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Due in August Thread... Part 6!

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ishopthereforeiam Fri 06-Jul-12 14:29:15

Hello ladies, come on in grab a biscuit, wine and/or brew... rest those puffy cankles, sore bumps and aching backs wink and let's hope this thread sees the arrival of some babies!

WelshLadyCDF Fri 06-Jul-12 14:45:02

..I'll have one of each of those and add some thanks to brighten up this rainy day.
Agree, lets see some babies soon folks!

hamncheese Fri 06-Jul-12 15:09:27

I just searched "due in august 6" and found this

It's us 6 years ago!!!!!

6 years ago I was just about to move into the flat I am now desperatley trying to sell with my DH who was then just my boyfriend. In fact, it will be 6 years to the day next saturday. And he was away to Florida on holiday with his family. When we started going out in the previous December he said he would go with them and asked me first and I was like yeah sure why not confused then I totally fell for him and hated every single minute he was gone. Ah young love grin.

What were the rest of you doing in 2006 while those others on that thread were all bumpy??

pintofmilk Fri 06-Jul-12 15:17:51

Ummm now let me see, 2006. Oh yes I was feeling like I do now......KNACKERED!!

I was on Maternity leave after having DC2, attempting to potty train my 2 year old DD and looking after DS who would have been 6 months old. confused

Westcountrylovescheese Fri 06-Jul-12 15:20:28

We were probably searching for the home we are in now!

Come on babies!

alisonmcg Fri 06-Jul-12 15:27:33

In 2006 I was half way through uni and pretty sure I had a broken ankle that summer (drunken incident in a night club) blush so was pretty much housebound at the time as lived 5 floors up with no lift and getting in and out of the building was a major hassle!! Hadn't met DP at that point, that happened in 2007 so probably if you'd told me then that 6 years later I would have a long-term parnter, a mortgage, a cat and a baby on the way I would have laughed in your face! Aahhh how times change smile

alisonmcg Fri 06-Jul-12 15:29:34

ps hello to everyone!! Let's make part 6 the start of the babies arriving! Who knows...maybe part 7 will be over in the post-natal group!!! (although doubtful as we're all far too chatty to make this thread last until then!!)

Nel1975 Fri 06-Jul-12 15:29:49

6 years ago - i was single, had just remortgaged my house and was leaving my job of 10 years at a bank to go back to uni to study for a postgraduate in Primary Teaching. However that never worked out for me - and who knows, if it did I I may never have meant DH and would not be part of this thread now smile Things have a way of working out for the best, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

pintofmilk Fri 06-Jul-12 15:30:16

Had midwife appointment yesterday. All measurements matched with dates and baby is now head down sitting on the brim of my pelvis! Hopefully the head will engage soon so I can breath properly again, getting very squashed in there now.

My acid has returned with a vengeance too, can't seem to pin point it to any type of food. Wake up with it, it goes after a while then returns at night.

33+5 smile

fairtradelu Fri 06-Jul-12 15:39:51

Six years ago? I had brought my Indonesian bloke (now DH) over to GB from Germany (where we were studying) to meet the family. Thankfully, despite my mum's reservations about me dating someone from so far away ("he will get you pregnant then run back to indo with the baby" etc etc!), everyone loved him and we haven't looked back since. Now, six years later we live in the UK, are married and expecting our first smile


NeedlesCuties Fri 06-Jul-12 15:49:35

ontheedgeofwhatever (?) DC2 due 25/7/12
mrsmamma (27) DC1 due 27/7/12
ishopthereforeiam (32) DC2 due 27/7/12 in UCLH, London, England
Loupee (26) DC1 due 28/7/12 in Royal Infirmary Hospital, Edinburgh, Scotland
aflycup (24) DC1 due 30/7/12
farmerswifey (30) DC1 GIRL due 31/7/12 in Aberystwyth, Wales

