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Twins Club 4!! All welcome. :-)

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rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 12:10:32

Right ladies, welcome aboard for mutual hand holding. Here are the stats - they're probably all wrong! grin

MrsStevo, #1 & 2, EDD 23/08/2011, Lincs, MCDA ID,
Tiggersreturn #2+3 EDD 26/09/11 NW London DCDA - not finding out
silverangel #1+2 Sophie, 3lb3 & Alice3lb1 born at 31+2 on 01/08/11 EMCS
PrincessScrumpy #2 & 3, girls
BB3, #2&3 (#1 DS) DCDA girls born 20.09.11 by EMCS at 37 weeks exactly - Edith-May 5lb 11.5oz and Ayse-Rose 6lb 1oz.

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling #1+2 EDD, DCDA, Boy and Girl, Born 14 Sept
Twinnerves, DCDA, #2&3, girls Francesca and Isabella, born 18/11/11 EMCS 6lbs 6 oz and 6lbs 9.5oz
xkatyx , ID girls, DC 8,5,9months, ELCS 23/12/11 Rosie and Hollie
Quempin #1&2 EDD 27/1/12, ID boys, T1 5lb5oz, T2 just under 5lb, ELCS 36 weeks
Ravenlocks DCDA, #1&2, 6.01.12 T1 Boy, 4lb 12oz, T2 Girl, 6lb
Tabbycatt, DCDA, 2 boys, DC 2 & 3, 2/1/12 at 36 weeks, VB, T1 5lb 5oz, T2 5lb 11oz
claireinmodena dcda bg born 8/2 Emma (2,870 kg) and Riccardo (2,310 kg)
StinkingBishop 2 &3 DCDA girls EDD 19/3/12
RedNellie DC 2&3, DCDA boys, EDD 28/3/12
DreamingOfPeace, DCDA boys, DC 2 & 3, EDD 19/4/12
Skitoo: DCDA Boys, DC #1&2, EDD 14/05/12
Bigboobsatlast: MCDA Boys, DC #2 & 3. EDD 23.05.12
Buonasera, 1&2, DCDA, EDD 22/05/12 (???)
Lilyni DC 4&5, DCDA, EDD 12/06/12
goimgmadtrying: mcda id girls dc 3&4!!!! edd 05/08/12
Teds DCDA #1&2 EDD 31/07/12
Kazar99 DCDA EDD ???

claireinmodena Wed 14-Mar-12 12:49:43

Keep cominh here hoping to find news from rednellie... hope all is well with you and babies!!

Hello desiren welcome to the thread, not long to go for you!

DreamingOfPeace Wed 14-Mar-12 14:09:00

Still no rednellie?! clearly her boys are here, oh my goodness, I can't wait to hear her news!!!!!!!! I hope it's all gone as planned- as in you've had a great natural delivery. xx

an 'emergency' bag sounds like a good idea bigboobs . Though the worst that would happen is I drop her at a friends in the day, and in the night I get a taxi to the hospital myself and DH waits at home til my mum gets up to not disturb hopefully sleeping Isla. I think my hospital bag is sadly lacking... I have one small sports bag and one small changing bag and they're full, but looking at some of the lists, I've forgotten quite a few things! But I don't have a 'next size up' bag and really don't want to go in looking like a fool with an enormous huge bag...

hi desiren, lovely to see you over here. Loads of boys arriving on this thread now! and also when older siblings are girls for me, rednellie and bigboobs anyway (and tabbycat).

20 weeks is fab teds, and for you too tomorrow goingmad . I'm 35 weeks tomorrow and I can't wait. I know 2 people who had babies at 35 weeks with no special care, so it feels like a good milestone for me then too.

