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Feb 2013 - early days - part 2!

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LittleMissSnowShine Wed 20-Jun-12 09:16:53

Couldnt fund a second part to our thread! Has anyone else started part 2 somewhere else???


Also sleeping badly!!

Yes, I will get to work on organising our list according to due date and post later!

Re fifty shades, queen, u wont hav to do mych skipping to find the rude bits, they're shagging and spanking on every other page!

BeanDunne Wed 20-Jun-12 18:43:54

ok so i am starting the group because its a brilliant idea. so if you would like to join look Emma Cousins and add me, its a picture of me and dp standing outside a church he has on a suit and sunnys and me a blazer and navy dress.. just in case there are a million of me.

BeanDunne Wed 20-Jun-12 18:44:21

Oh and we need a good name

brimfullofasha Wed 20-Jun-12 18:48:35

Hello again, Took me a while to find this! I'll add myself to the stats.

Had my early scan today and saw the heartbeat. They putnme at 7+2. Cried loudly! Can't wait for 12 weeks now.

Bunny222 west mids, pg with DC#1, Due 26th Jan
HulaBoola (Boola for short), Oxfordshire, pg with DC#1, Due Feb 1st
perfectshadeofgrey London, pg with DC#2, Has DD, Due 2nd Feb
MrsRT Bristol, pg wtih DC#1, Due 2nd Feb
Haywire Wales, pg with DC#2, has DD(4), Due 2nd Feb
loveschocolate North Somerset, pg with DC#1, Due 3rd Feb
Brimfullofasha, South Yorkshire, pg with DC#1, due 6th Feb
ZanyWany East Midlands, pg woth DC#3, Has DS(11), DD(8) + DSS(5) and DSS(2), Due 8th-15th Feb
CrazySexyCool123 Bristol, pg with DC#1, Due 12th Feb SBC (SlightlyBabyCrazed), Sussex, pg with DC#1, Due 12th Feb
MustBeDueSomeBetterFeet Bedfordshire, pg with DC#1, Due 14th Feb
Pinkie29 East Midlands, pg with DC#1, Due 14th Feb
eggandbean Leeds, pg with DC#1, Due 14th Feb
FlyingSubmarine Suffolk, pg with DC#1, Due 14th Feb
carries Glasgow, pg with DC#3, Has DD(8) and DD(5), Due 14th Feb orangewellies Southeast, pg with DC#3, Has DD(4) and DS(2), Due 15th Feb Queenrollo Lincolnshire pg with DC#2 has DS (6), Due 15th Feb (i think)
DinkyPengiun Newcastle upon Tyne, pg with DC#1, Due 15th Feb
Spottypyjamas Yorkshire, pg with DC#1, Due Feb 15th
morecoffee Cornwall, pg with DC#3, Has DS(6) and DS(4), Due 16th Feb
QueenOfTheDrama Merseyside, pg with DC#1, Due 18th Feb
SomethingWittyNot Kent, pg with DC#2, has DS (21w), Due Feb 19th ish sonics littlemisssnowshine Belfast, pg with DC#2, Has DS(nearly 2), Due 20th Feb
Manchester, pg wtih DC#1, Due 20th Feb BeanDunne (AmazeballsSuperFandango), Ireland, pg with DC#1, Due Feb 21st
crabapplebobbin Manchester, pg with DC#2, Has DD(2), Due 22nd Feb
Splinters Oxfordshire, pg with DC#1, Due 23rd Feb
LoisLame West Midlands, pg with DC#2, Has DD(22m), Due 25th Feb

WhosPickleisThatOnion Wed 20-Jun-12 18:51:43

Asha that's brilliant news!

somethingwittynot Wed 20-Jun-12 18:55:24

Bean theres tons of you! could you link yourself?

