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Twins Club 4!! All welcome. :-)

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rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 12:10:32

Right ladies, welcome aboard for mutual hand holding. Here are the stats - they're probably all wrong! grin

MrsStevo, #1 & 2, EDD 23/08/2011, Lincs, MCDA ID,
Tiggersreturn #2+3 EDD 26/09/11 NW London DCDA - not finding out
silverangel #1+2 Sophie, 3lb3 & Alice3lb1 born at 31+2 on 01/08/11 EMCS
PrincessScrumpy #2 & 3, girls
BB3, #2&3 (#1 DS) DCDA girls born 20.09.11 by EMCS at 37 weeks exactly - Edith-May 5lb 11.5oz and Ayse-Rose 6lb 1oz.

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling #1+2 EDD, DCDA, Boy and Girl, Born 14 Sept
Twinnerves, DCDA, #2&3, girls Francesca and Isabella, born 18/11/11 EMCS 6lbs 6 oz and 6lbs 9.5oz
xkatyx , ID girls, DC 8,5,9months, ELCS 23/12/11 Rosie and Hollie
Quempin #1&2 EDD 27/1/12, ID boys, T1 5lb5oz, T2 just under 5lb, ELCS 36 weeks
Ravenlocks DCDA, #1&2, 6.01.12 T1 Boy, 4lb 12oz, T2 Girl, 6lb
Tabbycatt, DCDA, 2 boys, DC 2 & 3, 2/1/12 at 36 weeks, VB, T1 5lb 5oz, T2 5lb 11oz
claireinmodena dcda bg born 8/2 Emma (2,870 kg) and Riccardo (2,310 kg)
StinkingBishop 2 &3 DCDA girls EDD 19/3/12
RedNellie DC 2&3, DCDA boys, EDD 28/3/12
DreamingOfPeace, DCDA boys, DC 2 & 3, EDD 19/4/12
Skitoo: DCDA Boys, DC #1&2, EDD 14/05/12
Bigboobsatlast: MCDA Boys, DC #2 & 3. EDD 23.05.12
Buonasera, 1&2, DCDA, EDD 22/05/12 (???)
Lilyni DC 4&5, DCDA, EDD 12/06/12
goimgmadtrying: mcda id girls dc 3&4!!!! edd 05/08/12
Teds DCDA #1&2 EDD 31/07/12
Kazar99 DCDA EDD ???

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 18:46:14

x posts bigboobs - I'm total denial. I do not feel like I'm going to have give birth at all, let alone imminently!

And yeah, claire, you're doing more in one day than I'm doing in a week so I'm totally impressed.

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 19:04:59

Sorry again, just realised I sounded really pedantic in my last post about guidelines. It's just I'm seeing the OB this afternoon and I'm girding my loins for her to try and induce me. And actually, I'm feeling a bit like I would like to get on with it, but I know it would be better (possibly) to wait for labour to happen naturally.

Am actually feeling quite emotional today - various reasons, but I suppose the pregnancy hormones are reaching epic proportions by now...

Kazar99 Mon 12-Mar-12 19:33:35

rednellie I'm sure you have thought about it all a lot more than me given you haven't got long to go. As you say, guidelines change all the time. I think that as long as your pregnancy is going smoothly here, you can choose to carry on with the pregnancy beyond the recommended dates if you want to. At the moment, I'll just be happy to get to 37-38 weeks but might end up happy to evict them then smile DH reckons if I get that far then my waistline will be bigger than my height!! Don't want to think about that yet!

DreamingOfPeace Mon 12-Mar-12 20:29:44

I have read exactly the same as you rednellie, the risks go up minutely after 38 weeks if you are monitored and having a straightforward pregnancy- as we both are so far. I also can't wait to not be pregnant but can't imagine having the birth and being a family of 5! kazar, I'm having DCDA twins like rednellie and my consultant was perfectly happy for me to go to 39 weeks. As it is, because I've gone for ELCS if i get to term (which is looking more likely every day!) I'm booked in for 37+6. If i think about the slight possibility twin 2 is slowing down a lot with his growth and they could be evicted earlier I get a bit panicky- bring on Thursday when hopefully it'll be clear everything is fine and i can cook them as long as i want!!

