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May be Babies - The Third Trimester

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SirCharles Fri 16-Mar-12 14:19:50

A new thread as the other one was ready to burst!
Thanks *Mikocat" for the new name.

cupcakefairy Thu 19-Apr-12 15:47:39

That's such a lovely idea sarah I want a blessing bracelet! smile I'm reading Caitlin Moran's book How to be a Woman at the mo & just read about her hideous first birth but much better second one, which she mainly puts down to a better mental attitude & to walking loads while in I am taking note!! Positivity is the way.
Blanket nearly halfway there.. should pick it up now while I think of it (and ds is watching cbeebies as its raining & car is in the!)

BlueCrane Thu 19-Apr-12 16:13:44

Afternoon all...feeling a little better today despite useless night's sleep due to getting so worked up last night and not being able to breathe - stupid cold - or get comfortable - silly pelvis!! I too am looking forward to not having to heave myself out of bed like some sort of elephant or feeling like a rhino trying to roll over in bed!! DH says he needs to get me a winch as he hates seeing me in so much pain trying to move! 34wk MW app went well this morning (despite my bursting into tears, again, when I got there - silly hormones!! All is well, LO is head down though not engaged at all. She suggested I get a support belt to help with the pelvic pain - any recommendations?

lime my next MW app is at 36 weeks, then 38 I guess so maybe they just switched the location of your next one for some reason?! Hope you're not pushing yourself too much with all this cleaning/sorting! What a pain about your DH lack of paternity leave but glad MIL can come and help you.

goodname hope you're doing ok and feeling ok about next week.

MW suggested I stay home and rest today so I called work, said I wasn't coming in and then came home and went back to bed, I've now graduated to the sofa but it's doing me good to rest and work my way through a box of tissues blowing my nose LO has just started a massive kicking spree though so think I may need to go and hobble around the flat to encourage it to calm down and find a new comfortable position before it bursts out of my bump, which is what it feels as though it's trying to do right now and it hurts!!!

Newtothisstuff Thu 19-Apr-12 18:31:53

Well.. Got to the hospital for my appointment to be told that they were running an hour and 15 minutes behind.. Great start.. Then I got told they wouldn't be doing to growth scan this week just the dopplers on the cord and placenta because they are too busy !! I'm absolutely furious.. No point in me even going if I was just going to get fobbed off.. I've now got to go in for an hour on Saturday and Tuesday to check the babies heart rate and then for a growth scan Thursday.. I am
Not a happy bunny.. Felt a bit sorry for the midwife because i was so angry and I really did shoot the messenger !! angryangryangryangryangryangryangry

purestcocoa Thu 19-Apr-12 20:02:16

Hello all,

It has been ages. I kept putting off posting and I've missed so much, but there is no time like the present.

Newtothisstuff- it's always the hormones! I would be cross too. They could have contacted you prior to leaving rather than make you wait so bloody long. I would have been livid.

Gotmyalittlelamb- Congratulation on your baby girl.

These May babies are sitting tight, aren't they? I can't believe there has only been one birth so far- unless I've missed some...

There isn't much to report from my end. I'm just uncomfortably eagerly waiting like everyone else I guess. Apart from horrid morning sickness up to Christmas, my pregnancy has been straight forward. I've been on maternity leave for ages though. I used the time to prepare everything and I have had everything set-up for awhile now. I feel the need to be organised as it will just be me and DD.

Had a fantastic baby-shower (I know mumsnetters aren't keen on them) that my friends threw for me. It was lovely and overwhelming in a good way. Some of my friends were cross that I had already bought the "big" stuff, but I am a control freak did not want to put pressure on them. So I only suggested small essential items for gifts. Although I did get a few outlandish gifts, it was more of a social get together for me. A lot of friends don't have children so it may be a while before I see some of them again.

DD has been fully engaged for a while now and I hate how this means nothing in terms of how soon labour will begin. I had a position scan on Monday to confirm that she is engaged- which I already knew confused. Then on the same day, I had my birth centre assessment and I passed! Really excited and I have bought my sieve and mirror in hopes to use the birth pool. The labour ward is directly upstair so if I chicken out and scream epidural! there are any complications, I do not have far to go.

Anyway this is way too me-me-me. I will follow the thread more consistently now and chip in and out.

LittleSarah Thu 19-Apr-12 20:42:22

Welcome back purestcocoa! I had a lovely baby shower with my first (dd). I was also on my own and it was a great little party! I'm glad yours went well. You are a good two weeks ahead of me so hopefully you won't have to wait too much longer! I too am quite amazed we've only had one delivery so far, although second will be soon!

