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Flying mattress graduates - dock here!

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festiemum Wed 16-May-12 20:52:46

Hey chaps! Here's the space for us to witter on incessantly about our pregnancies!

20 week scan today and it was soooo fantastic! I'll post some pics on my profile later. The sonographer wasn't 100% sure, but thought that it was probably a girl, due to lack of visible meat and two veg!

Hope everyone's doing well! xxx

chipsandmushypeas Thu 31-May-12 06:44:05

Hi Lil thank you for checking up on me, so kind. It's just been one of those weeks.

DP was great, he came home from work just as I wrote my post. He really calmed me and said I shouldn't worry until the result is back. The lovely nurses who took my blood said the same, that sometimes they flag something but after a more detailed test it turns out not to be it. I'm hoping it's not so much. They said it is usually only transmitted to the fetus if someone catches it during pregnancy.

My mum and sister were happy for me, my sister more so. I think they were just in shock. X

Lilliana Thu 31-May-12 07:29:02

Hope you're feeling better this morning Chips and that it all turns out to be a mistake with the bloods. Your family will get over the shock and it will all work out (I would still be furious and explain to the MW exactly what problems he/she has caused)

We heard baby's heartbeat yesterday which was fab smile

Told my class too as we ended up talking about babies (very random conversation starting with the jubilee and ending with how you get conjoined twins! confused) Also as I walked into my appointment with baby notes etc in hand I met one of my pupils parents, oops, so figured the cat was pretty much out of the bag anyway.

They are all really excited and had loads of questions and suggestions. The best has to be a boy who came up to me in all seriousness and said I should call the baby Zeus grin grin

festiemum Thu 31-May-12 11:19:53

Zeus!!! And why not? Good strong name! grin

Oh chips, I'm sorry you had such a shitty day, and I hope the bloods come back clear. That midwife does need telling, or he'll do it again. I remember the first time the midwife rang here. Dh says, "it's someone called Mandy", and I'm going hmm, but then she explained that she never says who she is, cos she doesn't know who she's talking to. I remember thinking, what a good policy.

Glad you heard the heartbeat lil, it's a lovely reminder. It does sound like you're feeling a bit of movement. It'll start happening more frequently soon and you'll know for definite that's what you've been feeling!

You are doing so well with your weight rus; I'm really impressed! I daren't go near a set of scales. I had a BMI of 31 when I got pregnant, which means they'll probably make me have a diabetes test, but apart from that, it hasn't been mentioned - phew!

Whippet seems to be settling in well. Don't know what he'll do when ex comes to pick the kids up next week. Imagine he'll think he's going home, so that might be a bit distressing.

Have decided to chat to my midwife at my next appointment about my labour plan. There must be a compromise between going in at the first twinge and giving birth in a lay-by! I woderered if a midwife examined me once contractions start, I could make a more informed decision about how established labour is and act accordingly. I hope she agrees!

lil - the only people I know who live nearer the hospital are the ex and his missus, which is handy for dropping the kids off on the way, but not perhaps the place I want to hang out while in labour! grin

Hope everyone is ok. flour, are you still about? Hope you're ok. I am just getting tired again. My 'energetic' second trimester bit seems to get shorter and shorter with every pregnancy!

chipsandmushypeas Sat 02-Jun-12 10:41:51

Morning everyone, hope everyone is well smile

Lil how lovely to hear the heartbeat, the best sound in the world right now! grin at Zeus!

Festie thank you, I'm ok now my mum has been lovely surprisingly! Hope your chat with mw went well.

My blood test came back as a false positive, I'm very confused and set about googling, it says it is common to get a false positive during pregnancy. The midwife was lovely and really put my mind at ease. She was also the midwifes manager who told my family and apologised profusely and said he shouldn't have done it.

Feel more relaxed now as she said just think of yourself as negative.

Lilliana Sun 03-Jun-12 10:00:59

Festie hmm, ex's might not be the most relaxing place to go but at least you can drop the other dc there. When are you seeing your mw next? Hope you can come up with something.

Chips so glad it was a false result but sorry for all the panic and stress it must have caused. Glad your mum has been supportive too smile

Rus and Flour hope you are both ok

I'm home alone for half term as Dh is on the isle of man watching the tt racing. Going to a street party this pm (in the rain by the looks of it) and going to start painting upstairs this am - office and then maybe start looking at baby's room.