Yes, I'm lucky indeed with the hand me downs but am a bit horribly ungrateful sad I don't get to go baby clothes shopping etc. I did get to buy cotbeds, but I have still not got to buy a new buggy!!! Most of the time I don't give a monkeys about this but every now and again I wish I had nice new matching things for my babies!!!

bigboobs, occasionally sleeping through sounds like an improvement! Dd is sleeping through quite a lot, but the going to sleep remains a big issue... At bedtime and if she wakes up in the night- she was awake 4 -5:45am on Sat night and even though she only cried on and off so I didn't go in it keeps me awake- as she intends- she shouts for attention, pipes down and listens, shouts again, pipes down, cries a little, pipes down.. and repeat. Urgh.

Anyway, tea calls.

rednellie Tue 13-Mar-12 00:47:00

Just been to OB - 2 cms dilated, had a stretch and sweep. Watch this space...

rednellie Tue 13-Mar-12 00:47:31

Oh, and BOTH twins are head down. How the f@#k did he manage that in week 37?

BB3 Tue 13-Mar-12 04:50:00

Woohoo rednellie! Not long til you meet your boys!! And well done to them both for playing ball and getting into position - they're clearly just took a while to realise who is boss grin x

bigboobsatlast Tue 13-Mar-12 06:23:39

woo hoo! good luck rednellie. so exciting. X x x

twinnerves Tue 13-Mar-12 07:03:10

hello ladies it seems ages since i was last here, my girls are 16 weeks old now and doing great and finally started sleeping through 6 days ago so yippee i can catch up on my sleep and hopefully stay awke long enough to read through all whats been happening on here, needless to say im selling lots of twin stuff if anyone interested got pram/puchchair breast feeding pillow twin carrier etc will call in later for a catch have a great day we are going to our first playgroup today yikes! xx

skitoo Tue 13-Mar-12 09:32:06

Whoop whoop Rednellie, amazing grinsmile, can't wait to hear your news - will be thinking of you xx

claireinmodena Tue 13-Mar-12 10:16:46

Yey rednellie!! Fantastic, thinking of you.

Come on babies! grin

DreamingOfPeace Tue 13-Mar-12 13:58:49

Oh excitement indeed rednellie, those good boys, turning head down for you!!! So i assume you had no idea he'd turned?! And you're 37+6 today- a mighty fine choice of gestation if they decide to arrive later today for you after the sweep ;-) .

I'm so excited now I can't remember what else I was going to say!!!! (On phone)

DreamingOfPeace Tue 13-Mar-12 14:31:36

<pops back ridiculously soon checking for any announcements of contractions/waters breaking from rednellie>

Lilyni Tue 13-Mar-12 14:53:42

ooooooooooh rednellie - Im so excited for you!!!!! Hope things go smoothly for you. Thinking about you x

bigboobsatlast Tue 13-Mar-12 18:07:18

Its like we are all holding our breath waiting for something to happen!

Scan tomorrow. Only 30 weeks but as big now as I was when full term with dd. Don't feel i can get / want to get any bigger. Getting uncomfortable now :-(

Not that I want them out now - I am not ready and neither am i! Feeling a bit fed up though.

Come on rednellie babies! We all want to hear the good news! We are all on tenterhooks!

bigboobsatlast Tue 13-Mar-12 18:08:57

'neither am I' - meant to say neither are the babies!

DreamingOfPeace Tue 13-Mar-12 19:54:53

Bigboobs, me too... Was.full term with dd size at 30 weeks and its just got worse from there 30 weeks is great though, I was so chuffed to get into the weeks starting with a '3', well done you!!! Hugeness is unbelievable for me now, tiredness is a killer too plus I'm so breathless after just carrying dd up stairs. The uncertainty of whether I'll go into labour before my CS date is really getting to me. My mum is coming up then. If its before, she's an hour and a quarter drive away, assuming she's up and ready to drive etc. As my bh are worse everyday it gets me wondering, even though i had them badly last time and they're always worse with subsequent pregnancies but just ARGH!!!!!!

Anyway, back to the important stuff... Silence from rednellie-do we think she's in labour?! Or is it the middle of the night in Canada so she wouldn't be posting anyway?? I'm going for labour, I'm so excited!!!!!

