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Flying mattress graduates - dock here!

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festiemum Wed 16-May-12 20:52:46

Hey chaps! Here's the space for us to witter on incessantly about our pregnancies!

20 week scan today and it was soooo fantastic! I'll post some pics on my profile later. The sonographer wasn't 100% sure, but thought that it was probably a girl, due to lack of visible meat and two veg!

Hope everyone's doing well! xxx

Oh my god!!! How very inconsiderate, unprofessional and down right nasty of that Dr angryangryangry some people really shud consider a career change!!

As Lil said glad social services are a lot more understanding and that things are starting to get better!! And yeah for Phoebe sleeping til 6:30 smile

I too had a wobble and a cry at the weekend, DH's cousin, wife and babies were all in Wales (as were we) and I was asked to hold baby whilst the father looked after the toddler; baby just kept crying, no matter what I did. Gave in and passed him to MiL in the end and he stopped instantly! I feel like a complete failure and when alone sobbed on the floor of the bathroom. I know it's not quite the same as what you are going through Rus but blimey I didn't think it could be so hard!

In other news, think I felt podge move over the last few days! Definitely getting sensations that are not cramps or ligament pain!!

Right, just in from London so early to bed for me!!!

Rusulka Mon 15-Oct-12 22:22:59

Oh Moo. It wasn't your fault.
As I'm rapidly learning, babies cry for lots of reasons... because they're hungry, thirsty, hurting, needing to be changed, have soggy clothes, are tired, bored, overstimulated, wanting a cuddle, having a growth spurt, teething, because it's Wednesday...!
From what I hear, Phoebe knows mine and DH's smell, so they're most comforting to her.
Have you met the baby before? And how old are they?
From 5 months they start getting stranger anxiety, so if you've not spent much time with them, it might be that.
Don't worry, when it's yours, you'll be better at it. And it might be difficult at the beginning- it wasn't so long ago I was in tears because I couldn't soothe her and DH had the knack- but 5 weeks in and I think we've got it pretty sussed.
It will all be fine.
Plus you're going to cry loads for no reason in the coming months. Forgive yourself, you can't help the hormones. smile

Discolite Wed 17-Oct-12 18:44:25

Goodness me Rus, that's ridiculous. That doctor needs a hearing test if he can change 'I'm distressed and don't feel like I'm coping' to 'I'm hearing voices'. I would put in a formal complaint if you feel up to it, that man is dangerous. But it's great she is sleeping more and smiling!

How are you coping with these last few weeks at school Lil? We break up on the 26th, how about you?

Moo, your own baby will probably do the same to other poor women when it's born! Don't take it personally. Great news about baby movement!

Had a tough week last week. It was baby 1's due date and it just brought all the grief back. It's odd being really happy about this pregnancy at exactly the same time as feeling awful. Thankfully the date has gone now (DP and I took the dog for a walk on the beach and talked about baby1 to commemorate it) and the sad feelings have died down a bit. Hope Count and Berries are both doing ok, it's a hard date to go through.

How are you Festie? And your kids and ex? Hope you are all coping.

Right, off to the WI choir now!

Lilliana Fri 19-Oct-12 07:30:21

Disco school is going ok but am getting more tired and overdid it a bit yesterday. We finish on the 26th too but it is an INSET day for us and only in for the morning so we're all going out for a leaving lunch for me grin

Glad you and DP did something nice to mark the date for baby 1 and that it helped.

How are things going Rus? Hope you are getting some support and are ok. I'm still angry at your treatment but hope it has not left any lasting problems for you and your family.

Moo it's lovely when you finally accept it is baby moving and not you! (It took me ages) Don't worry about the babies crying on you, as Rus said I'm sure yours will do the same to someone! It certainly does not say anything about you. Enjoy all the lovely wiggles, before you know it they will be booting you in the ribs grin

Going out with Dh for a nice meal tonight. Really looking forward to it; I just hope I don't fall asleep in my dinner!

Discolite Tue 23-Oct-12 17:52:02

I'm 20 weeks today! 5 months pregnant! I can't quite believe I've got this far.

Only 2 teaching days left Lil! Hope you are taking it easier. Are you 37 weeks now? I've looked at the dates and reckon my first day of ML will be the first day after Feb half term. I'll be 38 weeks the day after but get to leave when I'm 36+3. Hopefully it will all work out, I really don't want to go overdue and be stuck at home bored for a month!

