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Flying mattress graduates - dock here!

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festiemum Wed 16-May-12 20:52:46

Hey chaps! Here's the space for us to witter on incessantly about our pregnancies!

20 week scan today and it was soooo fantastic! I'll post some pics on my profile later. The sonographer wasn't 100% sure, but thought that it was probably a girl, due to lack of visible meat and two veg!

Hope everyone's doing well! xxx

festiemum Fri 23-Nov-12 23:48:19

Wow! Posts from festie are like buses.... Etc etc.....

But seriously, bollocks.... We lost the condom. Well, I fished it out, but you know what I mean. So what I'm trying to work out is, what are the chances? Cos it's sod's law that you try for months when you want to get pregnant, but when you don't want to? Whole different kettle of fish.

Cold, logical look at the facts: Esme's only 10 weeks old; I'm exclusively breastfeeding her; she feeds a lot; with my other kids, af didn't come back for ages, til well after they were on solids.

So, it's not likely, is it?! Even so, I'd better make that appointment to have my mirena fitted next week!! shock grin

Rusulka Sat 24-Nov-12 10:42:37

Jeez, Festie lol!
Shouldn't laugh really, there but for the grace of whatever, etc...

I'm not really sure how the post-pg fertility thing works- on the one hand, from an evolutionary perspective it would make sense to not be able to, to concentrate on the child you have, but on the other hand, you're more fertile in the year after... and it happened to one of my bum nurses!

I should think the coil would be a pretty safe precaution, but given your previous fertility history, I don't think you have anything to worry about.

And I'm pretty sure Phoebe is only putting on weight because of the formula- every feed she has 10 mins on each boob (her decision, not mine), and 150ml formula. We're tracking at an ounce less than the recommended feed for an exclusively bottle-fed baby. Frustrating (and expensive!) but hey, nearly 3 months in, so about halfway to weaning!

When did yours start?

Lilliana Sat 24-Nov-12 22:46:34

I'm still here and baby has decided not to make an appearance yet sad 1 week late now and beginning to get a bit fed up. Tried pretty much everything but really don't want to be induced next week.

It's great to hear things are going well with the babies. Rus it must be amazing to sleep through the night - I can't wait and hope my baby will get the sleep thing quickly! Pleased that Phoebe is gaining weight too and she is getting the best of both worlds with boobs and formula. Has your bum healed yet?

Festie sorry but had to giggle a little at your description. Get the coil but maybe a morning after pill too? (if it's not too late) Maybe you were destined to have 5?! Glad to hear you are doing well - apart from the small condom hiccup- and Esme is happy keeping you up.

Preggers ladies I hope sickness etc is now a thing of the past and you are all glowing.

Hopefully will be back soon with a baby! Take care all x

Countmyblessings Sun 25-Nov-12 00:44:33

Lilli - I'm sure baby will come before they try inducing u! Take care!
I'm 24 weeks now feels like march is sooo far away! Blah!!!!!

festiemum Sun 25-Nov-12 19:54:51

Oh count, I know it seems like an age, but it goes so quickly! (what a cliche, but oh so true!)

Hope Zeus makes an appearance soon lil. Having been induced this time, and having done it naturally too, I can say, it's not that bad. I was dreading induction, but although it was quite intense, it was manageable. Good luck!

I'm glad I caused mirth! grin I am, as dh's saying so eloquently puts it, going to "risk it for a biscuit". I think it's highly unlikely that I'm ovulating at the moment, and the condom only came off as he was withdrawing. I know it only takes one swimmer, but I feel pretty confident that we're in the clear. (though I know you'll be here to hold my hand if I'm wrong! confused)

rus, so good that phoebe's still getting your milk. Quantities aren't important, just the fact that she's getting some is the important thing! When did mine start what?! Weaning? It varied. I've never quite made it to 6 months though. Last one got to 5 months. She was obviously interested in what I was eating and was boobing loads, so I tried her on some baby rice, and she loved it. Going to try the baby led weaning this time though, so that should be interesting!

Esme has her baby check tomorrow. Don't know what they'll check as they want her already weighed. Can't remember what it's all about. Think it'll probably be a waste of time!

Hope everyone's ok and had good weekends! xxx

Discolite Sun 25-Nov-12 20:08:29

Festie, I reckon you've conceived twins. Seriously. Ok, maybe not but that's what we told our work mate when he told us about his accidentally pregnant wife (four under 6!). I'm impressed things were going so well that the condom came off tho! I'm sure Esme is just small and perfectly formed. I was the second shortest on my infant class and the docs were going to put me on human growth hormone. Luckily I started growing and am now 5'2" which is short but not unusually so. Anyway, I hope you and Lil aren't flooded, my in laws are in Exmouth and its pretty soggy there.

