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PART 3!! Sept-2012 Baby Bus!! Christmas-and-New-Year-Shaggers-all-aboard!

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TinkerMaloo Thu 14-Jun-12 19:15:50

Cant see another one anywhere on the board and part 2 is full up (finally) so here is part 3! (unless I'm just being a moron and missed it?)

Chat more please ladies, we are too fat and useless to do anything else! ;)

Smallgreenone Sat 16-Jun-12 08:18:23

Oooh a new thread! We're not having a 4d scan, we wanted to when we first found out but feel differently now. I sort of don't want to know too much about this little one until I get to meet him/her, more of a surprise then although am sure the whole thing will be rather surprising!
I'm having scans every other week now and they terrify me as I worry terribly that they will find something wrong. Still got a few more scary weeks ahead until it's 'safe' to let this impatient little baby out! Xxx

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 16-Jun-12 09:40:49

heffalumps i wouldn't say tips as such, but what is helping me is that we are going to put DS in nursery an extra afternoon per week at least twice a month (he was doing 2 5 hour sessions a week already so i can work part time from home) as we have lots of childcare vouchers saved up as DP was putting more into them than we were spending, and as they are bought with tax free money it doesn't actually cost us much at all (£20.50 per session, but real cost if he'd paid out of net income would have been about half that so he doesn't mind giving up a bit of his wage this way to give me a break). And also, have been buying new things for DS to play with, and introducing them gradually to maximise on the novelty value, this weeks one is a super scribbler from mothercare, an easy version of an etch a sketch. DS is fascinated by it, so it means i can put my feet up for a bit whilst he plays with that, without worrying about him making a mess of the carpet/walls etc. He has also had a small football recently which he loves and has developed a liking for playing with old phone charger cables and my old sat nav charger which has a cigarette lighter adapter on the end and he will play happily with these for quite some time.

meXem Sat 16-Jun-12 11:47:13

pickles you make me feel a little better as i did not know i was pg until 12 weeks and haven't been showing up until week 24 (im now 25 +5) It was nice to not know through all the "scary" 1st trimester but now starting to feel the effects of pregnancy :S
I am also fed up with the comments on size....either i'm huge or there must be something wrong with baby as I'm small.... people have to comment and have an opinion don't they!
Right going to sign off now as mothercare has a sale on smile ....Finally!

Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 16-Jun-12 12:18:24

mothercare always have sales on and discount codes lol.

watch out though as they can be dear....but they have a fab pricematch policy worth abusing - they match it and if the purchase price is over £20 they give you a £10 voucher too!!

oh and in case anyone hasn't heard about it, kidstart website gives you cashback and sometimes discounts from lots of retailers, including mothercare, and it soon tots up so well worth signing up for it.

Rachel130690 Sat 16-Jun-12 15:50:23

I had a look on that kidstart website and I didn't really get it lol, is it just if you buy through them they give you cash back or do they set up an account?

Mothercare is very expensive but they have some lovely things for sale, just wish we had the cash to buy it!

Is anyone else getting bad pains in their side? Last night I had the most horrible pain at my right hand side, along bump and just slightly under it, was very sore to move and I had to get my oh to help me roll over and get up through the night, took paracetamol and when I woke up this morning it was gone, is this common and yet another thing I need to get used to?


Loopyhasanotherbean Sat 16-Jun-12 15:59:31

you register and accrue cashback, and then when you set up a bank account for your child/children, you can link the accounts and transfer your cashback into their bank account.

re side pains, you should be lying on your left hand side as much as possible, if you lie on your right it restricts blood/oxygen to the baby (i think from memory that quite a major artery or if not an artery then a tube of some sort runs down that side of your body)and so the pains are your body telling you to move...the same as you shouldn't lie on your back and will feel funny if you do.