I just wish I had a crystal ball and could know whether or not I'll go into labour before my CS date... or stop worrying about it like a crazy lady

And I can't stop checking to see if rednellies been on with her news grin grin

goingmadtrying Wed 14-Mar-12 19:29:59

im sure everything will go smoothly for you dream your boys will be here before you know it smile

rednellie got to be in hospital as we normally hear from her at least once a day??? can only mean boys are either here or on their way, we may have to wait days for an update sad hope everything goes well for you smile

i have turned into the bitch from hell over the last couple of days could seriously fall out with myself!!! please tell me its hormones im getting so fed up with myself and having to say sorry sad

DreamingOfPeace Wed 14-Mar-12 22:11:21

Think we need to resign ourselves to waiting days to hear from renellie but I do hope her boys are here now grin . imagine, she might be enjoying newborn snuggles as we type!

I am in despair. It is 10pm. DD still crying in her room. She won't/can't go to sleep again. WTF am I going to do when there's three of them?! I'm exhausted but can't go to bed and listen to that... So far tonight we've put her to bed and left her for an hour and a half- not asleep, DH has sung to her to help settle her- not asleep, I have sat in her room for 40 min- not asleep... She looks knackered, was tired when put down. sad . now horribly over-tired and howling.... New plan- massive effort to bring naptime earlier and avoid any overstimulation in the afternoon, but now, in my tired and hormonal state I can't see how we're going to do this when the babies arrive in 21 days....

goingmad, I have decided I am actually a bitch from hell sad . I've been horribly tired and grumpy for months now- surely I can't claim to be permanently hormonal?!

Anyway, this post is all a bit morose, I should probably stay off mn in times of such low spirits or you'll all get fed up of me whinging! I'm going to hope DD goes to sleep in the next few minutes so I can go to bed wishful thinking and tomorrow I'll be cheerful again. I used to be a cheerful person mot of the time- honest!

claireinmodena Wed 14-Mar-12 22:32:03

It is exactly at times like this that you nerd MM dream!
Of course you are grumpy: hormones + la ck of sleep, its a deadly combination!
Whinge away as much as you want, this is what we're here for!smile

I am being a bit of a bitch with mil at the mo. She doesnt totally deserve it, but I cant help resenting her very presenxe here. sad
So I'm being a very ungrateful bitch!

bigboobsatlast Thu 15-Mar-12 07:07:43

Surely we all deserve to be rather grumpy don't we? what do men have to do throughout this whole process apart from support us - and that includes tollerating grumpiness! and claire, I am the same with me in-laws. I can never really relax when they come to stay - already not looking forward to when they come to visit to meet the babies.

had scan yesterday. all is fine. one is 3lb 1 and one is 3lb 2. presume this is good!

briefly discussed birth again and consultant is happy i go for natural delivery. Both are head down. but there are higher risks for the babies that way so I am feeling rather confused and really don't want know what to do. I hate / dread the thought of me choosing natural as 'better' for me in terms of recovery, and then something goes wrong..... whereas if I choose cs then the only negative is my own recovery as very minimal risks to babies. I am very confused and really don't know what to do.

will have to discuss again in 2 weeks time at next appt.

keep checking here for news from rednellie!

goingmadtrying Thu 15-Mar-12 07:17:02

yes definitely Claire that's what mn is for, god if we didn't have mn to offload on there very well may be more divorces or even murders ;)

dream i hope dd went to sleep quickly for you, i have no advice as you do seem to be trying everything which i know isn't helpful, bringing naptime forward sounds good, how would dd be without one?? she may not need it now, the other thing is speak to your health visitor my mw suggested that to me as i was sleeping with ds but i explained that the Dr had said i wasn't allowed to sleep with him and he had to go sleep by himself and eventually he did it, he sleeps worse if i am lazy and get in bed with him but he is alot older than your dd, again not very helpful sorry sad but do try hv

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 10:22:01

May I announce we got our very first smile from both of them? Such a precious moment!

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 10:27:39

Good news re scan bigboobs, its always so reassuring to see them!

Birth choices is difficult isnt it? I was always keen on having a nat delivery, but I would have trusted drs to know when to step in but it is such a personal choice, you need to do what you feel most comfortable with! A crystal ball wouls be quite handy wouldnt it? wink

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Mar-12 12:25:40

Birth choices is a nightmare!!