Cupcake - Glad to hear blanket is going well! Caitlin Moran's story sounds very interesting, I think just knowing what to expect - even if v scary - can really help women (although all depends on individual of course). With your first it is such an unknown. I just ordered a book called Birth Crisis which is all about coming back from a very difficult birth. It's for my doula course, got to do my essay, next week is the week to make a start, the week after is the week to get it finished!

newtothisstuff - How annoying for you!! To have to wait another week too?! Madness.

luckynumber11 Thu 19-Apr-12 21:12:59

newtothis that's an awful way to be treated, I'm sure you could do without another week of waiting and worrying. The long wait when you got to your appt doesn't really surprise me I'm afraid, based on my experience of nhs appts over the last few years. But to not carry out the checks you were booked in for and had been told you needed is terrible - no wonder you got angry.
All of you with heartburn - I know exactly how you feel. Mine's got quite bad over the last few weeks, I woke up and was physically sick the other morning and GP says that heartburn is the most likely explanation. Also having broken disrupted sleep, never more than 5 or 6 hours!

It's lovely to hear about some of you finishing up at work. Can't believe I've still got to do another 2 weeks...really hoping this baby doesnt come early, I would really like 2 weeks at home to settle down and prepare first!
goodname thinking of you and wishing you well for next week. Looking forward to hearing all about your little one's arrival.

cupcakefairy Thu 19-Apr-12 22:41:48

new that is rubbish & so frustrating but on the positive side I guess they can't be too worried about dd's growth then??

purestcocoa welcome back! Wondered if we might get some familiar faces popping back now we're getting closer.. you've reminded me I need to ask the sieve question of my mw.. although the thought of it makes me <boak> slightly!!

sarah I did a search on here for topics about second births after forceps first time & almost every post said how much better second time was so that made me feel a lot better. Just desperate to avoid induction & episiotomy this time. Good luck with your essay!

G'night all!

Mythical Fri 20-Apr-12 13:24:32

hello everyone, i've been slacking again... grin
i was wondering if anyone on this thread would be interested in setting up/joining a private facebook group, i'm asking as i use it a lot anyway (my parents live in another country)
I understand this might not be everyone's cup of tea but i thought - no harm in asking anyway, hey? smile

LittleSarah Fri 20-Apr-12 15:39:07

Mythical - I'd like to do that. Some of the women on my last antenatal became friends on Facebook the usual way and it's been a nice way to see photos and things.

goodname Fri 20-Apr-12 16:40:34

Hi all. Had a cervical sweep today and it was not as awful as I had thought. Have been having lots of twinges since then and the cervix was open 2cm and everything was favourable so I am really hoping to go into labour naturally before Monday.
Just been listening to the bob marley dont worry song which was suggested on here to be played on a loop at the hospital (forget who wrote that) and it did make me smile.
Will put photo of baby on my profile when it comes out smile

Newtothisstuff Fri 20-Apr-12 17:06:30

Good luck Goodname grin how exciting

tostaky Fri 20-Apr-12 17:22:27

Ah ah!!! Things are starting to get serious!!! Good luck goodname!!!

BlueCrane Fri 20-Apr-12 17:27:05

Ooh goodname glad the sweep was ok...must say I'm not looking forward to such things but then by that point and in labour I think it's probably going to be the case that 'anything goes'!! Really hope LO gets a move on over the weekend and that you get to avoid induction on nice if it can progress naturally for you!! Keep us posted (if you can in between contractions etc...obviously we may well just have to wait for LO to arrive and your recovery to start!!)

new so sorry to hear about the hospital - that is SO frustrating and such a bad way to be treated, especially having waited so long!! I wouldn't worry about the MW I'm sure they have to deal with fed up hormonal pregnant ladies all the time...mine seemed thorough unfazed when I burst into tears on her yesterday morning...with much less reason that your fury...I was just overtired and full of a cold blush

I've rather lost track of where people are up to but I'm sure there must be quite a few heading into the 37, 38 week mark now so we could well have a rush of arrivals soon?!?! I'm quite hoping that once my DM flies in from overseas in mid May (I will be 37 weeks then) that LO decides that it's time to say hello!! Though even that is still 2-3 weeks away...groan...this last bit is hard work eh?!

dreamingofanallotment Fri 20-Apr-12 17:49:29

Good luck goodname hope all goes well! how exciting that the next may baby will be born v soon!

mythical I'd be up for joining a fbook group too, we can put faces to names then!