Rachel130690 Sat 16-Jun-12 16:30:34

I always try to lie on my left side, cause i read somewhere your better to lie on your left side,

But it started when I was up in living room watching tv so was sitting up. Was crazy sore I couldn't lift myself up outta bed, so had to lie on my back and then get oh to roll me over, is quite funny now thinking about it now but was so sore then. I'm prob worrying more than I should be but this is my first and all these aches and pains are new to me,

That website is pretty cool, must check it out in further detail later, it's good way to start saving a bit for the little man. smile


WhereAreMyShoes Sun 17-Jun-12 12:35:50

I had my first labour dream last night.
I dreamt I felt a pop so sat on the loo and then my waters broke. (I've not experienced that before as I don't remember them going first time)
Then I realised I'd not packed my hospital bag. (Last time I was admitted to hospital about an hour after I'd finished packing my bag at 38+6)
So I am going to be organised and get it done extra early so I can forget about it.
Strange thing was I was more worried about not having a list of things to take rather than the bag itself not being packed!

We had a 4d scan at 22 weeks because the hospital sonogropher couldn't tell us the sex of the baby.
We really wanted to know so had a gender scan and got some 3d photos too.
We had the full 4d package with DS as a gift but can't afford it this time.
So at least we have some 3d photos for this one's baby box.
Although she was very skinny at the time so a bit freaky looking!

Macaroons Sun 17-Jun-12 13:09:43

I haven't started thinking about hospital bag, maybe I should!

Had our 4D scan done! The little one was doing yoga, at first he had both legs in front of his face, we could just about see his nose and his mouth from the side! After a while he moved his leg and we could get a slightly better look. He's sleeping all the way so was not very active. Saw him yawn which was quite cute smile

cjbk1 Sun 17-Jun-12 14:18:47

in the interests of sharing news; we'v decided to re-use our baby jogger city mini we'v ordered the car seat, adaptor and carry cot, we didn't have these things before as we only used it from when dd was an older baby, dh is cleaning the main
pushchair now.we'v just got back from hols and PILS were desperate to take ds and dd for the pm so it's very quiet here now.happy fathers day to all the dads x

leelteloo Sun 17-Jun-12 15:21:17

Hi pickles , welcome to the thread, I followed your other thread and I'm really glad you're doing ok. It's probably all the horse riding that has kept your pelvic muscles really tight and that's why you're not showing much. I had the same with my first: big as a house with this one though.
I'm having lots of low down bump pain, which was so bad that I went to midwife wondering if it was a bladder infection. She said that the pains were very common and to buy a maternity support belt. It's bad at night and when I walk fast or far but at I've stopped worrying about whether it's something wrong. smile

Ju1es22 Sun 17-Jun-12 17:08:05

Hi ladies

Hope your all keeping well can't believe were all either in or nearing our 3rd trimesters:-)

Were pretty organized we've ordered our pram an uppababy vista, cot is at mil's until we decorate tthe nursery in the next month or so! Feeling big now but im measuring small due to low bmi, definatley look pregnant as im all bump and boobs I've gone up from a measly 32b to a full 34d hub by loves em!

After some advice if anyone can help or has been through similar? Im 28 + 4 and have been having braxton hicks for a few weeks now! Now yesterday at work I noticed I was having a lot of them quite frequently and some took my breath away.

Called mw later that night as still hadn't settled down, I went in and they hooked me up to the monitor and could definatle y see the braxton hicks happening, they've said to stay in bed and if they worse go in on bed rest! She did an internal and said my cervix is thinning and baby is very low downim a bit worried! Any advice or anybody been through?

funchum8am Sun 17-Jun-12 19:01:33

Sorry to hear you're having lots of BH jules - this is my first so I am no use for advice/experience but hopefully someone will be along soon who can reassure you. Go for the bed rest just in case, I guess.

I am also getting the pain under the bump but it's not severe, just uncomfortable for now. It feels like everything is being stretched a bit beyond its natural limit which doesn't bode well for the next three months if there's a lot of growing still to do!

Otherwise I'm noticing I'm tired a lot more often and more easily but that's natural.

