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Due in March 2013

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Leftwingharpie Wed 20-Jun-12 16:41:02

Post your stats here and join me if you're due in March 2013.

Leftwingharpie Wed 20-Jun-12 16:45:47

I haven't yet seen any medical types, but I'm pretty sure I'll be on the cusp of Feb/March 2013. I've been posting in the February thread, but I want to hedge my bets and find more people to worry chat with!

Leftwingharpie Wed 20-Jun-12 16:47:45

Harpie DC1 (34) EDD 01/03/12

tiddleypompom Wed 20-Jun-12 20:22:06

Hello harpie - congratulations grin

TP (33) dc#2 EDD 03/03/13

How are you feeling?

Leftwingharpie Wed 20-Jun-12 21:13:42

Oooh hooray I'm not alone! Congratulations to you too! I'm feeling all sorts of crazy stuff - mostly concern about whether the baby's ok! My boobs are a bit sore but other than that I'm not very symptomy. How about you?

tiddleypompom Wed 20-Jun-12 21:40:01

It's a scary but amazing time isn't it? I switch from mentally decorating a new nursery (we're also moving house) to being 'sensible' and not counting chickens until the 12 week scan shows a jumping bean smile

Ours is a happy surprise - after ttc for 8 months last time we were a bit slack this month and low & behold... I knew I was pregnant as soon as the metallic taste appeared last week. Sure enough, dizzy spells, hunger, hot & tired. No sore boobs but didn't get those last time either.

So your first? How fabulous. Ours is a DS aged 9 months (almost) so we will have two under two... Eeeeep!

LoisLame Wed 20-Jun-12 22:11:25

Hi Left I'm on the Feb thread too but might come on here as well. My EDD is 25th/26th Feb, but feel like the people on this thread may be more at the same stage as me IYSWIM. Seems like everyone on the Feb thread is miles ahead of me. Anyway DD was born at 40+5 so wonder if this one might be late too. Poor thing was due 30th July, and if she'd come that day would have had £250 child trust fund voucher but they cut it down to £50 from 1st August so she only got that. Can't wait til she's moaning on her 18th birthday that she can't afford the handbag she wants and I can say "Well dear, you should have been more punctual!" grin

Leftwingharpie Wed 20-Jun-12 22:29:17

Tiddleypompom it's funny at this early stage. I don't quite believe it and there's very little evidence! So it's only an amazing time in a sort of hypothetical sense iyswim? I was so delighted to get my BFP I couldn't tell you. I thought it would be a combination of joy and terror, in fact I half thought I might regret my recklessness. But I was just ecstatic - and DH seems really pleased.

We are also moving house - we just had an offer accepted on our first home, so we're doubly excited. Do you have a moving date yet? Have you picked out which room you'll have for which DC?

Hello Lois good to have a familiar face on the thread. I know exactly what you mean about everyone else of the thread seeming way ahead of us. I'm still reeling from the initial shock. I can't believe how slowly the time is dragging - I want to be a bit further on and be actually properly pregnant!

I thought those child trust funds were supposed to be for noble things like the pursuit of learning, or embarking on a small business! grin

tiddleypompom Thu 21-Jun-12 06:46:00

Hi lois - welcome to our select little group smile How old is your dd? Let's hope she doesn't develop a taste for Mulberry grin

We should have been exchanging this week but surprise surprise it is delayed - still fx next week. We are moving far away from our current home - from large city to tiny rural village - so it is a big change. My folks are moving with us...

harpie glad to hear the bfp was a delight - what a rollercoaster we're all in for!

I had ridiculously vivid dreams last night - I really thought it was real life thank god it wasn't Anyone else?

Leftwingharpie Thu 21-Jun-12 06:46:26

This might be a silly thing to say, but is anyone else finding it a bit disconcerting the way Mumsnet has just changed for us? Obviously I'm more than delighted to finally be pg, but after posting on the Conception Boards since 2009, it's a bit weird to suddenly be posting in Antenatal Clubs and Pregnancy instead. There seem to be fewer threads I can contribute to, and I don't recognise as many familiar names. It's like changing schools! Is it just me?

tiddleypompom Thu 21-Jun-12 06:48:11

By the way, when does 'properly pregnant' kick in? grin

Leftwingharpie Thu 21-Jun-12 06:51:46

After briefly dreaming I was involved in a bank heist masterminded by Alan Sugar, I dreamt DH and I found our dream house to buy, loads better than the "good enough" house we are currently buying, but in need of a lot of work (v envious of all the original Georgian features in the doer-upper bombsite house my sister has just bought in London).

tiddleypompom Thu 21-Jun-12 06:52:25

It's what you were hoping for harpie - the first day at school feeling will go & you'll see some of your old mates around & about (hopefully on this thread!). Besides, once we've confessed to 'knicker-checking' and dreadful wind, we'll be mates too wink

Antenatal journeys are perhaps the most special of all - you wait till you cry with happiness everytime someone you've never met has their beautiful healthy baby grin

Leftwingharpie Thu 21-Jun-12 06:53:39

I guess "properly pregnant" is where you reach a milestone at which something actually happens because you are pg, such as you get a scan, or buy maternity clothes, or actually tell someone!

