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Feb 2013 - early days - part 2!

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LittleMissSnowShine Wed 20-Jun-12 09:16:53

Couldnt fund a second part to our thread! Has anyone else started part 2 somewhere else???


Also sleeping badly!!

Yes, I will get to work on organising our list according to due date and post later!

Re fifty shades, queen, u wont hav to do mych skipping to find the rude bits, they're shagging and spanking on every other page!

Gbnewbie Fri 28-Sep-12 17:34:35

You guys must've had fancier scans than me, no details like that for mine...
No this is my first successful pregnancy. The movement is really definite though! Like being flicked from the inside, small thuds. Sure I could feel them last night too.

Splinters Fri 28-Sep-12 11:21:32

Nostrils! Cool! We were amazed at the 12w scan when we saw such a clear picture of the baby's brain. So at least we know that's in the right place, anyway..

I've been thinking I can feel little movements for a fortnight or so, but still not totally sure. I seem to feel more if I'm really leaning over, like sitting on the floor to do a jigsaw -- does that sound plausible, or am I just feeling my own blood vessels throbbing? Gb, do you have older DCs and therefore experience?

Gbnewbie Thu 27-Sep-12 22:08:04

Hello splinters and panzee, I had my 20wk yesterday and all fine thank goodness grin (was really worried due to problems before). Found out the little wiggler is a boy!
The movement has really started now which is lovely as I find it very reassuring. How about for you guys?

Panzee Thu 27-Sep-12 16:35:31

I had my 20week this week and it was fantastic. grin They've got a new machine since my last child and you can see so much! I even saw his nostrils and lips.

Splinters Thu 27-Sep-12 16:20:57

Hello! I was here early on but it seemed to fizzle out a bit when people moved to FB and I haven't looked much since.. But here you all are! Can I come back please? I prefer the anonymity on MN.

Scan in 10 days, and I'm getting nervous. Which is ridiculous I know. But still.

Hennycluckington Tue 25-Sep-12 06:18:14

Hello all, how you getting on with the app?
I picked up the placental pulse last night. It's the same rate as my heart but mirroring it one beat behind. On my right side. Couldn't pick up the baby's this time but it was squirming quite a lot so no surprise.
Anyone struggling with their pelvis? It was quite sore last night, walking was a struggle, it felt like it was going to separate and I was shuffling around like a old woman very attractive
Lots of big movements now. It takes me by surprise sometimes. 21+1 weeks and counting.

Gbnewbie Mon 24-Sep-12 23:15:47

Hello all! Hope everyone is feeling ok. Thankfully my only current symptom is such a tight stomach by the end of the day.

Anyone had any luck with the ap? I tried the day I got it and didn't get anywhere with it and didn't persist.

20 wks on Weds and my scan. Feeling really nervous and wish it would hurry up to hopefully put my mind at rest.
Birthday tomorrow but can't get at all excited about it.

Anyone else had their 20 wk yet?

Want2bSupermum Mon 24-Sep-12 01:41:24

Well I can't believe I am at 19 weeks already. Time has flown by this time (thank goodness). Can't wait for my scan in 10days to find out the sex.

DD was sick while we were away and got diahrrea for 5 days. When we got back I bought pedialyte powder and put it in our medicine cabinet and the diaper bag.

katolla Sun 23-Sep-12 21:05:31

hi all, im from the january thread but due at the end of jan (28th) and my mum was late with all of us so we'll probably get a february baby.

thanks for the app tip, i'm downloading it now to have a go, not had any luck with the stethoscope so far though so i'm not hopeful. only a couple of kicks so far too! hope she's this quiet once she's born too..

InTheNightGarden Wed 19-Sep-12 03:13:12

oooooow, so getting this baby scope thing in the morning when dp gets back from his night shift!! damm wish I hadn't of opted for the Samsung galaxy s3 now!!!!

if anyone's wondering what on earth I'm doing up at 3.10am... my 16month old dd has for some strange reason decided it's time to get up and play with the brio train track!!! + I'm getting some stronger movements tonight, looks like I have a little egg poking out my tummy!! how odd! hope your all well smile

Hennycluckington Tue 18-Sep-12 21:52:42

calm down happy your excited about a app. It is called baby scope. It's about 2.50ish. You need earphones without a speaker on them and switch your phone to airplane mode.
Listen for your own heart beat then move the microphone part of your phone around until you pick up the whoosh whoosh. I really thought DH had wasted his money but it worked!
I was 18 weeks when we first thought we heard something but now it is unmistakable. I've spent hours using it its nice from time to time grin

Gbnewbie Tue 18-Sep-12 19:08:42

Exactly! I've just tried the one you found... Stomach is very gurgley so not the best time to try... Think I may have heard it faintly fir a second... Will try at bed tune and the first thing in the morning!
Let me know how you get one! Good luck smile

WitchityBroom Tue 18-Sep-12 18:51:13

Can't hurt to try, as long as we don't panic if we don't hear anything.