I have just bought a load of reusable nappies via eBay at a good price; still dithering over pushchairs etc but really need to get on with it in case they take a long time to deliver (that is the one thing we are going to get brand new, along with possibly a bedside cot if we can't find one we like second hand.)

Right off now - may well go to bed in a moment, I'm knackered!

Smallgreenone Sun 17-Jun-12 19:16:41

Hi ju1es I've not had experience of Beaton hicks but if they were really concerned they would have definitely kept you in and given you steroid injections for baby's lungs to help them mature. I'd do as the midwife says and keep calm and get lots if rest. If you keep getting them or anything changes phone your maternity unit, they won't mind and they'll tell you what to do. Xxx

Macaroons Sun 17-Jun-12 19:17:21

Ju1es I've been having the occasional stomachache / stomach cramp but not to the scale you are experiencing! they usually went away after 30 min or an hour so I didn't even ask my midwife. I'd say, if you are in doubt just call your midwife!

Ju1es22 Sun 17-Jun-12 20:32:06

Thanks for the reassurance ladies , they've asked me to ring tomorrow if they're still happening, and obviously if it gets a lot more intense just to go in, and they,ll admit me on bed rest and give me something to stop the contractions for a bit longer and go from there! They seem to have settled a bit, its just the period type cramps now and occasional bh thankfully.

They seem a little concerned that my cervix is at 50% this early on, but I've got an appointment with my consultant for growth scan and checkup on Thursday and im sure he'll have a good check over me!

On a more positive note has anyone looked at baby clothes on ebay? I've just bought some real bargains a bundle of mixed girls barely worn next 0-3 months for £10 including postage!

ballroomblitz Sun 17-Jun-12 22:44:09

Is it your first Jules ? Just I know my friend has been having a lot of BH from early 20-odd weeks. At 28/29 weeks she had to call her mw as they were painful enough to wake her up and regular. Mw seemed to think it is because it's her third and told her to rest but to contact the hospital if they continued on or got more intense.

Rachel130690 Sun 17-Jun-12 22:46:17

Hey Jules, hopefully things will settle down for you during the night. This is my first so I'm not much help..

I've looked on eBay and everywhere I can think of and everyone seems to be selling girls clothes by the bucket load but not as much boys clothes.. Always seems that boys clothes are in smaller bundles and more expensive. sad tho hopefully its just down to timing and I'll get some cute things soon. smile


gingertessa Mon 18-Jun-12 08:11:41

Hi all, I love eBay; just this weekend I've got a vibrating baby chair and playmat (used but in v good condition) for £18 and a brand new tens machine for £25, all for pick up in my local area. I've been gathering bits and pieces in sales and charity shops, and friends have been very generous with donations. The only big spend has been the deposit on the travel system - we went for m&p glide package, it's coming into the store at the end of July.

Hope you're doing ok with the Braxton Hicks ju1es22, it sounds scary at this stage. I've not had any yet (first baby) but definitely know that I've got to the third trimester. I've developed heartburn and had to see a physio for pelvic pain (got given a support belt), to add to the continuing nasal congestion...12 weeks to go! smile

TinkerMaloo Mon 18-Jun-12 09:13:27

Morning! smile

Hope everythings ok with you Ju1es! Please take it easy...

I have never yet had any Braxton Hicks and this is my third baby now, not sure I have a particularly active womb? My first labour was a lengthy induction and my second one wasnt going fast enought to fit hospital requirements after my waters had "gone", so I was stuck on the drip again (the waters hadnt really gone, it was just a leak but they wouldnt let me just take my time)

I am feeling very third trimester now too, the dreams I am having are ridiculous and I am tired and my ankles are looking a tad chunky.

I find it so hard to stay on my left hand side! I always go to sleep that way and I have a pregnancy pillow to stop me rolling onto my back but every night without fail I end up on my back. Im sure that baby is getting enough blood supply but it still is a little bit worrying :/ Sometimes I wish we didnt have all the info we do, as it is just more things to worry about!

