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November 2012 - nearly halfway there!

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StuntNun Wed 13-Jun-12 18:50:03

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GTbaby Thu 14-Jun-12 20:54:16

hello all.

bought my first baby item today! a "just like daddy" baby grow, to give DH on sunday smile so cute, i loved looking at all the baby clothes, cant wait to start shopping properly.

kirrinIsland Thu 14-Jun-12 21:04:40

Congratulations horsey - another boy! This thread is definitely due some girls.

I had a letter from the hospital today attempting to move my scan back a week. Wasn't having that, I'm all psyched up for next tuesday now, and anyway I have my consultant appointment the following day and that's no good if I haven't had my scan. I managed to get one for the Wednesday instead, which isn't too bad I suppose.

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Jun-12 21:11:15

They put my scan back 3 hours. Not on. Had to rearrange all my clients, as did DH. 3 hours is a long time for a pregnant woman.

WestWinger Thu 14-Jun-12 21:17:41

lane you poor thing. Glad they are keeping a close eye on you both - thank heavens you are are both ok.

Last full day of my holiday tomorrow - do not want to come home!

NervousAt20 Thu 14-Jun-12 21:34:03

Does anyone know what the kiddicare store in Peterborough is ment to be like? Me and DP are planning on going tomorrow after our scan to do some shopping but just read on a thread somewhere that it has everything and then read it has no clothes :-S it's almost an hour and a half drive so don't want to go if there's not much there for us, we have a pram so don't need to look at any even though that seems why everyone goes there but any thoughts?

rowingdowntheriver Thu 14-Jun-12 21:34:46

I'm in London too tomato are you north or south?

LittleLolly Thu 14-Jun-12 21:48:11

horsey congrats, another boy!!! We need some girls on this thread too!

misslaughalot Thu 14-Jun-12 21:52:52

Wow congratulations on all the scan results, great to hear such good news!

Nervous we have some friends who recommended the Kiddicare store for research purposes, being able to go there and pretty much try out all the prams you want, then buying the one of your choice online later. We're planning on going after our 20 week scan in a couple of weeks so it would be great to hear how you get on if you do go. It's about a 90 minute drive from us too!

horseylady Thu 14-Jun-12 21:54:12

Hehehe it does need some pink BUT if I had a girl it wouldn't have been pink and sparkly anyway!!

I bought dh a dad to be card!! It's very cute, along with a name book and a what to expect book. Which I then left in m&s after buying some food. I then had to run back to collect it.

I'm east midlands smile

TheDetective Thu 14-Jun-12 22:05:22

Ditto Horsey, if I had a girl, there would be no pink! Or minimal pink, maybe dark pinks... hmmm.

Our boy has nothing blue either! I'm a sucker for bright colours with white! Even his room is in brights/whites! I looked at a blue blanket the other day, but realised there was no point in getting it, as it won't go with any of his clothes grin I love these from Next

I don't have any objection to all the baby blue stuff, had it all with DS1. Just that there is more options now, and I prefer the non blue stuff!

TheDetective Thu 14-Jun-12 22:06:41

And these grin

Evilwater Thu 14-Jun-12 22:24:44

Eilza- what's a bjcm?

I swam half a mile today, not bad going.


horseylady Thu 14-Jun-12 22:25:10

They're both lovely smile I don't do White though!!! Far too much dirt enters the house to consider it!!! By the time I've ridden, walked both dogs, dh has bought the bike into the house (and left the majority of it on the kitchen floor) the cats have wondered round and the chickens have wandered in despite not free ranging there's nothing left outside to come in!! So everything downstairs is wipeable. Nothing from the outside is allowed upstairs unless the dogs or cats escape

GTbaby Thu 14-Jun-12 22:28:15

I have a really weird feeling in my neck n chest. Think it might b heart burn. But feels different to what I've had before. Feels higher up sad DH is knocked out asleep after early shift. So no one to ask lol.

FatimaLovesBread Thu 14-Jun-12 22:44:17

Detective I'm the same as you with bright colour. We need gender neutral things but I'm not massively in to white, cream and pastels so I've gone for bright and funky.

Mum bought us these at the weekend

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Jun-12 22:49:45

gt might be an idea to call NHS24 or triage. It may well be nothing to worry about, but you say it is weird. Neck and chest feelings should not be ignored. Better to be safe than sorry. Pregnancy puts a huge pressure on our bodies, so give someone a call please.

MissMummy1 Thu 14-Jun-12 22:51:33

Congrats on the boys! 4 weeks tomorrow until we hopefully find out!

Glad you're okay lane.

Now for a rant. We decided today to put plans to move on hold for another year. As impractical as the apartment is, we love it. Really love it, and even if my bastard landlord put the rent up by £100 a month as they've threatened to, it's still the best we could afford in this area.