Rusulka Mon 04-Jun-12 21:12:55

Hey Lil how's the painting going?
I've decided to decorate the back bedroom, since I had to half empty it in order to do some tidying- thought oh fuck it, might as well empty it completely and get on with it... Can't really find any oomph to do it though! I have the exact opposite problem, in that DH is on holiday all this week (which is nice, as MiL is here again) but I can't bring myself to decorate when he's home. Feel like it's time wasted that could be spent together, but if we do anything else, I feel guilty for not getting on with the painting! Can't win...
Zeus is a perfectly nice name, if you like that sort of thing- SiL is well into her classics and I suspect any children will be lumbered with names of greek heroes/ heroines, so that shall be interesting! I like Orpheus as a middle name, but can't seem to bring DH round to the idea...

Chips sorry your male midwife was a twat, sounds like things are ok now though. And you can always say you don't want him next time! grin

Festie the weight loss isn't going so great, put on another 2lb this week, I expect because we went to the Waffle House and I had 2 milkshakes as it was so hot, and then I got chocolate cereal in, which I snacked on all week, and then I couldn't get out for any exercise because I had to stay in sorting out phone calls and waiting for people to come over... because some idiot stole our gas meter.
No gas from overnight sunday/monday til I could get them to fit a new one on Wednesday.
And worst of all, after I went outside to check if it was the mains that was turned off and not the boiler being a twonk, I didn't even realise the meter was gone! I just stood there turning the tap on and off and wondering why I could hear a whooshing noise and smell gas. Rang my dad, who very carefully tried to explain to me that I had missed something obvious. Whoops. Felt like a right twit. Told you my brain wasn't working!

Still, it's June now, and the imposed no sweet eatings has come to an end, I may partake of appropriate sized portions, woo!

What else...

Oh, DH made me laugh last night. We were lying all snuggled up in bed as it was sodding freezing, and I was thinking about how pretty he was, and said 'I hope Peanut gets your bones, and skin, and hair'. He said 'I hope she gets your vagina and not my penis.' !!!
He has a point...

Lilliana Tue 05-Jun-12 08:46:31

Painting is getting there but keep being interrupted by people so ended up doing the second coat last night while listening to the jubilee concert and was shattered by that point.

I'm off to exeter today to attempt another go at shopping for mat clothes which, from previous experience, will end up with me fed up with no clothes.

shock who took your gas meter? I wouldn't have had a clue if ours was missing. Glad it is sorted now though. I wouldn't worry about the weight loss - you are pg and expected to gain weight. I think it is amazing how you have lost so far! grin at your DH - and I hope so too!

festiemum Tue 05-Jun-12 13:35:47

Blimey, well done you guys and your painting exploits. I dunno what's happened to me this pregnancy - I seem to have lost all motivation. I'm hoping some nesting instinct will kick in at some point so I can sort all the baby stuff out.

Oh I'm completely with you on the maternity clothes struggle, lil - it's such a crappy old selection. I was shock in Barnstaple to find that the Mothercare has all but abandoned the maternity section - that was the last shop left afaik!

I've got bits on eBay and me and dh had a trip into Plymouth where I got some reasonable stuff in H&M and New Look.

Whoah about your gas meter, rus! WHY would someone do that?!! Hope you're able to get it sorted quickly! love your dh's insight into bits peanut should inheret! grin

Well the kids are at their Dad's for a few days, so I've had a mega lie-in and am flopping about in bed and dh is playing Skyrim downstairs! There's a window of sunshine ( non-rain is probably more accurate) for a couple of hours tomorrow, so we're hoping to get up to the north coast for a bit of lunch and a walk along the coastline - lovely!

festiemum Tue 05-Jun-12 13:47:29

By the way rus - 2lb gain is still pretty good when you think at this stage of pregnancy you should have gained about a stone! You're doing brilliantly! xx

Lilliana Tue 05-Jun-12 19:22:25

Well Exeter has allowed me to get a pair of jeans and a couple of 'bump bands' so I can carry on wearing my tops without exposing horrible fat belly grin Feeling much better about things as it was really getting me down - now I've tried a few things on I'll have a look at ebay for the rest.

Glad you're having a chilled couple of days Festie, they must be few and far between in your household.

Getting a bit fed up with Dh being away and would just like a night cuddled up watching a film but never mind, I have rhubarb pie and cream!

So hoping we do have a few hours non rain tomorrow as well and truly fed up with it today.

