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Twins Club 4!! All welcome. :-)

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rednellie Fri 09-Mar-12 12:10:32

Right ladies, welcome aboard for mutual hand holding. Here are the stats - they're probably all wrong! grin

MrsStevo, #1 & 2, EDD 23/08/2011, Lincs, MCDA ID,
Tiggersreturn #2+3 EDD 26/09/11 NW London DCDA - not finding out
silverangel #1+2 Sophie, 3lb3 & Alice3lb1 born at 31+2 on 01/08/11 EMCS
PrincessScrumpy #2 & 3, girls
BB3, #2&3 (#1 DS) DCDA girls born 20.09.11 by EMCS at 37 weeks exactly - Edith-May 5lb 11.5oz and Ayse-Rose 6lb 1oz.

PeelingmyselfofftheCeiling #1+2 EDD, DCDA, Boy and Girl, Born 14 Sept
Twinnerves, DCDA, #2&3, girls Francesca and Isabella, born 18/11/11 EMCS 6lbs 6 oz and 6lbs 9.5oz
xkatyx , ID girls, DC 8,5,9months, ELCS 23/12/11 Rosie and Hollie
Quempin #1&2 EDD 27/1/12, ID boys, T1 5lb5oz, T2 just under 5lb, ELCS 36 weeks
Ravenlocks DCDA, #1&2, 6.01.12 T1 Boy, 4lb 12oz, T2 Girl, 6lb
Tabbycatt, DCDA, 2 boys, DC 2 & 3, 2/1/12 at 36 weeks, VB, T1 5lb 5oz, T2 5lb 11oz
claireinmodena dcda bg born 8/2 Emma (2,870 kg) and Riccardo (2,310 kg)
StinkingBishop 2 &3 DCDA girls EDD 19/3/12
RedNellie DC 2&3, DCDA boys, EDD 28/3/12
DreamingOfPeace, DCDA boys, DC 2 & 3, EDD 19/4/12
Skitoo: DCDA Boys, DC #1&2, EDD 14/05/12
Bigboobsatlast: MCDA Boys, DC #2 & 3. EDD 23.05.12
Buonasera, 1&2, DCDA, EDD 22/05/12 (???)
Lilyni DC 4&5, DCDA, EDD 12/06/12
goimgmadtrying: mcda id girls dc 3&4!!!! edd 05/08/12
Teds DCDA #1&2 EDD 31/07/12
Kazar99 DCDA EDD ???

rednellie Sat 10-Mar-12 00:44:21

I'm a bit blush over all the lovely comments - I'm really rather dull in RL, maybe mn brings out the best in me. Worrying...

Lilyni, aw man, I'm sorry about the whole diabetes thing, hopefully the test was just a bit off, but I guess if they do establish it is gestational diabetes they'll keep a good eye on you. And yeah, enjoy your mat leave, you deserve it and twin pregnancies really are very taxing after all! Now, when do I get to go on maternity leave, eh, eh?

BB3 - yey for reusables. I've used them all the way through with DD and hated the idea of caving now so it's reassuring to hear about someone else using them for twins. It is SOOO much cheaper that regardless of any eco argument I'd be trying it anyway.

And now you've all got me thinking maybe I'm the weirdo for not having matching honestly hadn't occurred to me. I've knitted little booties in different colours, but the same pattern - does that count?

DreamingOfPeace Sat 10-Mar-12 08:31:16

Well rednellie, I don't have a single matching outfit but I'm also wondering if I should!! I blame the twins I saw yesterday, they did look cute... But they were (DCDA) ID.

And yes, sorry, forgot to say what a shame about the gestational diabetes, if that is what it is...

DreamingOfPeace Sun 11-Mar-12 00:25:34

Oh, I'd love to have knitted booties, that better than counts!!!

Hello all!

