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Barman! A pint of your finest Gaviscon with a ferrous sulphate chaser if you please! On the February 2012 Baby Bus.

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BillComptonstrousers Thu 15-Dec-11 21:35:14

Right then my lovelies, this thread is going sloooooowly now we have our little secret facebook group smile

But we need to keep posting here for people who haven't joined our other group, so keep on going!

If anyone wants to join the facebook group, can they ask someone cleverer than me <thicko emoticon> and they will set it up for you!

Old thread is here

woowa Mon 19-Dec-11 20:21:29

Yay babycarmen! That's fab, so glad you've been handed over to the MWs, it's SO much more reassuring!

Everyone seems really cheerful today! Must be the mulled wine?

Can't remember if I said I've given up on trousers?! Just can't stand them anymore, bump must be bigger than it was with DD. SO i went to H&M and bought a dress today, so that I have two items of clothing I can wear for the next 6 weeks!!! nice!!

we've also had some good news - DH still doesn' thave a job, but we're allowed an extra 12 months in our house and DH will be seconded to somewhere else until we find one. That means we don't have to move out in May, and I can relax a bit. phew. Still need and want to find a job at some point, but hoorah for the kind CofE folk who are letting us stay. Happy days.

due date is SIX WEEKS TOMORROW!! I'll be induced then if no sign of baby, so i'll be having a baby within six weeks then!!


QueenFee Mon 19-Dec-11 20:37:02

Woowa thats fab news smile

Kayano Mon 19-Dec-11 21:11:55

Yey babycarmen and woowa


It is rather cheerful in here today waves flags DH has just ran me a gorgeous bubble bath and I'm chilling all evening x

babycarmen Mon 19-Dec-11 21:13:52

Great news woowa must be a load off your mind!

Ahhhh were all going to have ACTUAL babies soon (still cant get my head around it, and its not my first!) so exciting!! Cant wait to hear everyones labour stories and see cute pics! grin

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Mon 19-Dec-11 22:50:26

Hi girls! waves to newbies

Sorry I've been off radar again - just trying to keep my head down and struggle on through till mat leave, which kicks in on 30th Dec. Only 6 working days - yay!

Great news re babycarmen and woowa. Still struggling here with nausea and vomiting and getting tireder by the day. The reflux and heartburn and getting horrendous - getting through shedloads of gaviscon, so had a wry smile at the new thread title.

Hope everyone else is doing ok. And don't forget about this thread for those of us who aren't on the FB group!


littlemonkeybix Tue 20-Dec-11 06:57:45

Yay woowa, that's great news!! Boo for poor wicket and sickiness

well... i was doing just fine recently... then tonight... bloody awake from 5ish... snots are starting and i just can't be arsed with that!

Looks like I'll be lemon&ginger tea with honey for a few days.... wish i could lemsip/sudafed sad And I've been so careful! Vit C and avoiding germy people.... BAH!

littlemonkeybix Tue 20-Dec-11 06:59:05

29+1 or 30+1... Can't remember but its on my desk calendar... will try to look later in work!!

Kayano Tue 20-Dec-11 07:41:08

Plan of action: drive DH to work
Pick up pampers pack from post office
Mcds breakfast drive through - sausage and egg mcmuffin meal with coke grin
Home to consume said meal
Piss in pot
32 week midwife appointment
Go order carpet for Sophie's room - right next door to dr and midwife, very handy

Home. Nap. Generic tidy

Pick DH up from work

Mums house for spag Bol tea.

Tv night just me and DH and cats and cat snuggles

inserts feed cats somewhere into list grin

OddEyes Tue 20-Dec-11 10:20:27

Wish I had plan of action! Think not going to set my goals to high today - survival, that is it!

louby86 Tue 20-Dec-11 10:40:29

I'm impressed Kayano for me today involves, lying on the sofa, possibly under a duvet, taking paracetemol while staring at all the 'proper' medicines in disgust and maybe mustering up the strength to go collect a sample pot from the doctors for my MW appointment Thursday. Need to walk the dog at some point too, can't really ask DH to do that as he's just as poorly

Kayano Tue 20-Dec-11 12:13:53

Plan of action slightly thrown by driving past my freezing cousin and her 5 year old at bus stop and ferrying them to aunts house
Then MW said baby is head down grin good girl, great heartbeat and perfect growth. Get in, that's my girl.
karma balanced

I then went to see my mum

Then at carpet shop got an awesome remnant carpet, underlay and grippers for £140 all in. Very impressed. THEN! The carpet fitter walked in, had a chat and he is squeezing me in TOMORROW so Sophie's room will be decorated before Christmas!

karma balanced

So now... I am in my chill bit
Of my day and will tidy 1-3 and then go for DH grin

Good day grin nods

deardear Tue 20-Dec-11 13:37:20

OMG kayano that is organisation!

I have just tidied my desk and drawers out ready for the new chap starting after christmas. Cant believe I can see my desk!! i havent finished everything and i am not busting a gut to do it. whats not done will have to be done by someone else while i am off.

managed to have an online chat with a man from o2 this morning after DD1 went £18 over her contract (I will be having words and she will have it taken out of her monthly money) and managed to get her contract down to £21 per month and increase her talk minutes smile Should have been £27 per month.