Not really motivated, I'm having to force myself to do things because I want to fiinsh painting before my lovely dad comes over to put some new lights in and do a few other jobs around the house.

Rusulka Wed 06-Jun-12 22:44:47

Woo for some clothes Lil!
And well done for getting the painting done.
My parents have managed to get the black chandeliers I wanted for the living room, and my dad's casually mentioned that if I pull my finger out and paint THE ENTIRE LIVING/DINING ROOM CEILING then he can wire them in when they come next weekend. shock
I told him no, as I wanted ceiling roses on before they go up, and he told me to get them up and just paint the bit of ceiling around the lights! Not someone who takes no for an answer...

Festie lol at your DH playing Skyrim... is there anyone not playing that? (apart from us)... although I am playing Fable 3 with DH at the mo. blush
Hope you managed to get up to the coast and blow the cobwebs out.

Think the gas meter was taken so someone else could basically hook it up, use a load of gas, and the counter on mine would go up, but on theirs it wouldn't, so effectively, free gas. Cheeky sods!

We were planning to go into London this afternoon, was hoping to mooch in the charity shops around Chelsea with FiL while DH went off on jollies with his mates, but he woke up this morning doing his dying swan act, and it all got cancelled. You'll be glad to hear that after a day of being waited on hand and foot, fed, watered, stroked and ovaltined, he's miraculously feeling much better. grin

Managed to get the moses basket I wanted secondhand on eBay, not too far away either, just have to pick it up. That's a bit of a relief, although it was only about £27 cheaper than new- on the plus side, I think it comes with the stand too, which would have been another £30.

And MiL is off again tomorrow morning, although it looks like she'll be floating round the country until August... feeling guilty if we don't house her at least some of the time... Hmm.

With a tip run tomorrow afternoon and DH FINALLY having an eye test and new specs on Friday, that's my week effectively full. Nothing productive done apart from some mapping work on a project me and DH are working on, but oh well. I'll paint the room later or next week. Must. Learn. To. Relinquish. Control. Over. All. Situations.!

Lilliana Fri 08-Jun-12 10:26:53

Rus I'm so pleased your poor, dying DH has made a full recovery! How is the living room going? My office is lovely now, just trying to get all the books back into it (there are ALOT) It is slightly ironic that I finish it 6 weeks before I will not be needing it any more but will use it for creative bits (that I'm sure I will have so much time to work on hmm)

MiL AGAIN! You are a saint!

My lovely dad came round yesterday and did a few jobs for me so the house is slowly but surely getting there.

Had weird pains for the last week or so, someone on my nov a-n thread said it could be SPD sad Hoping it's not but some of the symptoms do sound similar, will have to speak to the mw when I see her next.

Woken up this morning by the smoke alarm going off, cue me jumping out of bed and rushing around checking every room in the house half dressed. Not sure what set it off but better check the battery so it doesn't happen again tomorrow. Not the best start to the morning.

Now need to get off mn and start writing reports -yuck.

Have a good day everyone, hope all is ok

Rusulka Fri 08-Jun-12 15:47:04

Lil I find that if I've been humping and dumping a lot, or just bending throughout the day, then I get a lot of pain in my lower back on the side in the evening and when I go to bed- I thought it might be SPD too, but I think it's just that everything's looser, and can't cope with the rigours of DIY or a full-scale assault on the garden. If I don't do anything too strenuous- ie, not lift anything, then I don't suffer.
Maybe you've just overdone it on the decorating, or lifting those books to mark (I know how heavy they are!)

Just got back from the shops with a whingeing DH (who looks much better in his proper specs) and with armfuls of stuff for Peanut from the charity shops- seriously, the RSPCA are legends, so much stuff for wither 25p or 50p, I'm tempted to see if they've got a branch locator online and go rampant wherever I go, lol! I'm not joking, some other charity shops will charge nearly 10 times as much for the same item. Wish I'd thought to go there before I bought all the babygrows. You ladies take note! grin

Right, I've had my online time and cuppa, must be Fable o'clock by now. That should stop DH's sulks.

Hope the weekend is nicer than today, it's honking it down here!

festiemum Fri 08-Jun-12 19:35:42

Hope your hips are settling down lil - I had the same thing about a month ago and thought it was SPD, but it turned out I'd just overdone the driving and walking. After a rest it settled - hope that's the case for you!

