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Flying mattress graduates - dock here!

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festiemum Wed 16-May-12 20:52:46

Hey chaps! Here's the space for us to witter on incessantly about our pregnancies!

20 week scan today and it was soooo fantastic! I'll post some pics on my profile later. The sonographer wasn't 100% sure, but thought that it was probably a girl, due to lack of visible meat and two veg!

Hope everyone's doing well! xxx

Lilliana Tue 22-May-12 07:26:57

Rus I can't believe they are still singing that song - you are still in your own clothes fgs!! That means basically you have been losing weight - ie the baby is gaining weight while you lose it = you're staying the same. Was going to ask about why you are seeing an anaesthetist but what an rediculous waste of time. Grr. Also the mat unit is 1 door away? - seriously how much harm an come to someone going through 1 door? You would prob have to go through more than that if the worst happened and you did need c section etc. I'm now annoyed for you!!

Festie How weird, I was born in Barnstaple too. Lived in a tiny place between the 2 but was more of a Bideford girl (and sadly still here!) We live in the middle of nowhere now though and love it (although not as rural as it sounds you are!)

My friend had a quick birth, the second time she had no time at all. Her DH (now ex) was upstairs as he had been drinking and was pretty passed out and by the time people got there she opened the door to them while crowning. I would suggest planning it at home would have been better, especially with how far away you are! When do you have to tell them this is the plan?

Chips your birth centre sounds perfect, close enough but not a hospital. I wouldn't go for a homebirth first time either.

Hay fever has hit in the last few days. Was told by many people that they didn't get it when pg - well apparently I still do sad Just as I'm getting over sickness I'm feeling rough again. Anyone know what I can take? Think I might have to call the docs today and see. I know antihistamines (sp??) are out, I'm hoping I can at least have eye drops and my inhaler and will see if they can suggest anything else.

chipsandmushypeas Tue 22-May-12 08:54:09

Rus that's crap! Why can't you use it?

I have my booking on Friday, does anyone recommend any questions I should ask the midwife?

festiemum Tue 22-May-12 21:13:22

Why are they being so on your case rus?! It sounds like it's unbelievably harsh! No wonder you're pissed off!

Ha lil! I drove through Bideford today (come up to visit my mum once a week). There's some lovely bits out in the sticks round there; all classic Devonian green rolling hills! So will you have your baby at NDDH? I had two of my babies there (as well as being born there myself!) and it's a lovely unit - good facilities and lovely staff!

It's down on record that I want a home birth; I just need the consultant's go ahead I think.

I have taken anti-histamines during pregnancy, lil. See the nhs website here. Loratadine is the preferred one during pregnancy they say.

chips - cant think of any questions for you, but be prepared to be asked loads of questions yourself, and to go away with information overload! smile

Hope everyone's doing ok tonight! xx

Lilliana Wed 23-May-12 07:18:47

Festie, it's very strange to think I might be walking past you without knowing it's you! Interesting about the antihistamines. Phoned the doc yesterday and he looked it up and said basically I couldn't take anything, not even eye drops although my inhaler was ok. confused He did say there is no evidence of causing disformity but that it hasn't properly been tested.

Chips I can't think of anything either. My mw was lovely and gave me loads of info to go away with so didn't feel the need to ask many questions. Hope it goes well for you.

Rus hope your ok and planning your next move.

I keep having vivid dreams (I don't often remember mine), not scary but they keep waking me up so feeling quite sleep deprived now. Better get used to it I guess!

Rusulka Thu 24-May-12 11:01:31

Cheers for getting outraged on my behalf you guys, it really helps to know I'm not the only one who feels like this is unreasonable. grin

Lil sorry about your hayfever. I wonder if there are any natural remedies?
<checks bookshelf>
'Foods that harm, foods that heal' suggests you try eating foods that have a natural anti-inflammatory action and are rich in vitamin c, like blackcurrants and citrus fruits, kiwi, etc. Also elderflower tea may help.
<checks bookshelf again>
'1000 home remedies' recommends that acupressure on points 41 & 47 may increase mucus drainage, and on points 50 & 51 may help stop bouts of sneezing.
Also have a drop of either basil or melissa oil on a tissue/hankie for instant relief from blocked sinuses and stuffy nose.
Oh, and apparently oily fish and flax seed oil (omega 3) can counter inflammatory reactions triggered by pollen allergy.
<checks one last time in case>
Hmm. 'Grow your own drugs' isn't too helpful as it involves finding and picking a certain weed and making tea out of it!

