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November 2012 Duebies Part 3 - <insert cheesy name of choice here>

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FoofFighter Thu 29-Mar-12 11:16:41

The Stats:

madasahatter EDD 31/10/11
GTBaby [29] DC1 EDD 01/11/12
GingerBL [34] DC2 EDD 01/11/12
Belgrano DC3 EDD 01/11/12
Howiwonder DC2 01/11/12
Wellieboots DC1 01/11/12
LittleLolly [28] DC1 EDD 01/11/12
Hellobear[33] DC2 EDD 02/11/12
Little9 [38] DC1 EDD 02/11/12
Wifey6 EDD 02/11/12
Tomatoplantproject [34] DC1 EDD 02/11/12
PetiteRaleuse [32] DC2 EDD 02/11/2012
CrazyKat [24] DC4 EDD 02/11/2012
Horseylady [30] DC1 EDD 04/11/12
AbsToni [29] DC1 EDD 04/11/12
Cacacaz (29) DC1 EDD 04/11/12
Tiago [28] DC1 EDD 05/11/12
WestWingCJ DC2 EDD 05/11/12
ValiumQueen [43] DC3 EDD 05/11/12
Stabiliser15 [29] [DC2] EDD 05/11/12
TheDetective (27) DC2 EDD 06/11/12
Haywire [38] DC2 EDD 06/11/12
Peaky1 [32] DC1 EDD 06/11/12
Sam86 DC3 EDD 06/11/12
Katuk82 (29) DC1 EDD 06/11/12
Pipsicles (28) DC2 EDD 07/11/12, Surrey.
Schroedingersdodo DC2 EDD 07/11/12
Cherryjam [31] DC2 EDD 07/11/12
ENSMUM DC2 EDD 07/11/12
Blonderthanred [35] DC1 EDD 08/11/12
Debussyhead DC2 EDD 08/11/12
Eversomuch [39] DC2 EDD 08/11/12
FoofFighter [38] DC3 for me DC1 for DP EDD 09/11/12
Gardenpixies(33) DC1 EDD 10/11/12
StuntNun [35] DC3 EDD 10/11/12
YellowWellies [32] DC1 EDD 10/11/12 Orkney (China = B, gut = G)
jaylee89 [23] DC2 EDD 10/11/2012
MsBlueberry [29] DC3 10/11/12
daisychain76 [36] DC3 10/11/12
GsyAutumn [33] DC3 EDD 10/11/2012
ShushBaby [31] DC2 EDD 11/11/12
Ditsygem [27] DC1 EDD 11/11/12
Onamission [28] DC1 EDD 12/11/12
Donnadoon [32] DC4 EDD 12/11/12
Elizadoesdolittle [37] DC2 EDD 12/11/12
Kyordz 12/11/12
Kydravia DC3 EDD 13/11/12
IHeartpasties [31] DC2 EDD 14/11/12 Sydney (from Cornwall)
Desperatehousewife [21] DC2 EDD 14/11/12
justonemorecake [28] DC1 EDD 14/11/12
Ellesabe [29] DC2 EDD 14/11/12
misschord [33] DC2 EDD 14/11/12
igglepiggleiggleonk DC2 14/11/12
Victorious03 (29) DC3 EDD 15/11/2012
Evilwater EDD 15/11/12 or possibly any time in October!!
GreenDragonfly DC4 EDD 15/11/12
Brockle [33] DC3 EDD 16/11/12
Bimbledorf [32] DC3 EDD 17/11/12
TitsalinaBumSquash [25] DC3 EDD 17/11/12
Sooty [34] DC2 EDD 18/11/12
Bryzoan (37) DC2 EDD 18/11/12
MadeInChinaBaby, 29, DC2, EDD 18/11/12
WaitingForMe [29] DC1 for me DC3 for DH EDD 19/11/12
Superpenguin [32] DC2 EDD 19/11/12
ChunkyChicken [32] DC2 EDD 19/11/12
Funthatisfunny [32] DC2 EDD 20/11/12
applepieinthesky (25) DC1 EDD 20/11/12
Misslaughalot (35) DC1 EDD 20/11/12
Lilliana (31) DC1 EDD 21/11/12
EssexWelsh [29] DC1 EDD 21/11/12
nutellaontoast [29] DC2 EDD 21/11/12
ComradeJing [26] DC2 EDD 21/11/12
Thechick (38) DC2 EDD 21/11/12
Soandsomum DC2 EDD 21/11/12
FruitSaladIsNotPudding (31) EDD 22/11/12
Magicrabbit (38) DC2 EDD 22/11/12
mcsquared EDD 22/11/12
FatimaLovesBread (26) EDD 23/11/12
Shinyblackgrape (34) DC1 EDD 25/11/12
Bottlered76 EDD 28/11/2012
Tallulahstar (31) DC1 EDD 28/11/12
rosie0000(36) DC4 EDD 29/11/12
KatherineUK2003 DC2 EDD29/11/12
JessieEssex (35) DC2 EDD 30/11/12
MissTriangle DC2 - EDD TBC
Hoebag EDD TBC
Thereistheball EDD TBC It's twins!!
ItalaItala EDD TBC
Issimma EDD TBC

