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Flying mattress graduates - dock here!

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festiemum Wed 16-May-12 20:52:46

Hey chaps! Here's the space for us to witter on incessantly about our pregnancies!

20 week scan today and it was soooo fantastic! I'll post some pics on my profile later. The sonographer wasn't 100% sure, but thought that it was probably a girl, due to lack of visible meat and two veg!

Hope everyone's doing well! xxx

Rusulka Mon 03-Dec-12 11:25:11

Congratulations Lil and welcome Lily!

Oh, reading what you've been through brought it all back for me... glad your DH ignored you, and sorry there were so many people in there for you, but glad everything turned out ok.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep, sleep when Lily does- I didn't, and really unravelled alarmingly quickly!
If you had an episiotomy, you'll be all healed in about 4 weeks, and the bleeding/discharge will gone by 6 weeks. Keep having the lavender milk baths every day, they'll really help.
Keep persevering with the breastfeeding, it does get easier!
And take full advantage of DH for cups of tea, changing Lily, etc.

festiemum Mon 03-Dec-12 16:40:36

Congratulations lil on the birth of Lily!

Hope you're getting as much rest as you can and are enjoying your new baby girl. Sounds like you went through the mill a bit, but it's amazing how quickly you heal if you rest well and don't try to do too much ( only say that cos I'm really guilty of it!)

Hi moo! Glad you're doing ok. I'm very admiring of you doing exams while pregnant. I wouldn't be able to concentrate! Two of my babies were uncooperative and necessitated a second scan. It's a pain, but on the upside, you get another look at the baby!

Glad you're impressed with my bedroom prowess, count! grin To be honest, sex gave me contractions from about 30 weeks, so we ended up abstaining for ages and I was quite up for it once I had healed!

Yes, I definitely recommend the Zafira, disco. I had mine for about 7 years, and it was consistently reliable. I don't mind taking meds for my bP if necessary. I know it's better than having an unexpected stroke or heart attack ( like dh last year, so I know it happens!!) Good job on the painting as well!

Sounds like you're back to your normal busy self rus! And well done on the weight bearing phoebe!

Me and Es are ok. I think she's having a growth spurt, cos all we seem to have done is feed the last couple of days! Oh, and you'll be glad to know that me and dh managed to use a condom this weekend without messing it up like a couple of teenagers! grin

Rusulka Tue 04-Dec-12 20:32:56

I'm in a mood today.

Well, I've been in a mood ever since I healed up properly- they stitched me up wrong. sad

I have a kind of pointy bit on the flap of skin under my hoo-ha, and when they cut me to get Phoebe out, presumably that pointy bit isn't normal, so he just kind of stitched it to the side. Now it's taut when it shouldn't be, and pulled in at one side- nobody should have a corner on their hoo-ha!

Sex is now uncomfortable and painful, unless we wriggle jiggle into JUST the right position. And one slip and I'm in tears... if I sit down, I can feel it pulling. If I need to poo, I can feel it pulling. It hurts to put tampons in and it hurts even more to take them out. It's pretty miserable.

Don't know what to do. Didn't know it was a problem at my postnatal check up, so didn't mention it.

DH thinks we can work around it. I'm upset because I thought after one baby, my body would be loosened as it were, to having more, so I wouldn't have to be cut next time. And now it's even tighter than before!


festiemum Tue 04-Dec-12 22:57:08

Well, if you think it's wrong, you should get a doctor to look at it. I've had four, and my bits are pretty much the same as they always were, after stitches and everything.

You shouldn't have to put up with discomfort like you describe. If they have stitched you wrong, you can be referred to the ob/gyn consultant and have it put right, but I would get a considerate GP to look at it, if you can find one.hmm Maybe a female GP, if your surgery has one?

Sorry to hear that though, the last thing you want to worry about. sad thanks xxx

Lil HUGE congratulations on the birth of your DD Lily - what a beautiful name. All the names so far have been fab smile hope that the labour etc was not too much of a challenge and just think you have a gorgeous daughter to love and care for; nothing else matters!!

Rus i second what festie said - if you are in pain/discomfort, i would be seeing the GP and getting a referral to get it sorted. No-one should have to put up with that. It's not right, it's not how it was before and it needs to go back to how it was <stamps feet and folds arms in defiance>

grin at you managing to have proper adult rumpy pumpy festie well done you smile glad that Esme is growing well and all seems to be good with you all.

