep - mine's been off for ages now so am used to surviving on 4-5 hours of broken sleep. Bump / back and hips ache too so I have to haul myself up (usually using sleeping DH) and turn over every 1.5 hours or so at night. Are you using a pillow under bump to sleep? That helps a little bit for me.

3bears Oh no! What will the hospital do? Are they calling you in for a check up / scan to confirm position at all before labour starts naturally?

Frilly - your poor dsis! At least she knows the end is in sight though! I was living in a village between Sevenoaks / Maidstone. Might be heading over later as dsis 21st today but horrible mother doing all she can to sabotage our plans ... oh well such is life!

A rainy day here and have a cold plus stress inducing mother so feeling very bleurgh today. Hope you all have a lovely one tho!

The3Bears Sun 08-Jul-12 10:21:09

How exciting getting the pram ham I think were all finding sleeping abit uncomfortable now, I keep waking up having to find another position to get comfy in which takes ages. Oh well only 34 days to go, same for you ham were due on the same day grin

Your poor dsis frilly I hated going overdue.

ishop I see my midwife on the 18th and if he's still in the same position I have to go and have a scan and sort out what happens next, didnt really say much last time about what happens if he doesnt move. Trying everything to get him head down now my floors have never been so clean from cleaning them on my hands and knees grin

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing sunday, just taking ds swimming now then food shopping and hopefully the rest of the day will be lovely and relaxing and my fave salmon for tea yum smile

Nightfall1983 Sun 08-Jul-12 10:21:12

3bears Nice to know I'm not alone in the breech baby club - fingers crossed yours moves soon. Mine's been head-down at every check up till now, typical! I'm going to be spending a lot of time on all fours this week to try to get him/her to move and I might try the bag of frozen peas on top of bump method. It doesn't help that I have no idea if baby's already moved, I think becuase of my anterior placenta all the movements have always been really gentle, no way of identifying whats going on. I did get some really sharp (painful) blows to the bladder yesterday, but really that could have been either from hands or feet and I've no way of knowing. Oh well, we'll see, babe is on the small side anyway so hopefully still has lots of room to move...

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