Well done rus on the charity shop hit. I've got to hold off buying anything else till I've been under the eaves (our bedroom's in the loft) and checked what I've already got. Ex-p's wife took a lot of it when they had their baby, but there's some stuff left I hope! hmm

Ooh, reports lil, don't envy you at all. Hope you get them done quickly enough to leave you some weekend!

Hope everyone's got nice weekends planned. After a few quiet days this week, we've got all the kids this weekend (mine and dh's), so it's going to be chaotic. Dh's kids are a bit unsettled at the mo, as their mum is in the process of splitting with her new husband (the man she left dh for!!!). So it's up to us to provide some stability. Um....... Oh dear! grin

You are a saint with your mil rus - I don't think I'd be so generous.

Have a great weekend everyone! smile

chipsandmushypeas Mon 11-Jun-12 17:45:36

Hey everyone smile

festie scan is on thurs, waiting very patiently but getting anxious too, had a lot of stress recently (thread in relationships under toxic siblings if anyone's interested),

Waves to everyone else x

festiemum Mon 11-Jun-12 19:52:18

Ooh, shows how well I read that thread, thought you'd already had it! Good luck. Sorry you're having other worries. Sometimes I think it's a bummer all the other life stuff carries on when you're pregnant - you've got enough to be getting along with, haven't you?! thanks for popping over! smile

chipsandmushypeas Mon 11-Jun-12 20:37:14

I'll definitely pop on after the scan! Might buy a couple of things if it's all good news x

Lilliana Tue 12-Jun-12 07:26:11

Chips sorry you're having a tough time, will have a look at the thread when I have a minute but hope all is ok.

Hope you had a nice weekend Festie. I'm sure you provide a lovely home for all your DC, chaotic doesn't mean unstable - they know you're there for them and love them, thats what matters. Glad the dog is settling in ok too.

Rus charity shops around here are rubbish. Will need to start going to bigger places to find some good stuff. May see if my sis in London can find some nice pieces.

I've now managed to pull my back somehow so look like a right old woman with that and my leg. Trying not to overdo things but It's hard with 30 kids to look after all day and I'm so used to doing things without thinking. Hoping things calm down abit though or I'm going to be in trouble.

DH is home now which is lovely although he's already talking about going again next year!

Rusulka Tue 12-Jun-12 12:21:31

Hey ladies!

Chips hope everything is ok, and good luck for your scan! I've got my GTT that day, not looking forward to it at all. Hoping all the sweeties I stuffed in the last week don't have a detrimental effect!

Festie I am so not a saint. Went in the room she's been in 4 days after she left only to find she hadn't locked the window properly- and we've had 2 days out in the meantime. Would have voided our insurance if anything had happened. Anyway, saw red, had steam coming out of my ears, and apparently threatened to kill her and said she would never stay here again! blush
DH's solution was to get all her crap she's left here (which I asked her to sort through- she didn't) and bung it in the attic so it's not in my way any more. Will feel guilty if anything untoward happens to it, but getting sick of her leaving her stuff all over my living room when there's no room for it and treating upstairs like her own personal bedroom when other people have to sleep in there too. I don't want my dad tripping over her shite... besides which, if he knows it's hers, he'll do something to it. grin
Also we're taking all her cookbooks to the charity shop. grin grin

I've had a couple of days of nasty acid reflux and feeling miserable, probably my own fault for stuffing sweeties and chocs, but had a bit of a fraught weekend with DH's grandma- had previous dementia episode before I met him, and looked like she was slipping again as hadn't taken her meds- she's home now and sounding more normal which is a relief, but we've had SiL here in tears, DH in tears, and me trying not to join in. But I did cry at a dog advert yesterday.

DH is back at work today and my parents are coming on Friday, so I'm going to try and get the back bedroom completely painted all today- 2 coats on the ceiling, 2 coats on the walls, and 3-4 coats of varnish on the skirting boards.
So far I've done 1 ceiling, 1 skirting boards. Going back up in half an hour to do the second coat on the ceiling, or at least go round the edges with a brush and then roller what's left until the tray's empty... then I'll do another coat on the boards, and the first coat on the walls. By the time I finish the walls, I might be able to do a 3rd coat on the boards. It's only a little room, so it's half an hour on the ceiling, 15mins on the boards, walls unknown.