BeanDunne Wed 20-Jun-12 18:56:45

Lol didnt think of that. ok

MrsRT Wed 20-Jun-12 18:59:02

Sent you a request Bean smile

somethingwittynot Wed 20-Jun-12 18:59:59

found you! added you

BeanDunne Wed 20-Jun-12 19:09:53

And its up and running

Sonics Wed 20-Jun-12 19:29:51

I've sent a request too Bean

DinkyPenguin Wed 20-Jun-12 19:34:37

Me too!

LittleMissSnowShine Wed 20-Jun-12 19:35:47

I'm adding u now too grin

Yay asha, that sounds great!!

QueenOTD - I kind of enjoyed it too hee blush

I'm crying off zumba 2nite, DS kept me v busy today and just feeling shattered still. Off on a big power walk with SIL instead tho, even got my trainers on, check me out!!!

Mollusk Wed 20-Jun-12 19:39:04

How do I add myself to the list? Mollusk, London, pg with DC#1, due 7 Feb.

Feeling great today - trying not to be freaked out by most symptoms disappearing! This no-morning-sickness lark is great, but it doesn't half make you nervous...

orangewellies Wed 20-Jun-12 20:00:55

ooh found you all! Just checking in to mark this really.

Not much news here, but really thirsty today. Nice to know i'm not the only one!! Have a pain right up into my groin when i walk, have a worrying suspicion that it feels a bit like the SPD that I had with DC1, really hope not as 5 and a bit weeks is early for it to come on sad

anyway, sorry to moan, hope everyone else is OK

WhosPickleisThatOnion Wed 20-Jun-12 20:01:43

Is anyone else bloating up at night time?

BeanDunne Wed 20-Jun-12 20:37:37

im a big old ball of bloat after 4 pm everyday and just get bigger as the night goes on.

So i had my first milestone... i puked...i saw some gammy lettuce and i was gone... im weirdly happy about it..

somethingwittynot Wed 20-Jun-12 20:50:29

no puke for me today! puking in my mouth last night was enough though im jumping the gun! it hit at 8 weeks with DS

CrazySexyCool123 Wed 20-Jun-12 21:00:41

I've been quite lucky with symptoms so far. My worst has been dizziness, but today I have the itchiest nipple known to womankind. It's driving me mad!

QueenOfTheDrama Wed 20-Jun-12 21:00:50

I'm still bloating too, I wake up mildly bloated and it gets steadily worse throughout the day and by the evening its like I have a football under my top.

No puking yet but think its only a matter of time as the on/off nausea seems to be more 'on' than 'off' the last couple of days.

WhosPickleisThatOnion Wed 20-Jun-12 21:10:36

HI bean, I added you! What happens about the group? Im not very good on facebook.

Itchy nips, they are AWFUL you cant do anything!

Im bloated up again. Before I went to bed last night I looked about 4 months!

Splinters Wed 20-Jun-12 21:16:50

The only place I'm feeling bloated is immediately below the bottom of my ribcage. Anyone else got that?

I cracked and used the second of my twinpack of Boots tests today -- my heart was absolutely pounding in case no line appeared! Quite a bit darker than Monday's one though, hooray! But still not many symptoms except exhaustion. I lay down for a little nap about 4 this afternoon and was still fast asleep when dh got home about 5.30. I have been known to resort to daytime sleeping before but usually feel very wide awake afterwards -- today I just feel like I could go straight back to bed. When will my boobs grow?

BeanDunne Wed 20-Jun-12 21:27:14

I have the fat rib cage thing since yesterday its mad

BeanDunne Wed 20-Jun-12 21:29:22

I ordered more internet cheapies before i found out i was pg and am just awaiting there arrival so i can test my little heart out
all my other ones have faded so there is no line as they were so faint when i tested

WhosPickleisThatOnion Wed 20-Jun-12 21:39:03

Ah enjoy it Bean! My mates took the piss out of me as I did about 30 last time but they all did the same when they got pregnant.

The internet ones are good, they are really faint until 5/6 weeks and its lovely to see a line.

Ive done tons!

WhosPickleisThatOnion Wed 20-Jun-12 21:39:43

splinters mine kill and grow right away, my friend got pg the same time as me and nothing!! They didnt really grow at all.

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