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November 2012 - nearer the end than the beginning

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StuntNun Thu 28-Jun-12 18:31:58

Previous thread:

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Bluetinkerbell Thu 28-Jun-12 18:47:21

Marking my spot smile

capedcrusader25 Thu 28-Jun-12 18:59:34

Marking my place smile

Dixiebell Thu 28-Jun-12 19:11:41

I always thought DS looked a bit weird in proper 'outfits' until he was at least able to sit up. Dressed him in jeans and t-shirt once or twice, but really I think definitely just babygros for the first few months. Anyway, they sleep all the time and imagine having to sleep in jeans or trousers all day long. Only just stopped using babygros at night time for him, he's 21 months now. Always made him look like a little baby again, but we've moved on to pjs now.

Dixiebell Thu 28-Jun-12 19:14:36

So has everyone who's had their scan chosen names yet? My scan's another week and a half away. But last time once I knew it was a boy, it felt so much more real and was pretty quickly able to settle on a name (it's Arlo, by the way). This time, we have a girl name, but no boy name. Arlo was really the only name we could find we both liked, so going to have to be some serious racking of brains if it's another boy!

SwissArmyWife Thu 28-Jun-12 19:27:04

Dixiebell What name have you chosen for a girl? smile
My little boy will be named Ozzy, with Harrison as his middle name.
DP and I decided on it straight away before we'd even conceived, but we could never decide on a girl's name!
It was going to be either Sapphire Skye or Skye Serena!

blonderthanred Thu 28-Jun-12 19:31:21

Hello new thread.

4kidsplusbump Thu 28-Jun-12 19:39:09

Evening everyone.

Just thought I would mark my place on the new thread.Not that I've had chance to catch up with the previous thread!

We had our scan on Monday and my predictions for boy were right! Names wise we couldn't think of any girls when we had DD2, so I think we are probably going with the boys name we had chosen for her!

Dixiebell definately agree about the babygros for the first few months. Both DD1 and DS1 both had loads of 'proper' outfits....but DD2 and DS2 both lived in babygros....much more practical!

capedcrusader25 Thu 28-Jun-12 19:44:07

We've had names since the beginning DP chose the boys name and I chose the girls name. Haven't really thought of any others at all so hope they suit smile

daisychain76 Thu 28-Jun-12 19:50:18

Congrats on the boy, 4kids.

I like the thread name! I am struggling with boys names - I like Harry, but think it might be a bit over-used. For girls names, I want something unusual (without being pretentious or OTT) but that you can shorten to something more common, preferably ending in "ie"or y (not that I'm picky or anything!).

Dixiebell Thu 28-Jun-12 20:07:26

swiss, hmm, sorry, think I'm gonna keep my names quiet for the mo...! Last time we didn't tell anyone at all until after DS was born! Love Skye though, I'd consider that although weirdly someone on my last antenatal thread also chose Arlo for her son born at same time as mine (we didn't confer!), and already has a Skye. If I chose that I think she might think I'm a stalker or something..--not that I'd let that stop me--.

MissMummy1 Thu 28-Jun-12 20:41:51

Marking my place wink

Catbag Thu 28-Jun-12 20:54:43

Hello all,

I've been lurking for a week or so and thought I'd introduce myself finally. I'm almost 21 weeks pregnant with twins, and have a DS of 12 and two DD of 9 and 4.
I am almost permanently exhausted and my ribs feeling like they are the verge of snapping :/ And for those of you worrying about weight gain- I'm 5"8 and had a pre-pregnancy weight of 9 stone. I am now tipping the scales at 11 stone (!) and am only half way there. I have actually NEVER weighed this much in my life! I wouldn't mind so much if I'd been eating lots of cake, but my diet seems to revolve around lentils and wholewheat pasta at the moment 'cos otherwise I get, er, bunged up (TMI!)
Anyway, sorry for gatecrashing, but I felt a bit voyeuristic reading all the posts without announcing my presence!

MissMummy1 Thu 28-Jun-12 21:04:13

Hello Catbag! I too am 5"8 with a pre-pregnancy weight of 9 stone, and am now tipping the scales at about 11. Unlike you, I'm just having 1. I fear mine is 90% cake though...

Brockle Thu 28-Jun-12 21:12:47

hello catbag I am usually a voyeur too but then every now and then have a flurry of posts. My boss was jokey moaning today after I called him back from his office to speak to him. My retort was "hey I am growing someone you know!" It worked a treat smile oh ..and marking my place.

CandyPop Thu 28-Jun-12 21:21:23

Hi all!! I've posted a couple of times in the earlier threads but have gone off radar for awhile as I felt quite nervous in my first couple of months. I have been keeping an eye on the threads but feel its the right time to surface again!! It's been lovely reading all about everyone's good news and hoping to join the excitement with you girls blush

I'm 20 weeks on Saturday, EDD due date 17th nov and have my scan next wednesday ! I can't wait to find out the sex of the baby!!! Felt my first proper kicks this week and one at 2am at night which I woke dh for and he felt baby for the first time too 😊

Hope everyone is well!!! Xx

Catbag Thu 28-Jun-12 21:37:40

MissMummy 90% cake, lol! If I wasn't so paranoid about looking like I have 5 kids, I'd definitely be indulging more. That and the fact that there has been a distinct upward trend in the time taken to shift the weight after each successive pregnancy for me- I don't dare risk it sad

Brockle What a wonderful way to put it! Helps put the rib-bending into perspective smile

kirrinIsland Thu 28-Jun-12 21:39:51

Marking place

Catbag Thu 28-Jun-12 21:41:51

Hi CandyPop I did the same- I was posting for a while in one of the threads last year, but then had a miscarriage and kind of ran away and hid. It's taken me until now to be brave enough to return.

Yey for movements though! Congratulations and all that smile I've been feeling movements for ages but they are still not strong enough for the other half to feel yet :/

horseylady Thu 28-Jun-12 21:48:13

Marking place smileno names still in discussion smile welcome catbag!!

applepieinthesky Thu 28-Jun-12 21:50:32

I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and have felt a few flutters but nothing strong enough for DP to feel. The sonographer said today that I have an anterior placenta which would explain it. It was strange to see baby wriggling around on the screen and not feeling any of it.

applepieinthesky Thu 28-Jun-12 21:52:05

We had a girls name sorted but found out today it is a boy so we're going to struggle I think. There are hardly any boys names I like and the ones I do either DP vetoes or they don't work in both cultures so I can't use.

DesperateHousewife21 Thu 28-Jun-12 22:13:06

Marking place, not sure whether to post here or new thread. The other one still has about 60 posts to go.

CandyPop Thu 28-Jun-12 22:13:55

Yeah the was a one off for dh!! I have been feelings flutters regularly for the past week but never strong enough to feel on the outside but bubba must have been raving in the tummy the other night and kicking really hard!

Belly went through a growth spur over the last week too... I went from looking kinda a bit tubby to definitely pregnant looking ! Still doesn't get me a seat on the tube tho .... Funniest reactions are the ppl pretending they are asleep when I do saw them look at me first !! Lol shame on them but quite funny to watch smile

MissMummy1 Thu 28-Jun-12 22:14:16

We're the opposite - we've settled on one boy's name we agree on (including middle names) but are at a complete loss for any girl's names.

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