Have just got back from monitoring at the hospital after no movements from twin 2 (the one needing the placental doppler too!) . I got twitchy with him not moving, plus the morning sickness re-appeared this morning, plus more uncomfortable than usual BH. All is fine, they got a great trace of twin 2 as he was sat there like a little pudding but twin 1 wasn't playing ball (too wriggly!) So had ages on the ctg. Most reassuring. And to go back if twin 2 not moving again soonish. Mw also said she would have a CS in my position- her words were 'goodness, you're a physio, you know more than me you dont want any more damage after a third degree tear and there's never a guarantee what twin 2 will do!' . I was so surprised (and pleased) a mw thought ELCS best for me grin

But anyway, I've been feeling rough with the puking again, tired and worried and now I'm relieved and happy so I thought I'd share grin

But just a me me me post as look at the time!! Dd will be up before I want her to be know it so must get to bed.

goingmadtrying Sun 11-Mar-12 01:02:13

evening dream cheeky pudding twin 2!!! these babies truly are sent to test us, glad they got a trace and woohoo for mw you must do what's right for you smile

im just off to bed work was manic ill be so glad to finish, having babies mushes my brain blush i only have 26 working days left woohoo!!! felt babies move tonight so very happy xx

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 05:35:18

Oh dreaming, I'm so glad you had a reassuring visit to hospital. So sorry you're having to go through all this now. Especially being sick as well, how rubbish is that. Get some rest and get DH to pander to your every whim.

I went to yoga today and felt all full of energy and marvelous and now I feel a like a bag of stones. Well, two wriggly stones that weigh a huge amount to be frank. Every other person stopped me in the street and in shops saying 'oooh, you must be about to have that baby right now.' It was actually quite nice for a change as everyone looked so happy for me (these are random strangers, Canadians are very nice). But now feel like I can't go out in public anymore as I'll just attract attention! I honestly don't feel that big, but then I saw a photo Mum took of me yesterday and I have this enormous bump - doesn't even look like it belongs to me....bizarre. Right, off to bed. Itching getting better - mainly as DH has insisted I wear a pair of socks over my hands, I look like I'm wearing scratch mits. grin

BB3 Sun 11-Mar-12 05:49:24

Dream, so very glad all is ok and also glad mw was able to reassure you on your decision x

Going - yay for feeling babies

Rednellie grin at socks-for-mits! And you do become a bit of a freak show at the end, I remember walking out of a restaurant being stopped four times and one woman bawked at the idea that I could possible only be 8 months pregnant!

claireinmodena Sun 11-Mar-12 11:24:28

dream glad to hear all is ok and got reassured at the scan!

I think at some point you asked about my week without helpers (was it you).
Its actually not been to bad, but I have had help in the form of my cleaner coming twice and babysitter coming one morning so I could go and get some proper shopping done (no twin trollies and no online shopping in Italy...) and then again one day as we had some presentations at school with our older dds and I wanted to ahve some one to one time with them (actually 2:1 as dh was also there, but ykwim).

As long as I manage to keep organised its not too bad, I have been shopping twice during the week planning for at least 2 days of meals each time, cooking whenever the babies were quiet so it was ready by dinner time, packed lunches prepared night before and stored in fridge, abused my tumble drier as it does mean laundry goes straihgt in there from washing machine and then its folded and put away. A bit extravagant but even having to hang the laundry and then take it off the line adds up to time I do not have. Besides I never used a drier until last year so I feel like I've got some brownie points to spend on the environment front...

Oh and of course going to sleep whenever they slept!!

The downer are the nights, but mil/dm werent helping with those so nothing they can add to that!

Mil coming again tomorrow sad as I felt I couldn't say no as it sounds like I do not want her here, but it is a shorte week this time (mon to sat) and hopefully last time to be so long!!

So all in all it is doable but I have had great help from the dds as well, who tidy up after themselves, can make themselves breakfast, and dd1 will rock and feed one baby if I am busy cooking or with the other baby.
I have to admit I have been thinking about the other mums who have much younger children and it must be very tough, I do not know if I could do it...but then I am much older than you lot so I am sure you all have bigger resources of energy!!