I am nervously awaiting my assessment results; they arrive via email at some point tomorrow and it's all i can think about. It really has taken over my life these past few months and the end is almost in sight, just really hope that I have passed, but to be honest i am not holding out much hope. In all honesty i think i made to many simple and silly mistakes. But what will be, will be. Decision has been made now, so there is absolutely nothing i can do about it. to see a woman about a payment certificate. Joy, joy, joy!!!

Lilliana Wed 05-Dec-12 21:34:18

Thanks everyone, I am loving being a mum and can't get over how amazing Lily is. MW came today and Lily has only lost 4 oz, with all the feeding problems I was worried about her weight so really pleased.

Festie can't imagine thinking about sex ever again atm! Glad to hear the condom issues have been resolved though!

Rus I would definitely get your stitches looked at,you should not be in pain like that.

Moo I have everything crossed for your results, let us know when you find out - I'm sure you did better than you think, you put so much work in you deserve it.

Countmyblessings Thu 06-Dec-12 05:45:59

Wonderful news Lilli - glad your enjoying being a Mum and Lilly's weight!
Rus - head on down to your Gp as that surely can't be right and if your in pain and discomfort get it sorted!
Moo - hope your results are good!
Festie - glad your mojo has returned and your enjoying it!!!
I'm currently searching for maternity clothes for my hols!!! Want to get cheap and cheerful!!!!!

Discolite Sun 09-Dec-12 10:30:55

Hi everyone! Lil, that's great news about Lily's weight. How's the feeding going now? Your post about loving being a Mum makes me feel cheerful, people sometimes go out of their way to go on about how awful dealing with babies is with no mention of the good bits!

Count, I bet you are really counting down the days til you jet off now! How's baby getting along?

Moo, helloooo! Did you get your assessment results? I really hope it went your way. How are you finding pregnancy?

Rus, I second what everyone else has said - you need to get the badly repaired bit looked at. It really doesn't right to me. You shouldn't have to be in pain, it's not normal. How is Phoebe?

Festie, hurrah for sex! Ok, you know what I mean smile how is Esme's growth spurt going?

New pregnancy symptoms for me - a feeling like sunburn on the top of my bump. It hurrrts! Lotions make no difference. Also pelvis pain which is worrying, it's just twinges at the moment but I'm paranoid about SPD. Doing all the keeping knees together stuff as far as I can, but walking around London on fri/sat hasn't helped. I finally have a comfy bra as a result of the trip though, hurrah!

Discolite Sun 16-Dec-12 11:33:33

Well, I seem to have killed the thread. Sorry about that! Hope everyone is ok anyway.

I finally ordered my wedding dress yesterday. Whoop! Very exciting. The lady wanted to measure me but I pointed out there wasn't much point really and look, I have my pre pregnancy measurements here so let's add a bit on to those.

Also I have bought my first item of furniture for the nursery, a lovely single wardrobe, not sure how old but probably between 1930s and 50s. Best of all, it was only £15! I'm just hoping it'll fit into my fiesta later grin. I love EBay.

Right, better get back to the painting. It's cutting in time now. Groan.

Lilliana Sun 16-Dec-12 19:17:35

Hi everyone, I'm slowly rejoining the human race!

Disco very exciting about the wedding dress! They are amazing at adjusting things so sure the measurements will be fine. Wardrobe sounds great and a bargain! I hate cutting in hence our living room still isn't done blush

Rus what did the docs say about the stitches?

Count hope you found some lovely holiday clothes.

Moo how were the results?

Festie imagine you are manic with your brood over christmas, hope all is going well.

Lily is doing well and is so good I can't complain about the few hours of grizzling we get in the evenings. DH has to go back to work tomorrow so will see how we get on then. Has been lovely having this time together so a bit sad about having to return to the real world.