Hope some of that is in some way useful!

Chips I went in with a whole pile of questions, most of which were covered before I got to the Q&A bit at the end...
I mentioned my spotting I'd had, and explained what that was all about, talked about how I couldn't feel the bubbly feelings any more (anterior placenta had grown and cushioned movement, as it turns out- but she said I probably had wind!), I talked about toxoplasmosis concerns as my FiL has 3 cats, asked how hot a bath is too hot, asked about calcium supplements (she said to just eat healthily, FFS!), asked if hair dye was safe (no, unless it's henna), asked about antenatal classes and when I'd need to book them (around 26 weeks here, but you should get a leaflet), pelvic floor exercises, my headaches... basically mentioned anything I thought might be relevant.
They won't talk to you about birth options yet, but it might be worth establishing what's an option- I'd done research and set my heart on midwife-led unit, but then was told because of my BMI I wasn't eligible for that- gutted! On that note, try to weigh yourself before you go on something you trust- the midwife's scales had me come out nearly half a stone heavier than my wii fit had told me the day before, which really didn't help her estimation of me!
She also gave me her number, and said she was there every Monday if I needed to chat about anything, so I'm sure if you do think of questions later, you'll be able to ring up or save them for the next appt.

Hope that helps! Oh, and for god's sake, don't forget a urine sample, my midwife likes to name and shame those who forget. If you can't take one, she'll give you a phial and send you off to pee. You should be able to keep the phial to rinse out and use for future appts.

<Waves to Festie>

In other news, I've calmed down a bit. Talked to my dad, who said he had to see an anaesthetist before his transplant, and they were really friendly and were just discussing the options, so I was getting my knickers in a twist over nothing (cheers). But I do feel better about it. Either way, I don't want to use any of that sort of pain relief, I just want to try and get by on my own, or with a little help from gas and air. Still hoping for a water birth, but thinking logistically, back to the teenage days before I had the tampon epiphany, it was such a mess getting out of the bath and trying to dry off down there without getting blood everywhere... maybe water isn't suck a good idea. On the other hand if I don't, then I'll have to go clean it off myself, and it'll hurt to bend over... Hmm. Whereas in water, any gack couldn't stick to me!
Mmm, yummy thoughts. All of which are probably pointless, as they'll likely say no to a water birth anyway.
As for the growth scan at 36 weeks, at least we get to see Peanut one more time before she's born, and make sure she is a she! Wouldn't put it past the sonographer to tell us the wrong thing on purpose... and I've been buying little dresses!
I'm continuing the no fun food thing until about the 3rd June, which gives me 2 more opportunities to lose some weight before reintroducing controlled portions of chocolate etc, and also means I can have something sweet to cope when MiL is back. She's only here for a week though, so not so bad. I figure I'm storing up good karma!

When Peanut kicks now I can see my tummy wobble, it's a bit hilarious. I notice she kicks morning and evening, during the day if she's annoyed/ squashed (and presumably can't sleep), and 'wakes up' to kick me if I go too long between eating. I'm growing a piglet!

I did ask the consultant about not having much of a bump, and she said of course I shouldn't at 25 weeks, and if I did the baby would be enormous, so that was a little comforting at least.
I was measuring myself against my colleague at the last place I worked, who was at the same point I am now, but HUGE- with a proper bump she could rest her hands on. Now I'm thinking either she had a giant baby or a LOT of fluid.

Whoops, wrote an essay again.

festiemum Thu 24-May-12 11:42:19

Hi all!