Hoping for more baby news soon!! I can't believe mine are nearly 5 weeks old, I know its a cliché but time really does fly especially when you are not sleeping

enjoy your sunday everyone!

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 12:45:55

Ah, claire, your post came at just the right time for me. I'd had 3 emails from other twin moms from our antenatal group all going mental about how hard it all was and I was starting to think wtf am I doing? Also, every other person says to me 'how are you going to cope with no help?' to which I've always been replying that people have so I will, but recently...

Anyway, hearing about how it is ok is very very nice and a good thing to hear. I think we should get a cleaner and am working out how we could afford that, as I reckon that would remove a whole level of stress for me and DH. He's been so good at doing it, but really he's not that great at it as he's not as anal as me. Also, I've asked a babysitter we love to come for 3 hrs every Monday morning so we can either all go out and do something fun with Arianwen, or I can catch up on some kip whilst DD gets exercised or I can pop out with her and get some one on one time. I've also booked DD up for swimming classes on Saturdays, it's her favourite thing and at least me or DH can go with her and have some proper time just with her. Actually, I keep getting weepy when I think of her having to share us so much, but I'm sure we'll all adjust.

I guess the other thing is - having small children is hard, but at least you've already got over the shock of becoming a parent and what that entails. Some of the moms who've been freaking over having the twins are freaking about stuff that hits you regardless of whether you've had one baby or 6, so I'm hoping it'll help having a recent memory of what we're in for...Who knows?

I've had an itch free night so am very happy, also watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and managed to not fall asleep during it AND I followed the plot so am feeling quite proud of myself...still no babies!

claireinmodena Sun 11-Mar-12 15:02:39

rednellie grin glad I made you feel better, I was afraid I was going to scare all the mums to be instead!

Also re your other post and sttracting attention.. Just wait til the twins are here! We've been to restaurants 3 times now with the whole family and its like having a spotlight aimed at us!! It nakes me feel like a freak show! confused I find it quite weird as I prefer to go unnoticed but no hope of that anymore!

How long is your mum staying?

claireinmodena Sun 11-Mar-12 16:21:41

Mind you I am not kidding myself that'll stay this way. I am bracing myself for their first illnesses, that'll be my test fir sure!

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 16:40:20

Mum's here until the end of April, she says. Mind you, if I give birth sooner rather than later I think she'll stay for a month after and then go. She wants to be here, but she's really missing home and wants to be back as soon as she can really.

She just gets very worried about how I'm going to cope, which is lovely, but does sometimes make me feel a bit worried about it myself and right now all I need is to feel confident!

skitoo Sun 11-Mar-12 17:59:46

Hello everyone, I've had a busy few days and missed so much...

Rednellie, thanks for our shiny new thread and putting all our stats in. So exciting to see we'll have some babies real soon and then a few more in each of the coming months [happy]. I hope that you won't leap straight over to the post natal thread, we'll obviously need all the details and your wise words of wisdom to help us through, please. The cleaner and sitter sound like great ideas, like you say with the cleaner it's one less thing to worry about and the sitter gives you some guaranteed time for DD every week.

Dream, glad you got the reassurance at the hospital and a good look at the little dudes but sorry you've been suffering with sickness again. I feel like I've just hit a wall, really suffering with swelling, the carpal tunnel thing waking me at stupid hours and suddenly feeling the real weight of babies on the rest of my body sad. So I have to take my hat off to all you ladies that already have children to look after and all this pg malarkey too!

Just to add to the weights conversation, I met a twin mummy with non id boys in a shop the other day, she told me she went to 38 weeks and was then induced, the week before she was scanned and told they were near as damn it the same weights but week later when they were out, one was 5lb 4 and the other 7lb 2, so not convinced how accurate the measurements they do are confused. Also made me think about the size clothes to pack in hospital bag...?