Leftwingharpie Thu 21-Jun-12 06:57:01

Tiddleypompom I suppose you're right. Perhaps we need to have the new antenatal thread version of a slumber party and play truth or dare late at night (preferably while gorging ourselves on midnight feast tuck) until we all know so much embarrassing stuff about each other that we have no choice but to be friends!

Leftwingharpie Thu 21-Jun-12 06:59:06

Why are you moving so far away, is it for work? Or is it for idyllic rural child raising a la Enid Blyton?

tiddleypompom Thu 21-Jun-12 07:53:27

Absolutely the latter harpie - yearning for space, views, long walks from our back door, community, getting away from the general public as I am getting ever more unsociable as I get older grin

Lashings of ginger beer - that'll be us once the morning sickness kicks in!

Believe me, if I told you about my dream last night we'd have to be friends grin Meanwhile it's nice to have company on this 'before we're properly pregnant' journey - I shall wait till we're in our new place before contacting the GP to get a booking appt sorted.

Are you both waiting till 12 weeks before telling anyone other than dp/dh?

Leftwingharpie Thu 21-Jun-12 08:25:15

<makes note to ask about dream in possible future virtual game of truth or dare>

We are only moving ten minutes up the road, we're in the Aire Valley, so sort of semi rural, it's a good compromise - you can soon be out on the moors. Beware of entrenched local village politics!

We haven't really decided when to tell. We're not 100% convinced ourselves! DH wanted me to do yet another pg test this morning. I said i was saving it to do just before my doctors appointment - just in case! He's been moaning that he doesn't have anyone to talk about it with, whereas I have the whole of Mumsnet. But my parents are currently out of the country and by the time they get back I'll be about eleven weeks - ideally we'll keep a lid on it till then.

What about you? Have you warned told your folks about DC2?

posypoo Thu 21-Jun-12 09:48:02

Hello all, a quick hello from me as my computer is playing up and LO1 (2) is calling mummy. I got my bfp last night (edd I think either 28 feb or 1 mar) and am still in shock. Congrats to all!

tiddleypompom Thu 21-Jun-12 09:56:18

Hooray posy - another on the cusp of the months. Come back * chat once you're over the initial shock! Did you suspect or is this a proper surprise baby?

We haven't told anyone yet - just too early, and besides we feel like we've got to get this house purchase (plus 2 sales) done & dusted before we can truly concentrate on it! By then (next week if all goes well) we'll be celebrating anyway - and I won't have to give any further explanation if I am spotted not joining in with the champagne-quaffing grin

harpie I am only too aware of the joys of a small community having grown up in a relatively small one. My DH however, has never lived anywhere but the large city we live in at the moment. Boy, is he in for a shock!

LoisLame Thu 21-Jun-12 11:06:42

Hi everyone, hope your all feeling well today. Hi posy. I think I'll start to feel "proper pregnant" when the morning sickness starts. Just feeling sick is not good enough! Looking forward to hopefully being able to chat to a mw today about all my stresses, am feeling quite down at the moment sad

tiddleypompom Thu 21-Jun-12 11:20:04

Oh lois poor you, do you want to tell us why?

I have just had a bollocking from our vendors as I had to tell them we won't exchange tomorrow. Our purchasers solicitor simply say ' we aren't ready' sad God it is stressful selling/buying! I am trying not to stress though as it can't be good for the mini bean!

Deep breath...

posypoo Thu 21-Jun-12 11:46:23

Hello everyone! Mine was planned tiddley, but a shock as it was the first month of trying, and I really didn't expect that! Having said that I did have suspicions (no symptoms just a general feeling) but that said I have felt that several times before and not been!

Sorry to hear you're feeling rubbish Lois. Why are you stressed? Totally sympathise with all the housemoving worries. We've just done it - so much stress (but worth it).

tiddleypompom Thu 21-Jun-12 12:29:51

Just googled Aire Valley - oooo, lovely.

The house move will definitely be worth it, we can't wait. Till then I keep checking my pee stick (yeah, gross I know) just in case the pink line was a figment of my imagination...

It only feels like a few weeks ago since DS was born - in fact it strikes me that I was pregnant this time last year too. Crikey.

posypoo Thu 21-Jun-12 13:03:58

Aire sounds idyllic in my head Leftwing. Whereabouts are you tiddley? Wow just realised your age gap! My friend had the same and she really likes it. I wasn't even in a fit state to dtd when LO was 9 months, ha ha.

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