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Barman! A pint of your finest Gaviscon with a ferrous sulphate chaser if you please! On the February 2012 Baby Bus.

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BillComptonstrousers Thu 15-Dec-11 21:35:14

Right then my lovelies, this thread is going sloooooowly now we have our little secret facebook group smile

But we need to keep posting here for people who haven't joined our other group, so keep on going!

If anyone wants to join the facebook group, can they ask someone cleverer than me <thicko emoticon> and they will set it up for you!

Old thread is here

woowa Fri 16-Dec-11 21:30:12

Glad you're back innocent. Just in time to use your computer lots before only ever being able to type one handed for several months while holding/feeding baby.

On nighttime pillow shifting - took 2 1/2 hours to get to sleep last night, and 20 minutes later a foreign cat decided to come in and fight ours in the kitchen, waking me again...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am so uncomfortable. Trying to tire msyelf out lots in the day so I sleep, but it's hard when the weather is so awful and I just drive places.

Time for knitting and telly!
33+ 3

InnocentRedhead Fri 16-Dec-11 22:15:27

I know exactly what you mean about not getting comfy. I finished work at 2 last night and was in bed for 3, didn't drop off until 5.15 as I couldn't get comfy. DP works nights so pretty much as soon as I dropped off ad got comfy, he was stealing bed space/pillows/quilt, how very inconsiderate.

I know what you mean about plenty of computer time. I have been on two hours, I need to get a load of washing in but cant tear myself away from here!

littlemonkeybix Sat 17-Dec-11 10:50:18

Welcome back online innocent

waving good morning for you all.... today the bath WILL be finished!! Once he bloody gets up! Typing this out on phone in bed... he's snoring grin

Then off for tree! YAAAY!!! grin

Plus 1000 chores... ho hum!

Kayano Sat 17-Dec-11 13:21:25

I had tears rolling down my face when the NHS antenatal lady was telling us about epidurals

Then ther showed us around the amazing midwife led birthing unit within the hospital and the water baths and I was like 'fuck the doctor, I am having her here' grin it looks awesome

QueenFee Sat 17-Dec-11 17:41:02

Well my 2 boys were very sick last night. Alfie finally stopped about 9 this morning.
Dh and I have taken it in turns to sleep all day.
I was supposed to be doing housework which didn't happen and now I have the extra stuff sick bugs bring sad

Had contractions for an hour or so last night again and they were quite painful. Meant to ring the mw today but never got round to it, so just hoping it doesnt happen again tonight.

For some bizarre reason with no logical thinking behind it I have a feeling this baby is going to come early so i'm really paranoid.

Kayano we dont have mw led units here but they do have 'homey' rooms in hospital. Not that I have been lucky enough to get one yet! My friend still has horrible back pain from her epidural 1st birth 18 months ago sad they never tell you about that in hospital.

deardear Sat 17-Dec-11 17:58:56

QF hope the boys are better and you all get some sleep tonight.

Nice to see you back on here innocent.

Did a big shop this morning and made appt to see mortgage lady at the bank.

Had some big BH last night and again ended up on the sofa at 3am. Went back up at 6 when DH went to work and slept till 10 and got up at 11! It was bliss I can tell you. Did shopping and went back to bed. Just done ponies and have put stew on for tea and currently sat debating whether to move and go for another pee before I go back to sleep for an hour in front of fire.

Kids have done all my Christmas cards for me smile. Love slave labour lol

Xavielli Sat 17-Dec-11 19:08:26

Ds1 and dd are at a sleep over ... House is eerily quiet! It's been a lovely quiet day though, apart from a couple of hours of mild contractions this afternoon. Enough to make me mention that I was in pain to DP. Hopefully it's just yet another thing that hurts more 4th time round and not the baby trying to jump out early.

QF - hope that's the end of you contractions and that the kids are better. Fingers crossed for a peaceful Xmas!

And just to make things really magical; my bum hurts! Blimmin piles!

babycarmen Sat 17-Dec-11 19:18:04

Kayano I wish there was a birthing centre or something like that near me!! That would be amazing but nope, hospital birth for me!