Dd and i only just made it back from music group without me being sick. Ended up diving out of the car at home and puking vigorously in our front garden for the benefit of the neighbours hmm blush . Is it not hard enough at the end without the sickness coming back?!

goingmad, she's so tired for her nap... She's only just 18 months, and sometimes when she's been to sleep so late in the evening I struggle to keep her awake in the car on the way home from morning playgroups/ activities. Don't think we're anywhere near no nap stage. So earlier nap, no tv again is the plan...

Wow Claire, what a special moment! First smiles, and from them both together as well. Just lovely :-)

Best go, still feel so sick but must prepare as meeting potential mothers help at 1 then doppler 2:55 & ANC as usual...

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Mar-12 17:13:40

Oh, now I'm confused!!!!

The doppler was ok, both cords had normal blood flows. Then we saw the registrar (as consultant in a meeting) who said that if twin 2 hasn't grown by next week, they'll be delivered ASAP, so today was offered steroid jabs etc etc in readiness (which we turned down, as they're best given as close to delivery as possible as dh not convinced we'll be delivering early). However then she said yes they are concerned re:twin 2's growth but the last growth scan showed twin 1's head growth had slowed which would be highly unusual (IUGR of any kind would always start with decreasing abdomen circumference as growth everywhere important like brain, organs is preserved first), so it may ?? just be scan inaccuracy. But as I've also got some decreased foetal movements in twin 2 she offered twice weekly CTG monitoring (which dh turned down for me!) for reassurance, or just come in if any reduced foetal movements- which is the plan we're going with.

So I'm befuddled.... do I start preparing myself to have these babies soon after next Thursday's scan instead of 3 weeks as I'm expecting? or forget about it, assume inaccurate scan last time and hope Twin 2 is a right whopper on scan next Thursday, and all is forgotten re: early delivery?! While of course trying to monitor this pesky quieter twins movements... I'm feeling a bit stressed by the uncertainty of it all sad He's turned too- is no longer head down and is transverse. No wonder I'm even more uncomfy, and maybe that's why I'm throwing up again?!

So sorry everyone for a me me me post.

BB3 Thu 15-Mar-12 17:36:16

Dream, ok so had t2 grown at all in the past week? I suspect that the head issues of t1 could be a mistake with the scan measurement although obviously don't know that for sure. I would prepare for them next week just in case (although if you have them next week you're likely to be in a bit longer so have more time post birth) and then if they stay put til 38 weeks you're all set anyway!

Just out of interest - Why did dh turn monitoring down?

Just try to monitor them as much as you can - when I was worried about edie's movement I stuck a piece of paper to the fridge and monitored them for four ish hours around their typically busy times - marking down on a tally the movements of each twin and if it wasn't enough for me I went in.

Having said all that don't panic too much, if they were severely worried you wouldn't be home now, you'd be in theatre having your babies! X

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Mar-12 19:07:16

bb3 His abdomen hadn't grown at all- IF the scan was accurate. Femur length had a little, as had head- but head would be last to slow down apparently. And yes, Twin 1's head not growing much on the last scan is most likely to be inaccuracy, so does that mean I lean towards thinking twin 2's abdomen measurement was inaccurate too?! It could be, it could not be. Oh the uncertainty is driving me potty...

DH is very much an optimist, thinks its all scan inaccuracy and kept saying 'but he is moving' (he is, but not as much as usual I don't think, but he's also turned to transverse, which could be making a difference to how I feel it confused). He also said no point going in to be monitored at a set time, far better to keep monitoring the movements (dont think he gets how stressful I'm finding that at all in case I miss him not moving etc) and go in when/if concerned. Basically, IMO dh was being an optimistic arse when it'll be me who's worrying, but they keep talking to dh as well as me as he's medical, when really I'm the only one who can have an opinion on movements.

And I did have a reasuuring CTG even when T2 was definitely not moving and sat like a little pudding on sat night. And yes, they sent me home, were quite happy to wait til next week before giving the steroid jabs when we see where we are after the scan. So they can't be that worried.

I just can't help worrying about it... It probably is just me who's worrying!!!!