Bigboobs if you haven't got them already then Mothercare have packs of 12 Muslims on buy one get one half price - I stocked up on Friday.

I've mainly bought different clothes but similar, so same thing but with different colour stripes etc. I do have a couple of things where I've bought 2 as just couldn't resist the cuteness of having them the same occasionally. Has anyone seen the sleepsuits in Next that are white and say 'I love Mummy' and 'I love Daddy', they are so cute and only us special twin mummies can put one on each at the same time grin. Sorry just tried to insert link but have failed miserably on the damn iPad. In the baby sleepsuit section if anyone interested.

Lilyni, don't feel guilty you need to look after you and your babies and if you're anything like me then things rally changed at 30 weeks and I am so glad I chose to give up work 2 weeks early as it would have been really awful with how I'm feeling it now.

Quick question for you all, has anyone bought/seen a good cot mobile that they'd recommend? I'm finding them all a bit naff but then maybe that's actually what babies like?

Waves to everyone, enjoy your Sunday evenings.

rednellie Sun 11-Mar-12 18:24:18

skitoo - someone gave us this book for DD. I took the postcards out and stuck them above her cot and around the changing mat and she loved them. They don't need much stimulation to begin with. And really sorry about the carpal tunnel - that severely sucks. I'm sending you a virtual hand massage!

BB3 Sun 11-Mar-12 19:11:02

Skitoo, the girls had those sleepsuits grin I say had a they were up to 1 month size and my babies are obviously too big for them now sad.

Rednellie - yay for your mum, she'll be a great help in those first few weeks xx

Claire - illness sucks when it comes - as it's like they constantly infect one another. Know what you mean about freak show, I make various family members push the pram when out and I walk with ds as I can't be doing with the stops and stares! wink xx

skitoo Sun 11-Mar-12 19:52:21

Thanks Rednellie, had read about the black & white thing to begin with. I forgot earlier to say that I received the Bravado bra you'd recommended and yes what a difference, thanks [Smile]. Strangely enough, I went to John Lewis last week too for a proper fitting and they suggested exactly the same one - so I'm all stocked up now and they should see me through to nursing.

BB3, I bet they looked gorgeous in them! Any pics?

DreamingOfPeace Sun 11-Mar-12 22:40:33

Hi skitoo ! I feel like I've hit the wall too. Big, heavy, twin 1 keeps moving onto a nerve so giving me striking pain down my right leg that literally halts me in my tracks, plus the heartburn, blooming throwing up again, and rib pain... I am counting the days now....Its either 23 or 24 (so kind of counting!!) Plus I'm finding it just as worrying now about movements etc in some ways as at the beginning, except for me I feel it'd be so much worse to lose one at this stage as I'm so attached to them both. Gah. I'm not that mad all the time of course, it comes and goes, and I'm mostly so excited and impatient to meet them now grin. For the hospital bag, I'm hoping they won't need them as they'll be too big but we own 4 'up to 5lb' babygros which are in my hospital bag, and then I'm just bringing 'up to 7.5 /7.8 lb' (some makes vary) as I figure too big is better than too small, and they'll always be in something, and there are 24 hour supermarkets for dire need- plus people will buy them things! The twin mum I met up witht he other day was told one of hers was at least 1lb something lighter than his twin at every scan (and she had a lot- obstetric cholestasis)- her DCDA boys were born at exactly 5lb 15 each at 36 weeks. So can go wither way, Growth scans are up to 25% out aren't they?- that gives well over a lb either way out I think?!

As far as I know, mobiles are a bit naff smile DD has a lovely handmade wooden one with farm animals on string she adores (obviously only moves when an adult spins it and no twee music), but when she was smaller we had borrowed a generic, jungle animals on it, twinky twinky music kind of one to attach to the cot- she thought that was great! Think she'd have been too little for the proper hung-from-ceiling wooden one then? That's another thing I've not thought of getting for these babies...