Countmyblessings Mon 17-Dec-12 11:55:02

Hi Disco - u never killed the thread I guess everyone is just busy getting on and ready for Christmas! Ahhh to get married and all tge thungs to sort how exciting!!!!I really wish I had a nursery but lil one will be in our room which has got a lovely spot for cot and bits so well excited to put cot and bits in, on my return when I will just focus on baby coming!
Air the mattress, wash the buggy cover! It a stokke and ds never used the cot bit so just needs to be washed as was wrapped up in garage!!!
Rus - I do hope you got back to your GP to get everything sorted!
Moo- how are you hopefully the studies has stopped for Christmas right!
Festie - how's all the planning going on and are you ready for Christmas?
Sad times in the news - we looking forwards to our new lives being born or looking at our little ones and those parents have lost their children!
Sad times I can't imagine!!!!

Morning all!! It's a little chilly here today, have got both the heating and the fire on whilst trying to work from home. Also have some Christmas music on which is helping to cheer me up!!

Count are you planning on moving your bobba to it's own room eventually? I plan to have her in my room with us for the first 6 months (we have borrowed a crib from DH's cousin).

Lil glad all is well with you and Lily but boooo to DH having to return to work. I think I am going to dread that day!! Will he have much time off over Christmas?

Disco well done on progressing the Nursery; ours still looks like a bombsite, not helped by the fact that I am still using it as a dressing room. Oops. Have you bought a cot etc yet? Hope you managed to get the wardrobe into the fiesta!!!

Rus hope you managed to get to the doctor and get the hoo ha ailment remedied. It's not right what they did and you should not have to suffer like that. Really do hope it has been sorted before Christmas!

Festie hope you and the brood are ok smile

Well i didn't pass my assessment sad waiting for my referral report which should land on the doormat any day now. This will give me an insight into where i went wrong. The annoying thing is the fact that I will not be able to re-take it until May 2014 at the earliest! The next sitting is May 2013 and I could barely cope with the work when pregnant, i have no chance with a newborn. Although it's not the end of the world, it would have just been nice to get it passed and then it would have been done!!

In pregnancy news, second scan went well, definitely a girl which i am relived about because i had just started getting used to the idea (plus my mum has bought loads of pink clothes!!). Both grandparents are really excited because it will only be the 2nd girl in the family, we currently have 6 boys shock

However, I am getting a little concerned. I am 24+4 and people keep constantly commenting on how small i am. I am starting to worry that podgina is not progressing as she should or that there is something wrong. I have my midwife appointment tomorrow so I am going to ask some questions then. Did anyone else feel that they were the wrong size? I have put on hardly any weight (only half a pound, that i had lost through morning sickness anyway). I do have an obvious bump, and she is very active, but I thought by 6 months i would be bigger.

Right best get on with some work - not long until Christmas break and after Christmas I only have 7 working weeks left EEEEK!!! grin

Hope we are all okay busying ourselves with Christmas activities!!!!

Rusulka Wed 19-Dec-12 16:32:32

Moo I was really concerned I was too small- everyone was commenting on it. And it was because she was facing outwards, so you don't get that curve from their back which is the typical pregnant belly shape.
Plus my bump didn't actually appear until I was 7 months- one minute I just looked a bit fat, the next- pop! grin
The first time someone offered me a seat on the bus I nearly wee'd with delight, lol.
Sorry about the assessment results and long wait to resit, but maybe it was meant to be.

Disco I love getting furniture from eBay! At one point in my life, when I was still at my parents' (26) I could look round my room and if it wasn't from TKMaxx, it was from eBay. grin

Lil it's rubbish when paternity leave finishes, but hopefully you're in a routine, and it does get easier! Phoebe is sleeping through the night still, and is down to 4 feeds a day. Much easier to cope with! Glad Lily is doing well.

Count did you manage to get lots of summery dresses? You must be off on holiday soon, have a great time! I know what you mean about the news, me and DH just welled up thinking about it. Everything affects you more when you've got kids!!!

festie I bet it's mad at yours this time of year, lol. Thanks for the advice on bits, etc. How's Esme getting on?

Well, I have an appt with a lady doctor on 2nd January, so hoping something will come of that. Same day as my weekly bum check appt- yep, still not healed. Found out last week that it was infected, so been taking mega strong antibiotics to sort that out. Irritatingly, the surgery didn't ring to tell me, other wise it could have been working on healing... oh well. Guess I'll have to wait a little longer for that elusive deep hot bath I've been craving since I got pregnant!

