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The Wagon has got plenty of new arrivals, a few more on the way and still waiting for a honk or 2

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McKayz Sat 09-Jun-12 17:02:13

Here we go a nice new thread!!

Saying a big Wagon Hello to little Aoife. Ses She is beautiful.

Come on Baby McKayz!!!!!

BBisTitanium Sat 09-Jun-12 17:49:02

Checking in grin oh yes baby mckayz hurry up pleeease!

Gingerbreadlatte Sat 09-Jun-12 18:07:07

Thanks Kayz. Marking my space. grin

Starshinetiger Sat 09-Jun-12 18:41:12

Marking my spot... Thanks Kayz. Maybe this is what baby McKayz has been waiting for... she wants to christen the thread grin

lastboxoftampons Sat 09-Jun-12 21:39:11

Hello there!

Yes welcome beautiful Aoife! Well done SES. Hope you're getting a good rest!
C'mon Baby Kayz!

BTW Kayz has anyone been nosey enough to ask what names you're thinking? grin

Fingers crossed this I'll be one of those honks smile

McKayz Sat 09-Jun-12 21:56:03

Lbot she's being called Rosalie Jean.

No twinges or anything again. Just backache.

Starshinetiger Sun 10-Jun-12 07:24:48

Right then Baby McKayz.... Today's the day.... Baby Ses has arrived, so your allowed to come out... Your brothers are with their Daddy, so good timing for Mummy.... Oh, and it's Ginger's birthday, so a good day to be born grin
Hope you got some sleep last night Kayz.
Happy Birthday Ginger.

BBisTitanium Sun 10-Jun-12 07:41:55

Happy birthday ginger grin we are off to a christening today, shame about the weather as the reception is a barbecue hmm

McKayz Sun 10-Jun-12 08:00:12

Happy Birthday Ginger!!

Star I did I did!!! I slept all night for the first time in months. It was lovely.

BB Enjoy the christening. Hopefully the weather will hold off for the BBQ, fingers crossed.

TMI Lots of knitting needle up fanjo when I walk pains this morning. I hope that means something as it bloody hurts!!!

Hope you are all well.

Starshinetiger Sun 10-Jun-12 08:24:20

So glad you slept Kayz - your body is obviously preparing itself well... Could this be it? Let me know if I need to do more stern talking to you DBump (superstitious me - won't call her DD until she is born).

Enjoy the christening BB - the weather may hold for reception, you never know.

SESthebrave Sun 10-Jun-12 08:35:32


Well you could argue that we've had the perfect first 24hrs! Aoife has slept well throughout except for a restless patch last night between 9&11pm, and I managed about 6hrs sleep last night!
I think the reason being though is that she's still quite mucousy and I think she's got a bit in her stomach so she's not feeling particularly hungry. As the mucous continues to clear, I guess that will change!

LBOT - I hope you do get your honk on this thread!

Ginger - that scan will be here so soon!

Kayz - tell that baby that it's her turn!

SESthebrave Sun 10-Jun-12 08:46:45

Now look, it took me so long to do that post that I x-posted with you all!

Will be back later to catch up more but in the meantime,

McKayz Sun 10-Jun-12 10:54:00

Sounds like its all going well Ses. Do you know when you might be going home? I love the picture of DS meeting DD. it's absolutely adorable.

BBisTitanium Sun 10-Jun-12 11:03:00

We arent planning on staying long as arent a huge fan of the family, only going to be polite, so im not too fussed on the weather, haha! Its sad really though as its also their wedding anniversary and DP was once their best man... Oh how people drift!

Kayz hope its the start!

Ses glad all going well the pic is indeed incredibly cute!

Lbot i hope you honk here too smile

SESthebrave Sun 10-Jun-12 11:14:02

Hopefully if all continues well, then we should go home tomorrow.

DS and DH due in again about midday. DS was v gentle and wanted to give her kisses & cuddles. He wasn't too OTT though which in a way is good. He did not like the fact that I wasn't going home and he had to say goodbye and apparently at bedtime, he was telling DH that he was a baby!
Hopefully he'll gradually get more used to it all. It will be interesting to see how excited he is today to see her.

They did also exchange presents. DS gave Aoife a small soft 4" teddy and she gave him a t-shirt saying "I'm the big brother" and also a Mr Potato Head.

GruffaloSoldier Sun 10-Jun-12 16:19:45

Hi all,

Congrats again Ses smile gorgeous!

Sorry haven't been around much lately - had so much going on. New house, new job, DH just got promoted and I finished the first year of my course with a first smile

I do lurk though when I can and get lots of news via fb!smile

Hope baby mckayz arrives soon !!

Hi to everybody! I've taken to my bed cause of a bad virus. DH and boys are at supermarket. Should be back soon.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Sundays! Hope you're having a good birthday ginger!

BBisTitanium Sun 10-Jun-12 16:37:04

Ses glad all went so well with O meeting A!

Gruff nice to hear from you boo for virus!