Well I'm all nervous cos I've got my consultant's appointment today.... I've confused myself no end reading all sorts of studies, some of which were reassuring (chance of a uterine rupture drops dramatically with each successful vbac) and some worrying (if a uterus does rupture, a emcs is required within 17 minutes to ensure a good outcome for the baby - be more like 90 mins from here).

My two vbacs were uncomplicated- if I have a birth like last time, a home birth will be absolutely fine, but if something does go wrong.... Well, I'm just too far away from the hospital.

So, I'm hoping this consultant is the sort of person who will listen to what I say; weigh up the options and give me his professional opinion. I also want to know when he suggests I go in if a hospital birth is on the cards, considering how quickly it all happened last time. Lots to think about...

Oh, also, it turns out that he's the guy who delivered the Camerons' baby when she went into labour early while on holiday in Cornwall a couple of years ago. I'll try not to hold that against him! grin

rus- have to say, don't think big bump always means big babies. I always have an enormous bump, and my girls were 6 odd pounds and my boy 7 odd. I think everyone just carries differently!

It is funny that we're from the same area lil - strange that your GP was so adamant about the anti-histamines. Mine prescribed me some with no hesitation at all... It's so variable depending on who you see!

Good luck with your booking tomorrow, chips. I always feel it's a bit more "real" once I've got that appointment out of the way.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sunshine. I've just got to try and chill out until this afternoon! confused

festiemum Thu 24-May-12 18:24:57

Bollocky bollocky fuck fucks!

Well, after over an hour's wait to see not my named consultant, I was told categorically that it is not safe for me to have a home birth. sad

I am too far away from the hospital, and I have had a previous c section; he is not prepared to risk it. Because my last labour went so quickly, he has written on my notes that I must go straight down to the hospital as soon as I begin having contractions....

So, not what I wanted to hear, but I accept it and realise that a good outcome is the main thing.

Rusulka Thu 24-May-12 23:20:34

Boo Festie!
You're right though, I guess it's better you're there where they can look after you properly, which is what I keep trying to remind myself.
I guess having been through it before, you'll know when it's happening, which should make it easier.

I'd like to think I can tell the difference between real contractions and fake ones, but my hospital says not to come in until they're I think 10 mins apart or your waters have gone. I'd be more inclined to just get there, walk around a lot, then go up in my own sweet time as needed.

In other news, after 9 days of a mouse free house, another one appeared tonight (well, we heard the trap in the cupboard go). At this rate, there will be mice under ALL the fruit trees!

chipsandmushypeas Fri 25-May-12 06:49:56

Rus thank you, that's a good help!

festie sorry you couldn't have your home birth but it sounds like the best choice for you and baby

Hope everyone's enjoying the glorious weather!

Lilliana Fri 25-May-12 07:21:14

Festie I know it's not your ideal scenario and the chances are that everything will be fine but on the off chance that you do need help you said yourself you are too far away. Sorry, sad but you will have a gorgeous healthy baby at the end and where you spent the few hours having it won't make much difference.
Yes NDDH for me, nice to hear you think it's ok too. General opinion seems quite positive about it.

Going to see how I get on with the hayfever. Thanks for all the info Rus I'll come to you instead of Dr Google next time! Will up the citrus fruits and will have a look for some oils as being bunged up is horrible. If it gets worse I will go and see my gp (just had to speak to whoever was on duty that day for advice) and see what she says, especially now I see Festie had some with no problems. Generally she is really good about things that my old gp frowned upon (but then he was the one who told me to get more 'fresh air' when I went in saying I had cronic hay fever and was struggling to take my exams hmm)

Rusulka sorry your little problem is back, how many trees do you have available?! At least you are catching them.
Listening to you I feel huge, you're much further on than me and I had to get a hair band to hold my trousers together yesterday blush. Glad you are looking at things in a more positive way (although I still think it sucks!) Maybe they will change their minds later?

Chips hope you're ok, have you managed to extend what you can eat yet? Hope the BI app goes well today and your mw is nice.

