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Twins Club 4!! All welcome. :-)

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rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 12:10:32

Right ladies, welcome aboard for mutual hand holding. Here are the stats - they're probably all wrong! grin

MrsStevo, #1 & 2, EDD 23/08/2011, Lincs, MCDA ID,
Tiggersreturn #2+3 EDD 26/09/11 NW London DCDA - not finding out
silverangel #1+2 Sophie, 3lb3 & Alice3lb1 born at 31+2 on 01/08/11 EMCS
PrincessScrumpy #2 & 3, girls
BB3, #2&3 (#1 DS) DCDA girls born 20.09.11 by EMCS at 37 weeks exactly - Edith-May 5lb 11.5oz and Ayse-Rose 6lb 1oz.

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling #1+2 EDD, DCDA, Boy and Girl, Born 14 Sept
Twinnerves, DCDA, #2&3, girls Francesca and Isabella, born 18/11/11 EMCS 6lbs 6 oz and 6lbs 9.5oz
xkatyx , ID girls, DC 8,5,9months, ELCS 23/12/11 Rosie and Hollie
Quempin #1&2 EDD 27/1/12, ID boys, T1 5lb5oz, T2 just under 5lb, ELCS 36 weeks
Ravenlocks DCDA, #1&2, 6.01.12 T1 Boy, 4lb 12oz, T2 Girl, 6lb
Tabbycatt, DCDA, 2 boys, DC 2 & 3, 2/1/12 at 36 weeks, VB, T1 5lb 5oz, T2 5lb 11oz
claireinmodena dcda bg born 8/2 Emma (2,870 kg) and Riccardo (2,310 kg)
StinkingBishop 2 &3 DCDA girls EDD 19/3/12
RedNellie DC 2&3, DCDA boys, EDD 28/3/12
DreamingOfPeace, DCDA boys, DC 2 & 3, EDD 19/4/12
Skitoo: DCDA Boys, DC #1&2, EDD 14/05/12
Bigboobsatlast: MCDA Boys, DC #2 & 3. EDD 23.05.12
Buonasera, 1&2, DCDA, EDD 22/05/12 (???)
Lilyni DC 4&5, DCDA, EDD 12/06/12
goimgmadtrying: mcda id girls dc 3&4!!!! edd 05/08/12
Teds DCDA #1&2 EDD 31/07/12
Kazar99 DCDA EDD ???

mandasand Tue 21-Aug-12 18:28:43

Sorry for the essay! Didn't realise it was that long...!

DreamingOfPeace Tue 21-Aug-12 21:46:48

thereis, good luck on keeping them cooking as long as possible. What a worrying time. Was your DD prem then?

manda, it will totally depend on your babies. I could possibly, possibly have worked by now with my DT2, if his twin had been more like him from about 4 months (as in, about 2 weeks ago). Doubt it with my DT1. I think it will entirely depend on your babies personalities and patterns. Mine are exclusively bf and the feeding has settled down as of about 3-4 weeks ago- they're 20 weeks tomorrow, so from about 15-16 weeks it was much more predictable and a bit easier. It's still pretty time consuming though. Mine won't take bottles either- well, one absolutely won't. so no point carrying on expressing for the other as I can't go anywhere without them anyway so I may as well feed both from the boob only as its easier than expressing and I don't want to give formula. Sleeping- still a very uphill struggle, though i try for the routine of first morning nap at 9-9:30 at the least. I'd say I'm successful in that about 20% of the time. And you just can't plan for things like colic/ reflux. My dts both were colicky, and dt2 had terrible reflux which is settling quite a lot now, he's so much better. But I'm talking they cried for 5-6 hours a day, at least, each, from week 2 to week 12-13, and it gradually decreased and is tolerable now. But it was nerve shattering, heart-breaking stuff initially and it went on and on and on... I used to cry because dt2 was just so unhappy all the time. DD had been a bit like this, from week 5-9 and I thought that was bad enough but this was something else entirely. There would have been no way on earth I could have worked, at all. However, if your babies are non colicky, happy chilled out little beings from the beginning it could be totally different. DT1 remains the Incredible Non-Sleeping Baby even now. 2 nights ago he slept for 5 hours for the second time ever. He still often wakes every 60-120 minutes, day and night, and nothing settles him back sometimes, he often goes in the buggy at 3-5am. <groan> (DD was sleeping through by now, and last night DT2 slept through, so its not like we're just completely hopeless, both follow the same routine every bedtime- all 3 of mine do- he is honestly an, ahem, challenging, sleeper). I still regularly get 3 hours sleep a night. But sgain, your babies may both be good sleepers. I really don't think you can plan that much now. That sounds negative but I don't mean it to be, just to say what it could possibly be like- but I really hope it won't, I've struggled a lot the last few months. However, my boys were both super smiley today, cooing at me and each other, interested in the ducks when we took DD with soe brea (which she threw none of, and ate most herself- doh) and DD has been so sweet and it's all worth it, every bit, for these babies, they're such a blessing.