Wish me luck! (will be sick of decorating by the end of it, lol)

Lilliana Wed 13-Jun-12 07:36:27

Rus so sorry to hear about your DH's grandma, hope she is ok. Dementia can be really tough on the other people in the family (and sometimes worse for them than the person who has it sad)

As always I bow to your DIY goddess status, it took me 3 days to paint the walls in 1 tiny room blush Stupidly I did do it two colours on alternate walls (trying to justify crap rate of painting!) How did it go yesterday?

Hope you are feeling better too, what is GTT? (Know I should know but lack of sleep is not helping retention of information.)

Chips had a look at your thread, it sounds like you are best out if you can and I would def look at it as a professional relationship rather than a personal one, you do not need the stress it brings and it doesn't seem like you gain anything out of the relationship. Take care

Hi Festie and Flour, hope you are blooming/glowing etc etc and all is well.

festiemum Wed 13-Jun-12 12:42:29

Hey all. Sympathy from me too rus - my Mum's in the early stages of dementia and she's not recognisable as the fiercely intelligent, capable person she used to be. Me and dd2 visit her every week, but I don't relish the visits to be honest. She's become completely passive. She has 4 carers a day who feed her, change her pads, wash and dress her and she has lost all sense of autonomy iykwim. Anyway, didn't want this to become all about me, but I understand and empathise. I think lil is definitely right. Dementia is almost harder on the people around the sufferer. It really is a cruel cruel illness. xxxx

Kudos on your continuing decorating success. Me and dd2 are successfully watching Sesame Street on DVD today! blush Good luck with the GTT too, it was mentioned that I should have one at my booking in appointment, but hasn't been mentioned since; I'm kind of hoping I've got away with it, as I don't fancy sitting in the surgery for 2 hours having eaten nothing but a nasty glucose drink! Seeing the midwife next week, so she'll probably remember then. hmm

Sorry to hear you're still in pain lil - hope it settles soon. You must be counting down to the summer hols now!

chips - had a read of your other thread, so sorry your family aren't being more supportive. It's really the last thing you need or expect during pregnancy. Agree with lil that keeping a strictly professional relationship is the way forward if you're to stay sane, but realise it's so hard when you're feeling hurt and unsupported by the very people you expect love and support from. Big hugs. Good luck with your scan tomorrow too! xxx

I am OK. More of the same for me. Definitely feel myself slowing down now. Went up to Barnstaple yesterday, and felt very slow lumbering around town! Looks like dh's ex is splitting with her dh. She's been changing her mind. Hope it sorts itself out soon for the kids' sake. Thanks for the kind words lil - we do our best to make our house safe and loving for them when they're here. Dss didn't want to go home on Sunday night, which is the best compliment of all really! Fingers crossed it settles down for them soon.

Hope everyone is well today. Woo, mega post! xxxx

chipsandmushypeas Thu 14-Jun-12 14:04:39

Hello everyone, thanks for all the support. I think you're all right, a strictly professional relationship is the way forward.

On a more positive note! Just got back from my scan and it went amazing smile everything is looking good. Downs risk was v low at 1:25700 and dr was very happy.
Measuring dead on so my due date is still Xmas eve! She also said she was 80% sure it's a boy! We were so shocked because we weren't expecting them to comment on gender so early - is this normal? I'm not going to get boy stuff until my 20 week scan though just in case. Thanks for the support girls as I was so nervous.

Here's my Christmas pudding:

Rusulka Thu 14-Jun-12 19:54:31

Embarrassed to say it took me 2 days to do the room. blush
I got wilkinson own brand paint to try and it was absolutely crap- terrible coverage, took 4 coats and 1 and two thirds of a pot to do. Not impressed!

Lil GTT is the glucose tolerance test. On account of being bigger (...) I have to have it because being pregnant now, my body is less able to cope with all the sugar I so obviously must be cramming down my throat <seethe>
It's true, I have been going a bit batshit recently, but still... <seethe>.

Didn't go too badly actually. Felt a bit sick, what with the acid reflux and not being able to have a mint or more than a sip of water, but the wait went quite quickly, and I have to ring after 2 for the results tomorrow.

Festie I was hoping I'd got away with it too, but they went and brought it up again and booked it, so you'll probably have it mentioned at your 25 weeks-ish appt to be done around 28 weeks. If I have to do it, you have to do it too! grin
I love it when other people's kids don't want to go home, but it does make me feel guilty!