Gbnewbie Tue 18-Sep-12 18:36:30

These 2...
But think it's probably a bit early for us, they suggest 30+ wks...
Will probably try one though!

Gbnewbie Tue 18-Sep-12 18:23:06

There seem to be a few, some sceptical reviews... Think we need a recommendation so I'll keep searching and post an update!

WitchityBroom Tue 18-Sep-12 18:19:19

Found one called BabyScope. Haven't bought it yet. £2.99. Reckon it's worth it?

WitchityBroom Tue 18-Sep-12 18:16:49

Oh my god, there's an app?!? Oh this is bad, but also gooood. I neeeeed it. What's it called? grin

Gbnewbie Tue 18-Sep-12 18:06:36

Thanks Witchity! So hard not to worry sad
Henny - is the iPhone ap def called 'sonicad'? I can't find it??
Strangely - that's why I'm hoping to find out... Having a tough time picking any names!!

Panzee Tue 18-Sep-12 17:59:00

App? App? I'm going for a look!

I am waddling today!

Hennycluckington Tue 18-Sep-12 13:20:59

Hi again everyone, nice to see some new arrivals due. Had 20 week scan last Friday and everything is ok. We had a wonderful male sonographer who described everything and didn't turn the screen away but let us watch and talked us through what he was checking and measuring. I got a bit teary as I'd got myself worked up about everything being ok.
It was so lovely seeing the little one moving and yawning.

calamityWe didn't find out the sex either as we want a surprise. It seems that we too are the only ones not finding out. Quite a few people appear shocked that we choose not to. So the next time someone asks ' boy or girl?' I'm going to say 'yes, so I presume' grin

I've used the sonicad app on my DH iphone and we picked up the baby's heartbeat!! I was sceptical but it works. So reassuring when I'm a little paranoid worried.

StrangelyCalm Tue 18-Sep-12 12:49:45

Glad we found out the sex as we're having a nightmare trying to agree on names and at least can now eliminate 50% !

zanywany Tue 18-Sep-12 12:11:35

Love the envelope idea Whitchity

My 20 week scan isn't umtil the 4th Oct and we're going to find out. My 2 DC's really want a girl whereas my 2 DSS's would like a boy!

I listened into the baby's heart beat last night as my friend is a midwife and I had been worrying about not feeling a movement for a few days (silly I know as it's still early days)

BeanDunne Tue 18-Sep-12 10:04:48

god its been a long time since iv been on here.
thread is moving still woo. we have a facebook page also for anyone who would like to join us. all just mn ladies who like to facebook.
just add me and ill add you to the group here

WitchityBroom Tue 18-Sep-12 09:09:05

Ooooh, hi scan buddy! ^ Lucky you to have a skivvy. Mine left this morning to drive to the other end of the country on business. How selfish of him. Doesn't he realise he should just be here to wait on me hand and foot?

So, think I will do the envelope thing; seems only fair. He'd better hurry up and get home quick though.

Happy birthday for next week, GB, and good luck with the scan. I feel the same; bump is growing (hopefully not just fat) and there is definite movement but I'm still concerned. Hopefully this scan will put my mind at ease.

queenrollo Tue 18-Sep-12 08:50:21

hello everyone smile

witchity my 20 week scan is on the 28th too. I won't be finding out the sex, though I have a very strong feeling about what I'm having and a friend who has 'woo' tendencies kind of automatically asked 'when your little gender specific is due'......and said the same as I've been thinking all along.

I'm 19+1 today. Going to the osteopath this afternoon, and hoping he can help me keep on top of the back/pelvic pain. It's now moved permanently into my left hip too. I was expecting it, after being not very mobile with DS pregnany but it is so irritating because there is so much i want/need to do in the garden and house and I have to admit defeat and take it easy. On the plus side, and at very short notice, DH is now self-employed and mostly at home during the days right now while he builds his business up. So fortunately for me, I have a scivvy here to do things for me grin

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