Christening was nicer than expected, although the man in the family was his normal off self, i feel for his wife alit of the time! They had a bit of a disaster with food too we left just after 3 and no food had been served... Luckily we took bits for DS as other kids were climbing the walls, I know how stressful catering things can be though!

I am absolutely exhausted today, i think I'll be in bed very early! Poor DS has a nasty nappy rash too, its the first time he has ever had it sad and he cried with it, i think his final back teeth are coming!

We have a busy week planned ... Poopy work 2 and a half days with scan tues (eeeeek!) wedding venue visit thurs and all the normal errands to fit in too... It helps the weeks go by I suppose!

Hope you all have had a nice day and have nice weeks planned smile

tinkcantwaittomove Sun 10-Jun-12 20:01:26

Well done on thread kayz grin
Come on baby kayz wink
Congrats ses sounds like all going great she sounds like a gem grin
Happy bday gibger wink hope it was gd
Hi to everyone else wink
Wknd has flown by with work
Glad kida r back tom grin

Gingerbreadlatte Sun 10-Jun-12 20:09:19

Hi all
thanks for all my bday wishes grin - had a great day grin

V quick one from me, will catch up properly later.

Ses- your new daughter sounds wonderful. Hope you get to go home tomorrow.

McKayz Mon 11-Jun-12 11:15:15


My hips are in bloody agony. DS2 is at play school today and DS1 has a day off. So we took him off to school and then I stupidly decided we'd have a little wander round town and go to the market.

I am seriously paying for it now. Very tempted to persuade DS1 to get his swimming stuff on and we'll fill the pool up and spend the day in there grin

SESthebrave Mon 11-Jun-12 11:34:24

Oh Kayz , swimming pool sounds a good idea. It's really hard to get the balance right between doing too much v too little. Are your mum / brother about to help at the moment?

Ginger - glad you had a good birthday smile

Tink - is your job still going well?

BB - hope you feel a bit more rested and DS's nappy rash clears quickly.

Gruff - hello! Good to hear from you. Hope you feel better soon.

Aoife and I are going home after lunch!! Will be good to get her home and settled. We had another good night. She slept midnight til 6am! All a bit of a novelty as DS never slept for long and it was never in a cot. With hindsight it was because of his undiagnosed tongue tie but I'm now realising how tough we had it in the early weeks with him! Hopefully DD ( grin ) will be just as settled once we get home.

lastboxoftampons Mon 11-Jun-12 12:04:44

SES - I had to smile at your grin for DD - reminds me of how I used to have to suppress a giggle every time I said 'my husband' after we first got married smile Aoife sounds like a doll! Enjoy that sleep! And yay for going home! grin

Happy birthday, Ginger hope you had a wonderful day!

Kayz hoping you're getting some relief.

BB good luck for scan!

Hi gruff and tink

I got the egg on the cbfm this morning! Exciting stuff! Hoping DH is not too wiped out. He's been so busy at work, working late then taking some home, etc. doesn't leave much time for baby making!

McKayz Mon 11-Jun-12 12:37:28

Ses I'm so jealous. You sound like everything is wonderful and perfect!! I want my baby!!!

My brother is doing loads. He does all the afternoon pick ups for me which is wonderful as I couldn't walk there and back twice. I can't wait to be able to do it again.

DH is in charge of the hospital on the ship and they've had a delivery today. It's a bit backwards as the office orders the medicine. So they've got a large supply of canestan clotrimazole cream. DH is now trying to work out what to do with it as there are no women onboard and the box says for women only. grin I feel sorry for any ill people on that ship.

BBisTitanium Mon 11-Jun-12 13:22:30

Hi all!

Ses DD sounds lovely what a nice second baby!

Kayz sad hope madam comes soon!

Hope everyone is well ginger glad your bday was nice, and happy birthday to cant!

Lbot woo for egg! Get going on the sexy time, give DH plenty of tlc and he'll be ready!

Thanks for scan wishes, 3.10 tomorrow, eeek so excited, feeling so nauseus which is a comfort weirdo also super nervous about telling but my anxiety confirms what i already know- i will feel better when its out, as have had to dodge some precarious situations this week which a simple im pregnant would of covered.

It has rained so hard today we have had flooding, i may hve to get mum to collect DS in her jeep! Some blimmen summer!

Gingerbreadlatte Mon 11-Jun-12 14:16:35


Ses- your little Aoife sounds totally gorgeous. You sound smitten with her and she sounds a delight... grin, does make me very excited about having my baby, though I have long long wait yet. grin hope the journey home is smooth and A continues to be relaxed and settled once home. x

Kayz- sorry for soreness, glad your brother is helping you, that is really kind grin The ships delivery amused me greatly over my lunch.
we need to bring your sweepstake over from the old thread!

BB- good luck for the scan! is this the one at about 10wks? what kind of work do you do? Will they do a proper assessment once you tell them about the pregnancy? Nausea is always reassuring I think.

LBOT- hooray for the egg, lets hope DH saves some energy for later!

Thanks for additional bday wishes! grin

Cant- happy birthday to you!

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