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Barman! A pint of your finest Gaviscon with a ferrous sulphate chaser if you please! On the February 2012 Baby Bus.

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BillComptonstrousers Thu 15-Dec-11 21:35:14

Right then my lovelies, this thread is going sloooooowly now we have our little secret facebook group smile

But we need to keep posting here for people who haven't joined our other group, so keep on going!

If anyone wants to join the facebook group, can they ask someone cleverer than me <thicko emoticon> and they will set it up for you!

Old thread is here

FundusCrispyPancake Thu 02-Feb-12 09:24:41

Congratulation enreha, woowa and esme (I am not on FB) thanks

A girl would be lovely, my family and DH's are full of boys so it would be nice to even things up a bit! However, people keep telling me I am having a boy because I am all 'out the front' hmm.

Yesterday evening it felt like baby pancake was trying to chew his/her way out of my cervix! DH was looking really worried at my squeals but then I had a peaceful night and nothing more today so far. Does anyone know if it means anything? I saw the midwife yesterday and she said I was unlikely to pop before my due date (20th).

heliumballoon Thu 02-Feb-12 09:31:39

Congrats enraha and woowa
another longtime lurker here
I had my DD2 early on Sat morning. On Friday I was feeling unwell with really really bad D&V (sorry if TMI) from mid afternoon, then I tried to distract myself by watching TV till about 2300. My contractions were long and irregular so I assumed nothing much going on. About 1hr later I thought I might ring the birth centre but they said they might not take me because of the D&V so to go to triage instead. That's when things started to get exciting! Suddenly I started bleeding and my contractions ramped up hugely, I was hanging off the bath rail begging DH to get a taxi. Eventually he got one and we went to hospital (only 10 mins away thank God) and when there I delivered within 15 mins in four pushes with no pain relief. I repeat no pain relief!!!
So my top tip is especially if this is your second child and you had a reasonable first birth (mine was 6 hrs) do not ignore tightening and do your hypnotherapy woo because it might mean you forget to go to hospital!!!
We were kept in for three nights and now at home snuggling. My tits and stitches are painful but this still beats the pain of being pg- take heart ladies!!
To the poster upthread wondering about a nursing chair- I love mine!!

FundusCrispyPancake Thu 02-Feb-12 09:58:08

Congratulations heliumbaloon !

littlemonkeybix Thu 02-Feb-12 10:30:32

Aww Congratulations helium How lovely!

I do like a positive story grin

Today... woken up with NORMAL LEGS... already in flip flops at work, and have legs up on furry footstool. Slept on the couch again last night to raise my legs without disturbing DP (who has been great at me flaking out last night, and doing zero housework/cooking since the weekend!! I tell a lie... I cooked chilli on Monday so he could make enchiladas for us)

Anyway, I spoke to the MW last night (as she runs the aquanatal) and as I only have megalegs, and no other symptoms, she's happy for me to monitor for now. Any changes I am to ring them or the hospital triage. I have an appointment with her on Weds anyway so she'll check up on me there too.

I asked about sweeps, as I didnt want to do the induction route. She can't do one until due date and onward, it's only the doctors that can do one prior to that. So I have to have a bit of a think... see if I want to try earlier, and see if I can make them let me have one earlier.

Oh I wish it was Tuesday already.... then I'd have my lovely lunch out to look forward to followed by LEAVING WORK <sob sob>

Antenatal class on Saturday... DP already moaning about it... but in a much lesser way... I made a point of saying in front of him and my mum that I need him to know everything for when I flake out... she backed me up. Not heard much from him since on the subject.

Plus (last thing I promise.... info overload!) Paint picked! He's buying tonight, and we're getting some coats of undercoat on tonight WOOHOO Carpet decision on Sunday (3 to pick between) I'll be in a bedroom before I know it! <still not holding breath>


Enraha Thu 02-Feb-12 10:46:35

Wow Heliumballoon - brilliant news, congratulations, that was an express delivery! Birth is such an unpredictable thing isn't it? Congrats Woowa too.