well, that was an essay too... blush

hope everyone else is doing ok xx

mandasand Wed 22-Aug-12 11:29:07

Dreaming thanks so much for writing so fully and honestly in response to my question. I really appreciate it. Not having any kids at the moment, and being used to a life where I and my DH are in control of everything (and, as you might guess, I am a bit of a planner and a mild control freak!) it is really difficult to imagine how this life will change and become utterly unpredictable. I think that's the main thing that I take from what you share of your experience, that it's an unpredictable and changeable circumstance. I think the most I can do is have a plan, but expect to have to shift from that to accommodate how things are going from day to day and week to week. I also didn't appreciate how twins could be so different from each other in their habits and temperament! I had this (naive) notion that they would be like two peas in a pod, whereas it sounds like your two have wildly different routines and preferences. It's also really useful to hear how it can take a massive emotional toll on you as well when they just won't stop crying - 5-6 hours a day is a lot to contend with! Hmm, lots to think about here. It's been really helpful, thank you! And it sounds like you are a very patient mum doing a grand job! Thanks so much for sharing smile

thereistheball Wed 22-Aug-12 13:03:25

Hi again. Dreaming: no, DD wasn't prem but I had a action and was in for 5 days as she was jaundiced. it wasn't til I got home that I realised how hard it had been listening to the mum in the cubicle next to me sobbing because she couldn't breast feed, and waking with a start in the night to find it wasn't DD crying. I felt much more relaxed at home, knowing it was up to me and DH to look after her by doing whatever it took.

Manda: it took a good month for it to strike home that DD wasn't just an extension of me and under my control. It sounds silly but I was feeding her one day and it wasn't going very well even though I was doing everything right - that's when I realised she was on this learning curve like me but going at her own speed. Realising that she had her own ideas about things helped me enjoy her a lot more, and relinquish any stress I had about things not working the way I thought they should. My advice is to plan to take things as they come without too many preconceptions. Anyway as soon as you think you've got something figured out it changes.

My news is that my contractions have strengthened so I'm now on a drip to calm them down. I've had two steroid injections for the babies' lungs - now just have to keep them in place as long as possible!

thereistheball Wed 22-Aug-12 13:04:46

Sorry for typos - am one-handed on my phone.

Kazar99 Thu 23-Aug-12 07:38:44

Just seen another post from thereis - her babies have arrived! smile

Congratulations thereis hope your babies are doing well; let us know names and how you are all getting on if you get a chance smile

mandasand Thu 23-Aug-12 07:58:59

Congrats thereis! Hope the babies (and you!) are doing okay. Looking forward to hearing your news. And thanks for sharing your experience with DD the other day smile

Congrats again! thanks

mandasand Sat 25-Aug-12 16:19:17

Hello ladies!

Had my 12+4 scan today and both babies are doing great! Everything is within normal range and it was so amazing to see elbow and noses and movement! They weren't exactly doing the somersaults and break-dancing that women on other threads testify to but they did jostle about when poked, which is enough for me! DH and I very emotional today. Really, really happy. Having scans every four weeks with a couple of extra ones to check the length of my cervix. Hugely reassuring to have so much medical attention!