Enjoy the sun all!

chipsandmushypeas Fri 25-May-12 09:53:14

Yes my ms has subsided quite a bit now and I'm craving fruit like mad! Thanks for asking Lil smile

Rusulka Fri 25-May-12 09:59:25

Oh Lil I'm sure you're not that big.
Remember I had a great big wobbly belly to start with (and matching bum, legs, arms, boobs...) so no, I don't look any different, but I can feel Peanut's there... and I never wear proper fitted trousers, so that's why that isn't an issue!
My jeans have lycra in them to stretch around my giant bottom, which is the only reason I can do them up, although I won't be wearing them again as I felt bruised from the waistband the next day, and it made Peanut crabby.
If anything I'm annoyed I don't look as pregnant as I am. I could have still been keeping it a secret!!!

Also I love that the doctor told you to get fresh air when you were suffering from hayfever! grin What a twat! Did he even know what hayfever was? Maybe he thought it was from rolling in hay.

Fruit tree wise, I have, due to some hilarious lucky dip ordering, 4 plum trees (I don't like plums), a cherry, a pear, an apple, a lemon and a lime. 4 of these are in pots. The pear and plum at the bottom of the garden have I think 1 mouse each, the apple has 2, and the tomato trough has 1 mouse per plant (3). I just buried the last one in with one of the new plums. At this rate, will have to pot up my lemon and lime quickly as I'll need the burial space!

I can't believe the sun is out already, so fiercely and so early! Over the last few days, we've at least had til 11 before we had to dive for cover, but this is ridiculous, no way I want to go out shopping in this!

Guess I'll spend the day sorting out bits in the house, and shopping online. Just had my tax rebate cheque clear, so I can pick up some more bits for Peanut. Woo!

Rusulka Fri 25-May-12 10:03:37

Oh, and I found this foetal weight chart, which is awesome-

You have to scroll down a bit for the weight measurements, and it gives you 10th and 90th percentile.

Can't believe Peanut will weigh 2lb on Sunday! She was only 1lb 4 weeks ago, and in only 3 weeks she'll be 3lb! Can't believe how quickly she's growing... I expect it'll be another month or so, but I'm sure more stretchmarks will appear to complement my million other ones... DH likes my stretchmarks, as he thinks it makes me look like one of those hot alien women off Star Trek (his words, not mine!) Lol, he's such a geek. He says I'm stripy like a tiger and it makes me special. grin Wonder what he'll think when they're bright pink rather than white? We'll see...

festiemum Sun 27-May-12 12:12:37

What an awesome site rus! Thanks for posting it. Going by my 20 week scan, Cleetus is on the 13th percentile for weight, which fits in perfectly with my other LO's.

lil - had a really weird dream last night, where I went to the Drs about really nasty hayfever and he wouldn't give me anything for it! Must be channelling you in my sleep! grin

rus, I think it's lovely that you bury your mouse corpses! Bless you! I think dh just puts them in the rubbish! blush He's usually quite sentimental about little critters too!

chips - hope you had a good booking in appointment and got lots of info/ answers to any questions you had.

I'm still a bit hacked off about my consultant's decision, particularly as he wants me in the hospital as soon as I start contracting. With ds, I went in quite early and labour took ages - needed induction hormones in the end. Whereas with dd2 I stayed at home labouring as long as possible and she popped out! I just don't want to end up with a long protracted labour because I'm not as relaxed in hospital iyswim. Oh well, no point projecting; there's no predicting what will happen when it comes to labour!

Hope you're all having a good weekend. Gone a bit rainy here today, but it was beautiful yesterday and we managed to get all the kids (mine and dh's - 5 altogether - we're a veritable tribe with all of us!) to the beach for the afternoon - first proper outing out in ages, as we finally managed to get some extra seats for the van so we can take everyone out! It was lovely!

Just to add to the chaos, we've also gained another dog, so we now have 3! My elderly whippet, who the ex got 'custody' of when we split up! Unfortunately the ex's new baby is now crawling and whippet had apparently been barking at her. I know he wouldn't hurt a fly, but ex's wife, who's not a doggy person at all wasn't happy, so he's joined the clan!