cupoftea123 (?) DC1 due 2/8/12
Whiteangel (?) DC1 BOY due 2/8/12
dragonleo (29) DC1 GIRL due 3/8/12 in Whittington Hospital, London, England
margarethamilton (?) DC1 due 3/8/12
Tubtoes (31) DC1 due 3/8/12
missjemima (?) DC2 BOY due 3/8/12
warzonemummy (?) DC? GIRL due 4/8/12 in St. George’s, London, England
babbashouse (?) DC? due 4/8/12
PoppySeed34 (34) DC1 BOY due 4/8/12 in Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, England BORN 28/5/12!
danielou (?) DC3 due 4/8/12 in Worcestershire Royal Hospital, England
ChicBabyP (?) DC1 due 5/8/12
lynniegooner (43) DC2 due 5/8/12
halfdoneharris (28) DC1 due 5/8/12
Nel1975 (?) DC1 due 6/8/12
Littlelamb1980 (31) DC1 BOY due 6/8/12 in St. Thomas Hospital, London
JParkson (28) DC3 due 6/8/12 in Swindon, England
Gnomi (29) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12
panpipe (26) DC1 due 7/8/12
McBaby (31) DC1 7/8/12 in Barnet, Herts, England
Westcountrywife (33) DC1 BOY due 7/8/12 in RD & E, Exeter, England
Alizzle (24) DC1 due 8/8/12
Huia (?) DC? due 8/8/12
Mummiestobe (33) DC? due 8/8/12 in Dorchester, England
faintpinkline (?) DC2 due 8/8/12
WelshLadyCDF (40) DC1 GIRL due 8/8/12
ballinderrymum (32) DC2 due 8/8/12
woopsidaisy (36) DC3 due 8/8/12
SwanseaMum (?) DC3 due 8/8/12
Weekipper (32) DC1 due 9/8/12 in Edinburgh, Scotland
mancmummy (?) DC2 due 9/8/12
ffscatmove (35) DC1 due 10/8/12 in John Radcliffe (Spires MW unit)
Robsbaby77 (?) DC? BOY due 10/8/12
lovemarmite (38) DC1 GIRL due 11/8/12 in Eastbourne, England
ByeBabyBatshit (35) DC1 11/8/12 TWINS!
The3Bears (24) DC2 BOY due 11/8/12
Stinyminkymoo (35) DC1 due 11/8/12
hamncheese (24) DC1 due 11/8/12 in Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Scotland
vinolover (29) DC3 BOY due 11/8/12 in RSCH, Brighton, England
eightieshopaholic (32) DC1 BOY due 12/8/12 in Worcester Hospital, England
CATwith2Kittens (32) DC3 due 12/8/12 in Wareham, Dorset, England
namechangerbat (?) DC3 due 13/8/12
HopefulPositive (31) DC1 due 13/8/12 TWINS!
Glittershoes (27) DC1 BOY due 14/8/12 in Hull Women’s and Children’s Hospital, England
capecath (29) DC2 due 15/8/12 in Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, Scotland
MrsMigginslovespies (35) DC1 BOY due 15/8/12 in Borders & General Hospital, Scottish Borders
lollilu (?) DC1 due 15/8/12
thatboysmum (?) DC2 due 16/8/12 in Medway Maritime Hospital, England
ArtyJennie (31) DC2 due 17/8/12 in Croydon Uni Hospital, England
OnlyWantsOneTwoAndThree (?) DC3 due 17/8/12
Gingerelle (30) DC1 due 17/8/12
Voscar (31) DC1 due 18/8/12 in Darrent Valley Hospital, Dartford, England
Salt14 (?) DC1 due 18/8/12
technoduck (27) DC1 BOY due 18/8/12 in Bath, Somerset, England
lexielexielexie (?) DC2 BOY due 18/8/12
Glimpers (33) DC2 GIRL due 19/8/12 in GWH, Swindon, England
tashaw28 (36) DC3 due 19/8/12 in Barnet Hospital, Herts, England
flyingleo (33) DC2 due 19/8/12 in UCH, London, England
pintofmilk (35) DC3 GIRL due 19/8/12
practicallyimperfect (?) DC2 due 20/8/12
sc0ttishlass (34) DC1 due 20/8/12 in Princess Royal, Glasgow, Scotland
firstfroggy (34) DC1 due 20/8/12
miaboo (29) DC3 BOY due 21/8/12
susiegrapevine (29) DC2 BOY due 21/8/12 in Hastings, Sussex, England
Tusa (?) DC1 due 21/8/12
Geekette (32) DC1 due 21/8/12 in West Suffolk, Bury St. Edmunds, England
vanimal (37) DC3 due 22/8/12
NewRoadToHappiness (?) DC? BOYS due 22/8/12 TWINS!
TheRealMrsSmith (32) DC4 due 23/8/12
Louper (?) DC1 due 23/8/12
peeriebear (32) DC3 due 23/8/12
NeedlesCuties (27) DC2 due 24/8/12
Sparklesandglitter (27) DC1 due 24/8/12
Loislane78 (34) DC1 GIRL due 24/8/12 in Cambridge, England
danmoore00 (39) DC3 due 25/8/12 in Darrent Valley, Kent, England
nearlymumofone (34) DC2 due 25/8/12
Nightfall1983 (28) DC1 due 25/8/12 in Derby, England
Caitycat (?) DC? due 25/8/12 in Sheffield, England
alisonmcg (25) DC1 due 26/8/12
therumoursaretrue (22) DC1 due 26/8/12
Estya (35) DC2 due 27/8/12 in Darenth Valley, Kent, England
PictureThis (38) DC2 BOY due 27/8/12
FrillyLemons (24) DC1 due 28/8/12
Signet2012 (29) DC1 GIRL due 28/8/12
fairtradelu (29) DC1 due 28/8/12 in York, England
hellokit (?) DC3 due 29/8/12
purplelooby (32) DC1 BOY due 29/8/12 in Bolton, England
theressomethingaboutmarie (35) DC2 BOY due 30/8/12
Jods1 (?) DC? due 30/8/12
MrsLister (35) DC1 BOY due 30/8/12 in Homerton, Hackney, England
kellzi (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Woodford, Essex, England
missingpate (31) DC1 due 31/8/12
Clarabell78 (?) DC? due 31/8/12 in Southern General, Glasgow, Scotland
justine09x (25) DC3 GIRL due 31/8/12
quickchat (35) DC3 due 31/8/12 in Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, Scotland
GwenGotLost (26) DC? due 31/8/12, Swansea, Wales