Hope everyone's doing well.

DreamingOfPeace Sun 26-Aug-12 09:10:11

Huge congratulations thereis, hope both babies are doing well thanks

And to you too manda, we love a good scan smile . My boys are totally different. DT1 is super sociable, happy to be held by any Tom Dick or harry, loves hustle and bustle and general busyness. DT2 is quieter, wants mummy and is not always keen on being held by strangers, gets overwhelmed by busy situations and needs taking away for some quiet. I took my three to a wedding reception. Walked in with DD on my back in a sling and boys in the buggy, cue the usual twin inspection from lots of people, which had DT1 grinning and cooing at them and DT2s bottom lip
got wobblier and wobblier and he then spent the rest of the wedding distraught and overwhelmed- twas a total disaster...!

DigestivesWithPhiladelphia Tue 28-Aug-12 11:47:16

Hello everyone,

Congratulations there is! I hope your babies are doing really well and you have been able to spend time with them. Please let us know (if you have any time!) how you are all doing.

thereistheball Tue 28-Aug-12 19:28:52

Hi - thanks for all your good wishes! The boys are doing well. They have almost regained their birth weights and only one, the smaller one, is using a mask to breathe. The other has a small oxygen tube that passes underneath his nose (no idea of the technical terms in English, sorry) and has therefore been abort o lose the hat, so is much easier to see. Today I had my first cuddle with them both at the same time, and it was lovely. They have had some big tests - for brain haemmorages (how DO you spell that?) and for electrical activity - no results so far yet. And the smaller one is back to taking milk feeds every 3 hours - he had been moved to every other feed because he was not digesting it very well. I am discovering that I need to be able to spend a good 5 hours or more with them a day not to feel guilty, and am trying to organise myself so this is possible. Unfortunately the hospital is a 3 hour round trip away by public transport, but friends have stepped in to drive me, which is much faster.

Personally I'm OK. Everyone, including me, is amazed that the birth was only 6 days ago and that I was allowed out of hospital 14 hours later. Yesterday I was sobbing like a mad woman at anyone who was nice to me but today I've been fine, though I'm tired. I have to finish putting dd to bed then it's my turn!

mandasand Mon 03-Sep-12 13:51:20

Hi ladies!

Sounds like great progress, Thereis! Keep up the good work! Hope you are getting enough sleep? (or is that a daft question?!)

You boys sound lovely dreaming, though having such different characters is interesting smile I was always of the opinion that children were 95% nurture and 5% nature, but from what I've been reading/learning about twins/triplets on MN, it seems not!

I had my nuchal results through today. I'm 37, so was expecting a 1:350 type of number, or something less favourable, but it's gone the other way: each twin has been given 1:3000, which sounds excellent! +35 ladies on my March thread have also been revised upwards, so it seems it's not unusual - tho unexpected!

Kazar99 Mon 03-Sep-12 21:52:17

Hello everyone

Well, DTs will have been home two weeks tomorrow. Currently 24 days old or 38+0 corrected smile We all seem to be doing well so far although DH goes back to work on Wednesday so I'll see how I get on when I have to cope with both on my own all day smile

We were back to hospital today for tests on DTD's jaundice level but it all came back ok which was reassuring.

thereis sounds like great progress already. I went through a phase about day 5-8 after giving birth where I would burst into tears for anything. Not sure how much was just hormones and how much due to DTs being in SCBU rather than with me. It can be a complete nightmare having to travel in to hospital to visit DTs so glad you are able to get lifts rather than have to tackle public transport. Make sure you look after yourself too. It is amazing to have cuddles when they are so small - make sure you take lots of pictures of them and things like their hands and feet in your hand to remind yourself just how small they were in a few months time when they have piled on the weight and are giving you sleepless nights at home smile

manda that sounds good. I'm 37 too and it was a bit of a worry. In the end we didn't get the nuchal test done as the blood test isn't very reliable for twins plus we decided we wouldn't ever terminate one if the result was bad as the risk of miscarrying the other was too high so it was easier not knowing.

angelpie2012 Wed 05-Sep-12 19:45:43

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all doing well - seems to be the case from the above posts!