If anybody on the list needs taking off sad please pm me and I'll sort it x

funthatisfunny Thu 29-Mar-12 11:30:01

marking my place, though am feeling distinctly nauseous so am off smile

funthatisfunny Thu 29-Mar-12 11:30:13

thanks foo btw!

Chunkychicken Thu 29-Mar-12 11:44:01

Place marking here as procrastinating about work & feeling v envy at the mo. Think I might have to steal a can of Pepsi from my colleague to see if that perks me up... hmm

YellowWellies Thu 29-Mar-12 11:46:29

Wah anyone else getting hideous restless legs at night? I had restless arms and legs last night. Was furious as I was knackered but just couldn't sleep. DH is going to get home to a furious ball of hormonal rage on Sunday and then I'm hiding his passport. Lucky chap. Any cures for restless legs? I tried eating a banana to get to sleep but would have rather had a whisky...

FoofFighter Thu 29-Mar-12 12:13:02

PLenty of water, bananas and tonic water. And a walk in the evening and a warm bath helps too.

funthatisfunny Thu 29-Mar-12 12:24:36

I rub moisturiser into my legs and feet every night, nice massage on calves and inner foot and do a bit of a stretch. I find my RL comes on if I am dehydrated, overtired and hot; don't know if that is just me or general so could look out for those signs? I also find it can come on if I am thinking about it!

have had it since I was a wean, grrrr.

hate bananas smile

izzybizzybuzzybees Thu 29-Mar-12 12:50:04

Jumping in to mark my place. Have booking appt with midwife today smile

DesperateHousewife21 Thu 29-Mar-12 12:59:20

Marking my place before falling asleep <yawn>

eversomuch Thu 29-Mar-12 13:07:51

Shiny new thread -- yay!

Had my booking-in appt yesterday and scheduled my 12-wk scan for 24 April, as well as an appt with the consultant OB in June, which seems ages away but will probably be here before I know it.

For the past few days, all I've wanted to eat is tomato and basil pasta with loads of Parmesan cheese. I think I could eat it everyday for the rest of my life, esp with mozzarella. Yum. Funnily, I usually eat lots of brown rice, wholemeal pasta and breads, etc, but right now, I'm craving white foods like crazy. Still mostly nauseous in the evenings, but not too bad, so really can't complain.

Hope everyone's enjoying the sun!

nutellaontoast Thu 29-Mar-12 13:14:25

marking place.

if i don't, i'm so damn tired i just mi... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

applepieinthesky Thu 29-Mar-12 13:26:05

Wow a new thread already. I've still got about 4 pages of the old one to catch up on.

Had a day off yesterday and felt absolutely awful. I wasn't physically sick but it's the worst I have felt so far. I spent all afternoon and evening laying on the sofa, unable to move. So much for enjoying the sunshine!

I see people are starting to get booking appointments and scan appointments through. Still two weeks tomorrow until my booking appointment sad

I hope my scan is before I go away for a week on the 12th of May. Should be because I will be around 13-14 weeks by then. Also can't do the 1st or 2nd of May so that's when it's bound to be.

funthatisfunny Thu 29-Mar-12 13:51:15

ever I wish I was craving your food, sounds healthy compared to my loove of beige food! I too normally eat all wholemeal stuff but can't stand wholemeal bread now - must have white! And not home made white - shop bought. Arf.

apple my bking in appt is two weeks tom too! and don't we have the same edd?! is magic! maybe we'll have the same scan date too hehe!

feel tired, sicky and anxious today. Is anxiety a symptom of pregnancy? I feel all worried like I do when I have pmt sad is rubbish. hope I'm not getting depressed!

