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Barman! A pint of your finest Gaviscon with a ferrous sulphate chaser if you please! On the February 2012 Baby Bus.

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BillComptonstrousers Thu 15-Dec-11 21:35:14

Right then my lovelies, this thread is going sloooooowly now we have our little secret facebook group smile

But we need to keep posting here for people who haven't joined our other group, so keep on going!

If anyone wants to join the facebook group, can they ask someone cleverer than me <thicko emoticon> and they will set it up for you!

Old thread is here

babycarmen Sun 18-Dec-11 17:53:34

McQueasy YES! A lady in ASDA asked how long i had left, when i told her i had 7 weeks she replied "Oh but youre so BIG" wait, de ja vu, did i already write this on here?, Anways, she got evil eyes haha! People always feel the need to comment, and for the record, my bump is pretty small i think!

<waves> at Ray smile

mccarr I want Seren as a middle name for baby - still trying to convince DP (I WILL get my own way) I dont know any and its lovely.

Im stressed about the scan tomorrow and even more stressed because i have to go myself now. Im breathing deeply before i SCREAM.
Moved the bedroom around and set up the moses basket today!

QueenFee Sun 18-Dec-11 19:55:08

Hello all, welcome newbies!

Dh now has the bug the boys had on friday.

Been to labour ward to be checked out. Basically I have to grin and bear it for the next 9 weeks. Boy its going to be a long one.

I could cry. Got so much to do and no energy to do anything.

glowfrog Sun 18-Dec-11 20:03:59

Thanks for sorting another thread, Bill!

Still feeling very low and crying a lot. So much to do and no interest in doing any of it. Any suggestions on how I can try and get over this?? I may have to eat my placenta when Beanie's out at this rate.

glowfrog Sun 18-Dec-11 20:05:36

QueenFee - I may be in your club...

woowa Sun 18-Dec-11 21:41:21

Hi all. Another bloomin awful night, wandering round the house wondering what to do, then an exhausting day. Done more exercise today so hoping that's enough to send me to sleep ALL NIGHT PLEASE!!

mummymcar, I basically dislike all my consultants and would happily not have a single one near me. However, when I haemmorhaged after DDs birth, the consultant on call a) sorted it out brilliantly and professionally and b) could have been anyone, as I have no recollection of what she or any of the midwives looked like. We're bound to clash personalities with some docs but my advice is to not say anything to anyone, and definitiely not to put it in writing, not even to the MW who is with you. Honestly, if something goes wrong, i think you'll want anyone who can make it better and make you and/or the baby well. I think i'm discovering that consultants aren't there to be liked - that's MWs job!! Consultants are there to be brilliant, and that can make them unsympathetic and patronising. (NOT ALL, i hasten to add!!) Hope that helps and isn't too harsh.

Keep those legs crossed everyone, ray hope your MW can help. Sleepytime now for tired mummy, supermarket with toddler first thing, hopefully the last time I'll be in a shop until after christmas!!


woowa Sun 18-Dec-11 21:53:57

ps for those struggling to get things done, i think it's important to ask "how important is it that X happens?" The consumerist christmas puts massive pressure on us all to perform and it rarely lives up to it. Is there anything you can drop? IS there someone you can ask for help? Can you lower the expectations of those around you? Do you have to go to x,y,z party this week? I'm not speaking as an expert, but we are all heavily pregnant now, but 21st century life expects us to carry on as if we are capable of everything, but we're not, and we shouldn't be expected to be!

If it helps, dwell on Mary who, heavily pregnant, walked miles to a strange town, and gave birth to a baby in a shed and put it in a feeding trough to sleep. That's the simplicity of Christmas, the true message. I was thinking about it lots today at 2 carol services - we pg ladies can totally empathise with the fear she must have felt at giving birth in such a circumstance. Our christmases really don't need to be glitzy, because true christmas is the simplest, humblest thing imaginable, that God became a baby, born into poverty, for us.

night all x

glowfrog Sun 18-Dec-11 22:25:25

Very wise words, Woowa - in my case all the stuff I'm worried about getting done are not Xmas-related. Lots of stuff to sort out to try and finally move un fully in our house (been here year and a half and still got boxes of paperwork to sort and nothing on the Walls!) plus sorting baby stuff (it's my first so we have nothing!). I'm looking to only get the basics for the first few weeks and she won't have a nursery as such but I'd still like to create a nice little corner for her...