(still dying to hear from rednellie though, haven't forgotten you my lovey)

bigboobsatlast Thu 15-Mar-12 19:22:04

Oh dream, I an sorry you have increased worry after your scan. of course you are going to worry, it is a stressful time. bb3 has some wise words, I have nothing else I can add I am afraid. Just don't be afraid to go in for monitoring if you have any concerns - always best to be reassured than be at home worrying.

how was dd this eve? can dh give you a night off so you can relax a bit and have a time to think through things? I am thinking of you :-)

DreamingOfPeace Thu 15-Mar-12 19:34:24

my mum has come over for emergency respite and is staying the night (she doesn't want to drive all the way home later on)- dh and I are going for a meal for the first and probably last time ever since DD born before these boys are here grin

waiting to hear if DD starts howling- my mum is on stories still...

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 19:48:31

dream sorry about your scan, I think BB3 has given you some very good advice, but I understand how worrying it must be! Cant add anything useful, but I am thinking of you!

And you rednellie...

claireinmodena Thu 15-Mar-12 19:49:04

Ps enjoy your night out! You absolutely deserve it!

rednellie Fri 16-Mar-12 05:16:18


Right, haven't read anything from the thread so I apologise in advance for the me me me post.

Our boys were born on Tuesday morning, Madoc coming into the world star gazing at 4.47am weighing 6lbs5oz. Idris followed 6 mins after weighing 6lbs7oz. It was an amazing night - after the stretch and sweep I went home and was having contractions almost every minute but only lasting 30secs, if that. I rang the doula and midwife and neither thought anything was imminent so I tried to go to bed. Contractions got WAY worse and my ma rang the midwife who when she listened to me breathing told us to get to hospital straight away.

Anyway, car ride there, listening to old ska and trying to ignore everything around me - I was 3cm on admitting, but having almost continuous contractions. Got put into a rather nice large delivery room, with a bathroom and then got hooked up to the monitors - the telemetry ones didn't work. I stayed like that for a while then eventually my OB came in and we talked through epidural options whilst I was madly contracting - anyway, they placed one but with no drugs in it, I then got in the shower for a bit and had a break from the wires.

Cut a longish story short - the OB broke Madoc's waters to move things along as I was getting knackered. Things ramped up and I got to 9cms and thought I was going to die - I honestly would have taken any drug offered at that point but couldn't ask as I was just having one continuous contraction/transition. OB observed for a while, smiled at me and told me I could push, which I flipping well did and out Madoc popped. OB then did a James Herriot on me, pulled Idris down and burst his waters then I pushed him out in 6mins. It was flipping intense - Madoc was on my chest throughout - Idris had to have a little check as he was a bit quiet to begin with. Then both on my chest whilst they delivered the gigantic placenta which really frigging hurt!

Tea and toast, both boys had a suckle and we were up in a room by 7:30am. We stayed in two nights just to get bf established and have time to room in without DD being around. Madoc's a bit jaundiced so midwives are coming tomorrow to check him out, but otherwise we're good. My milk's just started to come in so am expecting the crying to ramp up considerably. I'm VERY tired, max I've had 2 hrs sleep on teh trot since Sunday night, but the boys are amazing and DD is being super cute.

Love to you all and I'll catch up properly soon. Thanks for helping with the names grin xxx

bigboobsatlast Fri 16-Mar-12 06:40:47

Thats amazing news rednellie! congratulations. sounds. like you did a brilliant job and I bet the boys are gorgeous. dd has her little brothers! so pleased to hear from you. love to you and your family - all of them! oh, and fab weights too! x

claireinmodena Fri 16-Mar-12 07:10:07

Huge congrats rednellie!!!
i have tears in my eyes reading your story, an amazing experience! Well done you abd welcome Idris and Madoc!

goingmadtrying Fri 16-Mar-12 07:14:23

yay excellent news rednellie grin it sounds like a lovely birth so glad your boys are here smile. well done you hope you managed to get a little sleep now, much love to you and the family xxxxx

what a lovely way to start the day smile

ps your next dream grin hope movements are still ok x

DreamingOfPeace Fri 16-Mar-12 09:09:26

Congratulations rednellie!!!! How wonderful. The birth sounds amazing (apart from the 9cm bit, James Herriot style pulling down and placenta part ;-) ) And no drugs, you amazing lady!!! Wonderful weights and i just love their names. Xxx

skitoo Fri 16-Mar-12 09:39:17

Rednellie CONGRATS, fantastic news and well done you smile smile.