Just a quick update to say that we had a scan today and all 3 babies are about average for a single pregnancy at around 1.6kg. Will be 31 weeks on Friday - time is flying by!

No set date for an ELC yet but am happy to just see how things go and hopefully I'll make 34/35 weeks.

My mum's arriving for a week tomorrow which will be nice and will give DH a break from the additional household chores he's taken on and then she'll back for week 34.

So much pregnancy/baby reading still to do - I'd better get cracking!

twin2makes4 Thu 06-Sep-12 11:13:00

Does anyone know where the twin post natel group has gone?!! Cant seem to locate it smile

Hope everyone doing well smile

Kazar99 Thu 06-Sep-12 16:04:58

twin2 it is still in the multiple births section. The old thread ran out of space and the new thread is called "The under/over/around 1 Twins thread for support, tips on how to survive and enjoy twin parenthood!" smile

mandasand Thu 06-Sep-12 21:07:22

hello everyone!

Angelpie, sounds like your three are doing well! I was just thinking how time is beginning to pick up pace for me too, and I'm only 14 weeks! Sounds great you have so much support from your mum. My poor DH could do with some help as I'm too knackered to do anything at the moment. The place is like a bomb's hit it and I'm seriously thinking we may have to get a cleaner for a couple of hours a week at some point. This is totally against my principles, but in reality life's only going to get more exhausting!

Kazar Glad your babies are doing well - and how are you coping now DH is back at work? Hope it's all okay.

Spent 4 hours in the hospital today - saw a midwife and two different consultants in the high risk clinic, and had yet more bloods done. I really should have taken some food as I was starving! Everyone was really nice though, and the secret hypochondriac in me loves the extra care. Got to hear the babies' heartbeats again which was just wonderful and reassuring. There are a few little things (nearly anaemic) which are easy enough to sort out but the two things they are particularly concerned about are thyroid (past history of overactive and now borderline underactive) and checking out the extent of possible uterine damage + follow-up surgery 15yrs ago. They said it shouldn't affect the pregnancy but it may dictate whether birth is c-section or normal. (My local MW said I'd prob have c-section as it's first birth but it was interesting to hear the consultants being more positive about options.)

So, that's all my news, except that I'm loving my growing bump (even if it does kind of ache a bit - growing pains, I like to think?!) and my new H&M Mama skinny cords … soooo nice to be out of leggings for a change! Oh, and I dropped a line to the local TAMBA group. Feels a bit too early, but just nice to make initial contact to see what's what.

DreamingOfPeace Thu 06-Sep-12 21:49:52

Hi twin2, we're here!

post natal thread

Can't have you wandering round lost.

Good growing angelpie . I'm meeting up with some multiple mums soon- arranging a meet at my house, including the triplet mum who got to 36 weeks or one day off it possibly. Her babies had no special care! Hope you make it too.

twinnerves Thu 13-Sep-12 13:16:51

hello ladies had hoped to do a big update but the twigs are fussing for attention i will get back soon as is there any single twin mummys how do you cope one keeps putting everything in her mouth the other wants cuddles all the time xx catch up later

mandasand Sat 22-Sep-12 21:48:18

Hi everyone

This thread is a bit quiet so I'm doubtful that anyone might be reading ... still, thought it might be worth getting some opinions on some pressure I've been feeling on my cervix. Be good to hear if anyone had this experience. I'm 16+4 with twins and when they last looked they said the placentas were anterior (tho I understand they can move around a bit - presumably as the uterus grows?)

For about 48 hours I've had this feeling of pressure on my cervix (bladder too, possibly?) and although I've not had cramping as such, my cervix has also felt sore/throbby for some hours at a time, quite like when I have a big period. No bleeding/spotting/watery discharge, although normal discharge has increased a bit. I've explored what my cervix feels like and it seems normal/still closed (though I'm no expert!) it's an odd feeling though and especially noticeable when I stand up.