Count, Gambia sounds fab! I hope you all have a lovely time. March will creep up on us before you know it, I'm quite glad I still have 16 weeks to go actually smile the more time to get sorted the better.

Lil, it must be frustrating waiting, poor you. Hopefully things will get going on their own within the next week. What've you been doing to fill your time?

Rus, thanks for all that info about washable nappies. I think I'll definitely get some, like you said to reduce rubbish in my bin, to reduce stuff going to landfill and also so there's always some in the house. I also like the way you can add lining if the baby wees a lot. And the colours are great! Did you go for poppers or Velcro? I have to say having a baby is hard when it comes to choosing what to buy. I have to decide on the best pushchair, carseat, nappies...we even need a new car as a big lolloping dog, a pushchair and a baby will not fit in DPs current car. Argh. I don't even know how many sleepsuits/vests to buy and in what sizes. Oh well, I'm sure it'll all become clear hmm

As for Phoebe I've read a lot lately about those weight gain charts and it seems they aren't always helpful. As Long as you think she is happy and healthy then her weight is only a small factor in that surely. What's been the best bit of motherhood so far for you?

Well, I've discovered I'm ok at hanging lining paper so that's good. Nursery slowly progressing now! My Mum and sister both felt Miss Thompson kick last night for the first time so they were chuffed. The kicks are really ramping up in strength now, amazing when you consider how small Miss T still is. I also approached work about returning part time - I won't really know til July next year as it all depends on the timetabling...well, fingers crossed at any rate. I think I've got a reasonable chance of them saying yes as long I stay flexible.

Fingers crossed for you Lil!

Rusulka Mon 26-Nov-12 20:59:49

Disco I went for poppers. I read some reviews that said the velcro fuzzed up after a while, so thought the poppers would be better, especially as I want the nappies to last through our entire brood!
I don't know what you're looking for in the pushchair department, a lot of people seem to go for these iCandy or Quinny things, we got the mothercare xtreme travel system- it's a three wheeler, the car seat clicks into the pushchair, and it turns on a sixpence. You can usually get them for £200, which compared to a lot of the others is a real bargain... and the car seat is fitted using a 3 point seatbelt, so you can just pop it in and out of cars easily.
On the car front, my mum has a vauxhall zafira- it's a bit like a bus, but plenty of room- and you can pop up 2 extra seats in the boot if you need them, so it can be a 7-seater... they have a german short-haired pointer, so he sits in the boot, which is nicely capacious!
With regard to a cot, I got the mothercare takeley cot- but off eBay for £25 and it was local pick up... it has teething guards on the bars, a drop side and 3 height positions. Haven't used it yet, but confident I made the right choice.
On the babygrow front, I thought you only needed sleepsuits/all in ones for sleeping in, but quickly learned once I actually had Phoebe that they are supposed to wear a babygrow (short sleeves, no legs) with an all in one over the top! That's what she usually wears around the house, unless it's really hot, in which case she gets to go without the all in one.
I have about 20 babygrows and maybe 10 or so sleepsuits. Something to remember is that 0-3 months might be too big for your baby at first, but you won't know until they've arrived! I just bought 0-3, then adjusted accordingly. Got a few newborn ones from charity shops, and she's just growing out of those now. The more you have, the less often you need to wash!
We got her 2 sleeping bags, which means we don't need to worry about blankets and layers at night- we just bung her in the sleeping bag, in her moses basket- we were initially folding over the scratch mittens or putting socks on her hands to keep them warm, but have stopped doing that now as my mum said she didn't bother. Our sleeping bags are the merino kids go go bags- they're not cheap, but I bought them on the recommendation of someone saying their 6 week old was sleeping through the night, and Phoebe does just that! We got them from the go go sleeping bag fits from birth to 2, and it has slots in the front and back so you can just take them out of bed and strap them straight into a car seat without waking them up. Genius! Generally they do an offer where you get 2 for about £100- not cheap, but definitely good quality.

Best bit of motherhood so far has been when she started to actually respond to us- it's pretty thankless and unrewarding at first, and then when they look at you, frown, then let rip a big smile of recognition, your heart does melt. She's just starting to develop her personality- fart noises always get a smile (takes after me!), and now she likes dinosaur noises too. Every time she does something new I love her to pieces all over again. I can't wait until I can get definite laughs. grin

festiemum Mon 26-Nov-12 22:00:45

Ha ha! Thanks for that disco. Started spotting today, so god knows what that's about. As I said before, my periods have always taken months to return before.