Last baby massage class today and bumped into my midwife who was so pleased to see me she gave me a big squeeze! She said it was so nice to see me looking well. grin
Mentioned my unmentionables, and after wincing, she said if I could bear to leave it, they could fix it when I deliver the next baby!
I pointed out that we'd have a hard job conceiving if I didn't dare have sex, and then she asked if it was unusable and I said no, but it certainly wasn't enjoyable (and as we all know only too well, if we can't relax and enjoy it, we can't get there!) What a lovely conversation to have in the corridor of a childrens centre...!

Anyhoo, we're off to Norwich to spend Christmas with my mum and dad, and I'm borrowing FiL's car so get to drive, woo! ...not that we'd get all of Phoebe's stuff up there on the train, lol!

Merry Christmas one and all! x x x

Countmyblessings Wed 19-Dec-12 21:50:39

Hi moo - sorry about the results but with a little girl to have and to hold I'm sure you'll just focus on her for awhile and retake at another date!
Such a long time waiting for it to happen enjoy every minute! Don't worry about your size if babies moving and they said nothing at scan font worry about it!! Pregnancy is such a personal experience and we all come in different sizes with my first no one could tell till I reach 8 months!
Because this is not my first I felt I got big quicker due to not being skinny to begin with!!! My dd of the baby I lost in April was yesterday was emotional as I felt sad and grateful at same time!!! I can't imagine how those parents are feeling with those beautiful children being taken I'm such a awful manner the evil in this world is too much at times!
Rusulka- oh wow why would they tell you too leave it if it causing discomfort who needs that and its going to halt the enjoyment and the closeness you need if your going to have another child!
I'm sure you make the right choice that works for you! I wonder if anyone overheard your convo in the halls and thought wth????
Countdown has begun and I had to pack 4 suitcases! Got loads of maxi dresses from before thankfully most stretch!!!

No space for baby to have own room but honestly don't like the though of not having my baby in arms reach so not that bothered!
My room is quite big so may even invest in a rocker with footrest!!!
Will look on eBay and amazon on my return!
28 weeks and so had to get letter from GP confirming I'm Ok to fly!

Discolite Sat 22-Dec-12 17:21:57

Hi everyone!

Well, I've just returned from doing the Christmas food shop and surprisingly it wasn't as bad as all that. Maybe the fact I can't walk very fast due to slightly hurty pelvis meant I was more patient...

Lil, how have things been since your DH went back to work? I hope Lily and you have settled into life together.

Count, I suppose you are off either today or tomorrow. Have a lovely time and enjoy the sunshine! I know how hard anniversaries of due-date-that-should've-been are so you have my sympathies. At least the hard day is over.

Moo, we do have a cot but our friends who gave it us didn't include all the fixings so I am not sure what to do. Might just get a new ikea one rather than bodge the existing cot. The wardrobe didn't fit in the fiesta but it did in DPs Toyota jeep just about so we got it home eventually. Bad luck on not passing your assessment, it must be gutting but at least there is the possibility of retakes when you don't feel sick as a dog all the time. Congrats on finding out yr baby is a girl!

Rus, hope you have a good time in Norwich with your parents. I would think getting your bits sorted out before TTC no 2 was more sensible, I don't think you are going to want frequent sex if you are scared of it hurting. Anyway, I hope you and Phoebe have a lovely first Christmas together!

I am so glad I'm on holiday now, not that it feels like one at the moment with all the preparations going on. But I do get to lie in at least! My 28 week appt went well, I'm still measuring a week ahead but that's fine. Only thing of note was that my blood pressure was low for me but that may be because I was quite dehydrated. I'll check it with my mum's gadget next week at any rate.

I'm also chuffed as I found out exactly what my friend has been storing in her loft for me the other day. It's all for 6months plus as that is when she adopted her daughter but its good things like a door frame bouncer, high chair and even a travel cot, whoop! Another friend has said she will let me have a Moses basket and my pick of her 0-3 month clothing so that should save me a few pennies as well.

The only fly in the ointment is my dad has decided not to come down for Christmas as he has been ill lately with a skin complaint. The doctors don't yet have a firm diagnosis and he's had it for 6 months. He's very uncomfortable and is worried about infecting me...disappointing but I understand his reluctance to travel. He was supposed to be bringing my sis and her 3 cats as she doesn't drive...looks like DP will be doing a 400 mile round trip to go and get her, poor him. Anyway, hope you are all well and hi to Festie and Berries if you ever come here. I miss you Berries and hope things are ok with you.