How's all the homework and studying going Moo?

Is your scan soon Count?

How's Rus and Phoebe? And Festie and Esme?

The children at school are starting to notice now, but only years 9 and 11! Maybe the rest have noticed the bump on the front of my body but are too polite to mention it grin. My hips have started to catch up with my bump sadly so I reckon I need to cut down on the chocolate sadly...

Lilliana Wed 24-Oct-12 06:56:56

Feels great each month that goes by, congratulations Disco

I'll be 37 weeks on Saturday. I was the same as I'm sure I will go overdue (no idea why I'm just late for everything else!) and didn't want to be sitting around bored for weeks! Technically I'll be starting mat leave at 38 weeks but with half term won't be at school for the last week smile I haven't found it too bad working until now but my head has been really supportive and reduced my workload a bit. I would put in the date you ideally want and if you have to go earlier you can.

One of my year 4's didn't realise I was pg until last week - he said he thought I'd been eating too many biscuits! On Friday he asked me if baby was talking to me yet grin

Hope everyone else is ok with study, babies, pregnancy and everything else going on x

Countmyblessings Wed 24-Oct-12 18:16:23

Yes disco also now 20 weeks!!! Wow never thought it would happen really, my scan was booked on the 29th but changed to the 1st now!
Roll on Friday I'm shattered!!!!!!
Feel really big it's like my bump is growing right before my eyes! I'm also fitted with a bump belt in a stylish( not) grey to support my growing bump!
Was thinking of finding out but not sure now maybe will make up my mind on day! How bout u disco to know or not?
How you doing now moo?
How are newbie mums - rus & Festie doing?
I have also had news that my Workmate and cousin both had babies this week! And I must admit getting there seems further then ever, if I was still pregnant from April would be due in December just before Christmas! Never mind being pregnant before due date feels great!

Rusulka Thu 25-Oct-12 17:10:39

Hello ladies,

Glad to see everyone is well and getting on ok.

Things in Rusulka Towers have been less eventful than in previous weeks, thank god.
Got my 6 week postnatal check with that f***ing doctor tomorrow, so DH has taken the morning off work so he can go with me. Hoping that goes ok- don't really want to be talking to him about my bits, never mind getting them out... hard, as I had questions I wanted to ask about my downstairs, and anyone but him, you know?
Phoebe's 8 week check is booked for 9th Nov, so tied in with her first set of jabs- that's going to be a fun appointment!
Went to the well baby clinic today to get her weighed, and despite her being about what I expected- 9lb 3.5oz- the lady in there plotted her weights on the graph and is saying she's still underweight, grr.
Because of how much she weighed when she was born, she should be nearly 75th centile, but she's not, she's 9th at the mo.
They asked about her feeds and told me off for letting her sleep through the night- apparently this is abnormal for a 6 week old (but I'm not complaining, lol). She wanted me to start waking her up again, but went and got my regular health visitor, who's awesome, and she said not to worry about it as it was better that I get the sleep, but I will have to increase her formula... I've kept it at 90ml, thinking as she got hungrier she'd just take more from me, which she has been doing, but they want her on 120ml now for every feed. She's coming to weigh her in 2 weeks, at home.

Just when you think it's all settled down...!

Had an attempt at SWOI (obvs!) last weekend and it was a fumbled mess, what with Phoebe bursting into tears at entirely the wrong moment, and trying to mess around with a condom, and we didn't really get anywhere beyond experimental poking...
The good news is, we managed it (I even laid on my back!) and he said it feels just as good, so it's just me- I'm pretty sure I can feel a seam or ridge where my stitches were, and it was rubbing a bit... provided we can fix that, we should be ok. Worried about it though.

Argh, got to go, Phoebe is no longer amused by her activity gym! Damn that short attention span...

Discolite Fri 02-Nov-12 18:27:24

Hi everyone!

I had my twenty week scan a week ago today and all was fine, phew. We had to look away as he scanned certain bits so that the sex was not revealed, and he looked at the heart for far too long in silence which just made me think 'Shit shit shit' but luckily all was well. It was great seeing our baby again, I just can't wait to meet him/her now. It's all such a mystery! He/she is kicking away like a good 'un now, DP can just about feel the kicks now which is lovely.

Count, I've got the faint beginnings of a linea nigra now myself, it's a bit like having a seam on my tummy. Most odd. Have you had your scan yet?