I had a Zafira til I got too many children and now we have a massive van!!! But the Zafira was excellent - couldn't recommend it enough. Spacious, economical and reliable.

As rus says, all you really need are a load of short sleeved vests and sleepsuits to go on top. People will buy you stuff too.

Hope lil is busy going into labour naturally!

Es had her 6-8week check today (at 10 weeks hmm). All was well. She "passed", as it were! grin

Lilliana Tue 27-Nov-12 09:47:38

Nope, no natural labour here! Booked in for induction Thursday sad operation get baby out is entering it's final stages and I'm getting desperate!

Festie hope that means you are not going to be adding to your brood any time soon! Glad all is ok with Esme too.

Rus I keep forgetting about the fact that afterwards I'm going to have a baby to look after - I'm so focused on the birth part - so thanks for the reminder.

Disco sounds like you're doing well with the nursery and getting organised. FX work are supportive about going back part time; I'm hoping to do the same.

Count Gambia sounds amazing, I'm very jealous and it will help the time pass quicker too.

Any sign of Moo? Not heard from her in ages, hope she's ok.

Rusulka Wed 28-Nov-12 19:15:23

Hey Lil just wanted to wish you much luck for tomorrow- hopefully it will all go smoothly and you'll have a happy bouncing baby at the end of the day!

If you get to a point where you have periody cramps and tightenings across your bump, with backache, then the prostin has worked- whatever the midwives say, DON'T let Mr Lil go home and get some sleep!!! I think it would be good for him to see you go through it, and he'll be on hand if you need someone, or a sick bowl, or whatever. Always handy to have him there if you can't reach the call button by the bed.
Be prepared to get examined up the hoo ha a lot.
And try as best as you can to keep leaning forward. Tell Mr Lil that so he can keep you on target even when your brain starts melting! You don't want a face to pubes baby...
You're unlikely to need an epidural. Gas and air is amazing. It takes away the pain but not the overwhelming urges to push, but hey, you need those!
Your legs will be wobbly when you get off the bed afterwards, but the bath will be great!
Most of all, enjoy it. Sounds like a weird thing to say, but it's the only time you'll both get to be so in the moment- if you attempt another one, you'll be worrying about the first one!

And let us all know how it went. But rest up first!

festiemum Wed 28-Nov-12 21:39:01

Good luck lil!

rus has pretty much covered everything; she's right though, it is the one time you are completely 'in the moment'. I've always got nervous beforehand, but once I'm doing it... Also, trust your instincts when it comes to pain relief and keep an open mind!

Sure they'll look after you at NDDH. Will be thinking of you tomorrow. xxx thanks

Lilliana Wed 28-Nov-12 22:30:47

Thanks guys, guess time has pretty much run out now so getting my head around tomorrow and having to accept it's going to happen!

Everything's packed so we're ready to go, just hoping the pessary works before we have to go onto the drip - will keep your advice in mind.

Don't have a fancy phone so won't be able to update until I get home - unless DH is brave and gets on here! Here's hoping for a speedy and easy birth smile

Countmyblessings Thu 29-Nov-12 05:17:28

Lil - drat run out of time!!!!!! Baby clearly is comfy and is claiming squatters rights in there!!!!
All the best for today( can't sleep@5am) and I do hope the day goes quickly for you, I have never been induced so don't know how that is but
Them constantly checking how dilated you are is annoying when you aren't dilating quickly!!!!
Waiting to hear about it when you get home is fine! We waiting this long!
It's just amazing how we all started this journey and now babies are coming!!!!!
I've started packing as I have dc suitcases to do have to plan loads of easy wear outfits as they spend most days in pool anyway!
Maxi dresses is all I have which im fine with most
Don't need to be ironed either! 3 sandals and 2 swimming costumes for my huge belly plus huge shorts to go over! And 2 sarongs don't want the locals to mistake me for a whale!!!!!!
So no Christmas shopping or gifts from us this year!
Will start baby shopping on my return!!!!

Countmyblessings Thu 29-Nov-12 05:21:14

Festie - had a good giggle with the thought you may be pregnant again!!!
Now that would be a thread!!!!!
How the hell I had sex before is beyond me this baby seems to like all the attention right now and constantly reminds us it there! So why bother with the sex!!!!!!!!!! Lol

Rusulka Fri 30-Nov-12 14:39:12

I wonder if Lil has had her baby yet?

festiemum Fri 30-Nov-12 18:10:21

Hmm, me too rus, been thinking about her.

He he count - pleased to amuse, but only if I'm not pregnant!

Completely failed to get myself booked in for a coil, so we're relying on the old condoms again this weekend.... Keeping my fingers crossed!