Lilliana Sun 30-Dec-12 11:26:52

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all had a fab time and happy new year.

All is well here. Lily is now sleeping 8 hours most nights and generally going in her basket ok. She is a limpet through the day though so going to have to work on that or I'm never going to get anything done (getting better at doing things one handed though!)

Dh is being lovely. The last time she decided she was not going in her basket for the night and would only sleep on me (so I had no sleep!) he decided not to do any overtime and came home to take Lily for a couple of hours so I could have a bath smile Feeling very lucky all in all.

Have got piles, had to have anti bs for stitches and been constipated for the last 4 weeks but can honestly say I don't care grin

Moo so sorry about the result after all your hard work. Glad the scan was ok. I didn't really look pregnant at 6 months, just a bit podgy. I suddenly popped at around 7 months. As all was ok at the scan I wouldn't worry and enjoy being able to move!

Disco your friend sounds lovely. You will get loads of 0-3 so older stuff will be very appreciated!Hope christmas worked out with your family and your dad is ok.

Rus the short answer is no you can't wait till your next one to have your fanjo sorted! Can't believe your still suffering with your bum too sad If it's not too personal how long was it before you dtd? Hope you and phoebe had a lovely first christmas together.

Count when I heard the news I held Lily that little bit tighter,so sad sad Hope you had an amazing holiday.

Rusulka Tue 01-Jan-13 11:25:22

Hey ladies,

Had an awesome Christmas thanks, Phoebe was spoiled rotten by Nanny, Grandad and my sister and her bf... and then again when we got back by SiL, her fiance and the Gaffer (FiL).

Having DH's friends over for a new years eve party-ish thing tomorrow, doing a buffet and planning to play lots of games- and best of all, one of DH's friends has been snowed in in Canada and can't make it, so I don't have to worry about him getting offended by my not holding back and I won't have to throw any games! grin

Lil yay to more sleep! If Lily really won't be put down, get yourself a kangawrap- then you're hands free and cuddling baby simultaneously. Win win. We attempted swOi on 19/10- apparently 5 and a half weeks after having Phoebe. I think I'd stopped bleeding and discharging stuff by then, but I got pinky discharge the next day. Didn't try again til Friday night, which was unsuccessful because I didn't get the condom on quick enough and DH's leg was hurting so it deflated and wouldn't come back... same problem last night. Trying to get another attempt in before appointment on 2nd.

* * *


New Years' was awesome, got to share some of my childrens' story writing with one of DH's friends, who thinks I should try and get it published, so there's something to aim for this new year!
Me and DH managed sex, happy ending for both, and most importantly, it didn't hurt. grin
I did have to slap on the lube like it was going out of fashion, so will be grateful when my o gel order comes, so I can (lol).

Plan for the new year:

Lose 2 stone! (pact with my dad) by the end of June, in time to start trying for baby #2, hopefully with a low enough BMI to not be messed around with consultants.
Sort through all our stuff, whittle it down to nothing we don't need or love, and sell it all to help pay off the mortgage.
And the attempting to get a book published thing!

Rusulka Thu 03-Jan-13 12:08:28

Hey ladies,

Hope you are well and coping with either babies or pregnancy well.

Went for my lady doctor appointment yesterday, she said my fanjo looks ok, apart from it being all big and floppy after having a baby, <mortified> and that it will take 8-12 months to go back to normal, ditto the area around my coccyx. I do however have a tightly pulled bit of skin at the bottom of my business end so she thinks that's what's causing the discomfort. So if I moisturise it regularly and have plenty of sex it should stretch, but worst case scenario I'll need a little cut to fix it, which they might as well do when we have baby #2, assuming we're lucky enough to get pg again.
Meanwhile the hole in my bum is still there, although it looks like it's starting to heal again after the antibiotics gave it a kick up the bum...

Phoebe is still doing well, grabbing at her feet now and holding them while I change her, which is especially useful after a poonami! Just starting to grow out of her 0-3 month clothes, sdo will have to have a sort out soon.

Festie and Lil, how did Esme and Lily enjoy their first christmases?

Count are you back from sunny hols yet? Bet it was nice to be away from the miserable weather here!

Disco hope your christmas worked out ok and they soon figure out what's up with your dad, and that it's nothing too serious.