Thanks for the messages. We're back home now, queue-jumper DS born on the last day of Jan. Planned section in the end, but a fairly late call. A couple of tricky medical issues on my side risked me having a highly medicalised VBAC (and then, if we're honest, probably another EMCS - which I absolutely didn't want, DDs birth was a complete nightmare), so given the option at the final consultant appt and one last scan to check size (large!), we cut to the chase and booked in for the chop.

Anyway, all went very smoothly. Great surgical/midwife team and very spookily quiet post natal unit made for the best experience I could have hoped for. DS is a surprise boy, and joins a massively excited 4 YO sister, who seems like a giant now, even though he's a chunky 3.8kg.

When they announced his sex in theatre, I felt a bit wierd. I've absolutely no clue about little boys, but he seems really lovely and is feeding very enthusiastically, a lot! I think the relaxed arrival and start in life has really helped us this time. If anyone is heading for a section or wants to compare notes after the event, do quiz me while the memory is still fresh and the bags only just unpacked smile. A bit strange not experiencing full on labour this time. So happy, and so much nicer than late pregnancy. Jan was one big slog! Enjoying the happy hormones while they last...

hermionejgranger Thu 02-Feb-12 10:53:50

congratulations helium that's lovely news! a little girl - we are short of those on the bus at the moment! Hope the tits-and-stitches <chuckle> pain goes away quickly for you!

monkey glad it's just the legs...but you make sure you keep an eye on it, ok <mother voice>? And YAY for nearly complete bedrooms!! Oh and a further voice in support (well 2 actually if you include DH) of your DP going on antenatal classes with you and not moaning about it! DH didn't need to be asked to come along - he said "well you're going to be pooing yourself and making amusing noises so one of us should know what's going on"...such a delight.

patsdeadfrank Thu 02-Feb-12 10:56:55

congrats hellium and woowa well done you lovely ladies. you are all making me more impatient for my baby.xxxxxxxxxxx have lots of hugs for me.

BillComptonstrousers Thu 02-Feb-12 11:12:27

Congrats on all the lovely new babies, am so jealous of all the squishy cuddles going on!

Had to start a new thread here as this one is bursting at the seams.

Bugger me this will be our last thread before post natal...shock

woowa Thu 02-Feb-12 22:12:32

Raphaiah is from 1 Chronicles 7. Most bibles actually say Rephaiah but we didn't want him to be called Ref smile we found one really obscure bible which spells it with an A, so that's enough for us!! It means The Lord Heals, which is very apt for the IVF pregnancy and getting us through all the medical stuff.

3 hours sleep in last 48 hours...must now try to sleep as milk is in and Raph more content. All you pregnant people, SLEEP NOW!!

Squiglettsmummy2bx Fri 03-Feb-12 04:10:02

Congratulations enraha & helium balloon smile
I am off to the hospital in 3 & a half hrs for elcs & very excited smile a little nervous & absolutely starving! Lol
Glad to read of your positive experience enraha, has perked me up no end.
Good luck to the other bumps waiting to pop grin see you all on fb blush x

Squiglettsmummy2bx Fri 03-Feb-12 04:10:36

Congratulations woowa too smile x

Enraha Fri 03-Feb-12 05:04:44

Best of luck Squiglett, hope there's not too much waiting. Once you're in theatre it's all incredibly fast and exciting. There'll be a happy crowd of medical types in with you!

InTheNightGarden Mon 01-Oct-12 10:27:27

seems that I found one of your old threads so I've just skipped through god knows how many threads to get here haha.... fingers crossed this is the newest one!!!

I'm 20+2 and "hopefully" finding out what we're having tomoz smile hoping for a lil boy as we have a gorgeous dd and one of each would be lovely!!

who's found out what they're having?
can someone set a link up to the Facebook group? smile smile : ) pretty please!!!

TheWicketKeeperIsDown Tue 11-Dec-12 23:36:45

You're a year behind!grin

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