I walked into town earlier on a BIG pants mission...primark did me proud, although they are so hideous I was a bit embarrassed to be buying them!! Primark also had some button up short sleeve nighties for £4.50 which look good - my nct pal who gave birth a few weeks ago said they're really good as feeding nighties and much cheaper than anything else! Had weird achy tummy and stitch type feelings when I was walking into town....was freaking myself out that it meant something was going to happen soon....but I think I was just walking too fast and for too long as my back and hips have been so achy since I got home!

purestcocoa Fri 20-Apr-12 18:45:56

Good luck goodname and how very exciting! Hopefully you will produce a domino effect. Fingers crossed your LO comes before Monday.

Mythical I'll join the group. Although, I'm just as bad at updating on there as I have been on here blush.

cupcake I got my mum to guess why I needed the sieve and her first guess was to catch the baby shock. Then to catch the placenta which is not as bad as the first guess. She got there in the end with 'oh not that...don't they give you an enema?' My mum is a bit daft!

Mythical Fri 20-Apr-12 18:53:36

Oh! haven't made it yet, will set it up now. If it's okay with everyone i will make it a "secret" group so only members can see the group, who's in it and access it.
if you send me a private message with your name (or a link to your profile in case i can't find you) i will add you to the group.

goodname GOOD LUCK! hopefully you will go into labour before mon. fingers crossed for you

Mythical Fri 20-Apr-12 19:33:51

okay, facebook group is now done! (i'm currently the only member :P)
anyone that would like to join let me know via PM or post here, i'll make everyone admins so they can add people too smile

LimeFlower Fri 20-Apr-12 20:02:16

LittleSarah I hope it's not the nesting instinct kicking in!Not yet,pleeeeaseee!
BTW your nickname is on my name list.

BlueCrane I was supposed to see the mw at 32 weeks but it was not possible-the earliest I could get an appt was at 34 weeks.She had a look at my records and saw an appt at the hospital at 36 weeks hence 38 weeks appt with her. aptptaptttappptt bloody tongue twister

purest welcome to the world of clumsiness

Newtothis feel your pain,why they keep you running like that?Any reason for it?Poor mw,I still remember my grrring when they kept me for an hour at my 20wk scan-apparently "some people were late".I was the last one to be seen (not the last one to arrive) and nearly cried from anger.

goodname whoooaaaa,that's excitingsmile good luck,hope you'll cuddle your wee one very soon!

dreaming must get to primark then!

got today a couple of washable absorbing bed pads (in case of any ahem...leakages).we've got a new bed and wouldn't like to ruin brand new mattress.will be able to reuse them later as mattress protectors for the wee(coincidence?) one.

Bodeccia Fri 20-Apr-12 20:22:44

dreaming: I had the same reaction buying my knickers from Peacocks (i.e. trying to nonchalantly suggest they're for some elderly relative who no longer needs anything that looks "nice"). Still, £4 for 5 pairs for "neutral" coloured knickers that might actually reach my bra strap - can't complain!! hmm

I got my nursing bras today from Mothercare. I was surprised that I would be able to get something from there, and they had a sale on, so double win!

I'm 38 weeks tomorrow, and I'm getting slightly paranoid that I shouldn't be going around with a stash of maternity pads "just in case". I would be mortified if my waters broke in the supermarket or somewhere. Looking forward to meeting LO though smile And a bit sick of feeling all these twitches and niggles all the time.

I've been settling down with some box sets, how much do I LOVE Game of Thrones? Never knew I was really into the sex and violence thing, although maybe its just the hormones... grin

Bodeccia Fri 20-Apr-12 20:26:09

goodname: I'm glad the sweep was better than expected, and best of luck with it all this weekend smile

(I put the Bob Marley song up, am chuffed that you like it smile )

Wrigglebum Fri 20-Apr-12 20:32:49

Gosh, a lot going on here!

Sent you a message mythical with my email address so you should be able to search me by that. If not let me know. I do update on Facebook a fair bit since I've had an iPhone do I should be able to get some pics on there soon after this one is born. Keep meaning to pop a bump picture on too- haven't actually taken any yet (poor neglected second child smile).

Goodname- I was talking to someone with the same condition as you the other day. She was induced early in her first pregnancy too and said it went really well with no problems so I hope that puts your mind at rest a bit if baby doesn't come out before Monday. Fingers crossed the sweep will have got things moving anyway, maybe you need a nice hot curry over the weekend too grin.

new- sorry you've been messed around. I hate the waiting around for scans and appointments. Fingers crossed all will be well, I think some of us just make them small.