Blimey, I've really withered on today! Hope you're all well! xxx

festiemum Sun 27-May-12 12:14:55

PS- rus, I love the fact that your dh thinks your stretch marks make you special like a Star Trek alien!!! That really made me smile! smile He sounds like an absolute catch!

Lilliana Sun 27-May-12 15:18:22

grin Festie hmm, maybe I need to stop wittering on so much about my hayfever! Wow, you really do have a tribe when all together. It sounds fab though and I guess you're never bored!

Chips how did the mw app go? Hope you are feeling positive after it.

Rus I do feel more pg than fat now although I was getting breakie in my pj's and dh looked at me a said wow you've got a gut!! He did explain he meant baby bump though and it came out wrong! I also love the fact your Dh loves your stretch marks, hope mine will feel the same when they arrive. Thanks for the link, had a quick look but need to look properly to get my head around it.

The sun has gone here too but after yesterdays heat and sneezing fits I'm actually quite glad it is a bit cooler. Only a week left till half term .. I will make it grin

Rusulka Sun 27-May-12 20:41:53

Ah Festie I'm afraid I have an ulterior motive with the tiddly corpses... as they break down, they'll feed the fruit trees. grin Not so sweet now, eh? Although we do also have a dove and a robin buried in the garden- the dove fell out of the tree, had a fit and died, and I saw the robin at the bus stop on my way into town- I promised I'd take it home and bury it if it was still there when I got back. I like robins...

Plus awesome news on getting the dog back! Yay! The baby just probably freaked the dog out with its odd movements. My parents' dog had a bloody good howl once as it saw a monster on our walk in the dusk one evening- it was a mobility scooter with a rain cover on it which was rustling in the wind. Daft bugger.

Lil I still only feel pg when I lie down, still looks like my usual standing-up belly to me! Except when it boinks and wobbles by itself when Peanut kicks.
That website isn't too hard to wrap your head around, I just look at the estimated fetal weight percentile chart about a third of the way down- just gives me a rough idea of how big Peanut's getting.

Chips hope your appt went ok.

I had my weekly weigh-in on the wii fit and have lost another 2lb! Really chuffed. Must have been from digging over the veg patch yesterday (DH did a crap job, had to redo it to plant beans)... So he's not that much of a catch, lol!
Bearing in mind Peanut weighs 2lb now, and there's amnio fluid, the placenta, the extra blood and booby whatnot, I expect I must really be a good 4lb lighter without all that, which is immensely cheering.

Midwife again tomorrow, then off to St Albans for yummy eatings at the Waffle House. And why not?

Lilliana Mon 28-May-12 07:32:02

Rus congrats on still losing weight!! I can't believe you are managing to do this as I can't stop eating! I can't wait until I can feel movements, when did you first feel peanut move? Using dead mice to feed your trees sounds very practical, at least they are being put to some use grin Hope the app goes well, what do you do during mw appointments? I've got my next one on Wednesday and haven't really looked further than the BI app.

Festie how is the dog settling in? Is there somewhere/one near to the hospital that you can go to when contractions start which would be more relaxing than the hospital so you are close enough to get there quickly but not in the hospital for hours?

I have no enthusiasm for school this morning but have found I am becoming unmotivated about lots of things, really need a kick up the ass or I am going to become a right couch potato!

Rusulka Mon 28-May-12 21:41:59

Lil midwife appts for me are just wee check, blood pressure, foetal doppler, out the door. Looks like they're going to be every couple of weeks from now on, so good job there's not much to them!
I bemoaned the fact I couldn't feel Peanut for ages because my placenta is anterior (at the front) so she was kicking me there, and I couldn't feel it- had to wait til she was strong enough to kick hard enough to feel it! I think I started feeling things when my MiL went to Germany... that was end of March-ish I think, so I would have been about 17 weeks. If the placenta hadn't been at the front I would have felt it a lot earlier. Feels like fart bubbles imploding in your insides, but at the front! grin
Also now even if I don't necessarily feel a kick, I see my belly wobble like the water in the glass in jurassic park...