Moo you're in the home stretch! Being able to count down those 7 weeks must be awesome. Hope you're keeping on top of your work!

Hope I haven't forgotten anyone.

Off to weigh Phoebe shortly, assuming the childrens centre is open... but for now it's hang up the washing and make up the nappies time!

Hello ladies,

Had a bit of a scare last week and thought baby was coming waaaaaaay early. Had what felt like period pains and they were pretty regular. Almost went to hospital but they seemed uninterested and told me to take a paracetamol and lie on the sofa, which of course i did smile pains never got any worse though so all seems back to normal, but it was a bit scary. Then got worried because podgina did not seem to be moving about as normal. Boy has she made up for that over the last few days.

Everything seems to be going ok; absolutely shattered all of the time, sleep seems to be evading me and still have waves of nausea coupled with retching!! Can't believe i will be 7 months on Saturday - where has the time gone!!

Rus glad all seems to be getting better in the fanjo department and that the bum ailment is starting to heal smile hope you are mending well!!! And yey for Phoebe and feet grabbing; can't wait for mine to arrive after reading that. Just so damn excited at the moment. Nonplussed about the whole labour thing to be honest, just mega excited about meeting her!! Sounds like you had a really good Christmas!!

Count hope you had a fantastic holiday and are relaxing before the arrival of your little one.

Festie hope all is ok with you and your brood

Disco not long to go for you now. When is your due date? Hope everything is ok with your dad and that you had a good christmas/new year!

Right, best pack up and get home. Catch up sooooon smile

Rusulka Tue 08-Jan-13 20:23:28

Moo you probably overdid it. You need to take it easy now! Sorry you had a bit of a scare- I assume it's given you a kick up the bum with regard to your hospital bag, lol.

Phoebe has found her lungs and likes to shriek at everything now. I came running in from the bathroom thinking she'd somehow hurt herself but she was just yelling at her very hungry caterpillar.
She'll happily sit and scream at it for hours!

Countmyblessings Wed 09-Jan-13 14:47:05

I'm back ladies - had a semi good time the sun was wonderful but had awful swollen ankles and so found walking very painful so tried to keep walking to getting up to go toilet!!!! Sleeping was uncomfortable as so hot at night and those flipping Mosquitos loved me!!!! And my swollen ankles!
Everyone got a tan apart from me but as I'm dark skinned anyway wasn't such a problem!!!! Funny as hide belly when flying out as didn't want them to ground me all thought had GP letter saying ok to fly! Then paraded it on way back to get special leg room seat near toilet!!! Lol!!!!
Dreading going back to work but will not push myself at all been having BH every few days - seems like that's what you are getting Moo!!!
Glad everyone had a great Christmas - Rusulka I'm amazed and happy that your already thinking of baby 2! You go girl!!!!
Hol sex was not happening as had a apartment and they messed up our booking so had a smaller place and kids in our room!!!
Disco - glad all is well with you!!!
Festie - hope you and family are ok!
Now I'm back will start baby shopping actually quite excited!!!

Countmyblessings Wed 09-Jan-13 14:50:19

Opps missed lil - glad your DH is helping and your getting to relax and have a good bath! I love when my baby sleeps on my chest had a great chair for that may have to invest in another!!!
Big wave to everyone else!!!!

Discolite Sat 12-Jan-13 18:26:44

Hi everyone!

Well, I'm 31+4 today and things are going ok. The minor pregnancy ailments are mounting up and pissing me off a bit but nothing major thank goodness.

Lil - how are the constipation and piles now? I hope things are getting back to normal for you! Is Lily getting a bit happier at being put down? What is the favourite thing about motherhood for you so far?

Rus - I'm glad the doctor thought that the annoying bit of skin would stretch. Hopefully it'll be back in full working order with a bit of stretching and practise! I love the idea of Phoebe helping you out by touching her toes, I can't imagine being so flexible. Oh to be a baby smile

Moo - that sounds scary, thank goodness it calmed down don't want little one to come too early. My due date is the 12th of March and I finish work in five weeks...or 25 working days if you are counting (um, yes I am!). The nausea doesn't sound too great. I've started feeling sick again in the last couple of weeks, I think it's a symptom of heartburn. Thought I'd got over that stage!