NeedlesCuties Fri 06-Jul-12 15:58:35

6 years ago? >thinks<

I was just finishing college (aged 21) and starting full-time work. Had just become a Christian around Easter time 2006 and enjoying time with my friends and my now-DH whom I've been with since 2001 (when I was 16!).

Today I'm an achy sore whale of a woman at the constant beck & call of a 2.5 year old. Feeling like such a blimp sad I've not put on much weight but my bump is seriously huge. Still wearing size 12 clothes as normal, but need baggier things to fit belly in.

Getting sore pains at my pubic bone and along my scar line from tear last time. Baby just is pressing down on my bladder so I constantly feel the need to pee and he/she has feet hooked in under my ribs like a bat. Urgh!

Going to take DS swimming tomorrow at local pool, am hoping they don't try to harpoon me or mistake me for a sea creature confused

(33 weeks today... can't last another 7 weeks!!!!!!!!)

therumoursaretrue Fri 06-Jul-12 16:02:04

Marking place here since I haven't been about for a while...I will be on later to explain all and catch up!

Lovemarmite Fri 06-Jul-12 16:27:04

Wow, part 6 now shock getting quite excited that this month we might have some new LOs joining Minipop!

Great to hear what we were like 6 years ago!
hmm let me see... we were running a mad business, booked out Earls Court for a huge exhibition and was working with a chap who runs the Monaco Formula One show - all crazy stuff now seeing that we had to put cash in, drew no salary for a year and then luckily sold the company before it went even madder. Phew, glad those fun days are over - what stress! That was my career suicide too - yeah! Wow, it sounds glamorous as I read it back, but it was more like a whole bag of stress, learning and laughter at how we managed to pull things off!

Today, I am soooo large, I think if I'd go swimming, I'd sink. Getting in and out the bath is such a hassle and so hats off to getting into a pool! DH had to help me out of the bath last night, maybe I am just so not cut out for this?!
Luckily had better night sleep and puffy ankle went, hurray!

My back has gone very hard though - I wonder if it's slightly swollen but it's aching like mad but gone odd as its very taught - is anyone else having weird back muscles?

Nightfall1983 Fri 06-Jul-12 16:31:55

Ooh I like this game :-)
6 years ago I was just finished 3rd year of uni and enjoying the summer off before 4 yr. BF (now DH) and I were moved in together for the first time at the beginning of July and really enjoyed being together whilst doing our summer jobs then in August be took the whole month off for our "summer of adventure". We didn't do anything very adventurous really but loved travelling round camping and doing various touristy things...

So the eyebrow threading was fine, very very much more painful than usual but fine none-the-less. The woman doing them said "oh are you pregnant" and when I said how far along I am said "oh you look tiny" grin However the jokes on me because when I said thank you and told her that everyone else seems to think I'm absolutely massive she said, no, you just look FAT! shock How mean! Really I don't know where it came from as I was a size 12/14 before getting pregnant and still am above and below my MASSIVE bump... Never mind, DH home in a few hours and had said lets go out for dinner so YAY!

ishopthereforeiam Fri 06-Jul-12 16:33:32

Loving hearing what everyone was up to six years ago and have chuckled out loud at several of the posts above!

6 years ago I had just started a new job (which I left a few months ago), had got engaged in May and was house hunting with DH (then fiance). Now... house hunting (well in midst of buying as found somewhere) with DH to accommodate two babies (!) where does the time go?

Hilarious to see the 2006 August thread and also that like us they were keen to see some babies on the thread!

Have come down with cold (not the hay fever I thought it was!).

The3Bears Fri 06-Jul-12 16:39:16

6 years ago I was 3 months pregnant with ds1 smile me and dp had been together for 2 years but both of us were still at parents homes as I had just finished college and dp was saving as he'd just started new job after finishing college (the same one he's at now), we moved in together in Nov 06 and havent looked back since grin so strange to think how different we were then now we have gorgeous ds1, a nice house, 2 cats and another ds on the way soon, v exciting x

The3Bears Fri 06-Jul-12 16:44:42

Cant wait til the next baby is born on here, were all so close now smile

Vinolover Fri 06-Jul-12 16:47:29

I'm really hoping my baby arrives in this thread although I read yesterday that statistically if you had late babies before then you are likely to follow suit with other babies... Oh poo!