And after the waffles today, one of which was reasonably healthy, and the other was covered in ice cream and maple syrup, and the accompanying 2 vanilla milkshakes (whoops)... think I probably put that 2lb back on!!! Will have to work my bum off extra hard this week to lose any weight I think.

Lilliana Tue 29-May-12 07:30:11

Mmmm, waffles! Thanks Rus glad there is not much to them. I want to ask about the rh neg though as still don't really know what it involves and what problems it can cause so hopefully will have time for that too.

I felt a strange movement last night while in bed, not sure if it was baby or my overactive imagination! Will try not to get too excited yet as prob just me - will be amazing when we can see it move.

Actually found some energy and motivation last night, think DH was mildly impressed as usually in the evenings I've been curled up on the sofa shattered, hope it continues, I feel much better for it.

Chips how are you? Hope everything is ok as haven't heard from you for a while.

Rusulka Tue 29-May-12 09:52:42

Lil it probably was the baby moving, but until you feel it more regularly you won't be sure- and then next time, you'll feel it so much earlier as you'll know what it is!
As far as I know, being RH neg just means you have to make sure you have some injections to stop your body producing antibodies against your baby- then it won't affect any future pregnancies.
Just read on Dr Google that they give you it within 72 hours of giving birth, as that's when some of the baby's blood cells can cross the placenta, which triggers the reaction in you if they're a different blood group. Having the injection destroys the blood cells and stops the reaction happening- basically destroying weapons of mass destruction! grin

Waiting in for my bebe pod plus to arrive, should be here by 12... and keeping my fingers crossed that I manage to win a secondhand moses basket I've seen on eBay as it's nearby to collect and I wouldn't have to pay the postage! (Plus it'd be cheaper than a full price one)

Other than that, I really just need to sort out bedding for the cot, get FiL to get his finger out and buy the bloody play gym, and I think we're pretty much sorted! Baby gates I will have to deal with later as the easy fit ones don't fit our doorways... I love living in a Victorian house, but hadn't anticipated these complications!

Have a good day everyone!

Lilliana Wed 30-May-12 07:47:34

Off to MW today, can't wait to hear the heartbeat.

Rus Very impresed with how organised you are. I haven't organised anything yet but want to wait till 20 week scan before going mad (also I will have the summer holidays to concentrate on it as all a bit mad writing reports etc atm)

No other movements felt so putting it down to my imagination for now.

Hope Festie and Chips are ok

chipsandmushypeas Wed 30-May-12 18:48:28

Hi everyone. Mw appt went good.

Today has been the worst day ever.

My mw called saying I might have syphilis?! So on my day off I went and got a repeat blood test, spent 2 hours travelling in crazy traffic. Have to wait until after bank holiday for results.

Then, another mw called my house (told them to only call mob) and announced to my mother 'this is the midwife calling' so now my whole family know when I was planning to tell them at 12 weeks over a nice dinner with scan pic etc.

I'm so upset, first I'm told I might have syphilis(thanks DP) then my whole family is told by a male mw and I'm all alone at home.

I'm going to bed to curl up.

chipsandmushypeas Wed 30-May-12 18:49:46

This is my first and he took that away from me. I haven't even got a hug from anyone as I moved out of my family home (they had number from gp).

Lilliana Wed 30-May-12 21:26:07

Oh Chips I'm so sorry. Glad you got back to us though as I was getting worried about you and will admit I did a search for you earlier to see if you had been around MN - not trying to stalk you honest, just concerned.

I can't believe this has all happened in 1 day. Where is DP? Can you go and see your family for the night? I bet they are thrilled for you although I would also be super upset if someone told my family before me angry I have no clue about the syphilis, maybe they messed up the test, they don't sound 100% sure about it. I hope you are ok and curled up with chocolate, ice cream or whatever you fancy and a good film. Take care and I hope things look better in the morning brew xxx

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