QueenFee I feel the same, im convinced this little girl is going to come early and after all the scares i keep getting even when i get BH which are completelty normal it panics me sad

I slept about 4 hours last night so i feel pretty crappy today as you can imagine, i think its stress and my mind going on over drive thats keeping me awake. I just want Monday to hurry up so i can get my scan and see for myself that she is ok and going to stay put (hopefully) I just want to at least get into January. I think im losing my mucus plug which is another thing to add to my paranoia about her coming early. I know im being ridiculous and i could well go over due, but when they were talking about steroids and stuff its just put me on edge and i feel like crying everytime i think about it!


Sugar80 Sat 17-Dec-11 19:27:08

Why is everyone getting contractions? Is that normal? I haven't had any... and don't want any for another 2 months!!

Xavielli Sat 17-Dec-11 19:31:14

Sugar - nothing to panic about! Hopefully just braxton hicks. I never felt them at all until my 3rd baby.

QueenFee Sat 17-Dec-11 19:33:45

I never felt braxton hicks in my previous pregnancies sugar, its when your bump goes all tight and hard.
The only reason I have noticed them this time is because they hurt me and keep me awake.

babycarmen Sat 17-Dec-11 19:35:06

I never got any in my first pregnancy either, its normal to get them around now but its normal not too as well!

Sugar80 Sat 17-Dec-11 19:38:43

Lol, thank you! Just checking....!

woowa Sat 17-Dec-11 19:54:59

marking spot, so unbelievabley tired. First timers, I recommend waiting til your firstborn has left home to have number two, rather than thinking at the age of 15 months that they are really cute, and having another one!!

Also feel MASSIVE today, clothes which fit me til birth of DD are too tight today, suddenly. ARGH.

And hurt my pelvis sliding on ice. boo hiss. not going out again!!


McQueasy Sat 17-Dec-11 21:17:24

Qf, hope ur boys are feeling better!
Babycarmen, good luck for Monday. Everything crossed for you!!

Pretty knackered, oldest ds asks non stop questions and youngest is just full of absolute mischief.
I found a packet of oranges in my washing machine and dirty washing in my dishwasher.
He is soo bloody stubborn and independent and has started throwing himself on the floor if he doesn't get his own way! Needless to say a huge bump makes it difficult to pick him up so ge often gets left there blush
Speaking of big bumps, (rant alert) are you all not just entirely fed up on commenting on ur bump size/position plus ur general weight!!angry
Seriously, I'm neat, or all baby then I'm 'blooming' or huge!!!! Getting tempted to be pass remarkable about their weight and see how they like it!!
30 weeks and counting down the minutes till I stop work!!!

OddEyes Sat 17-Dec-11 22:13:31

Lovely new thread and love title.
Welcome newbies, keeping legs crossed for all of you contracting ladies. I have braxton hicks occasionally that take breath away but nothing more. Had with all but def more painful and more aware this time.

Sinuses clearing but means need to start coping with the fallout of bring ill- flat is a complete pig sty and cleaner is away on holiday until start of jansad

Kayano Sat 17-Dec-11 23:17:35

As if I need another form of social media in my life... My friend just showed me instagram....

Oh dear

hands soul to social networking devil

hermionejgranger Sun 18-Dec-11 08:48:54

Hi all and welcome newbies!
Just a quickie as on phone. Hands have been really playing me up all night - pins and needles and then pain in hands and forearms. i think it sounds like carpal tunnel syndrome - not an emergency though, right? Can wait till midwife on Tuesday? Bloody waking me up. Last thing i need!

Ray81 Sun 18-Dec-11 11:01:03

Hi all,

Can i join? am due Feb 18th so 31 +1 today.

I have 9 yr old DD1 and 19 month old DD2 this is DS1.

I have a stinking cold at the moment with an awful cough which is hurting my stomach muscles. This is alittle TMI but when i cough i leak blush not sure if this is wee or my waters, i have i pad in and it doesnt look or smell like wee is Very clear but there is ALOT of it. It been hapening for a few days now. Also Baby hasnt been very active these last few days, i can feel him moving but not as much as normal. Do i need to get checked out do you think or is it just down to the cold and coughing. Must say i would hate being in there with all this coughing im doing .