6 years ago we were selling our flat and looking forward to owning our first proper house with a garden smile We have since moved from that house into the one we are in and renovating now. 6 years from now I would still like to be in this house and hope by then it's finished wink

I can now hardly move after painting earlier sad Think a very quiet evening doing lots of relaxing is called for!

What an awful thing for that woman to say Night! Some people are just incredibly rude!!!

PictureThis Fri 06-Jul-12 17:30:20

I agree, some people are just bloody rude! Well the return to work was very short lived, I lasted one night shift but it's all too much for my poor pelvis so back to pottering around the house. Back to physio next week to see if she can help further. It's so frustrating and as a result I'm felling like a right grumpy old mare today with a severe lack of patience sad.
6 years ago I had just found out (July 4th) that I was pregnant with DD. DH was watching the football world cup final when I showed him the +ve pregnancy test and we sat there grinning like loons at each other.

ontheedgeofwhatever Fri 06-Jul-12 19:28:22

Hello sorry I've been away so long. I seem to have spent hours being monitored in hospital - every Monday morning for last five weeks or so plus various other appointments. I've had terrible itching from obstetric cholestasis but the various meds have brought it under control most of the time thank God. I got a nasty case of constipation which took a week to clear (there's a whole other thread about it on pregnancy).

Baby however is very happy. Growth scans suggest its already 6lb 5oz, it kicks, headbutts and hiccups usually when I'm trying to sleep. So glad I'll have it early or it will be ENORMOUS. I'm exhausted- DP had audacity to express surprise as to how tired I was I suggested he tied a 5lb bag of potatoes under his shirt and kept it there all day then let me know how he feels and oddly enough he declined can't think why. grin

Six years ago I had DD who was nearly 9 months. I was living in a flat by myself with her and thigns were a little bit difficult with DP - now we've got a house together and life has changed massively for the better. As for DD I'm sitting watching her read her school report which came home tonight and was thankfully reasonably good.

My induction has been booked for 25th July and I'm suddenly starting to get really nervous about the whole thing. Can't believe I'm probably going to have a baby in 3 weeks and might even be home with it. I don't feel at all ready. Just wish this weather would cheer up, I really want to wash all the baby clothes and dry them outside in fresh air but have a feeling its going to be tumble drier or dry them in the house sad

susiegrapevine Fri 06-Jul-12 19:49:33

Hello. Wow we've been busy. Six years ago me and dh had just bought our flat together (was dp then) and at the same time dh's dad died so was a horrible time because of that.

Not much to report today. Went to our toddler group where they had messey play but ds was only interested in the painting. Just had a horrible pain and had to take my bra off. Thought it was my bra but was actually the baby!! Has moved now thank god.

Glimpers Fri 06-Jul-12 20:11:47

Blimey, thread 6!
6 years ago I was 5 months pg with DD and me and DH (DP then) were house hunting for our own place. Didn't manage to find one until the August and then moved in the September (7.5 months pg!) soooo glad I'm not doing that this time and I take my hat off to you ladies who are!
Went and got some more newborn sleep suits today as I realised when I washed up all of DD's old clothes, there were loads of 0-3 stuff but no smaller bits, and she was only a tiddler when born so hoping thinking this one will be kind of the same!!
Horrible weather here and hasn't stopped raining all day sad no sign of any improvement for the weekend either sad

warzonemummy Fri 06-Jul-12 20:27:47

wow...we are on the thread number 6.

I usually read posts using my phone when I am in bed and can't sleep but since I am rubbish writing only phone I promise that I will write when I am on my laptop next - and then I never do.

Anyway, I am back in London now since 16th June. I am happy beyond anything. The first week was spent buying all the essentials, moses basket, bedding, clothing and baby's bag. The rest I have is spent buying super cute stuff for no reason.

I am apparently anaemic which combined with my care so far being out of the country means they have shoved me in the at risk category. My haemoglobin level is 9. So I am under consultant care. I am seeing the consultant on the 11th. I hope I can raise the iron levels and am allowed to give natural birth. I would love water birth which I may not get if I am under consultant care.

I am really really scared of going overdue - most babies in my family have been overdue sad

ishopthereforeiam Fri 06-Jul-12 20:46:33

Welcome back warzone! Hope all goes well, at least you are in very safe hands.

ontheedge what a cheeky dh! Sounds like you may be in the lead to have the next baby wink we should start taking bets!

vino good idea with what would I like to be doing in 6 years time! tough one for me... I suppose moved and well settled into house with garden, almost 40 and almost fabulous but most of all just with a healthy happy family (soppy I know)!

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