Your holiday sounds amazing. Dh grew up in Lagos, which is obviously east Africa, but used to take people on expeditions across the Sahara and also visited that neck of the woods. Unfortunately, this was all before he met me, but he's promised he'll take me one day!

Had to wear a bP monitor for 24 hours this week which was weird and quite uncomfortable, but hopefully they'll be able to work out if I need to be on permenant anti hypertensives.

Hope everyone is well and planning nice weekends! xx

Countmyblessings Fri 30-Nov-12 22:20:22

Well Lilli- we haven't heard but I'm just guessing you have had baby and just enjoying it all!
Festie - I have to give you a massive high five!! DH is not getting much attention in the night if you get my drift I'm sleeping before head hits pillow!! I feel so massive so def can't jump on him! Baby kicks like mad!
But he has been so great I may surprise him!

Rusulka Sat 01-Dec-12 10:59:37

Count see if you can get some loving in before the baby comes, otherwise it'll be 6 weeks of healing before you can, and the minute you get some decent sleep you're going to be sooooooooooooooo horny, lol.

Festie boo to BP monitor thingy. Hope you aren't stuck with meds.
I'd quite like to go to Africa too, for me and DH it's all about Egypt, although I suppose now we have Phoebe it's going to be a loooooong wait!

When my mum was here she was holding Phoebe so she could practice standing up- she's getting quite good at supporting her weight, though the minute I were to take my arms away she'd go flying!
Still not rolling, but then why would she when all the toys in her play gym are right over her head? Shall have to devise cunning tactics...

My plans for the weekend include wrapping the fruit trees in fleece, and fitting some L brackets to the wardrobe shelves in our bedroom since the sheer weight of all the clothes I never wear is pulling the other brackets out of the wall!!!
Also when I removed my clothes I found a huge patch of mould down the outside wall where the air couldn't circulate, it had got all over 7 dresses as well, but they seem to have come out of the wash ok. :S

Discolite Sat 01-Dec-12 20:50:44

I hope Lil and her baby, whether inside or out, are ok!

Festie, here I am hoping you're not pregnant, an unusual turn of events! Thanks for the Zafira's either going to be one of those or an estate I think. I had a bit of a meltdown this morning when the reality of having a baby and organising a wedding hit yet again. Thankfully DP calmed me down and we wrote a to do list and slashed the wedding list. That felt good!

Anyway, if you do need meds it's not such a bad thing. My Mum has had high BP since she had me 32 years ago and has only just been put on drugs. She says she feels better on them. She also had to wear a 24h monitor and it went off when she was in assembly (she's a primary teacher). All the children were looking at each other in confusion and she just kept schtum! How are your other children getting on with Esme?

Thanks for all the info Rus, I reckon I'm going to get the Obaby zezu but with a maxicosi carseat. Virtually all the reviews are positive and it's inexpensive compared to a lot of other pushchairs. Hopefully it'll last until toddlerhood! Phoebe sounds like she's coming on well, I keep forgetting I'm having a baby, it seems to be all about getting practically ready so far. Bad luck on the wardrobe - mine doesn't have good circulation and my leather and fabric shoes go mouldy so I have to keep the door open with a hair bobble!

Did you get your fruit trees wrapped? I just put out bird food today and was treated to the weird sight of a mouse scampering around the flower beds but....being followed about by a robin! Mad. It even followed it into the undergrowth where I heard a sinister rustling...needless to say dopey dog noticed nothing!

Count, can I hide in your suitcase?! I could do with some sunshine! It sounds like you're all sorted for a relaxing holiday. Mine is kicking pretty hard now, DP was shocked last week at how hard s/he is going for it! I've also got a faint linea nigra developing above and below my tummy button, and it itself is getting flatter and flatter.

As for the rest of my body I've got stretch marks on my boobs but I had some when I was a teenager so that's not too surprising. What I am surprised about is the steady enlargement of my aureolae, there'll be no normal boob skin left soon! Oh well, I'm sure it won't be the worst thing that'll happen to them once I start breast feeding!

Once again, fingers crossed for Lil.

Hi ladies - sorry it's been a while since my last post; life has been a bit crazy lately!!! Can't believe all the things that have been happening!

Lil hope all is well with you and the little one if you have now finally met smile can't wait to hear all the news and whatnot.

Festie wow - can;t believe you thought you might have had a little accident smile would be just typical though after waiting to get pg in the first place. Glad all is well with the brood and that Esme is being a good girl and not keeping you up all night.