Count - sorry you didn't have a 100% brilliant holiday. Mosquitos love me too so I sympathise on that score. Still, at least it got you away from the cares of running a house and working etc for a while! Enjoy the baby shopping!

Festie - hope you and Esme and your family are all ok.

Since I last posted I have made a massive dent in my to-get list. I've got a pushchair, car seat, gym, bouncer, baby bath, changing mats, changing bag, more nappies, maternity pads, hospital sleepwear, nipple pads plus lots of other things - the sofabed in the spare room is completely covered! I got the big things in the sales from kiddicare which is great. The baby has enough things to wear, all I need to get now are another sleeping bag, another pack of newborn size sleepsuits in case I have a small baby, a cot mattress and a Moses basket (my friend came up trumps with the clothes but hasn't mentioned the basket and I don't want to be pushy). I think one reason I've got so much stuff quite early is that if I were my friend I would be giving birth tomorrow (over 8 weeks early) and who knows, could happen to me! I also want to concentrate on getting some wedding things booked now as I don't suppose I'll especially feel like it with a newborn smile

We went to our first NCT class today and it was great. Not at all narrow minded about pain relief and intervention and it gave me new insights into the normal birth process. It did take a long old time though, and I kind of wish it didn't take out 15 hours of my next three saturdays but I do feel more prepared.

The midwife (and I) reckon the baby is transverse (actually, I think it switches between transverse and head down) which I'm a bit concerned about. I know there is time for him/her to move but even so! I've been doing an inversion exercise to help encourage a better position and I've bought a birthing ball to sit on so I don't slouch on the settee at night.

So, apart from being tired, having indigestion which wakes me up, random bouts of insomnia, pelvic pain when I walk for more than five minutes, breathlessness even when sitting down and that darn sunburn feeling on the top of my bump I'm fine! Only 8 weeks and 3 days to go....

Countmyblessings Fri 18-Jan-13 02:19:10

Disco - my dd is 13/3/13 so I guess it will be a race to the finish line for us my last dc came a week early so hopefully this baby will also come early as I'm totally ready now everything hurts and pdp is really kicking it up a notch!!!!! I walk it hurts, I turn over it hurts, I sit it hurts, I stand it hurts!!!!
Also ds is sick so still no sleep at night as he is so restless and clinging
To my neck! Oh motherhood oh boy!!!!!!

Rusulka Fri 18-Jan-13 19:14:55

Hey ladies!

Out in the snow with little Bee for the first time and she wasn't impressed. Fell asleep. Had to do the long trudge into town while amusing myself. Sigh.

Disco sounds like you're pretty organised! Not long to go now. Don't forget to pack snacks in your bag for Mr Disco- they'll feed you but they won't feed him! Mr Rus was most put out when I kept eating HIS snacks. blush

Count have you managed to do much baby shopping? Glad you had a good holiday and managed to blag some better treatment on the plane!

Moo have you had any more ominous feelings in the downstairsy bellyness?

Festie hope things are ok with you, don't like it when you're quiet!

Lil I echo the concern for your bum. How are those piles? I've been atrocious at putting bum cream on, I think I managed once, lol. Should really make more of an effort. How much does Lily weigh now?

Weighed Phoebe yesterday and she was 14lb 14oz! What a fatty! Although at least 6oz of that was the bottle she had before we went, plus however much boob juice. Must try to weigh her before a feed rather than after...

Phoebe has just started trying to crawl- so far she can only really manage it in a bodysuit on the shiny dining table- she kicks her legs like she's swimming, and chucks both arms out, then uses the friction to drag herself forward. It's brilliant.
Trying to get her in bed a little earlier now- got a bit of a telling off at well baby clinic over her sleep times angry so trying to adjust those a bit. I guess going to bed at 11pm and not waking up til 11am is probably not good, and me and DH don't get any adult time downstairs as a result- hard for me to get up early though, but have been managing the last few days to be up and feeding her by 9:30. That way her last feed is around 8/9pm and I can try and get her in bed by 10pm. We'll adjust it gradually- they said she should be in bed at 7/8. But they also disapproved of DH reading her the Lord of the Rings, so frankly they can fuck off! They said it was too stimulating before bed, and a picture book would be more appropriate. Yes, that's right- looking at brightly coloured pictures before bed is less stimulating than being read to in the dark by daddy wearing a head torch under a blanket. Sigh.

Rant over!

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