Cant wait to finish work tomorrow. Think we are finishing at around 12 then going upstairs for drinks, nibbles and a slap up meal as normal. Looking forwards to it. Have managed to tell one of the directors this morning i was in pain after i picked him up from the station.

I am so looking forwards to a lie in on Thursday and time off. I have loads i want to do and will be lovely just pottering about for a couple of months on my own while the DD's are at school.

We were discussing Christmas last weekend me and the DH. As my two DD's are at an age now where neither of them believe in santa (aged 14 and nearly 12) next years christmas will be fantastic with LO here and they will be just as excited as us. Will bring the whole meaning of christmas back again. I am really excited about this Christmas anyhow.

Oh and the good news - when i bend over now either sitting or standing i let out a little pee!! oops blush

hermionejgranger Tue 20-Dec-11 21:01:39

<waves> at newbies smile

wicket I can't believe you are still having sickness sad poor you!

woowa good news about your house!

I am so boring. Every time I come to post on here my mind goes blank and I can't think what I was going to post!

All seems to be ok here - 32 week MW appointment confirmed carpal tunnel (if you can call it "confirmed" - she just went "yes that sounds like it might be carpal tunnel syndrome") and she has referred me to the physio so hopefully I can get some relief from it. It's not too bad in the day time unless I'm doing something that requires small movements and dexterity but at night it's a total nightmare and wakes me at least 4 times.

Bump and Bert are still measuring/feeling big - fundal height is still above the 95th centile - but I'm not worrying about it any more. In fact I don't feel like I'm worrying about anything really which is unusual for me. The only problem is that I seem to have apathy instead. Hmm.

Have just read a thread about cheap undies and nightwear - I've got the gargantuan sexypants from Primarni and finally found a pair of short sleeved button front pyjamas that aren't as ugly as anything in Peacocks, but hadn't considered the possibility that I might need a catheter. So now I think I need to go and get some nighties too. Might have a look in the mothercare sale.

Oh and my boobs itch.

31+4...8 weeks 3 days to go...

woowa Tue 20-Dec-11 22:05:33

Midwife appointment fine, measuring spot on 34 (which, bizarrely is 75th percentile - why not 50th?!). Weed in a pot. You know, normal pregnant sort of day. Having people round for fake christmas dinner tomorrow night so making stuffing and all that malarkey - so much more fun than doing it on christmas day with the stress!! Now off to bed as I am usually dead by now and don't want to push my luck.

6 weeks today!!

34 + 0 smile

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 20-Dec-11 22:06:45

It was the same last time, Hermione - this is why this little blighter is going to be our last!

QueenFee Tue 20-Dec-11 22:16:09

Guess what its my lucky day! Well sort of.

Not because ds2 is ill again
But it is because a friend of mine has given me a maclaren techno xt! Whoo solves my car buggy issues and saves me ££ smile
I have washed all the covers tonight and its come up lovely. I have a footmuff that will fit it from another pram. She was given it apparently and hasnt used it for a while so its just been gathering dust in onr of her farm sheds smile
Totally made up!

littlemonkeybix Wed 21-Dec-11 08:01:29

Morning ladies! Can we use strepsils?! Shitty night with fresh cold giving me gip... sore throat this am. all raw and crappidy. gonna buy lemons ginger and honey.... and strepsils <sob>

Kayano Wed 21-Dec-11 08:35:02

Nope. Go get lockets or halls soothes confused

Also... Where does
One buy these 'breast pads' and 'maternity pads' for this 'excessive bleeding' we will be experiencing? I have not a clue

hermionejgranger Wed 21-Dec-11 09:11:04

boots...tesco...superdrug, kayano...i had a voucher for breast pads from boots parenting club...

queenfee i don't know the first thing about buggies etc, but WAHEY! smile

CoffeeOne Wed 21-Dec-11 09:55:56

er, you guys, December is nearly over and that means there is only one bus ahead of us to have their babies then it's OUR TURN shock


Kayano Wed 21-Dec-11 10:02:36

Oh god... Our turn confused

I'm still shit scared suffering from anxiety blush

Xavielli Wed 21-Dec-11 10:11:10

Woohoo! Getting quite excited about meeting baby now! Can't wait, and can't wait for it all to be over. Come feb I'll have been pregnant for 18 months out of the last two years as ds2 was conceived feb 2010.

And this is the part where time really starts to drag....

33 weeks today.

littlemonkeybix Wed 21-Dec-11 10:31:48

<hides with kayano on back seat>

Kinda glad my due date is March 5th cos I get to "see" what happens when you guys do it!! absolutely shitting it petrified in denial!

Have purchased soothers and lockets, honey, lemons, ginger and more balm tissues... BUGGER OFF COLD! BOOOOOO! angry

littlemonkeybix Wed 21-Dec-11 10:41:46

awwww.... good on her for 3 months of sacrifice!!

Glad it worked!!


louby86 Wed 21-Dec-11 12:02:06

Aww that's a lovely story grin

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