Rus, how did seeing creepy doctor go? Hope yr DH went with you. Well done on the s without I, you are brave! How is feeding going now?

Lil...any sign of imminent labour? Hope you are a bit less tired after having your first week off on maternity leave.

Festie, how's things with you and yours?

It's been a bit mad in my world. The day after the scan I dashed off on a six hour train journey to visit my step-grandmother (married to GF since before I was born). She was dying...never seen anyone in such a bad way before. She had very bad Alzheimer's for 3 years, lost all speech, had no idea who anyone was etc etc. anyway, the day after I came home she died. It's definitely a release for her and even my GF but still so sad.

Also this week I bought my first baby outfits (babygros, one red and white striped, one with little mushrooms on) so that was exciting. I have also been stripping wallpaper in the soon-to-be nursery. 3 out of 4 walls were covered in anaglypta with one wall smooth. Argh. Anyway, that's all stripped now, now to fill, sand and try my hand at hanging lining paper. It can't be that hard, can it?! I have chickened out of removing the radiator for the perfect job as I just know it would all go wrong somehow...

All in all, it's been a funny old week.

One thing I wasn't expecting with pregnancy, at least not this early, was just how out of breath I'd get going up slopes or stairs. It makes me feel really unfit. Also that bending over would be so hard...a bit worrying as I'm sure my bump is going to get a fair bit bigger! Have other people experienced this only half way through?

Right, time to start on the risotto for tea.

Discolite Fri 02-Nov-12 18:31:45

Ooh Count, I see you should have had your scan yesterday. How was it? Did you find out the sex in the end?

Oh and Lil, love the year 4 and biscuits comments! Yup, biscuits give you the most enormous stomach but everywhere else stays roughly the same grin

Countmyblessings Sat 03-Nov-12 00:21:35

Hi Disco - yes had the scan and all is good loads of excitement and I very happy as me and DH got what we hoped for so very happy in the counts household!
Hi Lil - your coming to you final lap how exciting ! Feels like ages for my wait!!!!
I'm going to wait till after Christmas to get bits to be honest after the time it took to get here 21.2 days now I'm
Still fearing that something can go wrong! Horrible to feel like this but really can't help it!!!! DH can also feel baby moving and I find it so nice to see my belly move when I'm laying on back!
Yeh I also have found bending over ermmm slightly difficult and unless strictly ness the perks of being pregnant!
My line is so dark it's quite strange and my boobs are hurting again!!! As soon as bra comes off they start throbbing!!!
Ok I'm shattered good nite!!!

Discolite Sat 03-Nov-12 14:44:31

Oh Count, I'm delighted you got what you and your DH hoped for! How lovely. Me and DP have a hope too but it's making me feel a bit ashamed as I should be grateful for whatever I get. I'm sure I'll be delighted either way round and need to stop over thinking it.

I can understand you still feeling cautious. I'm looking at things a lot but not really buying yet. Starting the nursery seems a bit too soon but I know I'll be too tired later on and my DP is a bit cack handed when it comes to DIY so I can't let him have sole responsibility either.

I'm feeling a bit down at the moment, it's probably down to sadness about my step gran and the awful weather but I'm starting to worry about money and household repairs and the house not being clean enough and and and...ugh, hate being neurotic! Anyway, back to work on Monday, I won't have time to navel gaze then smile

Lilliana Mon 05-Nov-12 10:43:31

Hi everyone!

So pleased scans have gone well, half way through now! I remember by boobs were agony at that time too -I had to wear a bra to bed. Thankfully they are not as bad now.

Disco so sorry you are feeling down. You have been through a lot so take things easy and look after yourself.

Count I spend ages watching my belly move! It is amazing.

Festieand Rus hope things are going well with you both and DH's and babies.

Nothing happening here. Have had quite a busy half term with quite a bit of traveling. Not doing any more of that as ended up at the side of the road throwing up - not my most attractive moment! Went to surprise SIL for her birthday. Her first comment was 'what are you doing here, you're having a baby!' I assured her it was ok we brought the baby with us!

First official day of mat leave and feels very strange thinking of everyone else at school. Felt lost so made a list of things to do and now panicking it won't all get done.

Rusulka Mon 05-Nov-12 19:55:44

Hey ladies!