That was until tonight... Our new neighbour moved into the flat below us a few weeks ago. Put it this way, the day she moved in she almost crashed into my car driving far too fast round our windy development, forcing me to throw my car into someone else's driveway to avoid her whilst she swore at me out of her window. I assumed she must be a visitor or something as EVERYONE around here is lovely - either dottery old pensioners, or professionals who aren't around during the week. She started really pissing me off when she parked her car everyday over BOTH of my allocated spaces - it's 2 per flat - whilst I was out during the day. The only reason I can think of for her doing this is my spaces are right outside the door, whereas hers are across the courtyard - a whole 10 paces. She smokes in the communal bin store, leaves petty notes about people using her bin (all bins are communal and filled front to back, however she's claimed one and labelled it as hers, wtf?) and I even caught her smoking at the main door, whilst it was wide open - basically filling the whole hallway with her yucky smoke.

But these are just petty things. Bearing in mind the woman has never formally introduced herself to us - she slammed the front door in my face when I tried to strike up a conversation with her - we were woken up this morning to 2 workmen at our door asking for access to our loft (we're in the penthouse) so they could run cables down through our flat into hers for her tv. DH answered - waking him up on his only day off is never a good thing - and basically told them to get lost. Morning sickness has returned with vengeance this morning - just after gloating yesterday that it had gone! - and he knew I wouldn't want strangers in our flat whilst I was throwing my guts up. But here's the clincher, I've just been cornered by this woman who had a complete go at me in the hallway, screaming and ranting that I'd caused her to take a day off work for nothing. etc etc. and she'll be billing me for the wasted engineers time?!

I'm so upset by it. Urghh, why is there any need for people to be rude? All we said was, no this isn't a convenient time and we don't want cables running through our flat! Argh, sorry rant over!!

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Jun-12 22:52:10

fatima those are lovely! I love next clothes, and they wear so well. I have stuff that has done both DDs, and still looks good.

ValiumQueen Thu 14-Jun-12 22:57:02

missmummy a note through the door was all that was needed, asking when would be convenient for you etc. that is what normal people would do. Any bill sent to you would be daft as you did not instruct the workmen. She sounds like a right cow. Just think in a few months time Junior will be disturbing her at nights, so you will get your own back grin

Elizadoesdolittle Thu 14-Jun-12 23:20:52

Evil Baby jogger city mini...which I think was on your list.

MissMummy Good god, what a vile women. No advice I'm afraid but you have my sympathy. Hope she calms down and settles into the neighbourly spirit soon.

MissMummy1 Thu 14-Jun-12 23:21:37

valium that's our thoughts exactly. Although I doubt she will still be here in 6 months time when her lease ends. And if she's annoying the other neighbours as much as she's upset me, there will be hell to pay! Just puts a bit of a downer on the fact that we've decided to keep this as our home sad

GTbaby Thu 14-Jun-12 23:29:05

vailum thank you for ur concern. But feels a little better now n more like normal heart burn like. Also keep burping. Which is also normal heart burn behaviour for me. blush. Might get up n look for some rennies.

blonderthanred Thu 14-Jun-12 23:46:55

Wow, just catching up with all the posts. Great news horsey, another November boy. I am so excited about my scan on Tues although also nervous too, I'm aware it's an anomaly scan as well as a peek between the legs! We've said we'll find out but not tell anyone as we're really anti-pink/blue and also cos I like the idea of announcing it at the birth, but a) I'm crap at keeping secrets and b) I'm a bit worried it sounds a bit snooty or presumptuous to say that.

Sorry to hear about your accident lane, I feel like everyone's driving has gone crazy since I became pregnant. I guess I'm just noticing it more but today I was cut up by a van at a roundabout, I bipped my horn briefly and then for the next ten miles the van followed me, overtaking and then pulling up next to me, screaming abuse and driving so close and swerving. In a branded company van. In the end I grabbed by phone and took a photo and later emailed the company, but he had intimidated me so much I was scared he would track me down, so I didn't send any identifying details. So scary and such extraordinary behaviour.

Hope everyone else is ok apart from the ms returning to a few of you, how rubbish.

Iheartpasties Fri 15-Jun-12 04:48:09

Hello everyone,

Wow I am so sorry for those of you who have been run over, got awful neighbours, feeling sick, heartburn, awful drivers etc. I'm glad we can all have a collective moan though as I think it helps to get it off your chest.

I'm happy to hear of everyones great scan news. I literally cannot believe I am coming up to the half way point. I sometimes feel like I have so much that I want to try and do before the craziness hits us in Novemeber. And I have dreampt twice now that I am in labour and it all stalls because of my mum being mean to me!! WTF is that all about?

We are in Australia, but me and dh are both from the UK and my mum and dad have said they will come out and help us in Nov, but for some reason I cannot make up my mind about it. I know it will be a big help, but also my mum gets on my nerves so bad I might not enjoy here staying with us!!! so bad of me.

Iheartpasties Fri 15-Jun-12 04:49:00

oh wow, my dd has just done a disgusting dirty nappy, I am gagging. Just thought I'd share that lovely image with you all smile

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