Sorry to just jump in like this could just do with some advise.

mummymccar Sun 18-Dec-11 11:14:23

Hi Ray and all our lovely newbies!

Ray - I think that if you think you may be losing your waters it'd be a good idea to give your midwife a call, especially if you are concerned about movement too. It could just be a bit of heavy discharge and baby slowing because of a lack of room but always good to give MW a call if you aren't sure.

Sorry so many people are feeling like rubbish and having such painful BH. Not too long to go though!

I'm hoping I'm going to be one of the last to pop - hoping for a March 1st baby though I know these things are completely out of our control wink I'm not sure that this baby could get more Welsh if she is born on the 1st! Even tempted to give her a Welsh name. In love with the name Seren but we already know a Seren so DP is a bit reluctant.

On a completely different note, does anybody know if I can refuse to be treated by a particular consultant? There is one that I really dislike at the hospital and as I'm midwifery led I'm hoping to avoid him. I'm tempted to write it into my birth plan but at the same time if something is going wrong and he is the only consultant available I'll have to have him. If he then sees in my notes that I don't want him anywhere near me I'm convinced that he is actually sadistic enough to make things more difficult for me. Would a quiet word with the midwife if it arises be a better idea do you think or should I just put up and shut up?

Kayano Sun 18-Dec-11 11:24:23

ray welcome!

Now I mean this in the nicest possible way grin go away and get yourself checked out! Reduced movements and lots of clear water leakage should be checked ASAP. Hope everything is alright with you and your little boy x

heliumballoon Sun 18-Dec-11 12:41:40

Ray, hello, poor you. I too have an awful cough and went to hospital yesterday as I managed to strain a muscle coughing and needed some painkillers.

It is most likely to be wee (I am leaking when I cough- pelvic floor completely shot at 33 weeks) but if it is not smelling like wee to you, then best to get it checked out. When I went in they also asked me lots of questions about baby's movement, and checked her HB etc. If I had reported slowing in fetal movements they would have monitored me for half an hour or so. They also listened to my chest to be sure it was not a chest infection, and took my blood saturation levels to be sure there was enough oxygen going round. At no point did anyone imply I was wasting their time. So if I were you I would do what I did and contact your MW, maternity triage or out of hours GP. And try not to cough really really hard as straining a muscle really hurts.

I also find that warm showers and hacking in the shower (because of the steam) helps.

Good luck.

PDog Sun 18-Dec-11 12:57:32

Welcome ray and I agree with the others - best to get checked out.

hermione not sure about yours, I think I would be tempted to wait if it wasn't painful and there was no swelling. I hate going to the docs though so save all my niggles for my mw appts - she loves me grin.

kayano do you still have your heart set on the strawberry? We went to baby on board in bishop yesterday and they had the strawberry on display. The guy was really helpful and said they get an icandy delivery every month but can arrange special courier if you are desperate. We have decided to wait until end of January in the hope that we will be able to get the new version peach blossom. Might be worth giving them a call.

DH just gone away so planning to have a nice rest while DD naps - should really be doing some ironing though. Have the rest of the Christmas shopping to do tomorrow with a 2 year old so that should be fun! DH is going to do the food shopping though so at least I don't have that to cope with.

OddEyes Sun 18-Dec-11 13:11:50

hermione, sounds like Carpal tunnel to me. I have in my right hand and have to wear a splint at night and during the day sometimes too. Horrible feeling the numbness and pins and needle, also affects your grip. My middle finger permenantly numb. Best to get a splint if you can, helps loads - stops you flexing wrist as most of us sleep with flexed wrists and this increases fluid build up. I couldn't find mine last night and twas a big mistake such pain and numbness today sad

ZhenTheHallsWithBoughsOfHolly Sun 18-Dec-11 14:40:41

Welcome Ray, I would second what the others have said, what with the reduced movements it would be best to get checked out asap. I am losing clear fluid when I cough (recovering from 'flu), it is definitely wee as I only lose it when I cough (and bladder more full) and it is clear because I drink so much water. Hope it all checks out ok.

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