Sleeping wise we were going to put a cotbed in our room but a) they're so huge and b) we've realised to get it into our funny-angled small children's bedrooms it would need to be fully dismantled again... so if I only last 2-3 weeks with them in with me, thats a lot of effort for that. We have one moses basket, but reluctant as DD hated hers so much. Could I buy a travel cot with a basinett level? That'd be suitable for newborns wouldn't it? Or try and eBay a proper crib? I'm quite keen to keep them together, at least initially... I may as well accept DD is going to continue to make evenings hell when the boys are here, thinking of lack of sleeping.... Plus I tried the bigboobs tactic again tonight to settle an overtired and very restless/howling DD tonight but was sat in her room (not talking or doing anything for fear she'd think something better than going to sleep was going on) for an hour and a half before she finally gave up and dropped off at just after 9pm.... Seriously, can't keep that up when the babies are here, I remember the cluster feeding in the evening all too well, it just won't be possible....

rednellie, what a treat to have an itch free night!!

wow claire, shopping and cooking.... That's properly coping, no ready meals or send the neighbour/husband <very impressed> Does sound like an extra pair of hands for baby jigging/feeding can be invaluable- thank goodness for your super helpful DD1. And great DD2 got some 2:1 parent time. It sounds hard... I'm hoping the one candidate for our mothers help/nanny 2 days a week is suitable as I don't know what I'll do otherwise. Agree- I never used the tumbledryer so much as when DD was tiny and we lived in a very damp house, and I couldn't have managed otherwise with one baby!!! Expect I'll use it constantly!!!!

DreamingOfPeace Sun 11-Mar-12 22:49:18

and when are these babies coming rednellie?! are you not being induced whatever and just waiting for labour, or evicting them at 38/39 weeks?! Just so I can prepare myself properly, I am so excited to hear of your babies arrival, and weights, definite names, mode of delivery.... grin I have to obsessively check this thread to check you're still here and posting!

goingmadtrying Sun 11-Mar-12 23:15:12

hi dream just a quicker i got a travel cot with basinette from toysrus for £59 reduced its lovely smile

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 02:35:21


I have no plans for induction, ELCS or anything else currently. This may all change tomorrow as my OB's back from holiday. I'm not sure she was expecting to see me come in grin. I would rather go into labour naturally, but today I started to really feel peeved with my bump and am getting more and more uncomfortable, so I'll play it by ear. As Mum keeps pointing out to me - she was induced in one way or another with all of us and still had natural labours. So I'm keeping my chin up.

skitoo, so glad you like the bras - it's terrible when you recommend something and then the person you recommended it to hates it! I should obviously work in the John Lewis lingerie department, although I've always thought I'd quite like to live in their haberdashery and wool section...

I haven't got any tiny clothes for the babies, just all the 0-3 month ones DD wore. I also don't have any bottles, breast pump or mobiles. I figure, if we need it we shall buy it! The women's hospital has a pretty amazing shop anyway so I can always send DH down to do some rummaging. Although, that may not be the best idea based on how him and DD got her dressed this morning - combination between Pat Butcher and Gengis Khan springs to mind. grin

claireinmodena Mon 12-Mar-12 09:22:23

dream I think I may have given the wrong impression in my efforts not to scare people off, its just basic cooking, and we've had two takeaways at the weekend, foodshopping yes, but thanks to babysitter (a hell of shopping bill that is!), but it is "doable" with some help. Nothing so impressive at all!

Also keeping expectations of what I can achieve in one day at a minimum: today I am taking the babies to peads for 1 month check up, and taking rubbish/recycling on the way (no door collection in Italy, I sure miss that!!). MIL arrives in the afternoon hmm, and I'll do some shopping and picking girls up from school. That's it for my day.

I do hope you get dd's sleeping sorted out, it is the last thing you need when the twins arrive, I wish I had some helpful advice for you, but all I can offer is my sympathy and good wishes!