Am worried about Xmas - we've got my stepkids over for a few days, which I normally really enjoy but I was in such a foul mood last time they were here - don't want 5 days of that, for their sake and mine!

Going to bed early tonight and hopefully that will help. Am looking to do only bare minimum for next few days - maybe I'm just a lot more tired than I realise. Not sleeping super well like many others here!

QueenFee Sun 18-Dec-11 23:57:03

Well said woowa. I'm gutted to have missed christmassy services today with all this going on.
I would quite happily have a quiet christmas but our extended families have other ideas.
I really have done the minimun this yr and plan on sleeping most of the time were away hoping the grandparents wont notice i've disapeared!

tomkittensmittens Mon 19-Dec-11 00:17:07

Hello all, I'm new - due 1st on 19 Feb, so 31+1.
Feeling fine apart from cough that's been going on since week 12! GP tried antibiotics, inhaled steroids, no effect. Am thinking maybe just extra mucous is irritating throat? Lovely I know, but grateful for any ideas.
Carpal tunnel too, but having read some of the really weird stuff that can happen I think I'm doing not too badly so far - hope that lasts!
Also is it normal some days/nights to feel much less movement than others?

glowfrog Mon 19-Dec-11 01:50:43

Hi Tom - welcome! Yes I think it's normal - I've had quiet days on the movement front but today for instance the baby's been very active. I think it's more of an issue if the lack of movement persists.

In other news - it's nearly 2am. SLEEP FAIL.

Ray81 Mon 19-Dec-11 08:30:20

Hi all,

Thanks for all the advise, typically after i wrote on here yesterday he started jumping around like nothing on earth and did so most of the day so wasnt so concerned. I think the leakig must be wee if it is happing to others too and it does only happen when i cough. Must start doing the pelvic floors more lol.

phlossie Mon 19-Dec-11 11:25:04

Hi everyone! I thought I'd lost you for a moment - or that you'd gone uncharacteristically quiet!

I'm very very busy. Our house purchase completed, so we are now the proud owners of one wreck! DH has bought himself some new tools and has been going there and breaking things (walls, fireplaces, cupboards). He's in his element!

And my children have both been ill - poor DS had croup. He's now much better, and being very over-excited about Christmas and irritating!

I have just been to the doctor - completely un-pregnancy related - I have a piece of light bulb glass in my foot! I have to go and get in x-rayed so it can be removed. What a palaver!

Sorry to those of you who have niggles and gripes. And welcome to the newbies.


CoffeeOne Mon 19-Dec-11 11:53:39

welcome newbies, Ray81 you're a due date buddy! grin


CoffeeOne Mon 19-Dec-11 11:54:19

phlossie congrats on your purchase! I do hope you all feel better soon.

louby86 Mon 19-Dec-11 12:22:21

Welcome to the new people!

Ray your a due date buddy for me too!

Congratulations on your new house phlossie grin

Been to the dentist this morning and getting my hair done this afternoon, I'm trying to get all organised now in preparation for the baby arriving! Finished the nursery last night so DH is going to work on his list of jobs to get all the little niggly bits in the house sorted while he's off at Christmas!

Kayano Mon 19-Dec-11 12:26:36


I have done all my washing, all the dishes, sorted all the cupboards and put everything in expiry date order. As I am childless ATM I am having cat snuggles with my two cats Chili and nacho (yes, that is their names) grin and then cracking on with ironing.

Fil has just finished painting Sophie's room 'gentle yellow' and putting boarder on next week. I am carpet shopping and seeing midwife tomorrow morning ❤

I have gotten my second wind


God bless holidays and mat leave

PamBeesly Mon 19-Dec-11 12:42:15

Welcome to the new people! Hope you are all feeling great....I wonder is there a chance we'll ever feel great again this pregnancy smile

Woowa you make such an excellent point about Mary. Since I've been pregnant I've been studying a lot of Mariology (I have a friend doing a PhD in the subject so lucky me) I was brought up Catholic (in Ireland) but now abhor the institution that is the Catholic church, mainly because of the abuse scandals. However, I've always been and still am fascinated by Mary's story. I think it must also have been scary for her, a young non married woman who was pregnant (she could have been stoned for much less back then) travelling on a donkey being so heavily pregnant,having nowhere to stay. Having strange men visit her and her new baby, having to flee over the border to Egypt to escape the slaughter of the innocents (knowing the birth of your child caused Herod to commit such atrocities, well obviously it was Herods own vanity not the innocent child) and of course watching your child eventually be executed for his beliefs. Its a very sad tale for a mother, she was a very strong woman, full of compassion. The hospital where I am giving birth (including the delivery suites) have pictures of her everywhere, its like a church! (It was originally run by nuns)

deardear Mon 19-Dec-11 12:54:53

morning folks.