I have the Primark big pants and cheap nighties too! I'm going to look good grin. I have a slightly fancier feeding nightshirt I got last time that I can save for the pictures. I haven't put a waterproof sheet under me in bed, I'm just hoping I don't go into labour before my CS! Last time I had 24 hours of full on contractions before my waters broke so I'm not anticipating any middle of the night surprises. I have got some though, useful in the car if I do go into labour early, also to protect my bed the first few days from the lovely lochia.

Had my 38 week midwife appointment today, my last before my CS! All seems to be good. I can't remember who was asking about the old lady gardening but my midwife agreed with what I've heard that its better to be waxed if you're going to have a CS. Itchy shaving regrowth through a new scar is supposed to be pretty nasty. So if anyone's thinking of a wax anyway might be worth having the top done an inch or two lower than normal as the thought of a nurse dry shaving with a bic razor is not nice! But certainly don't worry about being neat or all off unless that's your thing anyway, they will have seen all sorts grin.

LimeFlower Fri 20-Apr-12 20:50:30

Wriggle it was me about the ladygarden blush but to avoid itchiness I thought about having a trim rather than shave as it's supposed to be less irritating.

Bodeccia just trying to imagine pants pulled right up the bra grin

I got 2 nursing bra's from debenhams the other day for £7.50.Hope my boobs won't go up more than a cup.

As for the waters breaking-mw said at the antenatal classes that if your waters break at M&S or Boots you're getting a hamper.I don't know whether it's true but wondering whether I could kill 2 birds with 1 stone as Boots is next door to M&S gringringrin

Yorky Fri 20-Apr-12 21:01:29

New - what a complete tea party at tetleys! I would think the MW will be used to hormonal women, and given the way you were treated she can't have been surprised.
good - hope the twinges are useful smile
Agree with how few babies we've had so far - maybe on the AN threads I've been on before people have erred on the side of caution but can't believe I'm not 1st on the list at 38.5wks and we've only got one baby so far!
DH has been on a course all this week and DD hasn't been sleeping well so I am knackered, and glad he's home - can stop crossing my legs now, he's gone out to get us a takeaway curry but they must be busy, he's been ages and this is the latest I've been up all week!
SO ready not to be pregnant any more - bored of heartburn and SPD, want to be able to turn over in bed. MW says baby is engaged which explains why I don't bend in the middle any more grin but makes it tricky putting the DCs shoes on!
Saw a homeopath at the weekend and have the little kit of rememdies for use in labour ready, and now mat allowance has started coming in I'm going to book myself a reflexology session - baby is being given lots of hints now

Harecare Fri 20-Apr-12 21:04:49

Littlesarah - I wish you'd mentioned your lovely blessingway earlier, that sounds like a great idea, but it's a bit late now.
cupcake - my dates and the scan dates were a week apart for DDs 1 and 2. For DD1 I went 13 days past the scan date, but just 6 past mine, with DD2 I went 4 days past scan and 3 days before mine. This time there are just 5 days between my date (May 2nd) and the scan date (April 28th). I'm hoping on past form to be even earlier and either come on 28th or sooner.
goodname - Amazing that the sweep appears to be working. I was hoping to get DP to help out with sex to get labour started, but no chance of that.

My midwife suggested I kick him out (after he said he "didn't love me" and "didn't want to try to save our relationship"), but when I asked him to leave yesterday since he doesn't want to be here he says he does want to be here.
It appears he is here in body and not spirit. I've decided since he is here to be a physical help I shall just keep thinking of jobs for him to do. He has made my dinner and is thankfully keeping out of this room so I can watch what I want on telly.
The girls are with his Dad this weekend and his Mum is coming to do housework tomorrow so at least I can relax.

saggybaps Fri 20-Apr-12 22:22:47

Oh Harecare I feel so sad for you that your DP is being such a misery. It must be pretty tough. You sound so strong in your posts.

I'm knackered, my back kills, the acid is baaaad. This morning I was so happy I was delirious, this evening I'm feeling so low I've been crying... really hope it's the preggo hormones kicking full in. I've tried to explain that to 'D'H, but he's still being a twat. But at least it's just the odd occurance of twatness, not full-time. He better buck his ideas up tomorrow & stop being such a miserable twat-like bastard otherwise he'll be under the patio he laid (badly) this afternoon... and breathe rant over!

38 wks today! Tomorrow I'm going to spend the whole day getting things ready for new baby, 2nd time round & I feel I'm really neglecting him (baby). Not a good start.

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