The twins are definitely developing a routine of thier own, where they are at their most unsettled between 9-10pm til about 2-3am, and despite being able to go to sleep by themselves at all other times, during this period they often both end up in bed with us, which makes me very uncomfortable safety wise, but I can't be doing with the constant putting down to sleep-getting into my bed-getting up again after 5 mins and repeat !!

They finally settle around 3-4am then have a longish sleep (3 hrs) followed by another one, which is when I try to get some sleep too, or housework done.

redenellie when went to the hospital I only had 2 bottles in the house and some cartons of ready milk, and that was knowing I would certainly have to top up! Our first stop on our way home was to pharmacy to get formula LOL, and the following day dh was ent out to get more bottles and breast pump for my engorged breast, as I dispaired the babies would latch on, it has only been used 3 times. So am with you with the not buying too much especially for yuo guys in the uk, where there is always something open or next day delivery from amazon!

You must be nearly 38 weeks now? If it helps you I had ongoing help until 3 1/2 weeks and I have survived, and even though my mil is coming this week I would have happily continued this way as each day I cope on my own builds up my confidence in being able to do this. I am sure you'll have no problems, you sound like a very determined, organised adn strong person. I bet you'll breeze through it all and put us all to shame!

ok, I am supposed to leave the house in 40 mins so I should getting the circus on the road!!!

DreamingOfPeace Mon 12-Mar-12 14:40:02

rednellie, you are 38 weeks in 2 days. 2 days!!!! You're amazing! The twin mum I met the other day had had a long induction for her first birth, (though successful outcome- 9lb 2 baby, no stitches!) and her waters broke at 36 weeks and she went in as soon as she could, so arrived an hour later at the hospital having had no contractions. Examined, 3cm dilated anyway, had a sweep which started things with a bang, and had both babies in her arms within 2 hours of the sweep!!! So minimal intervention induction works too sometimes. I hope it all changes tomorrow when you go into labour grin Are you going to do us a bump pic?!

I am not racing out to buy mobiles! lol. Tiny babies won't care. I do have a second bouncy chair- but I'm lucky, my toddler mum friends with children DD's age are fishing things like this out of their attics for me. I have still yet to ever buy a bouncy chair etc in fact... Or a muslin (all grotty hand-me-downs but I figure they're hardly a fashion item anyway). I still haven't bought a single article of clothing for the boys- they will certainly not be dressed to my taste, but they will be dressed for free. (Same as DD!!) I have now bought her about 5 outfits, and she's been here a year and a half! But when DD arrived we owned a hand me down car seat, hand me down moses basket, borrowed buggy and hand me down boucy chair (now on 5th and 6th children for these 2!) and that was it (we were waiting for a hand-me-down cot, so didn't even have one til we begged for them to evict the child quick and hand it over at 8 or 9 weeks old!). I had actually bought nappies, cotton wool, 5 white sleepsuits, and a new moses basket mattress, so in comparison I've gone wild this time with having to buy buggies, cotbeds etc!! Speaking of buying things, thanks goingmad, will check out the travel cot/basinette thing smile Is that what you'll put your two in in your room?

claire, that's still quite a lot. I run my life around DD, so take her out or do something with her every morning, back for her lunch and nap, and rarely manage much after that as by the time she's awake and come to and had a snack by 3:30- 4ish, depending how grumpy she is when she wakes, it feels too late to be heading into town or anything, so its normally just playground for some fresh air or something... She has a very cushy life, rarely gets dragged around on jobs/ shopping/ into town- my how that will change! Hope they breeze through their paed check and they're all amazed how well you're doing too!

Kazar99 Mon 12-Mar-12 17:18:01

Hello again everyone. Just back from my 13 week scan. Both babies still growing well smile didn't bother with nuchal testing as wouldn't have amnio or cvs even if high risk and as I'm 36, more chance of being high risk just due to age. As DH says, we just have to cope with whatever we get!