Officially 7 hours of work left this week before ML - cant come soon enough! Finish at 2 today, 4 hours tomorrow then 10 till about 12 on wednesday.

saw an email this mornign from office manager to someone and she expects me back in May!! Erm i dont think so!! That will mean baby could potentially be only 12 weeks old when i go back to work! I have already told them i am entitled to 12 months off which takes me to February 2013 angry

i am in nesting mode. i am desperate to clean out my kitchen cupboards and rearrange them and get rid of what cooking pots we dont use. driving me mad! i polished the cooker and fridge last night with windolene - how sad lol

weather is gross here this morning. wet cold rain. got not logs chopped at home so will have to do a few when i get back as really want a fire.

OddEyes Mon 19-Dec-11 15:04:22

Well done all of you productive ladies. Just returned to pig sty, starting to feel like nesting but just get frustrated cause is such a tip, two steps forward, seven back!
So day 1 of Christmas hols and back in bed. Diabetes clinic this morning- 1st one there still didn't get seen until 40mins after appt. Then run into town to see Peppa Pig's treasure hunt, kids loved it. Lunch at national gallery then home in rain and cold. Happily dd happy to sleep and dh and ds off shopping.
'Twas our Carol service last night, ds (4) very happy to be doing prayers at front with Mummy and Daddy, line perfect, whereas dd just froze and couldn't manage the Amen just snuggled into shoulders.

littlemonkeybix Mon 19-Dec-11 15:58:12

<waves to newbies> hi all!

FANFARE I have finished my chrimbly shopping!! Yaaaay!

Pecking POOPED though! just home with 30 min "get ready" time, then if to dirty dancing in Manchester with my pal for her chrimbo pressie of her dp :-D

also, booking spa day for me her and another girly gore Jan when 1st pal is 40. knackered but happy (except sore back and round ligaments!)

Hope we're all well... feeling festive?! Xmas cd been on in car all day so i am!!

Yay new house, yay cat cuddles <sneeze> yay newbies... and yay anything else good I've forgotten! Right.. make up application time.... i may be some time....

littlemonkeybix Mon 19-Dec-11 15:58:59

Pecking = fecking

deardear Mon 19-Dec-11 17:17:30

Can I just say how peed off I am with heartburn?

That's all

Honest I dont moan all the time lol.

Off to work now. Might try a brandy and peppermint see if that sorts me out lol

QueenFee Mon 19-Dec-11 18:18:46

1 more present and i'm done! Finally feel christmassy.

Stopped feeling sorry for myself. Got my mojo back whoop whoop lovely to be myself if only for a day i almost thought i'd tirned into a pessamist but no i'm still here smile

Need to pack my bags, yesterdaus trip made me realise that!

Just a haircut, wrapping and 1 pressie and then christmas can come!

Oh and if anyone is interested b and q have 75% off christmas decs. Loads of lovely lights baubles tinsels etc wish I had some cash spare

deardear Mon 19-Dec-11 19:19:07

Ooh might have a look in b and q. Have to go to town sometime this week to argue with currys over my deep fat fryer which is exploding oil!

babycarmen Mon 19-Dec-11 20:04:58

For those not on FB wink -
The scan went really well and im SO happy, she is growing perfectly and is right on dates, except her legs which are measuring 2 weeks ahead!!! So she has very long legs apparently :/ shes going to look like a frog! And she has hair (aw!) So the consultant is happy for me to just see midwives from now on so i am unbelievably happy i am determined to just relax and enjoy (as much as i can) the last of my pregnancy and hopefully go into labour without being induced :D (fingers crossed nothing ELSE goes wrong) So yes, very happy wink

I have to go christmas shopping in town tomorrow morning and i cannot tell you how much i dont want to go! Will be so glad when christmas is out the way!

33 weeks!

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