Disco get cracking on that nursery. If you're getting out of puff now, it's going to be way worse later, and there is no way in hell you'll have either oomph, puff or anything else once the baby arrives! We're 8 weeks in now, and although physically I'm pretty much back to normal (except the damn bum of course) I can't keep track of time or get anything practical done!

Count glad your scan went ok, and that you got what you hoped for. Don't worry about not buying stuff, you won't need it. Just get the basic basics- half a dozen sleepsuits and babygrows, car seat, nappies, stuff to clean them, somewhere to sleep- the rest you can get once they're here and you know they're ok.

Hoping Lil is enjoying the rest, getting sleep while she can!

Hoping things are ok in Festie land. Is Esme being good? Hope so!

How's things with you, Moo?

So, update:

Appt with dr knobhead didn't happen- DH took the morning off work, we rearranged feeds around it, walked all the way down there, and my appt wasn't on the system. Just vanished. Really angry... they rescheduled it for the afternoon, with a different dr who was great, but even so what a pain! And now I have Phoebe's appt this Friday, where I will have to have the face off without DH present...grr.

Also this week I have my jolly health visitor coming to weigh her the day before jabs.

In some good news, she's still sleeping through the night, and the nurse said my bum is looking lots better, it's healing really well. Yay!

Discolite Wed 07-Nov-12 09:51:06

Have you adapted to maternity leave a bit better Lil? It must be very odd knowing this is it for the next x months (how long are you planning on having off?). I always feel weird when I'm off sick, especially when the working day has started and I'm not there! How did the to do list go? Poor you with the vomiting though, at least you got out of the car in time.

Rus, I am cracking on with the nursery yes, I really don't want to be huge and up a step ladder! The paper is all stripped, and I've done the filling. Just the sanding to go, hurrah (not). Worst job apart from painting the woodwork! What a pain about the appointment, especially after you'd girded your metaphorical loins for it. Hopefully when you finally see the arsewipe doc you can be steely and determined. Great news about the bum healing and about Phoebe sleeping - hopefully you are starting to feel a bit more human now.

I've cheered up a bit now thank goodness. I thnk it was a combo of weather and grief but being at work helps. One thing that has developed however is bloody back pain! If I sit in a dodgy chair for even five mins that's my back gone for the rest of the day. Luckily it is ok by the time I wake up the next day but its a bit annoying. I'm thinking about getting one of those birthing balls to sit on at home, anyone had one? Also my long since healed anal fissure (sorry!) has made an unwelcome reappearance so I'm scoffing dates at every opportunity now. It seems to be improving though. I just so don't want piles. My mum first had them when pregnant and they've never gone away for her. In other news I'm jealous of all these tummy watchers! My baby obviously isn't kicking hard enough yet!

How are Count, Moo and Festie?

Right, better go and get ready for school...then it's my step gran's funeral tomorrow so we've got a long drive tonight.

Lilliana Wed 07-Nov-12 15:14:57

Bored, bored, bored! It's times like these that living in the sticks isn't fun. Got lots of cleaning done (and more still to do!) but lacking motivation. I never thought I'd say it but actually missing school!

Disco glad you are feeling better and the nursery sounds like it's coming on well. Do as much as you can now as moving gets so much tougher towards the end. Sorry to hear about your bum problems - I have had a few days of finding it really hard to poo and have been worrying about piles. Also you'll soon be wanting baby to stop kicking - I keep expecting to see my belly covered in bruises grin
Hope the funeral goes well x

Rus so pleased to hear things are going well with you and Phoebe (and your bum!) Can you ask to see another doc? After what happened I wouldn't ever want to see him again - you need to have a doctor you can trust.

Going swimming with DH tonight. I do not look good in a swimsuit but feel so much better in the pool. He has signed up for a triathlon around Snowdon (mad thing) so needs to get some training in too.

<waves at Festie, Moo and Count> Hope you are all ok x

Countmyblessings Mon 12-Nov-12 20:23:18

Big wave to you all I'm still around just working, getting bigger and wishing the time will fly quickly!!
Disco - hope the funeral went well and the family are all well.
Lill- ahhhhh enjoy your time, it will soon be due date!!!
You lucky, lucky!
I have till next year!!!! 13/3/13 - ahhhhhhhhhhh

Rusulka Tue 13-Nov-12 12:33:52

Count that's a great due date! Not only are the numbers awesome, but it means just as you get a mountain of washing to do every day, the weather's getting warmer so it'll dry quicker, lol. Pity me with my September baby and trying to wash and dry reusable nappies at this time of year! grin

Lil sorry you're bored. If it makes you feel any better, once your baby's here you'll never get to be bored again. You won't even get a chance to sit! Enjoy it while it lasts... and I'm sure you look lovely in a swimming cozzie!