I phoned the hospital's 24-hour line for reassurance yesterday and they said that without any other symptoms they won't call me in for checks as likely it's just one of the babies repositioning down there. (They found the heartbeat for that one on the right side a few weeks ago, but the MW on Thurs last week found it really low, near my bladder, so that would compute.)

Of course, I'm worried that my cervix will open too early etc. But I'm getting quite big now so perhaps this is just the way things are going to be from now on?! If this is normal/what others have experienced, then what other joys lie in store for those carrying multiples?!

gardenpixies32 Sat 22-Sep-12 22:27:32

There is always something to worry about. I know how worrying it can be.

I have had an achey pelvic bone pretty much on and off the whole pregnancy. I started to get achey bits and hips at around 16(ish) weeks and according to the midwife it was the start of SPD. Thankfully it is not too bad now. Things are stretching and expanding down there. The weight of the bump may be causing the increase in discharge too. As long as there is no blood or leaking, I wouldn't worry too much.

For me, twin 1 has been transverse way down below for almost all of the pregnancy and I presumed that this is why I felt so heavy down below.

The pelvic pressure and ache gets worse as the bump gets bigger. I am really struggling with the weight of the bump now (33+5)

Speak to your midwife if you are concerned about it. Even though it is hard, try not worry smile

mandasand Sun 23-Sep-12 07:28:18

Thanks gardenpixies. I appreciate the reassurance and, you're right, there's always something to fret about!

Achey pelvic bone doesn't sound too much fun either, plus the SPD. Glad it's not got too bad. I think this may have been what my midwife was talking about when I complained of a sore left hip the other day - yikes! It is only sore when I overdo it though (i.e. do a normal, pre-pregnancy level of movement through the day). Luckily I've been working from home a lot - not great for exercise but very good for not 'overdoing it'!

Regarding trying to minimise (if possible!) the development of SPD, do you think it would help, or not, to do prenatal yoga / pilates? I got some DVDs which I was doing for a couple of weeks early on, then I read you should wait till after 14 weeks, and haven't yet picked it up again.

I feel for you - I'm moaning and groaning enough at 16 weeks and you're so much further on! Not long to go now though? Congratulations! Hope you'll come back to share your news in a few weeks smile

gardenpixies32 Sun 23-Sep-12 11:18:21

I think any sort of gentle exercise will help. I had an active job until I went on maternity leave at 30 weeks so didn't bother with any exercise. Pregnancy yoga will be great and so will gentle swimming. Make sure your midwife refers you to the physio, they will tell you what exercises to do or not do. I'm afraid to say that the hip and upper leg pain only gets worse. I have to change positions every hour in bed as they ache so much. It isn't bad when I am getting on with things in the day. I definitely find that when I am (gently) more active in the day helps me sleep better at night. Going to have a walk around Boots and Tescos today. Even that though is exhausting. At 33 weeks bump was measuring term+, it is a lot of weight to carry around so pacing yourself is important.

Not long for me now. Consultant has booked me in for a section at 38 exactly but he said he thinks my waters will go before that because of the weight of the bump. Babies measuring quite big at 32 week scan - 5.3 and 4.7! Have another scan on Friday to check positions of babies. Am excited but very nervous!

mandasand Sun 23-Sep-12 13:09:45

Good to have your advice, thanks so much garden pixies. Yep, MW last week said she would refer me to physio but also that getting back to my osteopath may be more immediately effective. Other women I've spoken with said the only useful thing they got out of physio was the crutches!! I'm always willing to give anything a go, though.

Is your bump measuring term+ for a singleton pregnancy or twin? I've heard at 28 weeks I'll be as heavy as a woman carrying one, and I can believe it the size I am already!

Great baby weights already! Well done! smile Bet you're getting really excited now! And you'd better get your bag packed just in case they do come early, hehe!

gardenpixies32 Sun 23-Sep-12 16:20:23

33 weeks was measuring term+ for a single baby. So carrying a full term single bump around for over 6 weeks is hard work! Consultant recommended having bag packed by 30 weeks. Finished mine today, so feel a bit relieved.

Are you going to find out what you are having? We had a private scan at 16+6 with Babybond. It was such a lovely day and I will always remember it.

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