Chips glad your scan went ok, pics are lovely. The detail's amazing, isn't it? My mum keeps showing ours to everyone in her village. One day it's the lady in the post office, the next it's the receptionist at the doctors, lol!
And you can tell the sex at the first scan- there was an article linked on my thread about it- basically, at 12 weeks-ish, boys and girls both have a sort of penis- in boys it gets bigger and more willified, and in girls it turns into the clitoris (I think!). You can tell them apart by the angle of the wang, so to speak- with girls, it has to be less than a 30 degree angle up in the air, and with boys it has to be more. I found this out 2 days after my scan and was really annoyed as I wanted to look for it! Other people having boys have said at the 20 week scan it was fairly impossible not to notice the balls, so I expect someone with a trained eye must see them earlier!

DH's grandma is much better, thanks for your comments- she'd just absent-mindedly forgotten one or two tablets, which made her so hazy she forgot the rest, and it's a pretty rapid nosedive from there. Without the ones for her pituitary, she'd die in a couple of days. (!) No talk of carpeting the walls or putting soup in envelopes this time, so I think it was just a temporary blip. She's got a right arse on as someone is coming in to supervise her taking her tablets, so she's pretty much back to her usual charming slightly cantankerous self. grin

Got some wild boar & apple sausages to try from our local butcher- he also sells crocodile and kangaroo, so if they're any good, I might try more weird meats! Will let you know how they taste.

Meantime, I've got tonight and tomorrow morning to clean the kitchen and bathroom, dismantle and classify the bits of a playmobil castle with DH, move the rest of the furniture back into the newly painted room, shift the cot, put bedding on and towels in the guest room, tidy the house, mow the lawn... and maybe stick a broom up my arse to sweep while I'm at it... methinks something will have to give!
Usually with me it's the cleaning, I'm terrible! But I washed out my paint tray and rollers in the bath so it has a blue tinge, and I must sort that out before my mum sees it...

Epic post! Must go feed DH now, as he had to accompany to hospital AND shopping today, so naturally he has no energy left. Poor sod.

festiemum Thu 14-Jun-12 20:48:01

My God rus! How do you do it?! Actually, today I actually achieved something! I went through the whole of one eave, and found newborn clothes, my sling and sheets for the crib! Though I'm a bit miffed that there don't seem to be as many clothes as I remember which means ex's dw didn't return all the clothes (that she borrowed without asking angry).

Well the GTT doesn't sound too bad then, though since I've been pg I've not been able to tolerate my denture plate without a mint on the go- it just makes me retch. All paid for an implant, but dentist won't do it til I've had the baby! So it'll be the 'Jeremy Kyle participant' look for me then! Mind you, in our surgery in Bodmin, I'll fit right in!! grin

Woo hoo chips, what lovely pics! So clear and a lovely clear nub! No wonder the sonographer had a pretty good idea what you're having! You must feel better now that's all done! A bit more relaxed and a lot more pregnant, I always find!

Hope you're ok lil!

Hmm, wild boar sausages - sound quite nice! You'll definitely have to report back!

Lilliana Fri 15-Jun-12 07:20:36

Yay Chips so glad you have some positive news to enjoy. The Nov a-n thread is full of boys, there are only about 3 girls so far (two are twins) it must be the season for them.

I tried to have a look at the nub thing, but not 100% sure what I'm looking at so trying not to speculate as we aren't going to find out.

Rus I used wickes own and it took me 3 coats to cover the walls, was very grr as thought it would only take a day to do such a small room.

Mmmm, sausages sound fab, let us know how they are and we'll do a bulk order grin

I'm glad the GTT was ok. Hope the results are good and they let you have the birth you want. (I'm sure a short blip won't make that much difference)

Good news also about DH's gran, it's always nice when they are back to being cantankerous, you know she must be better.

Don't do all that - surely your mum/ mil can help you. (I also have a blue tinged bath, figured it would come off eventually with all the water sloshing around - I am a slattern!)

Festie glad you found some clothes, any chance of asking exW what happened to the rest?

The Jeremy Kyle show look is in in our area too - the playground at the end of the day could be backstage (and we have actually had one of our parents on the show!!!)

Not sleeping too well so pleased it is finally Friday and I can sleep in tomorrow. Feeling sorru for Dh as despite my best efforts I keep waking him too. He insists he doesn't mind and I can't help it but he must be shattered!

Baby brain is getting worse, so far I have put the washing on a pre-wash instead of a proper wash, then taken it out and put it on the line to dry, put my mobile phone in the school dishwasher and left my cash in the cash machine after taking my card (thank god for the lovely lady behind me) I am not safe to be out alone.

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