Disco how's the nursery coming along? Wish I could get started on Phoebe's, but it's hard enough just juggling every tasks with trying to sort out christmas presents at the mo! Hope the funeral went ok.

How are Festie and Moo doing?

We are having somewhat of a cash flood here at the mo- FiL and MiL's divorce has been finalised and sorted, and FiL turns up with a cheque for us to the tune of £1400- apparently him and MiL have had a joint account of funds to deal with divorce costs, and they agreed that whatever was left over would be split between DH and SiL, which is awesome- SiL is getting married next August, so money has gone down that bottomless pit, and hopefully we'll get to pay off a chunk of the mortgage like we've been procrastinating about for the past year. AND THEN... FiL tells us a few days ago that his mum's bank account balance has just been sorted and transferred to his (she died at the end of July) so he's splitting that 3 ways, which means we all get another £9000- not bad, eh?

Much as I'd love to put in a new bathroom and kitchen, I think we'll use it to keep paying off 5% of the mortgage, which is the max we're allowed to in a year, until it runs out- got to take a few years of the bloody thing, surely?

Meanwhile I'm fantasising about the carefree days of disposable nappies, and Phoebe had her first lot of jabs on Friday. She was ever so good.

Right, must go and figure out christmas presents!

Cheery byes x

Countmyblessings Tue 13-Nov-12 17:35:20

Rusulka- great to hear that all is well! It's so great to get a surprise cash flow, yeh understand that it would be awesome to do done home improvements or a great family hol! But being sensible is wiser!( just)
Everyone keeps saying the months will fly but right now just wish I could fast forwards the months!!!!!!!
Can't wait for Christmas - sandals, maxi dresses and sunglasses for us as we fly out for 2 weeks!!!!! Yehhhhhh can't, can't wait!!!

Lilliana Wed 14-Nov-12 10:31:26

Wow Rus, it's always nice to get surprise cash! Glad the jabs weren't too traumatic. You are braver than me with the reusables - trying to dry anything here atm is a nightmare so not going to even attempt keeping up with nappies! Hope things are going well and you are feeling less stressed about things.

Count I'm not sure where the last 9 months have gone. From 20 - 30 weeks probably felt the longest but when you get into single digit weeks left it is amazing how quickly it has gone. It sounds like you have some lovely plans to look forward too - where are you going for christmas? I think I'll be wearing eau de vomit and feeling like a friesian cow!

Nothing happening still but have got used to being on mat leave and enjoying it much more now. Need to try to sort out the shower in the house we let so want to get it done before baby arrives.

Lilliana Sat 17-Nov-12 10:19:53

EDD has arrived! Never thought we would actually get here. No sign of baby making an entrance yet though. TBH had the worst nights sleep last night so not sure I have the energy to have baby today.

Hope everyone is ok and getting on well with pregnancy / motherhood x

Discolite Sat 17-Nov-12 20:03:45

Bloody hell, just spent hours typing out a message with two thumbs (I really hate the ipad for writing) and the flipping browser just closed itself without warning losing my huuuge message. Oh well, I've switched to DPs laptop so I can touchtype and not lose my rag again. Right, here we go (again)!

Lil, I can't believe it's your due date, how exciting! How did the swimming go? Our local pool is so grotty I never want to go. Luckily we live in a seaside town so can go in the sea in the summer but it doesn't look so inviting now! I hope you get a good night's sleep tonight and just think, you'll have a baby within two weeks!

Count your Christmas break sounds pretty nice - are you staying in Europe or going further afield? I didn't realise our EDD are so close together, mine is the 12th of March. Once we get to March I'll race you! I"m not feeling impatient yet, more terrified and willing the weeks to go by slowly.

Rus, lucky you and your windfalls! It's nice to have the money sitting in the bank whilst you wait to pay off the mortgage, it does make you feel secure to have a nice cushion of cash in case of mishap. I'm interested in using washable nappies after the first couple of months whilst I get used to being a mother - how are you finding them? And how did you choose the ones you went for? I'm glad Phoebe's jabs went ok.