Sounds like things went really well for you all and what a tough cookie you are for no pain relief (any tips when you get a mo would be greatly received). So pleased you are all home so soon and enjoying your new family. The names sound even cooler now grin.

Catch up with everyone else later - Dream, hope you're doing ok xx

Lilyni Fri 16-Mar-12 10:48:24

Just a quickie .....

awhhhhhh rednellie - CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! - Im so happy for you! Sounds like things went really well annd Im glad that you got the birth you wanted! Such lovely names and great weights!! They sound so cute!!

dream - hope you are ok following that scan. I too am hoping that the scans aren't always completely accurate. Will have a moan some other time about appointment yesterday .... gotta head out now.

ps big welcome desiren

rednellie Fri 16-Mar-12 11:14:19

dream and Lilyni - I'm sorry your scans have been worrying. It's so hard to make head or tails of these things. I always remember my poor friend being made to think her baby had severe disabilities because the measurements were wrong - that was a horrible couple of hours for her. I'm hoping things get resolved - dream let us know and I'm thinking of you, it does get quite stressful towards the end! I think it's rotten all the medics talk to your DH rather than you as he's a GP - you're the one carrying the babies and no man, no matter how wonderful they are, can ever appreciate how all encompassing that is. Mmmm, I think trust your instincts on this one lovely. x

We're good - I'm bf both boys as I type! Thank god for bf pillows. Have finally got some more sleep - hospitals are not ideal for recovery are they? Milks definitely come in...

Tips - believe in yourself and the people supporting you. Whatever birth you have I think those two things are key. I was humbled by the mutual respect in the room when I delivered the boys - so many things just happened to go my way. My OB was on call that night, the head anesthetist was there and able to do a sited epi rather than a full dose, the nurse assigned to me didn't freak when they continually had to find twin A's heartbeat as the monitors kept falling off, the fact that my OB had small hands so could do the maneuvers necessary without too much (!!!) pain. The James Herriot bit was INTENSE, but over in five seconds and I got a baby on my chest a minute later - nothing like a dose of natural oxytocin to help things. I counted 13 people in the room by the end of the procedure - all women apart from DH and the anesthetist. DH was amazing throughout - he's a total live wire which can be annoying in labour sometimes, but when it came to the pushing stage I needed his cheer leading then.

I did make the room laugh when they offered me a stitch for my tiny tear and I, apparently, quoted that was good, I must have a bucket fanny after all! I don't think the Canadians even knew what that was! grin But I felt they were all on mine and the babies side and trusted me not to do anything too stupid. I also remember thinking everytime I had a contraction - 'down', 'open', 'I can do it' and 'oh fuck how the hell am I going to carry on, why wont someone give me gas and air, shit can't ask here comes another contraction...' grin Another good one was I listened to music in my ipod from when we got into the car until mid way through labour - I found it helped me cut out all the stuff going on, people talking about my progress, sounds of other people labouring etc etc. I really focused on moving to the music and that helped with contractions - even when I was relatively immobile on the bed.

Recovery's going too, just have to resign myself to not doing anythng else for a little while. I have a massive chart and pens next to my bed and my downstairs feeding station so I can mark how many feeds, pees and poos - just to reassure myself and anyone else. Also, now i'm home with DD I need something like that as she is so distracting and I'm so busy trying to prevent her from sitting on the twins heads (in a loving big sister way) that I can't also keep accurate track of who I've fed and which boob etc...I think helping DD adjust is going to be the hardest bit actually.

Anyway, waves to everyone else - sorry I can't shut up. Those who've had kids - you know what it's like. And those who don't - you will! [win]

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