Got my second GTT to look forward to on Wednesday and if I pass I can then start getting organised for my homebirth! smile Yay! I do have a feeling Im going to fail though as my wee smells a bit like sugar puffs, but I'm still hopefull...

Take care all, and enjoy the sunshine! smile

Ju1es22 Mon 18-Jun-12 10:16:30

Good news is im feeling a lot better (so far) this moring:-) This is technically my first i 've had 5 mcs all in the first trimester! Its the not knowing, but atleast we know babys ok and they now know my cervix is thinning prematurely!

Still feeling crampy thank god its my last week at work starting tomorrow, im going to ring them later and let them know whats going on they're kind of stuck this week as I'll be on my own in our department most the week! I'll stay in bed today and see how I am tomorrow!

Ebays fab but it is all to do with luck, I lost out on a few things before finally buying something yesterday, keep checking you'll get a good deal:-)

Have a good day everyone enjoy the sunshine and thanks for all the advice and messages

LadyLillyWilliamSnowflake Mon 18-Jun-12 13:06:04

Just signing back in.

Shall go and catch up after a long sleep at my desk work

cakeladyc Mon 18-Jun-12 16:05:19

Glad you're feeling better Ju1es

I am absolutely knackered today, and my arms are feeling really heavy. Definitely going for a snooze once i've hauled myself round tesco after work!

I hope everyone had nice weekends, the sun even came out down here yesterday!

Bakeroo Mon 18-Jun-12 19:34:30

I am so glad I've found you! I was really starting to panic after looking for a few days now...phew!
It's my first wedding anniversary today and we've just got back from a fab night away and an amazing lunch this afternoon. I feel very spoilt and think I enjoyed it so much more knowing that in just over 10 weeks we won't be on our own anymore and things like this will be so much harder to do/ not the same.
I too get a sharp, pulling, stitch like pain in the bottom left or right and side of my bump, I've had it for weeks and weeks when I walk pretty much anywhere. My midwife said it's just one of those pregnancy things and there isn't much they can do. It doesn't bother me ever except when I try to walk anywhere further than to the car which is annoying as I miss walks but luckily I drive to work so it's not too troublesome.
I've been eating dinner a bit earlier and it's really helped with my indigestion when I go to bed, thank god. My bump is pretty big now but I like it more and more and love it when people mention a nice way...a girl at work who's pregnant too keeps saying how small I am and it drives me mad ( I did measure slightly small at my 28 wk app but only 27cms so nothing to worry about and not that small)
I must get shopping!still nothing ordered or bought sad
So glad to have found you all again....

funchum8am Mon 18-Jun-12 20:14:16

Glad to hear you're feeling better jules - I hope you don't end up having to be on compulsory bed rest. Fingers crossed for you and everyone else suffering the trials and tribulations of the third trimester smile

I have been ebaying too - the ladies on reception at work who get all the parcels delivered to them are finding it very amusing! So far I have got a trial set of Little Lamb nappies (there are nappies in my house! eek!) and a couple of used but good condition Grobags to try out, plus a Baby Bjorn for £4 (doesn't matter if I don't get on with it at that price) and have also just won a set of 20 Little Lambs with all the liners, wraps, etc. They are barely used but 1/3 the price they are brand new (lady wants pick up only from near where my mum lives and it's a bit out of the way so no one else bid on them so I got them for the reserve price.)

Need to stop now though..DH has pointed out that if I actually leave something for people to buy us we will get new stuff as gifts which is of course even cheaper than eBay prices...fair point!

On the other hand I blew as much as I have saved on a new handbag yesterday so I shouldn't leave you thinking I'm this sensible frugal person.

Am also discussing Keeping In Touch days with work - I have offered to use all of mine to run faculty meetings with my team as they are struggling to find anyone to do that bit of my role (for which read, anyone I can bear to let do team have been very clear about who they DON'T want taking over in my absence and I agree with them!) So am looking for a local childminder who will do ad hoc care for a day here and there, plus my mum has said she will come down from up north to do some. Fingers crossed I can find someone as September actually isn't all that far away, is it???

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