We had another bash at the nursery today after a two week hiatus. We sanded and washed the walls, and cut 15 lengths of lining paper ready for hanging tomorrow. I'm a bit nervous as I've only ever wallpapered underneath a dado rail before so a 2.6m drop is something else! Right, better go now, my dinner is ready!

Countmyblessings Sat 17-Nov-12 20:49:25

Oh wow Lil - it's your due date!!!!
Rest up as your going to need it! Trust me!!!!
Rus - hope all is well in your house!
Disco - yes indeed very close in our due dates!
Although I think baby will come early my last dc came a week early!
I'm getting excited about my family hol, we are flying out to heat and plenty of sun but thankful not a long flight to Gambia!
We go regular but never at Christmas and never with so much extended family!!! While everyone is buying gifts and making dinner plans I'm buying tshirts, Sandals, shorts, - roll on December I say!
Big hug to you all! Baby is dancing on my bladder!

Rusulka Thu 22-Nov-12 15:12:22

Hey ladies, hope everyone is getting on well.

No sign of Lil so hoping this means baby is here... although if you're anything like me, you've just been reading, and too annoyed at still not having the baby to post, lol!

Disco well done on the work on the nursery! Nappy wise, I put Phoebe in huggies newborn size 1 for the first month or so (umbilical cut-out is awesome), then went onto size 2- they both have a stripe up the front so you can see whether they're wet or not (we had no clue, lol). The reusables I've bought are the bumgenius 4.0- we got ones that fit from birth right up to potty training, you can get them with either aplix (velcro) or snaps (poppers), so they're completely adjustable. They're pocket nappies, so you have a brightly coloured outer shell, which you insert a soft pad into.
I bought a set of 20 here, because you can pick the colour of each individual nappy:
You can also get a set of 20 from the cheeksandcherries website, and you get a nappy starter kit thrown in, which has a nappy bucket, liners, nappy soak, etc, but you don't get to choose the colours of your nappies, they have set colour schemes, and you choose from girls, boys or unisex.
I bought mine during real nappy week, so there was a discount, and the money saved meant I could buy the starter kit, choose all the colours I wanted, and still not pay more than the cheeks and cherries website.

So far they've been great- a few accidents while we figured out how tight to do them up, but overall they're working fine, and I love them to bits. I put the dirty ones in the bucket dry, then when 10 have gone in I wash them on the delicates setting. The outers I peg onto my clothes airer and they dry overnight, and the liners go on the radiators and take a bit longer. You really have to keep on top of washing them though, otherwise there's nothing for baby to wear while they're drying! The difference in rubbish is amazing though. Every week we had 3 waste paper bins worth of dirty nappies in sacks, and now it's just the wipes.

Count that sounds like a lovely holiday, and with so many family members too! You're going to be spoilt rotten. grin

Festie and Moo have gone AWOL! What is happening with you two?!?!

Phoebe had a weigh in today, 11lb 9.5oz at 10 and a half weeks, so relatively on target. She's ticking along on the 25th centile, we're ignoring her birth weight as that was nearly 75th! Suspect because she was nearly 2 weeks overdue that was just water retention or something...
And she's still sleeping through the night! Sometimes she doesn't wake me up til 10am, which is pretty awesome. Although yesterday she only fed 4 times, so she woke me up at 8am. Didn't mind though.

Just had a great few days with my parents down, so Phoebe got lots of cuddles, and my mum brought down my baby weight chart- I was apparently 11lb 14oz at 10 weeks, and that was on breast milk.
Must go, little Bee is conked out in her bouncer, so if I am cunning and don't disturb her, I can have a cuppa and try to do some christmas shopping before she wakes up...
Oh good grief, who put all these roses wrappers on the sofa next to me? blush

festiemum Fri 23-Nov-12 10:06:41

Hello all, I'm still here. Have been lurking, but we're all fine. I don't think it matters how many kids you've had, those first couple of months are completely overwhelming. 4 kids!!!!! What was I thinking?!!!!

Seriously though, I'm doing ok. Esme is still titchy - 9lbs at 10 weeks and staying on the 9th percentile. Dh is only 5'3" though, so she was never going to be a giant!! She still wakes through the night for feeds, the little monkey!

Glad to hear you're ok rus. Hope lil is doing well and baby Zeus has made an appearance.

Hi to you lovely preggers ladies; hope you're all blooming! Have a lovely holiday count! xxx

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