Spoke to consultant too. He was saying that current clinical guidelines for twins are to aim for birth between 37 and 38 weeks as risk to babies increases more after 38 weeks. EDD is officially 17 September but he reckoned I was to hope to get to start of September then get induced or CS depending on position of babies. Has anyone else been told that?

Rednellie not sure what the guidelines are where you are, but maybe not long to go smile

dream sounds like you are all organised. Hoping I can get some hand-me-downs but not sure I'll do as well as you. I'm starting from scratch as I'm only on #1&2. Now we have scan out the way, I suppose we'd better start thinking about what we need to get and make a list.

claire I'm impressed you have made it out to restaurants already. Sounds like you are coping really well.

goingmadtrying Mon 12-Mar-12 17:53:13

dream I've got the travel cot for downstairs have a normal cot for bedtime,

kazar yay for good scan, im having id twins and was told would deliver in week 36, however for non id they delivered between 38-39 i have also been told would depend on cs or vb due to position x

bigboobsatlast Mon 12-Mar-12 18:21:50

Hey ladies. what lovely weather we are having - sunshine and a bit of heat makes all the difference! (Sorry to those of you who are not experiencing the same weather as me!).

You are still going strong Rednellie! does it all feel real now? IN that you can picture yourself with two new babies? It all still seems to far away for me... like I am going to be pregnant forever!

Completed hospital bag this weekend (inlcuding muslins - thanks for the heads up re Mothercare offer Skitoo - thats where I got them). Just got to pack DD a bag, but I have asked friends that are nearby if they can have her in an emergency so now we have a list of people willing and able to help if we need them too - my parents will be here ready if I make it to my induction date at 36 weeks but if it happens before then, we have no family nearby so need to rely on friends.

Cots are up and pushchair arrived today - so feeling more organised, but the house is a mess and I really want to get on with some housework!!

Kazar , congratulstions on a good scan - and Going is right re how many weeks you are usually induced / section is booked for - what type of twins are you having? Did the consultant confirm this for you?

You sound like you have everything Dream, and lucky to have people around you willing and able to pass you things for the babies - I am sure you will give in a buy just a couple of outfits for the boys though.....!! Sorry that DD is still not letting you rest as much as you would like. My DD is better - goes to bed fine and even slept through a few times - but last few nights back to waking once or twice :-( really not sure how to solve it!

You sound like you are doing AMAZINGLY Claire! your family just sounds lovely.

DD out of the bath so gotta fly - In the night garden time and then BED!

rednellie Mon 12-Mar-12 18:41:37

Kazar great news on your scan and glad you came to a decision about the tests. Exciting times.

Guidelines smidelines - it's the same out here, but if you're being monitored (i.e ultrasounds and non stress tests) there is no reason why you can't carry on for longer. I know plenty of twin mums who've made 39/40 weeks. I know I sometimes sound a bit cavalier about stuff like this, but I have done a lot of research and quite a lot of the guidelines are based on very little/old evidence. You always have to look at individual cases and decide. As it is, I'm (relatively) young, fit and 'roomy', my pregnancy has basically been totally normal and so my medical team are happy to just see what happens. My OB is also happy to deliver my babies breech if that's how they come - but she is an amazing OB and top of her field, and up on current research. Of course, if I carry on growing more enormous I may just throw the towel in, no shame in that, but I'm not in a hurry to evict them. Sorry, bit of a rant, but it's all on my mind as I'm 38 weeks on Wednesday grin gulp!

claire, thank you, what you wrote really made me feel great. I'm loving having my Mum here, but I am looking forward to seeing what our family of five will be like once we're back to being on our own.

I've just bought a travel cot off craigslist so I've got somewhere safe to put the babas where DD can't inflict fratricide if I need to go to the loo or answer the door. One big cot upstairs in our bedroom...

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