WestWingCJ Thu 29-Mar-12 14:07:40

TMI but is anyone else suffering from an upset tummy? <goes out on a limb>

pinkapples Thu 29-Mar-12 14:27:04

Hi ladies just thought I'd lurk for a bit if that alright... Got my BFP last week (Monday) as started bleeding last Friday... It has stopped now and is reduced to brown spotting I have an epu scan on 11th April at which point I think I will be about 8 weeks... That's if I didn't miscarry sad fingers crossed tho... I had fertility treatment so this baby will be from my 4th cycle of injectables (gonal-f and ovitrelle) never been pregnant before feeling very sick and I'm told that's a good sign that I still feel pregnant x

funthatisfunny Thu 29-Mar-12 14:53:04

welcome pink and congratulations! Hopefully it is nothing, if you look through our last thread you'll see quite a few of us have had bleeds and have happy babies!

think I had a bit of a pregnant meltdown blush sad . Glad am alone and feel much better for it! smile

west lots of us had jippy tummys straight away. I do if I eat healthily! so I have to eat crap

FoofFighter Thu 29-Mar-12 15:17:25

CJ a few of us had that in the first weeks, it's pretty common, it's your digestive tract adjusting so that stuff goes through slower and more nutrients than normal are taken out for the baby, and it upsets people's tummies sometimes.

pinkapples welcome and congratulations thanks had you been trying for long previous to the injectables? I had secondary infertility with my now ex-husband and we gave up after 5 years trying with no explanations, it's pretty horrible to go through sad so I know how special this pregnancy is to you, wishing you a happy and healthy one smile

My maternity trousers just turned up and OH. EM. GEE.

I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo comfortable now!! I'm only 8 weeks tomorrow but all my trousers were digging in the wrong place and with the bloating was feeling super uncomfortable - slipped these combats on and ohhh it was like slipping into a warm bubble bath.

Highly recommend A: E-vie combats (Peacocks I think?) and B: giving in and putting on maternity stuff if your own is getting tight even if you think it's far too soon!

pinkapples Thu 29-Mar-12 15:23:15

Yea 4years, 2 in treatment tried clomid x8 no ovulation or anything had a laparoscopy last July with ovarian drilling and then 4 cycles of injections starting in dec this would have been my last shot before ivf our consultation would have been Tuesday but cancelled it obviously...

Dh and I want this baby so so much I hope all is ok fingers crossed feeling very bloated and sick still getting brown spotting but it's almost gone now really scared tho x

shinyblackgrape Thu 29-Mar-12 15:32:23

foof - relieved to hear re the tummy thing. I seem to be alternating between severe constipation and explosive diarrhea! The constipation seems to be covered off in advice online etc but hoping the diarrhea is OK confused

shinyblackgrape Thu 29-Mar-12 15:32:58

ps - I'm only 5+4 so paranoid re miscarriage!

Bryzoan Thu 29-Mar-12 15:49:37

Congratulations pinkapples - what a journey. I read that 30% of pregnancies have some spotting - so try not to worry. Though I would mention it to your Gp / midwife. You have as good a chance as anyone of making it through - try to relax and enjoy it.

Blackgrapes - I wouldn't worry about the dodgy tum, just make sure you stay hydrated.

I'm feeling sick and tired today - not helped by a grumpy toddler who is uncomfortable in her new cast for hip dysplasia. Roll on 6 weeks time when the sickness and cast will both be gone!

pinkapples Thu 29-Mar-12 15:53:14

I'll second the toilet issue shiny tmi- bin going loads the last few days (probably to check on the bleeding as well as going to the toilet) and now I can't seem to get it out!! angry

Just wanna get the scan done so I know either way so anxious I know I wouldn't see anything if I was scanned now so I am kinda glad theyre not doing yet should get a heartbeat if all is ok on the 11th but like they say hope for the best... Prepare for the worst hmm

funthatisfunny Thu 29-Mar-12 16:00:29

foo really, really really can I get into maternity now?! I start off in my nice jeans then by teatime I am in my trackies! I have got my old mat jeans out and are sitting ready for a wash... am only 6 weeks though, think I have a couple of weeks yet! hmm

GsyAutumn Thu 29-Mar-12 16:23:00

Oh nooooooo PLEASE don't talk about getting into maternity clothes yet sad I have to squeeeeeeeeze into my little tiny wedding dress on May 5th. I can only hope that the fact that I am not drinking (wine) and am off virtually EVERY kind of food, will help balance out the bloating. Got my dress as an ex-stock mega bargain and really want it to still fit in just over a month....

DesperateHousewife21 Thu 29-Mar-12 16:32:25

I feel disgusting and fat every day even before breakfast. Before ds I was a stick thin size 6 and at 5"8 I had a v low bmi.
Now I have a huge bloated fat tummy, it's gross.

I might consider digging the mat gear out too.

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