Teds77 Tue 13-Mar-12 22:06:55

Oooo just popping in to say I think rednellie's in labour - surely?! grin whoop whoop!

Still recovering from a long weekend with the in-laws... Will catch-up properly but hope everyone is well. Am a whole 20 weeks today!

mummylin2495 Tue 13-Mar-12 22:15:41

Just popping in to say ,i have finally met my twin nieces. It was today .They are so cute.My sister is well but suffering quite badly from sleep deprivation.Making her a bit tearful.Both babies are now gaining weight after their slow start.I am so glad i have got to see them whilst still small.

Desiren Tue 13-Mar-12 22:47:14

Hi thought I would join 31+3 expecting I'd twin boys. These will be DC 3&4 but my first boys. Another scan on Thursday, sometimes it feels as if I never leave the hospital still got 10 days of work to get through before I go on maternity leave I can not wait. Anyway just wanted to pop in and say hi.

BB3 Wed 14-Mar-12 06:06:30

Labour, def labour! I reckon they might even be here xxxx

Hi Desiren, congrats! Not long for you now hey? Very exciting!

goingmadtrying Wed 14-Mar-12 07:14:06

hi twinnerves wow 16 weeks goes so quick smile

Teds 20 weeks whoop grin can't wait till Sunday when i am it feels different being in the 20's!!!

mummy fantastic that you got to see babies smile

waves to everyone else smile

now done to the little matter of rednelliewe going to be on tender hooks for ages as didn't she say she doesn't have a phone for internet?? oooh how exciting.lets hope little babies are on the way grin

anomaly scan tomorrow for me so hopefully everything will be ok x

goingmadtrying Wed 14-Mar-12 07:15:26

waves to desiren welcome aboard not long know for you hope your keeping well smile

skitoo Wed 14-Mar-12 08:08:25

Lurky Lurky for news from across the pond...they must be here by now, am so excited. Thinking of you Rednellie xx.

Teds great news on the 2 0 milestone, feels good doesn't it. And I second and third Bigboobs and Dreamings comment about size at 30+, so really enjoy this period of your pregnancy smile.

Good luck for scan today Bigboobs.

Welcome Desiren and congrats. I'm just one day behind you with boys too.

Glad you got to see the babies Mummylin, trust you had lots of snuggles grin.

First lady from my twin antenatal class had hers yesterday too - id girls, soooo cute. I have a busy day ahead of mattress delivery and actual hospital bag packing. Anyone else perplexed about what to wear in labour? confused

bigboobsatlast Wed 14-Mar-12 08:59:26

Rednellie babies MUST have arrived by now! We have just got to wait for news!
Welcome Desiren. I am having ID boys too, and am just behind you - 30 weeks today. I know what you mean about all the scans, but it is nice as well as you get to see the babies so often and (all being well) get reassurance all the time that everything is ok.

Skitoo, I have now done my hospital bag (well 'bags actually as I have two - one for me and one for babies). I have packed 2 long nightshirts that button all the way up (for easy access!). I have bought 2 x size 12 for after the birth and 1 x size 18 for labour (I am usually / used to be a size 8). I got mine for £10 each - 2 in tesco and 1 in debenhams. I did have some from DD but they were rather blood stained so had to bin them! blush

Dream, I have started packing an 'emergency' bag for DD in case I am go in to Labour before the planned 36 weeks. If I reach my 'labour by appointment' then my parents will be here ready to look after DD, but if it happens before then they are a minimum of two hours away and have to get the train because they dont drive! So I have asked a few local friends (those that have children) if they would be happy to have her at short notice - could be in the day or in the middle of the night! So I have three friends within 15 / 20 minutes that are on stand by. I am packing DD nappies, clothes etc, her blow up bed, and will add some favourite toys and some foods etc - and a list if instructions! Really hope it does not come to that though as obviously I want to reach 36 weeks and I want minimal disruption for DD.

Well done on reaching milestones Teds and Going!

My house is like a factory this morning - washing through all DDs old newborn clothes (neutral) and trying to sort the kitchen - washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher all on! Dread to think what my electric bills are going to be like....shock

Will check in later for news.... but we might not hear for ages re Rednellie as she is probably busy with her TWO NEW BABIES!

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