Rusulka how are things with you? How is Phoebe doing? I see that she has been doing a spot of assisted standing. Sounds amazing. Hope you are all doing better now and that Phoebe is putting on the necessary amount of weight. In my humblest of opinions, i think the main thing is is that she is eating - the weight will come!

Disco and Count you must be coming into the final hurdles as well. Can't really believe how quick this has come around. Hope you are blooming and enjoying the pregnancies. Your bundles of joy will be here before you know it!!

As for me, well i have had my final assessment and for the last 2-3 months all i have been doing is revising. Every day, evening and weekend. Final assessment was last Thursday and I get the results this Thursday. Do not feel that i have passed, just think that i got too many obvious questions wrong and that the assessors will not think that i am quite capable of being a chartered surveyor. I say otherwise, but i am bound to grin

Had my 20 week scan a couple of weeks ago, all seems to be ok, although podgina was getting ready to sleep and no matter what the sonographer tried to do, she was not turning over so that the scan can be completed. Also saw her yawn, but were are not 100% that it is a girl because she somehow managed to have her foot placed between her legs - the sonographer thought it was a girl because she could not see anything but could not be certain. We are going with it being a girl though and my mum has already bought a pinkish top. Will be a bit shock if it turns out to be a boy though. Hoping to have a home water birth. Will see how brave i am with this idea next April!!

Right, have to get dinner sorted before DH comes in from work.

Hope everyone is making Xmas plans and starting to enjoy the festive period.

Promise i won't leave it as long before my next post!!!

Rusulka Sun 02-Dec-12 18:49:37

Yay Moo!

Missed you. grin
FX for your results.
If not this time, then never mind- pregnancy really does mess up your brain and it might be easier attacking it again at a later point...and you never know, you might just have done it!

On the Christmas front, DH and I are arguing and shifting the furniture round as I type, trying to figure out the best place to stick the tree. Only stopped because I knocked my laptop on the floor while swinging the coffee table round and I'm checking to see if it still works!
If only the tree wasn't 1.3m across... still, I can bend the branches a bit to make its footprint a little smaller...

Glad your scan went ok, if you think it's a girl, it probably is. I thought Phoebe was girl from the beginning, but obviously you can't say anything because people think you're mad...

Ah, apparently Phoebe has poo'd again. My assistance is required for leg-in-the-air-holding! (men...)

Lilliana Sun 02-Dec-12 20:40:39

Hi Everyone, sorry about the silence but only came home today. Zeus turned out to be a girl and is now called Lily (could get confusing on here!) She is gorgeous and really well.

Labour was interesting! Was contracting thurs evening after induction on Thursday morning but told they weren't good enough to be doing anything after being strapped to a machine in agony for an hour at 3am Friday. When he rang at 6am I told Dh not to rush back as it looked like we would have another day of pessary - luckily he didn't listen to me! At 9.30 they checked the pessary and I was 4cm but Lily wasn't happy so they took me down to delivery. When I got there and was strapped to their machines I was fully dilated! Lily still wasn't happy and we had half the delivery staff in there! 4 midwives, consultant, pediatric person and anaesthetist and they were looking at emcs. No time for pain relief, the consultant decided to deliver with forceps. and I was nearly dragged off the table as he pulled her out! She was taken straight off to be checked but all fine. Born 11.51 am Friday, 7lb 12.5

Feel like I have been hit by a truck but so happy and love her to bits already. Few feeding issues but we are getting there.

Sorry for the train of thought but feels good to get it out! Will catch up with everyone soon when I feel less spaced but hope all is well xx

Discolite Sun 02-Dec-12 21:24:45

Oh Lil, congratulations! I'm so glad you and Lily are alright after her dramatic entrance into the world, it must have been worrying to say the least but hurrah! Keep us updated when you can. I shall always think of her as Zeus though grin

Hi Moo, was thinking earlier, ooh it's December which means Moo's busy November is over! Congratulations on a good scan too. How are you finding pregnancy now? Any sickness still?

Well, I've finally started painting the nursery after five weeks on and off of preparation work. Painting is such a doddle in comparison! Everything is white so it's nice and easy. Miss Thompson (we swap genders every now and then) had a proper hard kicking session when I started resting afterwards. She's getting stronger every day.

Right, congratulations again Lil and Lily!

Countmyblessings Mon 03-Dec-12 00:16:42

Congrats and welcome to the world - lily!!!!
Enjoy it all and the pain will go and you'll just enjoy being a mummy!!!
Disco - well done on the painting of nursery! I've decided not to do a thing till jan 13!!!!
Still feels too early and feeling a bit overwhelmed by it all!

Countmyblessings Mon 03-Dec-12 00:22:10

Oh yes MooWoo - welcome and glad scan went well x

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